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00:00<millisa>for most of the plans it is about a quarter of the linode's price.
00:01<millisa>(the smallest linode and the high memory linodes don't follow the 25% rule)
00:02<millisa>the 'caveats' section would matter to you if you are going to play with doing windows on linode (the backup service won't help you there)
00:04<jaiwn89>Thank you.
00:04<jaiwn89>I would like to use Winnode and want to saving time to reinstall, how can I do that?
00:04<jaiwn89>Backup service still help>?
00:04<millisa>Probably not.
00:05<millisa>Windows isn't going to be supported by their tools (or their staff); you'd be pretty much on your own for that sort of thing (and for licensing) if you try to get it running
00:06<jaiwn89>Hmm seem like if I want to use 10 winnodes, I need to install windows 10 times on 10 different linodes right?
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00:06<millisa>and have 10 licenses
00:06<jaiwn89>Understand now.
00:06<jaiwn89>Thanks alot
00:08<jaiwn89>and by the way, If I use a winnode backup images to spun up a new Linode, what happen?
00:08<millisa>I doubt the backup service would run to create the image.
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02:00<linbot>New news from community: Failed -- Lassie initiated boot: My CentOS 6.8 Profile <>
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05:00<davis>Hi Guys, is there are any issues with Atlanta DC?
05:01<davis>lost connection to the server
05:02<davis>Tried to issue a reboot command via the web console, but no response
05:02<millisa>you'd be the first to ask here
05:02<davis>System Shutdown Entered: 3 minutes 15 seconds ago - Waiting...
05:03<millisa>there are several users that usually will drop out here if atlanta is having issues. they are still in here.
05:04<davis>got the error msg: An issue affecting the physical host this Linode resides on has been detected.
05:04<millisa>that fits
05:04<davis>looks like it is my bad luck..
05:04<millisa>better than 3pm on a Tuesday?
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05:06<dwfreed>millisa: maybe it is 3pm on a tuesday where they are?
05:09<millisa>Then it is Taco day! Everything is coming up Milhouse
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08:18<malfborger>Hi! I've just migrated my wordpress nginx installation to linode server. But i get an error when trying to request my media files. Would love some help!
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08:22<William>Hi. Is Glish (the graphical console) available on the new Linode Manager, or do I still have to use the legacy Manager?
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13:32<nyancat>William: yes.
13:44<dwfreed>he gone
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14:12<nyancat>I'm delightfully surprised by how improved the new linode manager is
14:12<nyancat>that said
14:12<nyancat>i had to log into digitalocean's manager just now for something
14:12<nyancat>now i want to cry
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14:42<waltman>Wait, there's a new linode manager? The old one seemed perfectly cromulent.
15:02<Cromulent>thanks for the ping waltman
15:02<waltman>Not available :(
15:03<waltman>Cromulent: any time
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16:05<sam9>I have paid $5
16:05<sam9>they didnt give me the login info
16:06<sam9>nor they give me back the $5
16:06<millisa>there's usually a couple mails to go along with activating an account
16:09<sam9>i havent received any
16:09<sam9>it was under review
16:09<sam9>its been 48 hours now
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16:09<millisa>if you didn't receive anything after it was under review, you probably need to contact linode support.
16:10<sam9>can i have the email plz
16:10<sam9>as i cant access my client area
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17:33<Dreamer3>Do stack scripts not support default variables with spaces?
17:33<Dreamer3>it doesn't seem to be carrying ofrward into my setup form
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17:34<Dreamer3>i feel like i've run into this before
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17:39<Dreamer3>it's already quoted so i'm not sure why it couldn't work
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17:50<Dreamer3>hmmm, works with short variable
17:50<Dreamer3>is there a length limit?
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17:56<Dreamer3_>Do stack scripts not support default variables with spaces? (or is there a length limit)
17:57<Dreamer3_>sorry, was disconeted
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18:08<dwfreed>Dreamer3_: variable names can't have spaces
18:08<Dreamer3_>not names, default value
18:08<dwfreed>variable defaults can be whatever
18:08<Dreamer3_>i was trying to put a ssh pubkey in there
18:08<Dreamer3_>seems it's too long
18:08<dwfreed>probably bad format, rather than length
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18:09<dwfreed>try URL-encoding it
18:09<Dreamer3_>i do'nt know how, does it need to be escaped?
18:09<Dreamer3_>blah :)
18:09<dwfreed>or html-entity encoding
18:09<Dreamer3_>wouldn't have thought of that
18:09<dwfreed>that would probably work better
18:09<Dreamer3_>a bit obscure :)
18:09<dwfreed>it should probably be done on the backend by Linode, but I haven't looked at that code in a long time
18:10<Dreamer3_>maybe time to :)
18:10<Dreamer3_>although it wasn't comented before, but not sure why that would make a different to anything but bash (which it did, lol)
18:10<Dreamer3_>i think i'm just going to do if [ -z "$SSH_KEY" ]
18:12<dwfreed>you still have to put in default="" or the value will be required
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18:26<Dreamer3_>right i had the string in default
18:26<Dreamer3_>now i have default = ""
18:26<Dreamer3_>so yes, as you said :)
18:26<Dreamer3_>are packages like intel-microcode or amd64-microcode going to kill things? they seem to be held back by default resultin gin the "10 security updates" annoying MOTD
18:32<Dreamer3_>guess i could just try it :)
18:44<dwfreed>they won't do any good
18:44<dwfreed>I would just nuke them
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19:50<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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20:45<agio>hi. can anyone tell me what payment options linode has?
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20:48<agio>thanks Peng_ :)
20:53<agio>does linode provide VPS's running debian?
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21:58<warewolf>no debian, only jesux, the linux of choice for christians
21:58<warewolf></obvious troll>
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22:15<nyancat>came across this earlier. thought i'd share.
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22:54<Woet>dwfreed: can you stop being a possible spambot
22:54<Woet>when are you introducing us to Kamilion
23:47<dwfreed>Are you sure you want to?
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