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01:47<jilinfeng>you here ?
01:48<millisa>no, I am here.
01:48<jilinfeng>My account was canceled by me
01:49<jilinfeng>Can I transfer my $20 credit card automatically?
01:50<Woet>i'm guessing thats your question
01:52<jilinfeng>How can I apply for a refund?
01:53<jilinfeng>To request a refund, enter a note in the text field. Note that credits from sources other than prepaying cannot be refunded.
01:54<gparent>You need to deal with support directly for account issues
01:54<jilinfeng>what's this mean?
01:54<gparent>You need to contact support directly for account issues*
01:54<gparent>So email or call them
01:56<jilinfeng>How can I contact support directly?
01:57<Zimsky>email, phone, support tickets
02:14<jilinfeng>can I contact you?can you solve my promblem directly?I have already send an email.but no answer
02:15<gparent>phone would be how to contact directly
02:15<gparent>or wait for a response
02:15<gparent>(to your email)
02:17<jilinfeng>ok.i am not good at english so i can't use phone. are you an american?
02:18<jilinfeng>you here?
02:19<jilinfeng>come on
02:20<millisa>You have to contact Linode. We can't solve your billing/account issues.
02:22<jilinfeng>if i use phone ,there people use english or someother language?
02:23<millisa>They speak english.
02:24<jilinfeng>ok.where are they work ?
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02:24<jilinfeng>come on
02:25<Zimsky>yeah this is a voluntary channel with community people
02:25<Zimsky>we're not employees
02:25<Zimsky>you don't need to say 'come on', just wait for someone to reply
02:26<Zimsky>linode is based in the united states
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02:42<rsdehart>jilinfeng: astonishingly, all 315 people in here aren't Linode employees
02:43<TwoCanes>Anyone know why the $5/month linodes are not available?
02:44<rsdehart>My initial guess would be they're all taken
02:44<rsdehart>but this is the first I've learned of this being the case, so that's just wild speculation on my part
02:46<TwoCanes>I guess I'm unfamiliar with the "cloud". I thought any linode instance could be carved out of whatever hardware is behind the cloud.
02:47<MrPPS>TwoCanes: I think certain groups of hosts are reserved for certain types of plans, so as to fit the correct amount on
02:47<MrPPS>that's my guess anyway
02:48<TwoCanes>makes sense
02:48<MrPPS>TwoCanes: was it only not available in one particular region?
02:49<rsdehart>it seems odd that what one might expect to be the most popular plan would be unavailable across the board
02:49*rsdehart tries something
02:49<TwoCanes>Well, I only looked at two, the default and the region I want to use.
02:49<MrPPS>TwoCanes: I can see it fine in all of my regions
02:49<MrPPS>What is the one you want to use?
02:49<MrPPS>I'll test it out
02:49<MrPPS>yeah, added fine
02:49<MrPPS>you did scroll down to the "nanode" plans list, yeah?
02:49<MrPPS>just checking, as I missed that at first :)
02:50<TwoCanes>I'll take a look
02:52<TwoCanes>Cool, thanks, I should learn to scan slower
02:52<MrPPS>Glad it was an easy fix
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03:24<Francois>Good morning
03:26<Francois>I'm looking for some Magento info? Anyone used on linode?
03:29<erik>Francois: I use Magento on Linode
03:30<erik>works fine.
03:31<Francois>Hi Erik. On a host or vps? Manual install or installer?
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03:32<erik>Francois: Linode only provides VPS. So yes on VPS and manual install
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06:52<Debashis>I am facing issue in payment
06:52<Debashis>my credit card got declined because of less money
06:52<Debashis>then later I have added the money
06:52<Debashis>but its still getting declined
06:53<smccabe>Debashis, have you opened a ticket yet?
06:53<Debashis>yes I did
06:53<smccabe>Do you happen to have the #?
06:54<Debashis>my ticket id is 10636838
06:54<smccabe>Alright, I'll take a look at it
06:54<Debashis>thank you
06:54<smccabe>No problem
06:57<Debashis>any update?
06:57<smccabe>Still looking at it, I will update you inside the ticket
06:58<Debashis>ok I have to ask one thing
06:58<Debashis>my server will not get closed right
06:58<Debashis>because its from your end the problem is
06:58<smccabe>No, since you are working with us, we can work together on delaying suspension.
