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08:42<LayPyay>How are you?
08:45<LayPyay>Are You Ok?
08:55<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
08:58<LayPyay>May I have a question?
08:59<@bmartin>Yes feel free to ask your question
08:59<linbot>New news from community: Troubleshooting public Access to development site using docker <>
09:00<LayPyay>View Current Month Statistics
09:00<LayPyay>in linode api
09:00<@bmartin>What statistics are you referring to
09:01<LayPyay>How much time delay to update this status
09:02<LayPyay>And also how I know how much bandwidth transfer quota is used.
09:02<LayPyay>with api
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09:15<@bmartin>We are looking into your question. I am not certain exactly how frequently these numbers are updated
09:16<LayPyay>maximum instance for individual account
09:16<@bmartin>That is going to depend on the age of the account but once they are opened you can have up to 20 Linodes active at a given time.
09:16<@bmartin>That will give you all the various API calls you can run
09:18<LayPyay>Maximum vps instance for individual account?
09:19<@bmartin>20. After a period of use and positive billing this limit can be raised by request
09:20<@bbigger>LayPyay: see here for checking network utilization via api:
09:21<LayPyay>Can I Stop my vps if out of bandwidth transfer quota?
09:22<@bbigger>you can remove a Linode from your account at any time
09:22<LayPyay>Can I renew this instance to get bandwidth quota?
09:22<@bmartin>Your bandwidth quota is pooled across all of your Linodes
09:23<LayPyay>please explain clearly.
09:24<@bmartin>Are you asking whether your bandwidth quota is reset when you pay again for your Linode?
09:24<@bmartin>These quotas reset on the 1st of the Month every month.
09:25<LayPyay>For example, I have used 1TB bandwidth in 5$ plan. To get additional bandwidth, can I renew plan by paying extra 5$?
09:25<@bmartin>No you cannot. If you add an additional Linode it will increase your bandwidth pool.
09:26<@bmartin>Transfer is $0.10/GB for overages
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09:37<LayPyay>How are you?
09:37<@bmartin>Hello how can we help you
09:38<LayPyay>I want to know about hourly billing
09:38<@bmartin>What would you like to know about it?
09:38<LayPyay>How bandwidth count per hour
09:39<LayPyay>How much bandwidth can use per hour?
09:39<@bmartin>The hourly pricing is for the Linode itself
09:39<@bmartin>you can use as much bandwidth as you like but if you go over you will be charged the overage for of $.10 per GB
09:40<@bmartin>The 1TB quote is for the month
09:42<LayPyay>For example, I have use 1TB of bandwidth during 2 week. Then I delete this vps. How much I bill for this vps? 0.0075$/hr x 24hr x 14day = 2.52$
09:42<LayPyay>Or how much I bill ?
09:43<LayPyay>In 5$ vps
09:43<@bmartin>All services are billed automatically at the end of the month. You are charged the hourly rate for a service up to its monthly cap. You may receive a mid-month bill from Linode if you reach a certain threshold of Linode services used within a single month.
09:43<@bmartin>for 14 days you'd pay the hourly rate
09:44<dzho>bandwidth not having a monthly cap, of course
09:46<LayPyay>Do you mean 1.4GB/hr bandwidth quota can be used in hourly plan?
09:47<@bmartin>There aren't limits to how much you can use.
09:47<@bmartin>You use whatever you want. Anything over the 1TB will be charged as overage.
09:52<LayPyay>I know Overage charge. I mean that I have used 1TB within 2 weeks, then I delete this vps. (0.0075$/hr x 24hr x 14day = 2.52$) Will I bill 2.52$ or 5$? I did not understand this case because I have used monthly cap of bandwidth 1TB within two week.
09:52<@bmartin>IfYou would be billed the 2.52
09:54<dzho>I guess this is what makes the pooling important.
09:55<LayPyay>I apologized for my question because I can write english well.
09:55<dzho>LayPyay: it's a good question, especially once you put together the specific numbers in your example.
09:55<@bmartin>Absolutely. Good question. Sorry I didn't understand initially
09:56<dzho>it helps me understand better the final thing we haven't talked about as much, which is that bandwidth is pooled amongst all your linodes.
