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06:53<wishcraft>hey how are you all
06:53<@bmartin>Good and how are you?
06:53<wishcraft>I am looking for someone executive or something for linode
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06:54<wishcraft>yeah I am great if I could arrange sponsored hosting for my open source cooperative
06:54<@bmartin>Can you shoot us an email at with the details
06:54<wishcraft>I am also one of the internet founders well that was my passport says don't feel like it much so broke
06:54<@bmartin>and we will send it to the appropriate people.
06:54<wishcraft>sure what would be possible too organise a trial so I can check out for your $5 plan
06:55<wishcraft>does that also have ssh
06:55<@bmartin>We have a 7 day trial where if you are not happy we will refund your deposit
06:55<wishcraft>i just don't have a card I can swip to credit to fill out the signup
06:55<wishcraft>sure that okey i can wait a couple of days till I have some money again
06:55<@bmartin>Sounds good!
06:55<wishcraft>can you access the passport system
06:56<wishcraft>in the USA
06:56<@bmartin>I'm not certain I understand your question
06:56<wishcraft>for creditials checking
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06:56<wishcraft>like if I gave you my universal military passport as the actual inventor of the internet unless you looked at it you would tell me it is vint cerf
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06:57<@bmartin>Your best bet from here would be to send the info about your cooperative to and to do the trial signup once you are able for the trial. I'm not certain the relevance of the nature of your passport to this query.
06:58<wishcraft>well it just the articles on it will problem the amount of debt vint has left you in for my zoning fee; I am just looking for someone to sponsor maybe two or four machines it will be all i need here to balance the deadzone
06:58<wishcraft>anyway i will send my email to you
06:58<@bmartin>Send the info to the
06:59<@bmartin>No one here is able to grant sponsorships and we would need to send your info through the proper channels for evaluation.
06:59<@bmartin>Thank you very much.
06:59<wishcraft>check out my git hub while I write this none form sending email:
07:01<wishcraft>suprised you spell inquiries as transnetworking no enquiries as internet earth
07:07<Woet>wishcraft: thats some good weed you got
07:07<Woet>or whatever you're on
07:10<Woet>fortunately the term "Doctor" is no longer restricted since 2010
07:11<Woet>although you still need one
07:14<wishcraft>well I have a masters in IT, Physics and Psychology so the only person who needs a dr is someone thinking I do
07:15<wishcraft>psycholoft defers to social if and when mental or mind health is proven questioned
07:15<wishcraft>yeah I have some weed Woet haven't smoked any tho
07:16<wishcraft>they growing in the garden
07:21<@bmartin>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
07:23<Woet>wishcraft: you have some serious brain damage though, shame about the masters
07:24<wishcraft>I don;t have any brain damage at all
07:24<wishcraft>don't know where you get your information
07:25<wishcraft>but the only people that make that sort of statement are from NSW Health only
07:25<Woet>how is your multi-billion CMS?
07:25<wishcraft>I would be seriously suprised if your USA or something that a little done
07:25<wishcraft>don't know I don't have a CMS but I do sometime put in time at
07:26<@bmartin>I was taught that Al Gore invented the internet. Is that info incorrect?
07:26<wishcraft>see diplomia washington UNI awarded
07:26<Woet>yea, and I quote: "XOOPS is a multi-billion dollar CMS"
07:26<wishcraft>and masters at RMIT with 13 textbooks submitted I wrote
07:26<wishcraft>it is in lead time xoops is a slow moving beast
07:27<wishcraft>i have been working on all sort
07:27<wishcraft>well bmartin if you look at M8747409 on 1/1/1897 you will find it is my senate protocol tcp.ip as an alien
07:27<wishcraft>that they have pirated from my passport
07:27<Woet>so it's not a multi-billion dollar CMS
07:28<Woet>more like multi-dollar CMS
07:28<wishcraft>every packet even intranet goes to my senate 87 billions year before it is sent
07:28<wishcraft>yeah M you have the whole band of dates bmartin
07:28<wishcraft>the navigation documents are alwasy on 1/1/1901
07:28<Woet>at least XOOPS is one of the most popular frameworks on the internet right
07:29<wishcraft>and you can tell a real one case is every name works for every name mentioned on iy
07:29<wishcraft>XOOPS is a framework your right it not really a CMS
07:29<wishcraft>but somehting your ment to build other portals and things like wordpress from
07:30<Woet>yea, one of the most popular on the internet right
07:30<wishcraft>well oldest it even older than httpd
07:30<Woet>so not multi-billion dollar and not one of the most popular
07:31<Woet>i feel deceived
07:31<wishcraft>i don't know I think that mamba is too gun whoe at the impresscms crowd for building something out of xoops that what your meant too do with a framework apart from example code for buildinhg stuff from
07:32<wishcraft>th public transnet protcol are on the 1/1/1898
07:35<Woet>i hope you get the help you need
07:40<wishcraft>whatver woet sarcastic bastard
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07:40<@bmartin>(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ THIS IS RIDICULOUS
07:41<Woet>he puts everything on his blog
07:48<@bmartin>I'm at a loss.
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07:49<Woet>I'm guessing that'll be a no for the sponsorship
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14:05<scantylox>i've tried a couple email address and am unable to register for an account
14:05<millisa>does it give you an error?
14:07<scantylox>says that i'm almost there, check email
14:08<millisa>check your spam/junk folders?
14:09<@scrane>Is this before you've made an initial deposit, or after?
14:10<scantylox>i havne't made any deposit
14:10<millisa>you were in here earlier trying to register with a domain that didn't exist...
14:10<millisa>are you still trying to use domains that don't exist?
