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01:06<Rainbow>warewolf, where are you at?
01:07<Rainbow>> shitlist the site at work
01:07<Rainbow>WHUDDUP LINODE
01:07<Rainbow>HOW IT DO?
01:09<millisa>it is far too hot
01:09<Rainbow>I know right?
01:10<millisa>did you see this?
01:10<Rainbow>I see a link
01:14<millisa>(100F today, 102F tue-wed, 104/105F fri-tue)
01:15<Rainbow>it was 101 in texas near me
01:15<millisa>i've been here for a couple decades and I dont remember a week this brutal.
01:15<trippeh>lol week.
01:17<Eugene>It be like it is cuz it do
01:17<Eugene>Or, hi, how are you?
01:18<trippeh>everything is on fire. quite literally
01:18<Eugene>Have you tried turning it off and back on again
01:19<millisa>I only know how to do the first part.
01:19<trippeh>I'm not sure how to turn the forests off and on again
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02:38<wraeth>ironically, i think that's what fire does to forests
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06:31<tafa2>hi guys, what is your favourite self hosted git env with a web based front-end? I'm looking at gitlab, gitprep, cogs and Gitea.
06:38<@smccabe>I haven't personally used any, but I have heard great things about gitlab.
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06:42<Ajay>ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused
06:42<Ajay>i am facing this issue for connecting my server
06:43<@bmartin>Where are you located? We are seeing a lot of issues with the GFW and SSH connections
06:43<Ajay>My Server is in fremont
06:43<@bmartin>Where are you trying to connect from though?
06:43<Ajay>from India
06:44<@bmartin>I would advise opening a ticket with support
06:44<@bmartin>and we can take a look further
06:44<Ajay>ok Sure.. Thanks
06:44<@smccabe>Hey Ajay,
06:44<@smccabe>port 22 isn't open on your server, just ran a quick test
06:44<Ajay>hi smccable
06:45<@smccabe>might want to connect via lish, then open it
06:46<@smccabe>If you have anything further, I would open a support ticket like bmartin said
06:46<@bmartin>Please keep in mind that as an infrastructure provider, the configuration of your services on our platform is ultimately your responsibility, though we're happy to provide guidance whenever we can.
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08:26<Farrukh>hey anybody there
08:26<Farrukh>i need some help
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08:53<@sjacobs>Abdullah: how is it going? have you found an ansewr for your java/python question?
08:54<Abdullah>NOpe bro
08:54<Abdullah>i am trying to find on quora
08:54<@sjacobs>you can hack in whatever you want. i don't think you're gonna find a definitive answer.
08:54<Abdullah>can you help
08:56<@sjacobs>i can't help. i don't konw what you are trying to do, other than hack with java.
08:56<Abdullah>Hmm i think you are noob???
08:56<@sjacobs>if you have an end-goal, maybe someone can help. or just spin up a linode or virtualbox vm and try.
08:57<Abdullah>you for installing kali
08:57<@bmartin>I don't think insulting the members of the room is going to lead anyone to be more forthcoming with assistance. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? With details we may be able to assist.
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08:58<Abdullah>i am using parrot security os.which os you use
08:59<@sjacobs>debian and void, mostly.
08:59<@bmartin>debian and TempleOS
09:00<@sjacobs>bmartin: lies.
09:00<Abdullah>Hmm...! great sjacobs and bmartin
09:00<Abdullah>where you from both
09:01<@bmartin>New Jersey....what's up?
09:05<Abdullah>any one want Hacking books brother,s
09:05<@bmartin>You are welcome to send them to the office if you're looking to give us gifts. :)
09:05<Abdullah>which type of you want
09:10<@bmartin>I was just messing around. No need. Thank you though!
09:15<Abdullah><h1 stye="color:#333"> Welcome </h1>
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09:55<AlexMax>Okay, so this is odd
09:55<AlexMax>I have three servers that are all built from the same image
09:55<AlexMax>However, one of them is having intermittent trouble connecting to redis
09:55<AlexMax>"send of 53 bytes failed with errno=32 Broken pipe"
09:56<AlexMax>Could connectivity between linodes be problematic?