09:56<dzho>so, in your case, you can't get 2TB of bandwidth by using 2 linodes each for 2 weeks
09:57<dzho>but if you used two $5 linodes for the entire month, one of them could use all 2TB.
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09:59<LayPyay>After vps have been deleted, what will happen if I create new 10$ vps?
09:59<@bmartin>You will receive a new transfer pool for that Linode
10:00<@bmartin>it will be prorated. If you start it on the 15th of the month you will only get half a month of transfer
10:00<@bmartin>which will fully reset on the 1st of the following month
10:01<LayPyay>what mean "half a month of transfer"?
10:02<LayPyay>In 10$ vps, I can use 1TB only?
10:02<LayPyay>Is correct?
10:02<@bmartin>You will receive a prorated amount based on when you activate the Linode
10:03<@bmartin>for example if you create a 10$ Linode on July 15th you would get roughly 1TB of transfer for the remainder of the month
10:03<@bmartin>it will fully reset on the 1st of the month.
10:04<LayPyay>Ok I understand.
10:05<LayPyay>I want to host high critical traffic site linode using about 10 instace.
10:05<LayPyay>Will I mark as spam?
10:05<@bmartin>I'm not certain what you are asking here
10:06<@bmartin>Will you be sending email from your Linode?
10:07<LayPyay>No, I ask because I am visitor. I like linode because linode offers high bandwidth speed.
10:08<@bmartin>Ok then I'm not certain about your concerns of spam
10:08<@bmartin>everything hosted would need to abide by our ToS
10:09<LayPyay>Spam and Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE)
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10:10<phlux>You said you wouldn't be sending e-mail from your linode..
10:10<LayPyay>Can I send email to my user for account email confirming purpose?
10:11<@bmartin>Double opt in, and having an active unsubscribe link are requirements for sending email on our platform.
10:12<nyancat>My linode is too fast. Got a speeding ticket in the mail this morning
10:12<LayPyay>Hello nyancat
10:12<LayPyay>where are you?
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10:13<@bmartin>LayPyay let's go this route. Can you please explain what you'd like to do on our service. Also our ToS will let you know what is permissable.
10:13<nyancat>It's my understanding that there's a ticket open about this problem but I figured I'd try and work out any potential problems on my end here: I own a domain which is pointed at Linode's name servers, it was recently transferred from Internet.BS to NameCheap, and for some reason refuses to resolve
10:14<nyancat>Evert kind of record request results in a SERVFAIL response from
10:15<@scrane>nyancat Do you have a Linode running on your account?
10:15<@scrane>The DNS manager will not resolve domain names if you do not have any other services on your account.
10:16<nyancat>the account the domain is active on isn't mine but yes, I believe there are linodes on the account
10:16<Peng_>scrane: D'you know if it returns SERVFAIL in that case?
10:17<Peng_>I would've expected REFUSED but I dunno the architecture
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10:17<nyancat>;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: REFUSED, id: 18035
10:17<nyancat>query was dig A
10:17<@scrane>Peng_ I don't know off the top of my head.
10:18<@scrane>nyancat is your domain?
10:18<nyancat>lol no
10:18<nyancat>Was just finding out what response code it would give if I tried to query a domain that wasn't pointed there
10:18<@scrane>Aaah haha okay
10:20<@scrane>nyancat I kind of want to dig into this a little deeper. Can you let me know what the domain name is?
10:20<LayPyay>I will use linode with following purpose and please decide can I host? 1. Email : send email to my users for account signup confirming. Download(not Tor): My user will download file with 250kB/s speed at one time. Private Networking: to balance downloading file.
10:20<nyancat>Sure, the domain name in question is
10:20<LayPyay>Hello bmartin
10:21<@bmartin>That's a fairly vague description but as long as it does not conflict with our ToS it will be fine
10:21<@bmartin>and obviously all applicable laws
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10:25<anonymonkey>help me plies for login to my account
10:25<@scrane>nyancat Okay, it does look pretty odd that we're getting that response. Do you know if a ticket was open about it?
