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00:00<krsna>for my store
00:00<krsna>but i try to restore it show u have no free space
00:00<krsna>i couldn't get it
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00:19<afsdf>Are the managers there?
00:20<afsdf>I want to buy your server
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00:49<inewbit>hello everyone
00:50<inewbit>I have a big trouble
00:50<millisa>Do you
00:51<inewbit>I delete a dir use rm -rf command just now, the dir is /var/opt/gitlab ,can i recovery my disk ?
00:51<millisa>Do you have backups?
00:51<inewbit>no disk backups
00:51<millisa>If you don't have any backups, how would you recover it?
00:52<inewbit>many days ago
00:52<inewbit> i have a linode vps called inewbit
00:52<inewbit>but it was deleted by linode automatic
00:53<inewbit>and then, i create a new lindoe vps, when i deploy an image to this new linode, i can choose "recently deleted disk", and the inewbit disk is there , so i find my vps disk back
00:53<inewbit>today i try to create a new linode vps
00:54<inewbit>but I can't find the inewbit disk in the "recently deleted disk"
00:54<inewbit>can i find the "recently deleted disk" back?
00:54<inewbit>so I can recovery my vps disk to the older version
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05:30<Guest509>anyone wanna help me trouble shoot mysql remote access?
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05:57<Guest509>on my macbook:
05:57<Guest509>$ mysql --host [IP] -u dbuser -p --port=33306
05:58<Guest509>Enter password:
05:58<Guest509>ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on '[IP]' (61)
05:58<Guest509>on server [IP]:
05:58<Guest509>netstat: tcp 0 0* LISTEN
05:58<Guest509>iptables: ACCEPT tcp -- anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:33306
05:58<Guest509>my.cnf: "bind-address =" and no "networking" entry
05:58<Guest509>GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `db_remote`.* TO 'dbuser'@'%'
05:58<Guest509>... all out of ideas ...
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06:24<mark_>hi anyone can help new in linode
06:24<mark_>i setup apache but i open in I.P. nothing displayed
06:25<mark_>apache is Active
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06:37<linbot>New news from community: I.P. no response after apache <>
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07:10<daivinod>Im planning to get Linode 4GB
07:12<daivinod>In future upgrading is possible ?
07:15<rsdehart>daivinod: easily
07:15<rsdehart>takes minutes
07:24<daivinod>Ok cool
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11:28<linbot>New news from community: MySQL Error 13- site down <> || Test <>
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11:49<bb>does anyone now how i can download my linode to local pc
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11:55<gparent>you could restart in rescue mode and use dd I believe
11:55<gparent>with ssh or netcat
11:59<@smccabe>That would work, could even use use filezilla and pull off the files itself if you wanted a GUI
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12:06<Support>Hello. I found that your company hosts the domain Is this information accurate, and, if so, how can I submit a content removal request?
12:07<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
12:07<@jalter>Support: The WHOIS info is showing that Linode operates nameservers for that site, but it doesn't look like we're hosting that IP
12:08<@jalter>When I WHOIS that IP, I get OVH as the hosting provider. Looks like they take abuse reports via
12:09<gparent>Officer Jalter, you are hereby promoted to detective. Congratulations.
12:09*gparent pins badge
12:09<@jalter>I don't play by anyone's rules, not even my own
12:09*jalter turns in the badge
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12:09<gparent>Triceracop? Is that you?
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13:30<wraeth>i think that's one of the criteria of having the badge, isn't it?
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15:37<@sjacobs>web44dmin: howdy.
15:38<web44dmin>Hello Jacobs, I'm new on Linode, I just want to know, can I install windows server 2012 on Linode 2GB?
15:39<web44dmin>any Singapore dataserver on Linode 2GB ?
15:40<millisa>generally, linodes are linux systems. you can install other OS's (like windows), but the support and licensing would be up to you.
15:42<web44dmin>can I upload ISO byself? I mean ISO for windows
15:42<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
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16:08<Edgar>Im transfering a linode from one account to other linode account
16:09<Edgar>i already create a linode eith same spec
16:09<Edgar>clone it
16:09<Edgar>and now i need to create the ticket from the source account
16:09<@sjacobs>all sounds good so far.
16:09<Edgar>providing the name of the clone
16:10<Edgar>buy I need to provide the destination account
16:10<Edgar>Hos can i identify the destination account
16:10<Edgar>there is an account id ??
16:11<@sjacobs>Edgar: you can log into the account and open a new ticket, citing the ticket number of the original ticket.
16:11<Edgar>is using the email for the account ??
16:11<@sjacobs>Edgar: can you log into both accounts?
16:11<Edgar>I cant find this info.
16:11<@sjacobs>you are transferring it to another individuals account? or another account you own?
16:11<Edgar>I know that i need to create a second ticket accepting
16:11<Edgar>the tranfers
16:12<@sjacobs>i guess i'm asking why you are transferring it to an account you can't log into.
16:12<Edgar>is other individual
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16:12<Edgar>but they give me the user and password
16:12<Edgar>to make the movement
16:12<@sjacobs>cool. just go to the Support tab in the Manager. take not of the ticket number, and have the other individual open a ticket.
