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02:03<fliz>anyone here?
02:04<Woet>316 people, including yourself.
02:07<linbot>fliz: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
02:08<fliz>is linode manage hosting?
02:08<fliz>i would like to set up website in linode.. but im not good in coding...
02:08<fliz>can linode become managed hosting?
02:08<dwfreed>you'd have to pay somebody else to do it
02:09<dwfreed>Linode has a "Managed" offering, but that is primarily monitoring and incident response; you'd still be responsible for configuring
02:09<fliz>can suggest me?
02:09<fliz>who i can hire to manage the server?
02:09<fliz>is cloudway good?
02:13<fliz>or server pilot?
02:13<fliz>can you guys help
02:13<dwfreed>most of us here are our own sysadmins, so we can't really speak to how good those companies are
02:13<Woet>but as dwfreed said, it's just monitoring/incident
02:14<Woet>fliz: why not just get shared webhosting instead?
02:14<fliz>i have bad experienced using shared hosting...
02:16<fliz>one more question... is it difficult to install wordpress in linode? im willing to learn..
02:17<dwfreed>is it difficult to install it? not really. is it difficult to maintain it and prevent it from being compromised if you don't know anything about being a sysadmin? yes, definitely
02:17<Woet>fliz: and I have bad experiences using VPS hosting
02:18<Woet>fliz: it depends on the company, not the product.
02:18<fliz>is linode offerring one click install wordpresS?
02:19<Woet>fliz: no, Linode is a VPS host.
02:19<Woet>fliz: there are stackscripts
02:19<Woet>fliz: but you shouldn't be getting a VPS if you don't want to learn the basics, which would involve installing wordpress.
02:19<fliz>what is stackscript?
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02:38<Zimsky>wait, linode is a vps host?
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03:15<FluffyFoxeh>tell me what I already knew
03:15<FluffyFoxeh>take me back to where I've never been
03:21<FluffyFoxeh>the saddest songs are played
03:21<FluffyFoxeh>on the strings of my heart
03:27<Zimsky>barbecue it
04:10<tafa2>anyone getting errors upon apt-upgrade on fresh ubuntu 16.04 images in NJ?
04:12<tafa2>It's happened on 2 different linodes on different nodes in NJ - if anyone from Linode is awake, I've already submitted a ticket :)
04:18<dwfreed>those are warnings, not errors
04:22<tafa2>*anyone getting warnings?
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11:04<linbot>New news from community: 100% CPU usage untraceable reason <>
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11:31<Rboreal_Frippery>Morning Folks. I have been trying to follow up with Miles Thomas using my gmail address regarding an employment opportunity, but he has stated recently that my emails are being blocked or filtered. Do any of you know of an alternative way to get in contact with him?
11:32<@bmartin>One moment please
11:33<@bmartin>I'm seeing if I can get ahold of him. Do you have any contact info you'd like me to forward his way?
11:34<Rboreal_Frippery>Hi bmratin, thanks. Because email seems to be an issue, he can text me at 3023145862 if that is an acceptable method
11:34<@bmartin>Your name please
11:34<Rboreal_Frippery>my name is Paul Jewell irl.
11:34<@bmartin>Thank you. I've passed that information on.
11:34<Rboreal_Frippery>awesome, thank you.
12:01*frailtyy writes down the phone number.
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14:52<jardas>hi there
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14:54<jardas>is this the official linode support channel?
14:54<millisa>It's a community channel.
14:54<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
14:55<millisa>But if you have a question that isn't account specific, someone here probably knows the answer
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15:25<linbot>New news from community: Prevent Torrents <>
15:26<jardas>nice to hear, thanks
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19:45<gmon>Hello All... looking for some help on selecting new website host and server... have been using westhost / network solutions... linode a good choice?
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19:51<ercee>first time i m using irc
19:52<ercee>i just wanted to understand why it stands for :D
19:52<millisa>what what stands for?
19:52<millisa>internet relay chat usually
19:53<millisa> if you'd like history
19:53<ercee>i read someting about irc
19:55<ercee>i dont think that our messages are encrypted,am i right ?
19:56<ercee>no ?