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10:08<water>I have an invoice setup question for new client, sales line for Linode goes into a strange VM box. ??? anybody have a contact for someone in sales?
10:09<smallclone>"sales line for Linode goes into a strange VM box"
10:09<smallclone>not sure what you mean by that
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10:10<smallclone>oh they have a sales phone number now
10:10<smallclone>that's new
10:10<@bmartin>questions with your invoice would still go through support
10:10<@bmartin>I would advise opening a ticket and attaching a screenshot
10:10<@bmartin>so we can take a look
10:13<water>it's a new customer invoice question not support related (specific to worrking with a university department) ...
10:13<@bmartin>Is it in regards to your Linode invoice?
10:13<@bmartin>What is the question? I can do my best to answer it here
10:14<water>.... I would have thought that a sales line would have a nice message RE call back or something, not "leave message for mailbox 6483625487"
10:14<@bmartin>I will bring that up
10:16<water>I'm trying to find out if Linode can wwork with PO's for a university department, where there may be other departments within same university unconnected to my group. (credit cards are reallyt hard for me - a PO would have me up and running sooner.)
10:16<@bmartin>Ahhhh ok I understand
10:17<@bmartin>I would advise shooting an email to with all the details. Even if it isn't in support's perview we can get it to the appropriate person from there. I'm not certain of an answer to your question right now but can certainly find out
10:18<water>thanks, I filled out a "setup meeting form" w/ my contact. need to move on for now. ( I love Linode BTW - have a great day.)
10:18<@bmartin>thank you!
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11:30<kashike>there goes the neighbourhood
11:30<ericoc>so rude
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11:30<mikegrb>nah, very polite of them to hilight ops
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11:31<Peng_>Oh so that website *is* fake
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11:32<Otshelnik>meh i would not be clicking on anything a spammer is linking
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11:33<@sjacobs>(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
11:34<grawity>"We have detected an issue affecting the physical host your Linode resides on" – description makes me imagine it got seized by FBI or something
11:34-!-k6ka is "monkeh" on #debian
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11:35<k6ka>orblivion relidy duncanm RyanKnack homagetohomer__ newton Roedy JStoker FastLizard4 Duckle bmartin jmic thegodlikehobo pharaun petris tonyyarusso warewolf Conjuro levifig The-spiki jalter staticsafe frail_
11:35<k6ka>tacocat fo0bar wcpan kaare_ jhitesma spoon CornishPasty danstoner Peng_ saintdev_ V-Pariah synfinatic dataforce DrMacinyasha Eliz goose Guest784 MrPPS Eman tdavidson mosh cbirk MartyniP FloodServ Solver Toba
11:35<k6ka>Damian bd_ Ikaros zifnab AlexMax Kuukunen nyancat purrdeta hesperidean1 cps wraeth jetlag asedeno Tulah afx237 MJCS pleia2 grawity technoid_ eatonphil[m] wrf sjk enick_621 arno dcraig dwfreed kwmonroe Kniaz
11:35<k6ka>Cromulent Cruiser k6ka Patches anomie deejoe Otshelnik noah dan64 distantorigin capuk[m] deetwelve smccabe mpontillo fullstop endurant armiller Bdragon Tol1 KyleYankan scorche|sh frailty mariogrip Shentino
11:35<k6ka>MrGeneral tanja84dk arooni_team_b MrRobot7 hphat^ bliblok nate d1b ntox thurin kashike dannyAAM chesty CompWizrd gadams afalcone linbot yepperoni xxh9 atrus Hobbyboy krayon kbtr avelardi devilspgd _Cyclone_
11:35<k6ka>squidly Turl kwatson MillerBoss derek smallclone Zachary_DuBois Peng Attoy gparent_ millisa Edgeman gmcharlt Kassandry tomchen[m] micro copart Hazelesque jfred[m] atian__ jfred thorner Woet nmelehan WhizzWr
11:35-!-k6ka [] has quit [autokilled: This host violated network policy. Mail if you think this in error. (2018-07-17 15:35:24)]
11:36<frailty>You love to see it
11:36<@bmartin>The prodigal son returns
11:36<Peng_>Any of y'all ops in #linode on Freenode
11:37-!-spirit_pact is "fireworks" on #tor #debian
11:37-!-spirit_pact [~spirit_pa@] has joined #linode
11:37<Peng_>Oh good
11:37<@sjacobs>Peng_: i took care of them.