06:58<Debashis>thank you
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07:23<Zimsky>hello andrew
07:26<andy>i will love to know more about the linux vps
07:27<Zimsky>well it's a vps that can run linux
07:27<Zimsky>and you can run a thing or five on it
07:28<andy>what is the incoming email limit and out going email limit per hour ?
07:28<Zimsky>as many as the network pipe will allow
07:28<Zimsky>it's not limited
07:29<andy>okay can can i have more dedicated ips
07:29<Zimsky>if you can prove you have a technical necessity for them, sure
07:29<andy>what kind of prove are you talking about
07:30<Zimsky>well for instance, you can't just get extra ips on a single linode because you want them
07:30<Zimsky>you'd have to have some purpose with an explicit requirement for more than one ipv4 address
07:30<Zimsky>ipv6 addresses are different, you can get up to a /56 if I recall correctly
07:32<andy>okay now i understand you and can i manage my reverse dns setting ?
07:33<Zimsky>yeah I can't think of a situation that would actually pass linode's justification thing
07:33<Zimsky>yeah you can
07:33<andy>how can i justify easily
07:34<Zimsky>if you really need more ipv4 addresses and don't want to muck around with justifying it, you could just get extra $5/mo linodes in the same datacenter, and forward their traffic
07:34<Zimsky>but before messing around with that, you should probably question whether you actually /need/ more than one ipv4 address
07:35<andy>alright but i dont really know how to forward traffic on the same datacenter
07:35<Zimsky>you're not going to need that for email if you set up your servers and DNS properly, and abide by spam policies
07:38<andy>but i can have up to 56 ipv6 without justification ?
07:39<@smccabe>andy, if you want a good tester for an email server I would check out it checks to see if the mail you are sending is spammy. Pretty helpful once you have the main server set up
07:39<@smccabe>and yeah, we can give you a /56 if you need it
07:40<linbot>New news from community: Linode Image (Snapshot) Failed <>
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11:51<leoleo>hi can someone tell me how can i get some kind ot technical domain on my linode?
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11:52<millisa>what do you mean 'technical domain'?
11:54<leoleo>something like ****** or my-host-number.somedomain,com
11:57<leoleo>sorry it seems to be that it is not present at linode
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11:59<ericoc>...but it is...
12:04<nate>literally even shows it in the manager lol
12:07<@smccabe>hey Nate, if you open a ticket I can take a deeper look into it, just let me know the ticket #
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12:22<Zimsky>it wasn't nate's question though
12:26<@smccabe>yeah, realized that afterwards. Textual was throwing me off on the color layouts
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13:10<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
13:19<@smccabe>Every day.
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13:45<waltman>There are so few constants in this crazy, ever-changing world.
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14:37<joe>do you offer vps plans ?
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14:56<Zimsky>nah this is a burger joint
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15:51<linbot>New news from community: Inbox <>
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17:59<nyancat>We serve food here, sir
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20:26<retro|blah>I would like two foods, please.
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21:54<smith>i have problem,can u help me
21:54<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
21:56<smith>Ultimate MemberToggle Navigation Photo/image uploads not working If you are experiencing an issue with photo/image uploads not working then you can try some of the following things to try fix the image upload issue: Check if the Ultimate Member uploads folder has the correct permissions (see this article) Increase the WordPress memory limit via wp-config.php file. This article shows how to do this. Increase the maximum file upload size for individual file
21:56<smith>i use wordpress ,but it have a problem,it can not upload file
21:58<smith>they suggest me to do this
21:58<smith>Contact your host support and ask them if your server has GD PHP Library installed and is working Contact your host support and ask them to disable mod_security. Check that you are not breaking the domain origin policy (using www. version while WP is installed on the non www. site for example) You can try these different steps one by one checking image uploads each time. If you are not sure on how to check these different steps you should contact your host
21:59<smith>can u help me to check it
22:00<relidy>Sorry, I'm really no help with Wordpress. If you hang around for a few minutes, someone else might be able to chime in.
22:06<smith>the problem may be have the relation to the linode server setting.
22:07<relidy>Doubtful that it's related to the linode. Linode just provides the "hardware"; the software is entirely in your control.
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