19:58<dwfreed>messages are not encrypted
19:58<MrPPS>they're encrypted in transit if you connect over ssl
20:02<rsdehart>but if anyone in the room isn't using ssl, then they end up on the loose in plaintext anyway
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20:03<MrPPS>so in short, no, don't use irc for sensitive chats
20:03<MrPPS>ercee: even if everyone was using SSL, anyone in here could be loggin the conversations etc.
20:03<ercee>yep i see :)
20:03<ercee>thanks for the information
20:04<ericoc>i think this channel is publicly logged?
20:04<dwfreed>it is
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20:04<dwfreed> live updating too
20:04<ericoc> ha
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22:03<dungnhan>I am interested in your service
22:03<dungnhan>I am interested in your service
22:03<frailtyy>I am interested in your service too, dungnhan
22:03<Woet>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
22:03<millisa>what part interests you the most about linode's service
22:04<dungnhan>I care about cloud storage
22:04<dungnhan>Standard Plans
22:04<dungnhan>Linode 4GB
22:06<rsdehart>thanks for sharing
22:06<dungnhan>I'm interested in storage capabilities
22:06<millisa>So is there a question in this somewhere?
22:06<rsdehart>doesn't seem so
22:07<dungnhan>I care about security
22:07<millisa>I like toast
22:07<dungnhan>installation support
22:08<Woet>I care about bmartin
22:08<frailtyy>Careful, Woet.
22:09<rsdehart>dungnhan: please ask a question
22:10<dungnhan>I care about security
22:10<dungnhan>and installation support
22:10<rsdehart>That's not a question
22:11<rsdehart>It's great that you care about these things
22:11<rsdehart>they're wonderful things
22:11<frailtyy>They're great things to care about.
22:13<Woet>I care about health and financial stability
22:13<frailtyy>Better things to care about
22:14<Woet>Tôi quan tâm đến bạn
22:15<dungnhan>I would like to know if there is security attached
22:16<dwfreed>it's a server, everything else is up to you
22:16<dungnhan>thank you
22:16<rsdehart>that wasn't so hard, was it?
22:16<rsdehart>(who am I kidding, it was like pulling teeth)
22:16<dungnhan>You have support we installed
22:17<rsdehart>"Do you provide installation assistance for no additional cost?"
22:17<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
22:19<rsdehart>dungnhan: generally, you're on your own with installation. This chat has people who can help with specific items but Linode offers unmanaged VPS service by default
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22:37<keepIP>so I have domain on a linode with ip I create a new linode with another IP. Lets say I want to move the IP over so I don't have to change my remote clients.
22:38<Peng_>There's a "Swap IP" button in the manager.
22:38<keepIP>is that possible?
22:38<Peng_>The IPv6 SLAAC IP can't be swapped, though.
22:38<smallclone>also they need to be in the same datacenter
22:39<keepIP>swap IP is crossed out
22:39<smallclone>are they in the same datacenter?
22:40<keepIP>i didn't create the second one yet
22:40<keepIP>I guess thats why
22:41<Peng_>It is
22:41<dwfreed>you have to have 2 Linodes to swap with
22:41<keepIP>what happens to the old linode?
22:41<keepIP>does it just lose it's IP
22:42<dwfreed>it gets the other Linode's IP
22:42<dwfreed>Linode A gets IP B, Linode B gets IP A
22:42<smallclone>yes, they swap. you don't have to remove the other linode, that's up to you.
22:42<keepIP>is it complicated to do?
22:42<rsdehart>sounds like you just click the button
22:42<keepIP>the instructions above look complicated
22:42<dwfreed>couple clicks and either reboot or log into LISH and restart networking
22:43<dwfreed>if you're using network helper, rebooting is probably easier
22:45<keepIP>thank's a bunch. I'll create a few to experiment with first. thanks again
22:47<keepIP>Oh, I see them problem. The instructions on that single page are for very many things. They just run into each other.
22:47<smallclone>yeah you just want the instructions in that specific section
22:49<keepIP>Oh, I see now. Its really easy. The reason I thought it was complicated was because the instructions ran into "add private IP" etc....
22:50<keepIP>fair enough. hey, its free instructions for roll-your-own servers, can't complain.
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