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01:41<praveen>i would like to know if you provide ssd cloud servers for email hosting. i need a server in which i can host my domains and create email accounts as many as i can and use for email purposes. If so let me know the costs.
01:41<Zimsky>you can use linode for anything
01:41<Zimsky>it's just a server
01:42<praveen>you mean i can add domains and create email accounts on them and use for emailing purposes
01:43<praveen>is there any restriction on number of email accounts created or number of emails sent per day or per domain
01:43<Zimsky>you can set up a mail server and set DNS records on your domains
01:43<Zimsky>pointing them to the linode
01:43<Zimsky>uh, no
01:44<Zimsky>like I said, it's literally just a server
01:44<Zimsky>have a look at
01:44<praveen>so i can unlimited email accounts and send unlimited emails right?
01:44<Zimsky>yes, it's just a server
01:45<praveen>is there any refund policy
01:49<praveen>if iam not satisfied with the service will you refund money
01:53<praveen>are you there
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02:18<Zimsky>that's enough woet
02:18<Woet>never enough caps when it comes to incompetent people who will turn their vpses into bitcoin miners and spam machines
02:18<Woet>they're the worst
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02:58<Zimsky>yes you are
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06:56<linbot>New news from community: created linode instance with API call but not able to connect to server <>
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09:03<Stargate>I have a question
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10:05<csnxs>!lick mcintosh
10:05<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (41)
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11:47<t0csick>hey there, I'm having trouble setting up my linode with cloudflare. I want just the A record to point to my linode (which is working), but I think my firewall is blocking the connection for some reason. I've allowed https and 443 in ufw, but nmap isn't showing 443 as open
11:52<grawity>what's nmap showing it as?
11:53<grawity>closed doesn't always mean a firewall; might very well mean there's no service *listening* on that port
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12:04<t0csick>grawity it's not showing it at all
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12:17<t0csick>I now have the correct ports showing as ioein ufw status
12:17<t0csick>*as open when I run: ufw status
12:17<t0csick>but when I go via http, nothign shows, when I go via https, I get connection refused. Is that a firewall setting?
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12:18<grawity>18:53 <grawity> closed doesn't always mean a firewall; might very well mean there's no service *listening* on that port
12:19<relidy>t0csick: What grawity is suggesting is that Apache/Nginx may not be running on the machine. You need *something* that's going to actually respond on those ports running, and it's sounding like you may not have anything running right now.
12:21<t0csick>I know apache is installed, and I know I enabled it. Lemme check if it's running just to be sure
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12:31<mani>I am getting connection failure on any ideas? standard port 80 is fine. Using centos 7, php 5.6
12:32<grawity>you forgot to tell your httpd that port 443 is TLS/SSL
12:32<grawity>so it's serving plaintext HTTP there
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12:37<mani>how do configure httpd port 443 to TLS/SSL?
12:38<grawity>depends on which httpd you're using
12:38<grawity>'SSLEngine on' if it's Apache, 'listen 443 ssl' if it's nginx...
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12:40<mani>For Apache on CentOS7 SSLEgine On, added https to Firewall
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12:41<mani>ssl.conf > Listen 443
12:42<grawity>did you put that SSLEngine option inside <VirtualHost *:443>
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12:45<mani>Works now. thanks grawity. I feel so much lighter
12:47<linbot>New news from community: I cannot install gcc <>
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12:58<WarrenTrump>any hackers for hire? shot in the dark, but need a hacker who is familiar with corporate email penetration. will pay 1-2 bitcoins per successful hack. if interested, please DM me. Thx. Will log off the channel now but stay online
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13:02<relidy>Well, that was ... forward of them.
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13:05<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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13:52<relidy>bobmarley: pong
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14:10<linbot>New news from status: Upstream Connectivity Issues - Comcast <>
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17:28<shipon>any customer manager here? I have few question
17:29<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
17:29<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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17:36<shipon>does linod helps to migrate site from another hosting provider? currently using shared hosting plan from another provider
17:38<shipon>anyone reply me please
17:39<@mcintosh>shipon: our Professional Services team can perform a migration for a variable cost (depending on what it requires)
17:40<@mcintosh>additionally, if you pay for 3 months of Linode Managed services up front, you can get a free site migration
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17:41<shipon>charges for Managed linod vps hosting?
17:45<relidy>shipon: The pricing for Managed is listed on the page mcintosh linked. "Pricing is $100 per month per Linode on your account."
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17:46<relidy>Guess he's not interested. >.>
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17:58<linbot>New news from community: Website not showing on mobile <>
17:59<@mcintosh>!point relidy
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21:23<zifnab>!caress Eugene
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21:24<zifnab>Today's been fun. I drank too much last night and took the day off...
21:27<waltman>When I drink too much in the evening, the following day is generally more painful than fun.
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23:49<jaiwn89>anyone here?
23:49<millisa>Just me and several hundred friends
23:49<jaiwn89>I have a little question, can you help me figure it out?
23:49<millisa>Ask away, someone probably can
23:50<jaiwn89>It's about the limitation how many VPS I can create with standard account
23:50<jaiwn89>I have used Vultr before, the limitation is 5 instances per users
23:51<jaiwn89>And they ask me many things if I want to raise the limit, it is not easy to get higher limitation
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23:52<millisa>I haven't hit a limit of linodes in my accounts. I wouldn't be surprised if they have one, but it probably wouldn't take more than a support ticket to address it.
23:53<millisa>Billing is by the hour, so it's not to their benefit to limit you if you are doing legitimate stuff
23:53<jaiwn89>May I ask how many linodes you use now?
23:53<millisa>a couple hundred
23:54<millisa>well, I take that back. Just under a couple hundred
23:54<jaiwn89>wow. And is there any limit of resources? Does they have any limit for bandwidth, CPU, Ram for whole account instead of 1 linode>
23:55<millisa>only the limits on the pricing page - though if you were constantly beating up on the cpu they might ask what you are up to.
23:55<millisa>It's actually to your benefit to have more of them in the same account; the total transfer is pooled between all the nodes
23:57<jaiwn89>Thank you. And Does Linode have Snapshot function?
23:57<millisa>(there's a bit in section 3 of the TOS about excessive usage of resources - - generally you'd have be doing something abusive for that to come into play)
23:58<jaiwn89>I want to install a Windows on linode but I think it will take a lot of time when start over and over again
23:58<millisa>Depends what you mean by snapshot function. There is a backup service you can pay for that takes a full image daily along with two others from the prior week. There's room for a manual too. Linodes can be spun up from those backup images
23:58<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
23:59<jaiwn89>Thank you. And seem like it isnt a free service, right?
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