11:37<@sjacobs>thanks. i don't keep much of an eye on that channel.
11:38<frailty>bmartin: I’ve always been here in spirit
11:38<@bmartin>It's just not the same
11:38<frailtyy>I even have two accounts on here lol
11:38<@bmartin>Well obviously.
11:38-!-anomie [] has left #linode [Leaving]
11:39<frailtyy>Gotta watch from all angles
11:39<frailtyy>Like the weird anti Semitic spam?
11:39-!-frosty is "backup" on #debian
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11:39<frosty>mwalling Iguil claude Kamilion klopez jgornick mosh schwa saphirblanc Demo RyanKnack Peng_ wrangbo MJCS Frools levlaz homagetohomer__ TecnoBrat mattmcc Cajs saintdev_ mjevans jleal MajObviousman tmberg millisa sstager Musfuut avelardi cruxeternus derek Eman NiTeMaRe newton Woet Damian Guest784
11:39<frosty>uther eichin KyleYankan StygianBlues asedeno joecool|mobile igufi levifig cheapie hphat^ dwfreed arno krayon armiller afalcone Guest148 computerquip petris stotch skule FluffyFoxeh atrus thorrr nate Jonis webvictim ajmitch_ Kassandry jarryd byte512 Shentino dmcc__ scorche|sh scorche tanja84dk
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11:39<frosty>Zimmedon MrRobot7 md_5 Rudy gadams Alan_ Cruiser devilspgd smallclone Otshelnik mginnetti Edgeman chesty JamesTK frailty frailtyy spirit_pact jhitesma troy Kniaz ntox Cypher100 micro encode therock247uk gko pleia2 cbirk WhizzWr rnowak kenyon tomaw dataforce staticsafe endurant hesperidean1
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11:40-!-frosty is "backup" on #debian
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11:40<kashike>and people wonder why I don't have any notification sounds enabled
11:41<sychyov>its a problem IRC will likely never solve
11:42-!-ptx0 is "sakiir" on #debian
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11:43-!-kikazc [] has joined #linode
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11:43<goose>I once had a bot that if the channel message matched a certain (configurable) percentage of nicks from the channel it would kick the user for nick spamming
11:43<kikazc>Please active my account
11:43<goose>If only I still had the source
11:43<kikazc>I have paid
11:44<@sjacobs>kikazc: if it is being reviewed, you should have an email shortly.
11:44-!-ptx0 [~ptx0@] has quit [Excess Flood]
11:44<kikazc>how long
11:45<@bmartin>Within the next 5 minutes or so. I would check the email you used to sign up.
11:45<kikazc>my username is kikazc
11:45<goose>Although, you would think it would be a pretty easy module to implement in ChanServ
11:45-!-reimuhakurei is "jan_|0ff" on #debian
11:45-!-reimuhakurei [~reimuhaku@] has joined #linode
11:46<kikazc>My payment number is 7578237
11:46<kikazc>Please soon
11:47<@bmartin>Have you checked your email? You should have something
11:55-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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11:56-!-saki [~Thunderbi@] has joined #linode
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11:58<kikazc>I have upload my credit card and photo ID
11:59<kikazc>Please review my order soon
11:59-!-Charlie [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
11:59-!-Charlie is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
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12:01-!-Fernando [] has joined #linode
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12:02<@sjacobs>Fernando: hello.
12:02<Fernando>Please, I need help
12:02-!-Fernando is now known as Guest1331
12:02-!-kikazc_ [] has joined #linode
12:02-!-kikazc_ is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
12:02<@sjacobs>we don't know how to help until you ask what you need help with.