16:13<@sjacobs>be sure they include the ticket number you provide, and say they want to accept the new Linode.
16:13<@sjacobs>take note*
16:13<Edgar>Ok is ticker number which relate the process
16:13<Edgar>not the account
16:13<Edgar>get it
16:14<Edgar>Thank you very much
16:14<@sjacobs>yeah. ticket number is best. you can also have them provide the name of the new Linode. the name you see on the page with the list of Linodes.
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16:34<bb>hi i want to save my linode as a snapshot to my local machine. how would i go about it
16:59<warewolf>oh, cute
16:59<warewolf>From Fri Jul 6 16:34:53 2018
16:59<warewolf> Subject: Account Disabled : PayPal
16:59<warewolf> Folder: ./new/ 26069
16:59<warewolf>sjacobs: ^ someone's spamming
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17:05<warewolf>fw'd to abuse@, now that I found the message in my trash folder after thinking my phone actually nuked it
17:14<Peng_>www-data is such a jerk
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17:24<mikej>if i do master slave replication with an out of sync database will it process the out of sync records from master to slave or does that not happen?
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17:44<hdb2>I've submitted a ticket, but is anyone experiencing issues in the atlanta datacenter?
17:44<relidy>hdb2: What sort of issues?
17:45<hdb2>we had a linode become inaccessible, rebooted it, stayed up for 5 min, became inaccessible again, now it fails to boot
17:45<hdb2>when it was inaccessible I could still get to it via lish
17:47<hdb2>the host is atlanta646 (kvm)
17:49<relidy>I have several machines in Atlanta spread over just as many hosts, but nothing appears out of order.
17:50<relidy>Not that negative reports are really doing you any good :)
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17:51<Peng_>hdb2: Why is it down? Is the host experiencing issues, or just your Linode?
17:51<Peng_>I didn't read well enough :(
17:52<Peng_>Still. Could perhaps be the Linode's networking config, or something with the host or network.
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17:53<nyancat>relidy: have you tried rebooting your linode into rescue mode?
17:53-!-hdb2 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:54<relidy>nyancat: I'm not the OP. That was ndb2, who just left.
17:54<nyancat>oh, my bad
17:54<relidy>It happens
17:54<nyancat>I was going to say, rescue mode should allow them to access their Linode through lish
17:55<nyancat>which will then allow them to potentially diagnose a problem on their specific linode
17:55<relidy>They did say the machine was accessible via lish for at least some of the downtime. I suppose that's not the case once it proceeds to "fails to boot" though.
17:56<nyancat>it sounds like the machine locked up or something during normal operation which would make sense of why they couldn't get in via console afterwards
17:56<nyancat>who can say, really
17:57<Peng_>Or networking fell over
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19:53<Takyoji>Any reason there'd be a SERVFAIL for a zone that's setup to be slaved by the Linode DNS servers, which has been fine and hasn't had any issues or changes for months/years? And resolves fine when queried locally on the actual authoritative DNS server (and with all Linode DNS server IPs whitelisted in ufw), while another zone from the same server resolves fine (for now)?
19:54<Takyoji>I assume if it's unable to reach the server it's supposed to slave from, it caches a SERVFAIL result, or?
19:56<Peng_>If it's unable to reach the primary server, and the SOA expiration is reached, it probably returns SERVFAIL.
19:56<Peng_>I dunno. Anything fun in the logs?
19:57<Peng_>Any differences between how the zones are configured?
19:58<Takyoji>named[694]: network unreachable resolving '': 2400:cb00:2049:1::a29f:1b48#53
19:58<Takyoji>named[694]: network unreachable resolving '': 2400:cb00:2049:1::a29f:1b48#53
19:58<Takyoji>named[694]: network unreachable resolving '': 2400:cb00:2049:1::a29f:1b48#53
19:59<Takyoji>Yet, if I query anything else from that server,, it resolves fine
20:00<Peng_>Takyoji: Note that you should be poking, not
20:01-!-cnf [~cnf@2a02:1807:3920:400:9068:d7bd:65af:1559] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
20:03<Takyoji>Yea, I get SERVFAIL for all other slaved zones from
20:04<Peng_>In what context?
20:04<Peng_>Those are the hosts you should be sending notifys, and expecting zone transfers from.
20:04<Takyoji>The only change I implemented probably a month or so ago was to have DNS queries filtered by ufw, only allowing Linode DNS, to avoid any sort of DNS amplification attacks
20:05<Takyoji>with simply querying the zones, that it SERVFAILs
20:06<Peng_>Are you allowing the IPs?
20:07<Takyoji>If it's the IPs listed under step 6, then yes:
20:07<Takyoji>Both for IPv4 and IPv6
20:07<Peng_>It i
20:07<Takyoji>they're also listed in the allow-transfer and also-notify contexts in BIND
20:08<Peng_>I don't know what's wrong then. :T It is a bit alarming for "named" to get network unreachable errors. And for named to be trying to resolve at all.
