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00:01<rsdehart>and not a thing of value was lost?
00:02<@mcintosh>i'm telling zifnab you said that
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00:07<dwfreed>irccloud isn't the only thing to go; charter in michigan is taking a shit too
00:09<@mcintosh>there's a pun in there, somewhere
00:21<dwfreed> isn't the mtr pretty?
00:21<Woet>i have a raging erection now, thanks dwfreed
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00:26*dwfreed eyes Woet suspiciously
00:27<Woet>dont link me any more of the nsfw stuff
00:27<dwfreed>that's not what I was referring to
00:27<Woet>and stop monitoring my whoises
00:28<dwfreed>we only get snotes when we get whoised
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02:01<Zimsky>at least it isn't matrix
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09:33<linbot>New news from community: Copy an LUKS encrypted volume from a Virtual Machine to a Linode? <>
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12:42<imafrog>Hello, wondered if someone could help me with something
12:42<@bmartin>how can we help you imafrog
12:42<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:43<imafrog>Basically I've set up a Linode s othat I can connect via VNC
12:43<imafrog>And that's all working fine
12:44<imafrog>There seems to be some issue with the DNS servers used, you see I've got a website (also hosted on a Linode server) and it has been there for months
12:44<imafrog>Same IP and everything
12:44<imafrog>Can be accessed from pretty much every device or computer I've tried until now
12:45<imafrog>Because on this server that I've remotely connected to, I opened Firefox and tried to visit it and I got the generic cPanel error page about the IP address may have changed or there may be a misconfiguration
12:46<@bmartin>and it is still working from everywhere else?
12:46<imafrog>That's not my site, but that's the page
12:46<@bmartin>do you have a ticket open perchance?
12:46<imafrog>First I thought it was a problem with my site but eventually discovered it wasn't
12:47<imafrog>No, I don't have a ticket open
12:47<imafrog>I didn't think this was in the scope of the Linode support team
12:48<@bmartin>this is true...though we do often try to help when we can
12:48<@bmartin>I reached out to my team
12:48<@bmartin>and I'm going to see if anybody else is familiar
12:48<imafrog>Thank you
12:48<@scrane>Hmm. So from the sounds of it you can load the site properly from other browsers, but not Firefox?
12:48<imafrog>I tried the commands that I foudn there
12:48<imafrog>No no
12:48<imafrog>Not exactly
12:48<imafrog>Just from the server that I'm using
12:48<imafrog>That I'm ocnnected to though TightVNC
12:49<@scrane>OKay. Your domain is
12:49<@scrane>Or what's your domain?
12:49<imafrog>SO if I download another browser I expect it to be the samme
12:49<imafrog>No that's just an example ofthe image
12:49<imafrog>But obviously if you access it you won't see that error
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12:50<@scrane>In that server you've remotely connected to, can you open a terminal and run dig +short
12:51<kongrenet>Hello, I have rebooted my server but it is still down and when I connect via Lish it says UDP_OUt and TCP_in blocked
12:52<@sjacobs>kongrenet: that is firewall output. you should be able to hit enter and get to a login prompt.
12:52<imafrog>Yes, it shows the current IP of that site
12:52<imafrog>Whic his odd
12:53<kongrenet>sjacobs thank you It did but keeps on flooding messages
12:54<kongrenet>and I can't open WHM
12:56<@mcintosh>imafrog: can you curl the URL instead of diggin it? what does it show you?
12:56<imafrog>@scrane Aha think I have the issue, when I open the console in Firefox and go to the netwrok panel, it shows the remote address as the (correct) IPv6 one, whereas when I do it locally on my computer it shows the correct IPv4 address
12:57<@sjacobs>kongrenet: that should help to supress those messages so you can troubleshoot.
12:57<@scrane>Ahah! So what you can do from the VNC box is run "curl -4" and "curl -6"
12:57<@scrane>You can see if there is any difference between those two outputs.