12:02<kikazc_>My order siitll review
12:02<Guest1331>I have trying to install sqlite3 on linode server
12:03<Guest1331>On debian 9
12:03<@sjacobs>kikazc_: did you check your email.
12:03<kikazc_>I have upload my credit card and photo ID
12:03<Guest1331>What mail?
12:03<@sjacobs>Guest1331: i was talking to kikazc_. i'm still following. sqlite3 on debian. got it.
12:03<Guest1331>And I coun´t install sqlite3 on denian 9
12:03<@sjacobs>why not?
12:03<Guest1331>It seems there is a bug
12:04<kikazc_>My payment number is 7578237
12:04<Guest1331>Please how can I install sqlite3 and php conected on debian 9
12:04<kikazc_>Still on review
12:04<kikazc_>For one hour
12:04<@sjacobs>kikazc_: please be patient. it will be attended to shortly.
12:04<kikazc_>And I have trying to install sqlite3 on linode server
12:04<kikazc_>I have trying to install sqlite3 on linode server
12:04<kikazc_>I have upload my credit card and photo ID
12:05<kikazc_>I have upload my credit card and photo ID
12:05<@sjacobs>Guest1331: you should just need `sudo apt update && sudo apt install sqlite3`
12:05<Guest1331>The conecction with php is the problem
12:06<Guest1331>sqlite3 installs fine, but phpinfo doen´t show sqlite status
12:07<kikazc_>My order siitll review
12:07<kikazc_>My order siitll review
12:07<Cromulent>Guest1331: install php-sqlite3
12:08<Cromulent>sudo apt-get install php-sqlite3
12:08-!-kikazc__ [] has joined #linode
12:08-!-kikazc__ is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
12:08<kikazc__>My order still on review
12:09<kikazc__>I've pai for one hour
12:09<Cromulent>kikazc__: one of the ops said they'd get to you soon
12:11<kikazc__>For amost one hour
12:11<kikazc__>And upload credit card phote and photo id
12:11<Cromulent>you'll just have to wait for a bit
12:15<kikazc__>can't login?
12:16-!-Guest1331 [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
12:17-!-kikazc___ [] has joined #linode
12:17-!-kikazc___ is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
12:17<kikazc___>my account cancelled?
12:17<kikazc___>I can't login
12:17<reimuhakurei>Peng_ Patches Zimsky grawity deetwelve KyleYankan yepperoni squidly cooldude orblivion TecnoBrat hphat^ staticsafe tomaw devilspgd kikazc__ Rainbow SleePy MrPPS Guest657 ericnoan thurin duncanm wcpan Spydar007
12:17<reimuhakurei>jackley Strykar kbtr Louis6321 csnxs reimuhakurei pnt||grm MaZ- homagetohomer__ capuk[m] md_5 tdavidson Kassandry ckuehl eagle buzzly krayon afalcone SirSquidness bmartin igufi Circlefusion jhill Guest784
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12:17<reimuhakurei>V-Pariah pleia2 jdlspeedy cheapie wrf gko Steve^ internat Jonis branko djweezy MJCS Bdragon klopez Otshelnik tacocat Ikaros purrdeta MillerBoss saki kyhwana mjevans Damian Cajs raj Dianoga arno derek noah jgornick
12:17<reimuhakurei>phlux Zimmedon danstoner FastLizard4 brian- eichin xxh9 fullstop asedeno ericoc wraeth Turl d1b sstager jhaas Zachary_DuBois Toba jmsx trippeh MajObviousman Adam- Woet vsync jmic byte512 Frools armiller nb marques
12:17<reimuhakurei>Demo Attoy warewolf gmcharlt DrJ mginnetti afx237 gparent_ logan- Ryon dan64 VladGh_ Guest655 FluffyFoxeh NiTeMaRe Peng StygianBlues dzho dwfreed water kikazc RyanKnack mpr newton erik bliblok nix-7 encode troy
12:17<reimuhakurei>Eugene TonyL nmelehan Kniaz kaare_ deejoe Kamilion jfred juice fifr scorche el jhitesma hawk kwmonroe MrRobot7 pharaun endurant smccabe mikegrb computerquip thorrr mteufel Cypher100 Conjuro joecool|mobile
