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00:48<nate>Is there something weird with debian and bash scripts in that it doesn't actually identify path by default?
00:54<nate>yeah nevermind I'm an idiot and in my sleepy mind failed to notice I made a variable in the script called PATH
00:54<Woet>rookie mistake
00:54<nate>admittedly I've surprisingly not had to do a bash script in ages so I have some rust to knock off :P
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07:11<domain>hi which domain registrar is the best for linode server?
07:11<domain>please help me
07:13<MrPPS>domain: any registrar is fine
07:13<MrPPS>as long as it lets you pick your own "nameservers" :)
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07:15<domain>can you suggest me best domain registrar
07:15<domain>from your personal opinion
07:16<ericoc>domain: literally any. compare their features and find what’s important to YOU
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07:18<Peng_>okay but not GoDaddy or NetSol :P
07:19<ericoc>I mean, maybe godaddy if you are clueless enough to be asking what registrar to use
07:19<ericoc>then you can learn to transfer later
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07:23<rshost>any supportrs?
07:23<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
07:23<rshost>my account being reviewing
07:24<@bmartin>you should have an email shortly in regards to your account
07:24<rshost>need my account fast :(
07:24<rshost>how many time it will be taking?
07:24<rshost>sorry 4 bad english :D
07:24<@bmartin>Within the next 5-10 minutes
07:28<@bmartin>thank you!
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10:30<ojbk211>any one?
10:31<@sjacobs>ojbk211: howdy.
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10:45<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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11:18<vblinden>Hello Linode! Are there any plans for object storage in the future?
11:19<@bmartin>It is absolutely on the roadmap
11:19<@bmartin>though I don't have more details beyond that
11:24<vblinden>Thanks for the info, I recently switched to Linode! Great service/platform!
11:24<@bmartin>thank you!
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12:21<linbot>New news from community: Open port 445 for my NAS server? <>
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12:38<Woet>tdavidson: stop posting fake questions
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12:40<gparent>open 446 for security
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12:55<rozmelt>A consultation, I changed my plan to have more memory and that is faster an intranet, but still the same, I could help?
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13:30<rozmelt>A consultation, I changed my plan to have more memory and that is faster an intranet, but still the same, I could help?
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13:33<relidy>rozmelt: Can you rephrase?
13:35<tdavidson>Woet: I'm confused - what was wrong with my post? He asked how to open 445 and I told him. UFW is terrible IME
13:36<relidy>Opening 445 over the Internet seems like a really bad idea on its own.
13:38<tdavidson>fair - i could've added some security advice
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13:39<tdavidson>but the customer's question was "how do i open port 445"
13:39<relidy>What's with the "questions" that are posted by the "linode" user anyway? Are those being manually entered and then answered internally?
13:40<tdavidson>yes, out of scope questions are often moved to the Community Site on the customer's behalf, along with an initial response
13:40<tdavidson>That's why you see questions posted by "Linode" and answered by an employee
13:41<relidy>An "out of scope question" being one that's asked in a support ticket or something?
13:41<relidy>Cool, thanks.
13:41<tdavidson>support tickets are a good place to resolve infrastucture/billing issues and anything involving our platform and it's config, while the Community Site is the better place to get advice on internal configuration
13:42<tdavidson>like setting up webservers/firewalls/etc
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13:47<rozmelt>I have changed my plan and I have an application, which is slow, still slow, I would like you to help me ?. I have configured the cpanel, I would like to know which is inconvenient.
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14:08<smallclone>do you have a question?
14:10<rick_j_>Sorry, it must've not reached you. I'll re-paste it.
14:10<rick_j_>Has anyone here handled a DDos attack on your site hosted on a linode? I have a situation where, if unguarded, some 2-3,000 calls per minute is being made from unique IPs that I have to block in iptables, but it's really relentless and I see some 5,000 unique IPs to block every day. It's really slowing down my site. Any help appreciated.
14:10<rick_j_>Did it come across?
14:12<rick_j_>If it matters, it seems to be some sort of referal-attack i.e. the visits all use a bogus referal meaning my site is not referred from the stuff in the REFERRER
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14:13<rick_j_>I'm guessing my question is not really coming across ok. is there a character limit that I'm breaking?
14:15<ericoc>your question was asked, but nobody has an answer (yet?)