12:58<@scrane>It could be they haven't configured virtual hosts for IPv6.
12:58<imafrog>Ah perfect yes
12:58<imafrog>Yes that is exactly what is is
12:58<imafrog>And yea hI haven't configured virtual hosts for IPv6
12:58<imafrog>Only set them up for IPv4 if I remember correctly, whic hexplains that
12:59<imafrog>Thanks for your help!
12:59<@sjacobs>imafrog: sounds right. could either get rid of the AAAA record or set up for ipv6
12:59<@scrane>Not a problem!
12:59<imafrog>Yeah, I'll try and get it set up for IPv6
12:59<imafrog>Thank you very much, all of you
12:59<imafrog>Very helpful
12:59<imafrog>Much appreciated
13:01<kongrenet>@sjacobs that is only for supressing the messages... I can't open any web pages on this server
13:03<@sjacobs>kongrenet: i understand. but if you are trying to troubelshoot from Lish, that will make it a bit easier.
13:03<@sjacobs>when using Lish, top priority would be to get SSH and networking working, so you can stop using Lish.
13:10<kongrenet>@sjacobs it is flooding so fast that I can't manage to edit anything
13:11<kongrenet>I am afraid if I save the file like this it will be worse :)
13:14<@scrane>You could try rebooting into Rescue Mode, mounting the drives, chrooting, then editing the files/configurations in there.
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13:55<frailtyy> /connect efnet
13:55<frailtyy>that's great.
13:59<@sjacobs>frailtyy just trying to play some efnet trivia.
14:00<frailtyy>Although efnet is just the wild west of IRC
14:00<@sjacobs>i have no idea what is over on efnet. i just played trivia with an old coworker there.
14:00<frailtyy>A lot of messiness that's kinda fun to watch.k
14:00<@sjacobs>yeah. high quality stuff.
14:02<frailtyy>lol yeah
14:02<frailtyy>I'll be honest, freenode/here are where I go for real things.
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15:03<zifnab>!wx ksea
15:03<linbot>zifnab: [metar] OBS at KSEA: 75.2F/24C, visibility 10 miles, wind 6.90 mph, chill 77.57F (altimeter: 29.96) [KSEA 201853Z 30006KT 10SM FEW050 SCT110 BKN250 24/14 A2996 RMK AO2 SLP148]
15:04<zifnab>Fuck it's warm.
15:07-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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15:09<ericoc>!wx kphl
15:09<linbot>ericoc: [metar] OBS at KPHL: 82.4F/28C, visibility 10 miles, wind 12.66 mph, chill 86.17F (altimeter: 29.81) [KPHL 201854Z 18011G17KT 10SM SCT040 SCT080 BKN210 28/20 A2981 RMK AO2 SLP094]
15:13<zifnab>Far too warm.
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16:34<linbot>New news from status: Edge Router Upgrade - B Side - Newark Datacenter <> || Edge Router Upgrade - A Side - Newark Datacenter <> || Scheduled Network Maintenance - Frankfurt <> || Edge Router Upgrade - A Side - London Datacenter <> || Edge Router Upgra
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16:40<node27>hi....can anyone offer some advice.
16:40<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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16:41<node27>ok so im looking for a new home for a Joomla website.
16:42<node27>im considering: 1) linode 2) a VPS with another provider but not SSD
16:42<node27>am I going to notice a huge performance increase with linode?
16:42<node27>the other provider im considering is
16:42<millisa>We don't know your site, so we couldn't really say
16:44<node27>website is
16:44-!-eagles051387 [~Thunderbi@] has joined #linode
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16:44<millisa>Sorry, it was more, we don't know the resource needs for your site.
16:45<millisa>You can certainly run joomla sites on Linode; but the setup is all up to you. They provide the hardware resources, you do the OS setup and all the software setup
16:45<millisa>The redflags for me on that site you listed is they list 'centos 6', and they have 100 megabit network speeds... I would question if that chart is seriously out of date or if they are.