14:10<scantylox>ya that email dns records got messed up so i just tried with my regular gmail
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15:18<ericoc>Woet: that blog...
15:19<ericoc>the pictures for the recipe or whatever, the stove looks gross and there is like a half-smoked cigarette laying on the counter o_O
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15:36<@scrane>Oh my god. The images of that curry look horrific.
15:38<@scrane>Like dude, just plate that nonsense and take a shot of that.
15:40<ericoc>that entire blog is just confusion weirdness to the max
15:40<@scrane>Yes. Agreed.
15:41<ericoc>scrane: were you wearing a super duper extra bright yellow/green shirt at the open house friday
15:41<@scrane>I was!
15:41<@scrane>It had a Linode logo on it and everything
15:41<ericoc>i thought i recognized you but got busy talking to rick + og people
15:41<@scrane>Haha I'm sorry I didn't get to say hi!
15:42<ericoc>what time do the caterers come on wednesdays (that's free lunch day right?) so i can sneak in
16:21<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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19:05<ericoc>uh am i being crazy
19:05<Zimsky>that blog is fantastic
19:05<ericoc>nano is all "unknown sequence" in a fresh deployed ubuntu 17.10 linode in nano
19:05<Zimsky>you're crazy
19:05<ericoc>when i try to paste text
19:06<dwfreed>your terminal emulator is probably trying to do bracketed paste mode
19:07<ericoc>it works fine on debian9 linodes and such
19:07<ericoc>(literally everywhere else)
19:07<dwfreed>bracketed paste mode is where the terminal emulator starts out with a special sequence to say "Hey, I'm pasting shit now, don't do dumb things" before it actually pastes shit
19:07<Zimsky>Woet: my money's on NN-generated blog posts
19:07<ericoc>it's chopping huge blocks of pasted texts in half
19:07<dwfreed>nano probably sent the special sequence that says "hey, I understand bracketed paste mode" but doesn't actually understand bracketed paste mode
19:08<dwfreed>ericoc: using iterm?
19:08<dwfreed>if you do cmd+shift+v and slow down the paste rate does it work fine?
19:08<dwfreed>er, cmd+option+v
19:09<ericoc>cmd + option + v is complicated as hell woah
19:09<dwfreed>yeah, it has a lot of flexibility
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19:09<ericoc>dwfreed: interchunk delay?
19:10<ericoc>this is ridic
19:10<dwfreed>the time it pauses between each chunk of text
19:10<dwfreed>chunk size can be as low as one character
19:10<ericoc>i changed it from 10ms to 100ms and it still failed with unknown sequence
19:10<dwfreed>decrease chunk size
19:10<dwfreed>1 KB is 1024 characters
19:11<ericoc>i dropped it to 64B and it still failed like
19:11<ericoc>75% of the way through
19:11<ericoc>why is ubuntu 17.10 nano broken
19:12<dwfreed>cat -A > paste.log, paste, then pastebin the paste.log ?
19:12<dwfreed>assuming this paste is something you can share
19:12<ericoc>it's just ssh pubkeys dude
19:12<ericoc>like not even that much
19:13<ericoc>i can't paste a _single_ ssh pubkey in to nano on ubuntu 17.10 ...
19:13*ericoc destroys the linode
19:13<dwfreed>yeah, I just wouldn't use 17.10
19:13<ericoc>yeah man
19:14<ericoc>i was going to see if it had python 3.6 in repos by default so i didn't have to use a testing repo on debian 9
19:14<dwfreed>18.04 might
19:14<dwfreed>also is a thing
19:14<dwfreed>also pyenv is a thing
19:15<ericoc>doh shouldve used 18.04 lts in the first place, not sure how i missed that in the list
19:15<dwfreed>18.04 has 3.6.5
19:20<ericoc>nice, 18.04 lts pastes but surrounds whatever i pasted in 0~<PASTED>1~
19:21<ericoc>what are the ubuntu maintainers doing man
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19:22<dwfreed>ericoc: that's the bracketed paste mode
19:23<dwfreed>cmd+option+v will let you disable it
19:23<ericoc>why does this not screw up my junk literally anywhere else lol
19:23<dwfreed>because nowhere else enables bracketed paste mode
19:24<dwfreed>or they handle properly
19:24<ericoc>debian9 seems legit
19:26<ericoc>dwfreed: so how do i make iterm2 say like "oh you're connected to shitty ubuntu, turn off bracketing because it can't handle it"
19:27<ericoc>or disable it entirely (though idk if that's the right thing to do either)
19:30<ericoc>w/e, disabled.
19:35<ericoc>wow so static networking in 18.04 ...
19:37<dwfreed>yeah, have fun with yaml
19:38<dwfreed>you can probably reinstall ifupdown if you want, though
19:38<dwfreed>which would bring back /etc/network/interfaces, which worked just fine (even if it was a bit quirky)
19:40<ericoc>blech, they're all a bit quirky
19:40<ericoc>everyone gotta do static networking little bit different
19:40<dwfreed>also that blog post doesn't understand yaml very well
19:40<dwfreed>it can be made more pretty than that
19:41<ericoc>"take notes of the format the lines are written"
19:42<dwfreed>yaml is pretty particular about format, but there are prettier ways to make arrays
19:43<ericoc>need a linode library update for 18.04 static networking for sureee
19:44<ericoc>hmmmm do i dare run debian buster :p
19:44<dwfreed>I wouldn't
19:45<dwfreed>it's been rather unstable lately, and there's a lot of transitions yet to do
19:45<dwfreed>the best time to run testing is after freeze
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22:02<linbot>New news from community: Linode's vCPU performance? <>
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