14:15<ericoc>you can investigate something like cloudflare to filter traffic in front of your linode
14:15<ericoc>or some other CDN/web filter solution... there's no magic bullet
14:17<rick_j_>The ones I've looked at are quite expensive and I was sort of hoping this was a rather common phenomenon so I wouldn't have to add another $200/month for a CDN that I wouldn't need if only..... yea, you get the idea.
14:18<rick_j_>CloudFlare seem to use some rather fishy IPs for their free tier, from what I've seen using Google, but that might be different nowadays. I guess my main point is nothing comes free.
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14:20<@scrane>rick_j_ LInode doens't have any DDOS mitigation or protection services on our end right now. If you aren't a fan of what ClouFlare is offering, I do know sucuri has a DDoS mitigation service.
14:23<rick_j_>Thanks for the suggestion scrane. WIll look into it. My first thought - no matter the solution - is how in the world they would know this traffic is not legit. It looks perfectly legit, the IPs are from reputable ISPs from the US and the rest of the world so the traffic looks very valid, only it isn't.
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14:33<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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14:57<bob>hello all :)
14:58<bob>i was wondering if somebody might be able to help me with my centos mysql issues?
14:58<bob>I can't seem to connect to my database from external sources
14:58<bob>it was working fine previously...
14:59<bob>port 3306 is opened
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15:05<tdavidson>bob: what's going on with mysql?
15:06<bob>Warning: mysqli::__construct(): (HY000/2002): Connection refused
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15:07<bob>I have a php file that connects to my mysql database on my linode server
15:07<bob>i get that error, but the username and pasword and server info are correct, not sure what the issue is
15:07<@sjacobs>from the linode running mysql, checking `sudo ss -tlpn` would be good to be sure it is listening.
15:07<@sjacobs>checking logs, restarting, etc.
15:08<bob>LISTEN 0 80 :::3306 :::*
15:08<bob>i ran the command and see that
15:08<@sjacobs>i'm pretty sure it will tell you "Access denied" if it was a password issue.
15:08<bob>which logs would i be checking specifically?
15:09<bob>tried restarting, didn't help
15:10<bob>mysqld.log doesn't show any errors
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15:11<@sjacobs>bob: is it on the same server or a seperate one?
15:11<@sjacobs>Mubeen: howdy.
15:11<bob>what do you mean?
15:11<Mubeen>I am good thanks.
15:12<@sjacobs>is the php code on the same server as the database? or is it code on one server and db on another?
15:12<bob>code is on the server itself
15:12<Mubeen>I have 2 3 different websites in Wordpress. Can i host all of websites in linode 1GB ?
15:13<Mubeen>How do I transfer and all things ?
15:13<@sjacobs>Mubeen: yes, you can host all on one server.
15:13<Mubeen>Which server do i need to choose ?
15:14<bob>okay so i found something...
15:14<bob>if i try to access the database from another server it works fine?
15:14<@sjacobs>bob: not too sure. the #mysql channel on freenode may be able to help.
15:14<bob>but trying to access the database on the same server doesnt work?
15:14<@sjacobs>Mubeen: start small, load test it, and scale up as needed.
15:15<bob>so there must be a setting not properly configured to allow me to access my mysql from within my own server?
15:15<Mubeen>which distro?
15:15<@sjacobs>Mubeen: whichever you are most comfortable with.
15:15<Mubeen>I will be using WP for all of my websites
15:15<Mubeen>which one is perfect?
15:16<@sjacobs>if you haven't used linux before, probably going to find the most examples for Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS when hosting wordpress.
15:16<Mubeen>I have purchased sharedhosting before so i dont know about the cloud hostings much and its admin/cpanel
15:16<@sjacobs>if you want cPanel, you'll need to use CentOS and install it yourself.
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15:17<Mubeen>NIce, thats the most easy one i guess
15:17<gparent>it's the one supported by cpanel
15:17<tdavidson>you can also purchase the Linode Managed service for cPanel, but it's probably not worth doing if that's the only thing you're looking for
15:18<Mubeen>Yeah thats the only thing i am currently looking
15:18<Mubeen>only hosting and emails
15:18<bob>cPanel is overrated
15:19<bob>linode doesn't offer emails
15:19<bob>it's strictly servers
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15:19<bob>did you look at their site to see what they offer?
15:19<bob>different plans?
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15:24<bob>anybody else might know why i can access my servers mysql from another server using a php script but i cannot do the same on the same server?
15:24<millisa>is your local connection trying to use 'localhost'?