16:46<millisa>The getting started guide gives you an idea of the types of things you'd need to do to get a server up and running; it's probably worth looking at it to see if it's something you feel comfy doing:
16:47<node27>millisa thanks!
16:47<node27>are you one of team linode or a developer?
16:47<millisa>just a customer.
16:47<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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18:25<linbot>New news from community: Architecture for a Multi-Tenant Application <>
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20:29<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
20:41<@mcintosh>!point Eugene
20:41<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to eugene. (65)
21:02<Zimsky>Goebbels gave his support too
21:03<@mcintosh>!boo Zimsky
21:03<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from zimsky! (0)
21:03<Zimsky>!unpoint Zimsky
21:03<Zimsky>!unpoint Zimsky
21:03<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from zimsky! (-1)
21:03<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from zimsky! (-2)
21:03<Zimsky>!unpoint Zimsky
21:03<linbot>Zimsky: Point taken from zimsky! (-3)
21:03<Zimsky>in for a penny, in for a pound
21:03<@mcintosh>!boo Zimsky
21:03<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from zimsky! (-3)
21:04<@mcintosh>that's how math works
21:04<Zimsky>mcintosh are you familiar with 1=2 proofs
21:04<Zimsky>though I should say, fundamentally flawed proofs
21:08<nyancat>Eugene: do you ever not linode
21:08<nyancat>just curious
21:09<Zimsky>you sure you're not more than curious?
21:10<Zimsky>just curious
21:13-!-levlaz [] has joined #linode
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21:15<linbot>New news from community: Yet another CNAME setup question... <>
21:19<dwfreed>^ the dude actually owns ...
21:24<Peng_>My dream job is IANA sysadmin so I can complain about
21:24<Zimsky>that's your dream job?
21:25-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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21:26<Peng_>Does that person even own
21:26<dwfreed>nobody does
21:26<dwfreed>same for the other one
21:50-!-levlaz is now known as Guest5936
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21:58<jengra>alguien que escriba español
21:59<dwfreed>google translate is probably close enough
22:00<jengra>yes but but I was asking to make it easier
22:01<jengra>is translated by google
22:01-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:02<jengra>I need to buy a linode server like I do ??
22:03<Zimsky>do you?
22:03-!-Rboreal_Frippery [~gV$e9dV5D@] has joined #linode
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22:05<jengra>Thank you
22:06-!-jengra [~oftc-webi@] has left #linode []
22:21<rsdehart>good talk
22:21<rsdehart>thanks for sorting 'em out, Zimsky
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23:25<Matthew>hi all
23:25-!-Matthew is now known as Guest5942
23:25<Woet>hi Guest5942
23:26<Guest5942>I have a question about Linode 2GB plan, and what hourly billing means, am I at the right place for that?
23:26-!-Rboreal_Frippery [~gV$e9dV5D@] has joined #linode
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23:26<millisa>Probably. Did you read this?
23:26<millisa>What part did you have a question about?
23:28<Guest5942>what is included in the Linode 2GB plan, I mean I see the specs are: 2 GB RAM, 1 CPU Core, 50 GB SSD Storage, 2 TB Transfer, 40 Gbps Network In, 2000 Mbps Network Out. But when will I exceed the 10GB a month which is part of that plan?
23:28<Guest5942>10GB = 10 Dollar , sorry typo
23:29<millisa>If you had a transfer overage or bought some of the add-ons that'd exceed it.
23:29-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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23:30<Guest5942>so transfer overage in this case would be more than 2TB for example
23:31<Guest5942>Traffic and add-ons that would exceed 2TB transfer as I would understand
23:31<Guest5942>so any cronjobs consuming cpu to run some standard routines or anything would not affect it?
23:32<millisa>Cronjobs alone would not impact your bill, no.
23:33-!-asd [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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23:39<Guest5942>ok thank you!
23:39<Guest5942>it would only be metered traffic then for me
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