12:17<reimuhakurei>Rudy waltman Cruiser Hobbyboy jticket mpontillo shortdudey123 ttaylor hesperidean1 coderphive rsdehart Hazelesque bd_ aorme tanja84dk scorche|sh bbigger jleal eyepulp mcintosh[m] millisa avelardi saphirblanc
12:17<reimuhakurei>fo0bar arooni_team_b dannyAAM sjacobs G Nightmare relidy kb NomadJim cps _Cyclone_ Nebraskka gadams claude sychyov tarq jr_net kikazc___ kwatson spoon WhizzWr jetlag Tulah mwalling kenyon synfinatic react frailty
12:17<reimuhakurei>tmberg compuguy Musfuut ntox intheclouddan[m] liam nyancat glamb DennyFuchs[m] frailtyy dcraig skule Ttech Schroeder Duckle mcintosh dataforce karstensrage ChasedSpade FloodServ hays saintdev_ emag lbft therock247uk
12:17<reimuhakurei>thorner Kuukunen MrGeneral AlexMax tafa2 thegodlikehobo Guest148 voker57 Karrde TheFirst schwa MartyniP brians sjk wrangbo eNbass ponas stotch mattmcc eatonphil[m] Eman Edgeman Cromulent goose Alan_ jarryd micro
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12:19<reimuhakurei>Steve^ Ttech RyanKnack reimuhakurei raj buzzly sjk liam tanja84dk Guest639 mteufel atian__ saintdev_ jmnk mjevans kyhwana Patches cruxeternus eatonphil[m] Ryon Duckle Toba VladGh_ pharaun StygianBlues
12:19<reimuhakurei>sjacobs internat fifr pnt||grm ckuehl frailtyy NiTeMaRe Karrde SleePy dannyAAM kashike sychyov Peng_ ericoc Cromulent wraeth tonyyarusso MrPPS tacocat scrane rnowak nate relidy duncanm dmonschein WhizzWr mpr JamesTK
12:19<reimuhakurei>SirSquidness TecnoBrat dmcc__ deejoe MJCS sstager kikazc__ nb compuguy Solver Jonis troy waltman emag squidly stotch TheFirst GTAXL millisa igufi gmcharlt gko mosh jfred[m] mcintosh pleia2 CompWizrd kb mikegrb
12:19<reimuhakurei>tdavidson jhitesma water lbft spoon mwalling Rudy tomaw csnxs chesty atrus kikazc___ jticket brian- kenyon el zifnab Edgeman wcpan Kassandry tmberg mcintosh[m] computerquip kbtr jdlspeedy react KyleYankan
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12:19<reimuhakurei>Attoy encode newton Roedy thurin Cajs nyancat Damian Guest655 grawity JStoker vsync bd_ brians ttaylor Hazelesque eNbass levifig cooldude JoshuaACasey retro|blah arno ChrisMorrisOrg aorme bmartin avelardi
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12:19<reimuhakurei>intheclouddan[m] TonyL Turl d1b nmelehan uther arooni_team_b Spydar007 Guest148 mattmcc frailty The-spiki thegodlikehobo Louis6321 tarq jmsx scorche|sh orblivion distantorigin Alan_ jhill karstensrage
12:19<reimuhakurei>deathspawn G jetlag deetwelve Rainbow Eliz ntox jhaas saphirblanc Hobbyboy Guest657 kikazc_ trippeh
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12:19-!-mode/#linode [+b *!~reimuhaku@] by smccabe
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12:19<CornishPasty>I wish these bots would digitalocean off
12:20<zifnab>I blame mcintosh
12:21-!-kikazc___ [] has quit []
12:21-!-kikazc__ [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
12:21-!-kikazc___ [] has joined #linode
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12:21-!-kikazc [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
12:21<kikazc___>what's wrong with my accout
12:22<kikazc___>what's wrong with my account
12:22<@smccabe>Hey kikazc___, for any account related questions, you should mail, we cannot communitcate about account details in the IRC
12:36<gparent_>what about channel ddos, who should reimuhakurei contact??