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15:25<bob>ummmm what do u mean?
15:25<millisa>try from a cli: mysql -h putyourpublicIPhere -u yourmysqluser -p
15:25<bob>will my mac do?
15:25<millisa>your mac?
15:26<bob>whats cli
15:26<millisa>command line. ssh to your server and connect with the mysql client from there
15:27<bob>from an external command line or my linodes cli
15:29<millisa>from your linode's shell. the one that can't connect to the local database. use the mysql command line from there to try connecting to it locally
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15:30<bob>ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server
15:30<bob>is what i get
15:30<bob>followed by my IP of course
15:31<bob>im logged in as root trying to do this
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15:33<millisa>if you just type 'mysql' do you get connected to the local mysql server?
15:33<bob>ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
15:33<bob>when i type mysql
15:34<millisa>do you know your mysql root password?
15:34<millisa>mysql -u root -p
15:34<millisa>does that connect you?
15:34<bob>i enterrred the password
15:34<bob>when i typed mysql it didnt ask me for a username or password
15:34<bob>it just gave me the error
15:36<millisa>so "mysql -u root -p" works for you. "mysql -h localhost -u root -p" does that work? "mysql -h yourlinodesip -u root -p" does not?
15:37<bob>Yes, Yes and No.
15:37<millisa>in your php are you using 'localhost' as the host of your mysql server?
15:38<bob>how do i find out
15:38<bob>oh no
15:38<bob>i use my ip
15:39<millisa>ok, then you either need to change the local php script to use localhost - or setup the grants in mysql to allow connection from that linode's public IP
15:39<millisa>(you probably setup grants for the remote server to connect?)
15:39<bob>it used to work so the grants should b there
15:39<bob>i can also access phpmyadmin fine
15:39<bob>works fine
15:39<millisa>pma might be using localhost
15:40<bob>how would i check
15:40<bob>its odd that it stopped working
15:40<bob>externally i can access my mysql
15:40<bob>locally i cant
15:40<bob>so weird
15:40-!-danhawkins2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:51<bob>wonderful! had to change it from my IP to localhost to work on the server :P
15:51<bob>thanks mil
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18:43<@scrane>How are you doing?
18:43<georgec>any reason connection to drops after ?
18:44<georgec># tcptraceroute 443
18:44<georgec>Selected device eth0, address, port 43879 for outgoing packets
18:44<georgec>Tracing the path to ( on TCP port 443 (https), 30 hops max
18:44<georgec> 1 1.154 ms 0.699 ms 0.546 ms
18:44<georgec> 2 0.725 ms 0.654 ms 0.695 ms
18:44<georgec> 3 * * *
18:44<georgec> 4 * * *
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18:46<@scrane>Hm. Can you actually provide that to us in the form of an MTR? That will help us see exactly what's happening. I would recommend running mtr -rwbzc 100
18:46<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
18:47<@scrane>Right. that command.
18:48<georgec>ok let me check
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19:12<linbot>New news from community: Wordpress Site Migration- Menu links broken <>
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19:17<georgec>did you see my prev paste?
19:28<@scrane>Yeah, I'm taking a look at that right now. Is this Linode in the Atlanta datacenteR?
19:36<@scrane>Hrm... it looks like that is possibly an issue with one of the peers. I would recommend opening a Support ticket and pasing that MTR into the ticket to share what you're seeing.
19:41<nyancat>Hi, did Linode's v6 address space get banned by RIPE on their whois servers?
19:42<nyancat>Any query on a RIPE IP address results in error 201
19:45<@scrane>Not that I'm aware of, but that certainly does sound odd. Can you open a support ticket sharing what you are seeing? We should be able to use that to track down what's happening.
19:54<nyancat>Ticket has been lodged, scrane.
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19:56<Peng_>nyancat: I've seen it happen more than once. RIPE just bans the data center's main /64 so if you ask Linode for a separate one (and don't abuse RIPE) you'll be fine.
19:57<nyancat>I suspected a blanket ban
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21:18<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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22:02<Woet>tdavidson: the issue is that it's a fake question bro
22:02<Woet>i only want questions posted by customers
22:47<waltman>Eugene: how goes the Linodin' today?
22:47<Eugene>I suspect a blanket
22:52<Woet>waltman: he's cancelling because he's a big baby about some terms of service no one cares about
22:53<Woet>no more linoding soon
22:53<waltman>So no more linodin' every day?
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