20:08<Peng_>Are the "network unreachable" errors *frequent*? Occasionally the network really is unreachable. :P
20:09<Takyoji>Several minutes ago, not sure if it's just when I was trying to resolve using 'dig' on the server
20:09<Takyoji>All NS records for the zones are set to in the zone files, and in the TLD's DNS
20:10<millisa>What's the domain?
20:10<Takyoji> for one of them
20:12<Takyoji>named-checkzone (zone file) returns "OK" and no errors.
20:15<Takyoji>(any preferred pastebin?)
20:16<Peng_> possibly
20:16<Peng_>Or if you're not unprofessional
20:16<Peng_>If the DENY rules are first the ALLOW rules don't count
20:17<Peng_>in iptables
20:17<Peng_>I don't know if ufw behaves the same
20:18<Takyoji>Chain ufw-user-input in iptables has DROP first before all the explicit ACCEPT listings for entries
20:19<Takyoji>Surprised it has that default behavior, because I thought it was supposed to be "uncomplicated", perhaps I'm gripping it the wrong way.
20:20<Takyoji>If you want the obvious evidence:
20:23<Peng_>Drop needs to go after the accept rules.
20:23<Peng_>I'm not sure how to move things in ufw.
20:24<millisa>do you need the 53-deny rules in ufw? default on incoming is 'deny' isn't it? 'ufw status verbose' should show it
20:25<Takyoji>Correct, deny is default for incoming, simple enough to just delete the rule
20:27<Takyoji>Rule removed, and the changes have propagated to iptables, still SERVFAIL, presumably just a cached result
20:27<Peng_>I wouldn't describe it as "cached".
20:27<Peng_>Run the BIND command to send notifies
20:28<Takyoji>pushed, and resolves correctly now.
20:28<millisa>!point Peng_
20:28<linbot>millisa: Point given to peng_. (14)
20:28<millisa>!point Peng
20:28<linbot>millisa: Point given to peng. (22)
20:31<Peng_>!dns6 soa
20:31<linbot>Peng_: 104 14400 14400 1209600 86400
20:31<Peng_>4 hour refresh interval, expires after 2 weeks.
20:32<Peng_>If a zone's expired, do Linode's nameservers remember what the refresh interval was and keep trying?
20:33<Peng_>Takyoji: The domain has 4096-bit RSA DNSSEC configured but there's no DS record at the TLD?
20:35<Takyoji>Unfortunately and oddly Namecheap doesn't support setting DNSSEC keys for the dot-us zone, while Google DNS did.
20:37<Takyoji>They do support it for dot-xyz and some others
20:37<Peng_>oh, Namecheap
20:38-!-dorothy [] has joined #linode
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20:38<Peng_>Takyoji: Even for the TLDs where they claim to support it, sometimes adding and removing DS records doesn't work. (At least when using their DNS service. Which has its own DNSSEC problems.)
20:38<Peng_>There are other fish in the sea.
20:38<Peng_>Oh well.
20:39<Takyoji>Maybe if I wait a few years or decades. I think previously they didn't even support anything greater than 1024-bit RSA with SHA-1 or something bizarre, "because of record size"
20:40<Takyoji>I've moved away from Google DNS, and I have concerns with Gandi being under France
20:41<Takyoji>It would be nice to find an actual registrar that supports hardware two-factor auth, rather than SMS ""two-factor""
20:42<millisa>porkbun does googleauthenticator and MS auth I think?
20:42<Peng_>I've never met someone who's heard of Porkbun!
20:42<millisa>I have a very pro-ham agenda
20:45<Takyoji>Yes, software 2FA, which is still an advancement beyond SMS auth:
20:45-!-Rudy [] has quit [Quit: ZNC 1.6.6 -]
20:48<millisa>aws will do multifactor with some of the keyfobs (though I've had issues with them constantly having to be resync'd) and you can do registrations with route53 (no clue what their pricing is like)
20:49<millisa>i've only tried the gemalto keys (~$13). they have a card that I dont know if is any better
20:50<Peng_>Route 53 domain pricing is pretty good.
20:50<Peng_>At a guess, they probably charge $10 or $12 for .us domains.
20:51<millisa>looks like $15, so pretty close
20:51<Peng_>Cheaper registrars like Porkbun or NameSilo go as low as $7.50.
20:51<Peng_>$15 is a little high :/
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22:00<millisa>Could I get someone to look at ticket# 10659966 (just submitted it, but I'd like to act on it tonight if possible)
22:24<Woet>millisa: sorry, to get the 15 minute response time we need $15k a month.
22:25<millisa>let me check my pockets.
22:25<Peng_>You keep a copy of Woet's credit card in your pockets?
22:27<millisa>I've got a near mint 1987 penny, the cap of a usb thumb drive, and either a phone number with an extra digit or a ssn missing one. that's worth 15k, right?
22:28<Woet>" has estimated the 1987 Lincoln Penny value at an average of 1 cent, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $2."
22:28<Woet>sorry you had to find out this way
22:28<Peng_>I'm sure you'll be fine, MacGyver.
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23:07<millisa>thorner: thanks!
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