10:26<nyancat>As far as I'm aware yes
10:26<Peng_>scrane: I think nate has a ticket open
10:26<@bmartin>anonymonkey you would need to email with the last 6 digits of the card on file. We do not have much we can do on your account from IRC
10:26<nyancat>nate's the one that has the ticket open but yes
10:30<LayPyay>Ok Thank so much bmartin. Have a nice day and good luck. Bye
10:34<@scrane>Okay cool. nyancat I can't discuss it too much on here, then, but if the ticket's been opened I believe we will likely be looking deeper into this.
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14:33<Mysterium>Hi there, I recently created an account and was asked to submit 3 images for verification. I used the provided upload space to upload a .zip with the three images in but the webpage just times out after I click submit. Is this a known issues?
14:35<Mysterium>I can submit a ticket if this is not the bets location to ask
14:36<Peng_>I'd suggest asking here *and* submitting a ticket
14:38<smccabe>Hey Mysterium, Replying to that email will come back to our support team. I think the issue you are having is because you are uploading the zip file, you should be able to upload the images each separately.
14:39<Mysterium>Ah, okay. I did try to but it just replaced each image. I wil try again :)
14:41<Mysterium>Seems that I can only select one at a time, and it replaces the previous if I select another. Could be my system. Is it OK if I create a support ticket with the ID?
14:42<smccabe>Absolutely. Feel free to send me the ticket ID number as well :)
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15:16<@scrane>smccabe What happened to your@?
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16:41<linbot>New news from community: Investigate the cause of high CPU usage? <>
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18:04<fergtm>today I finally decided to start upgrading my linodes to the latest Ubuntu LTS release
18:04<fergtm>I finished configuring a new linode and I am now ready to swap IPs except that I don't see how to swap the IPv6 pool
18:04<fergtm>is that possible?, do I need to open a ticket?
18:09<@scrane>You can't swap IPv6 addresses unfortunately.
18:11<fergtm>I don't wan't to swap the autoconfigured address, just the routed IP pool
18:16<Peng_>Should be possible to move a /64 or /56 with a ticket.
18:16<Peng_>If you have a /116 you can bring up the IPs on any node in the data center.
18:17<@scrane>That is true. If you have an IPv6 block assigned to your Linode, that can be reassigned via ticket
18:17<@scrane>!point Peng_
18:17<linbot>scrane: Point given to peng_. (15)
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18:18<fergtm>ok, I have /64, I'll ask to be routed to the new linode
18:19<phlux>You're supposed to move to a new node when you upgrade the OS? I didn't do that to go from Debian Jessie -> Stretch..
18:20<Peng_>Well, you can.
18:21<Peng_>Debian people like upgrading in place more than Ubuntu people IMO
18:21<phlux>So there's nothing wrong with the way I've done it, then? (Simply updating the sources and running a dist-upgrade?)
18:22<phlux>Ah, I see
18:24<fergtm>I just took this as an opportunity to test if my backup scheme works
18:25<fergtm>and to start clean, this node has been upgraded in place from 12.04 to 14.04 and then to 16.04
18:25<phlux>Roger that
18:25<phlux>Makes sense
18:34<fergtm>mmm, I wasn't expecting this "ifupdown has been replaced by netplan(5) on this system"
18:34<fergtm>no idea how to add the old IPs
18:34-!-vsync [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:38<fergtm>it says I can install ifupdown, I wonder if that is a good idea
18:41<@scrane>Nah, you don't need to worry about that
18:41<@scrane>ifupdown is being considered deprecated.
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18:50<fergtm>ok, I'll have to learn
18:50<fergtm>so far I have been unsuccessful in adding an additional IPv
18:51<fergtm>and support just replied to my ticket, they say it is impossible to move public IPv6 pools, I have to request a new pool :(
18:51<fergtm>time to start updating the DNS records
18:51<Peng_>It didn't used to be impossible
18:52<Peng_>Also, if you get a /116, and get them to route a /64 or /56 to an IP in the /116, you can move it around.
18:59<fergtm>so there goes my Sunday :(, I started early thinking it could be done before lunch
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19:08<fergtm>netplan does not support virtual interfaces, how do I add additional IPs?
19:11<retro|blah>Adding virtual interfaces has not been a requirement to add additional IPs for some time.