12:36<kikazc___>If you think my account has some problem would you refund, but I'did't receive any message
12:37<kikazc___>You charge my credit card but cancel my account
12:38<@bmartin>In scenarios where an account is canceled or more info is requested the deposit is refunded
12:38<@bmartin>That arrives in the customers bank account within 3-5 business days.
12:40-!-_404`d [] has joined #linode
12:40-!-_404`d is "YOU'LL NEVER KNOW" on #linode
12:49-!-kikazc___ [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
13:01-!-arby [] has joined #linode
13:01-!-arby is "arby" on #linode
13:09<arby>I use letsencrypt certs for my Linode servers. Up til now, been using tls-sni challenge method; no issues.
13:09<arby>Apparently, it's been discontinued. Cuz of that, and to get at wildcard certs, I'm switching to dns-01 challenges.
13:10<arby>Easy enough with nsupdates to my hidden primary DNS. The 'gotcha' is that I'm setup with Linode's DNS as my public secondary NS. So local updates get to Linode's ns{1,2,3,4} via notify, and then propagate out to the net.
13:10<arby>That notify+propagate takes an somewhat arbitrary, non-immediate, amount of time; which, of course, slows down my letsencrypt update process -- waiting for that time, and propagation, to pass so LE can 'get happy', and see the auth TXT RR.
13:10<arby>Other than exposing my primary to the net as authoritative -- so my my changes, with short TTLs, would be immediately available -- any clever ideas for speeding this process up, while still using Linode's DNS?
13:10<arby>Bettin' *somebody" here's got this figured out and humming along ...
13:15<grawity>nothing at all propagates "out to the net"
13:15-!-water [~oftc-webi@2607:f470:22:3:7478:489:e23f:4759] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
13:15<grawity>the net caches the answers it got to recent queries
13:16<Peng_>(Let's Encrypt's resolvers don't cache much)
13:16<grawity>yes, I thought, Let's Encrypt deliberately queries your authoritative servers (ns* directly to bypass that
13:16<chesty>maybe linodes dns servers cache?
13:17<Peng_>They do, somewhat
13:18<grawity>when you use Linode as secondaries?
13:18<grawity>well, they're authoritative servers
13:18<Peng_>Yeah. Cloudflare DNS Firewall is a caching reverse proxy for DNS.
13:18<relidy>I've been using the same process you've described (hidden master behind Linode DNS) with LE just fine. I baked a 10 second delay in to give the Linode servers a chance to pull the update.
13:19<grawity>wait, Cloudflare was not mentioned
13:19<arby>relidy: just 10 seconds? Hmm .... I'm seeing many minutes. As much as 15-20. I smell pebkac ...
13:19<Peng_> use it
13:20<relidy>arby: That sounds like you're using the Linode servers in master mode, not slave, which rereading above may be the case.
13:20<arby>well, many minutes for letsencrypt to 'see' the TXT records ...
13:20<Peng_>Or notifies aren't being sent
13:20<arby>relidy: nope, definitely slaves to my primary
13:20-!-CodeMouse92 [] has joined #linode
13:20-!-CodeMouse92 is "Jason C. McDonald" on #packaging #linode #c++
13:20<arby>Peng_: should be. triple-checking now ...
13:23<arby>Peng_: Having misinformed, looks like likely me. As usual, sigh. My primary notifies my secondary on one of my linodes. THAT notify is happening immediately. But the updated secondary isn't immediately notifying Linode's slaves after the secondary's update.
13:24<arby>... grumble ...
13:24<relidy>Knowing the problem is most of the battle.
13:24<arby>well, USUALLY pebkac, no?
13:25<relidy>Here, at least :)
13:26<arby>now just have to figure out why the just-recently-notified-&-transfered NSD4 doesn't immediately turn around and notify Linode's NS ...
13:28<grawity>maybe it doesn't support multiple levels of hierarchy
13:28-!-yepperoni [~yepperoni@2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fec8:3bef] has quit [Quit: Bye?]
13:29<grawity>the simplest notify-loop-avoidance method
13:29<arby>grawity: maybe .. technically it says "Usually NSD sends NOTIFY messages right away when a master zone serial is updated." The NSD4 zones *are* 'master' to the Linode NSs, but are slaves to my primary. Hmm ... wonder ....
13:30<grawity>topologically yes
13:30<grawity>but as far as configuration goes, I think only the latter ia considered by nsd
13:31<grawity>I'm not familiar with it, I just run bind9
13:31-!-dorothy [] has joined #linode
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13:32<grawity>if it has an explicit zone type setting, it probably just uses that -- but it might be implicit too ("I'm configured to axfr from, therefore it's a replica zone, not a master zone")
13:33<arby>My primary's bind9. nsd4's just generally lighterweight ... Tho, nsd config *does* have notify of Linode NSs configured, and enabled, in theory ...
13:33<arby>Clearly need to poke at this a bit.
13:34<grawity>does it have an explicit "notify these servers" list?
13:34-!-Zimmedon [~zimmedon@2001:19f0:5c00:9042:225:90ff:fee8:1270] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:34<grawity>well *that* shouldn't depend on zone type, at least I wouldn't expect it to...
13:37<Peng_>I *think* I had NSD 3 configured to notify recursively, back when I used it. But perhaps I wouldn't have noticed if it didn't work.
13:38<arby>Peng_: Clearly *I* haven't noticed ... as I've not been using 'time sensitive' dns-01 challenges. At some arbitrary point, the Linode NSs *do* get my changes ...
13:39<Peng_>You might have the refresh time set pretty low
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13:44<arby>Peng_: Hm. Point ... zone's refresh is set to 2H. So, iiuc, if *less* than that has passed, linode's NS will ignore any notifies?
13:46<Peng_>No, notifies are separate
13:46<Peng_>Refreshes happen automatically if you never send notifies.
13:46<arby>sh , that's the "eventually" ...
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14:26<aposmontier>hey! i assume this isn't considered an official support channel or anything, but does anybody know if there's any snapshotting capability with the block storage?
14:27-!-yepperoni [] has quit [Quit: Bye?]
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14:28<devilspgd>aposmontier: There is nothing provided by Linode (or if there is, I missed it and would love to know about it).
14:29<aposmontier>devilspgd: thanks! i guess the best option would be to put a filesystem with that capability on it or something!
14:33<devilspgd>Depending on your needs, yeah.
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14:52<linbot>New news from community: Create multiple Linodes in parallel with Linode CLI? <>
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14:56<arby>grawity: Peng fyi, if interested at all -- pebkac, but not immediately obvious. specifying 'outgoing-interface' for notify targets in nsd4 you'd *think* would be a smart thing. but, nooooo ... that's bee preventing the notify from my 2ndary to Linode slave/tertiary NS. Remove that spec, let it aut-determine the correct intfc per routing, and voila! nsupdate-triggered updates are seen by LE in mere seconds now.
14:56<arby>miller time.
15:01<Peng_>That doesn't make sense but that's great it's fixed :D
15:02<arby>It's been 'working' this way for years. Yikes, tbh.
15:03<arby>( obviously need to re-tighten all the strings 'tween my tin cans ... )
15:15<cbirk>Zimsky's status: [√] rekt [ ] not rekt
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16:21<frailtyy>Are we still getting bombed with anti-Jew blog posts? That was weird...
16:21*Peng_ points further up frailtyy's screen
16:22<frailtyy>My buffer doesn't replay when I reconnect.
16:23<frailtyy>but thx for the kind offer, my friend.
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17:39<@mcintosh>!to zifnab urmom
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