19:12-!-internat [biteme2@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:13<retro|blah>netplan's yaml configs seem to take multiple entries under "addresses:".
19:15-!-internat [biteme2@] has joined #linode
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19:19<fergtm>I tried using the addresses in the yaml file but it did not work
19:19<fergtm>thankfully linode docs have a guide
19:19<fergtm>the configuration is in /etc/systemd/network/
19:24<fergtm>:) so support replied again to my ticket, it is indeed possible to move a public /64 to a different linode
19:51-!-ndnihil [] has joined #linode
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19:51<ndnihil>you guys aware of the packet loss in Dallas?
19:51<Peng_>There's packet loss in Dallas?
19:52<ndnihil>, ~30% or so, bursting to 80%
19:53<ndnihil>rather, dropping to 80%
19:53<ndnihil>didn't see it on the status page
19:55<Peng_>You're the first person to mention it here.
19:55<ndnihil>leveled off for a few, then just jumped back to 50%
19:55<ndnihil>(running groups of 10)
19:59<ndnihil>longer term at 650 packets it's averaging at 26%
20:02<fergtm>I'm following linode guide to configure static networking
20:02<fergtm>but IPv6 is not working
20:02<fergtm>I get Destination unreachable: Address unreachable when trying ping6
20:02<fergtm>in Ubuntu 18.04
20:03<ndnihil>eh, disable it, ipv6y is for alarmists anyway :)
20:06-!-jgornick [~jgornick@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fedf:72b4] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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20:07<fergtm>not sure what could be wrong, this is the output of ip -6 route
20:17<staticsafe>what is the address?
20:17<fergtm>it started working if I remove the additional IPs
20:18<fergtm>what is the address? of the node?
20:18<staticsafe>yeah one of the additional IPs
20:19<fergtm>the SLAAC address is 2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fe2f:bfd9 and I tried to add the additional 2600:3c00:e000:bb:c300:1001:0:2a
20:19<fergtm>In linode manager it says 600:3c00:e000:00bb:: / 64 routed to 2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fe2f:bfd9
20:21<fergtm>* 2600:3c00:e000:00bb:: / 64 routed to 2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fe2f:bfd9
20:21<fergtm>if I remove the additional ip and do ip -6 route again the output is different
20:21<fergtm>it is missing "default dev eth0 proto kernel metric 256 pref medium"
20:23<staticsafe>fergtm: after you got the block routed to your VM, did you reboot it?
20:26<fergtm>the example in linode docs is Address=2001:db8:2000:aff0::3/32 and I added Address=2600:3c00:e000:bb:c300:1001:0:2a/64
20:26<fergtm>I'm guessing the subnet size is /64 and not /32 correct?
20:28-!-reamaze [] has joined #linode
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20:32<reamaze>anyone here able to help with network issues with our linodes? We're getting packet loss and MTRs are looking bad
20:32<reamaze>Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues
20:32<staticsafe>packet loss where
20:33<reamaze>5.|-- 30.0% 10 551.8 541.0 534.7 551.8 5.8 6.|-- 20.0% 10 547.8 542.4 530.3 552.1 6.7 7.|-- 40.0% 10 544.3 542.8 534.8 551.2 6.3
20:33<reamaze>Oops, that didn't format properly
20:33<reamaze>5.|-- 30.0% 10 551.8 541.0 534.7 551.8 5.8
20:33<reamaze>6.|-- 20.0% 10 547.8 542.4 530.3 552.1 6.7
20:34<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
20:34<staticsafe>also yes, my Icinga was alerting for high latency and packet loss to Dallas earlier but now its fine
20:34<reamaze>Just wondering if linode is having issues, although status dot shows everything is okay
20:40-!-reamaze [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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20:50<Peng_>Did anyone file a ticket
20:50-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:15<@jleal>The paste 404's
21:16<@jleal>full timeouts on that ip
21:35<ndnihil>wonder if it's in dallas
21:35<ndnihil>that's where I was seeing loss
21:37<ndnihil>yeah is the same spot I was getting loss
21:37<ndnihil>~15% over one that has been running for 6600 or so packets
21:38<ndnihil>currently clean
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