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01:37<swaglok>i am facing a problem with my server
01:37<millisa>Are you?
01:38<swaglok>yeah i do
01:38<millisa>looks like it doesn't have dns
01:38<swaglok>is the site url and its not loading even though the linode is running
01:39<swaglok>how to fix that
01:39<swaglok>i changed the nameservers yesterday
01:39<millisa>did you setup dns in your linode account for the zone?
01:40<swaglok>please guide how to do that
01:41<millisa>that link does guide you how
01:41<Peng_>that link is a guide
01:41<swaglok>okie thank you....
01:50<swaglok>Still not working, even after I added the dns
01:52<millisa>if you added the zone and added the appropriate A record for the www address, give it a few minutes. Linode dns publishes every quarter hour
01:54<swaglok>Should the A records of linode match with the A records of the domain?
01:55<millisa>your www A record would point to your linode that you are hosting that website on. You probably also have an A record for the domain pointed there too (assuming you want to also work)
01:56<millisa>you might find educational
01:58<swaglok>How much time will the propagation take?
02:01<millisa>Linode publishes their zones to their ns1-5 systems about every quarter hour
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02:07<Peng_>They made a zone but not a zone
02:07<Peng_>And they left :(
02:08<millisa>this is sad.
02:08<millisa>there's even a video
02:09<Woet>idiots being idiots
02:12*Nightmare shrugs
02:13<Nightmare>At some point all of us were at a point where we didn't have the knowledge of how DNS works
02:14<Peng_>If only we could return to that idyllic time
02:15<millisa>Because the first battlestar galactica was still on tv?
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04:32<kznahooa>why delete my account ? My credit card has been spent 20$...
04:32<millisa>(this is a community chat, we won't have any clue about your account) - why do you think your account was deleted?
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04:45<rsdehart>nice work, millisa
04:46<millisa>i'm considering it a win
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04:52<linbot>New news from community: starting a service in Ubuntu 16.04: <>
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04:55<millisa>drive by italics
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05:19<pinpoint>_Cyclone_ deejoe therock247uk
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06:29<liste>Damian bliblok intheclouddan[m] hawk eagle
06:29<Guest1493>Fuck this
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06:30<liste>technoid_ RonG_ Attoy AnMaster scrane distantorigin MJCS byte512 kyhwana scorche|sh Strykar dataforce brian- mikegrb d1b Kuukunen Karrde Tulah G eatonphil[m] cooldude Iguil Hazelesque FloodServ gparent vsync aorme tanja84dk jhill v0lksman ericnoan
06:30<liste>DennyFuchs[m] armiller Schroede1 mwalling Peng_ arno mosh rsdehart hesperidean1 chesty tafa2 tacocat jgornick ChrisMorrisOrg Guest784 stotch staticsafe Adam- mjevans_ wraeth kwatson frail_ spoon Woet chiyosaki deathspawn kbtr medicalwei Louis6321
06:30<liste>MrRobot7 arooni_team_b TheFirst ajmitch_ intheclouddan[m] Nebraskka voker57 MaZ- Solver Dianoga deejoe tomchen[m] Zimsky afx237 Rainbow fo0bar_ zifnab Guest1583 Pulp nb Tol1 nate rnowak glamb Guest1517 mattmcc relidy Toba ckuehl ChasedSpade
06:30<liste>lbft levifig RyanKnack_ purrdeta phlux AlexMax squidly gko skule _404`d MrPPS tmberg MrGeneral karstensrage gmcharlt eNbass bd_ petris_ Duckle_ TonyL mpontillo mrtux Shentino x34x mteufel DanielNM Rudy DrJ The-spiki SleePy capuk[m] jhaas endurant
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06:58<copart>omg.... why so much spam on oftc lately
07:00-!-dmcc__ [] has left #linode []
07:00<copart>and it appears its a botnet of sorts
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07:36<goose`>114 PM's
07:37<goose`>The channel spam is one thing, but this is a bit much. Sorry #Linode. Good luck with that person.
07:37-!-goose` [~goose@2600:3c02::f03c:91ff:fe67:5b1f] has left #linode [WeeChat 2.0.1]
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07:48<hays_>weird. i think i know a kloeri
07:50<Peng_>(this isn't the real kloeri)
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08:56<Nightmare>is everyone forgetting umode +g is a thing
09:06-!-dataforce [] has left #linode [Using DMDirc]
09:25<chesty>Nightmare, does that stop new PMs?
09:25<chesty>My irc client has an option to disable new PMs, I turned the on after the 4th PM
09:34<Nightmare>[08:55:20] * umode : +g - "caller id" mode: only allow /accept clients to message you
09:38-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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09:43<linbot>New news from community: Can't install kernel because it asks for grub, can't install grub because it asks for kernel <>
09:44-!-technoid_ [] has joined #linode
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10:01<hays_>wow if you google kloeri you get some disturbing stuff
10:17<@mcintosh>fwiw, the spam is impacting more than just this channel
10:18<smccabe_>People in #debian are talking about spam there too..
10:27<copart>oftc got backed in June... I am thinking it may be related... since it appears they are using registered accounts to do the spamming
10:43<@mcintosh>copart: assuming you mean "hacked", no, that did not happen
10:50<warewolf>hays_: it's a disinformation campaign
10:51<hays_>warewolf: yeah... seems as if someone really has it out for him.
10:51<warewolf>yarp. Welcome to the internet.
10:55<warewolf>"IRC invesgigative journalists"
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11:05<Willy_>I have a question
11:06<Willy_>Are the coupons on legit ?
11:07<Zimsky>only allah knows
11:07<Willy_>is this a troll linode chat
11:07<Zimsky>try them and see I guess
11:07<Zimsky>this is a community channel
11:07<Willy_>Alright nevermind, I'll reach out to linode directly
11:08-!-Willy_ [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
11:08<hays_>i think there are some support team members in here sometimes
11:09-!-simplydrew [] has quit []
11:09<Zimsky>well yeah, but one wouldn't want to get another's hopes up
11:12-!-simplydrew [] has joined #linode
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11:20<copart>@mcintosh: News, OFTC staff became aware of successful unauthorized access to a number of OFTC user accounts
11:21-!-Discovery [~Discovery@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:23<@mcintosh>you left off the second part of that paragraph:
11:23<@mcintosh>> All evidence points to the unauthorized access being the result of a combination of weak account passwords and an attacker potentially using credential dumps from other online services.
11:23-!-tinkerwolf [~tinkerwol@2605:6000:6704:5900:5c7d:9254:150a:90ea] has joined #linode
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11:47<Ikaros>Well that's a hell of a thing to see when I get back on IRC.
11:52<Nightmare>mcintosh: Are you single?
11:53<Toba>FreeNode had a ton of spam on hits this morning
11:53<Zimsky>we don't talk about that here
11:54<Toba>hey, just seemed semi-related since OTFC had some hacking go on (or just credential re-use I guess)
11:54<Toba>or are we not talking about who's single and who isn't
11:57<Toba>someone's sensitive
12:00<Zimsky>went to the dentist this morning :\
12:11<nate>strange thought I had +j on by default here
12:14<Ikaros>As did I. Huh.
12:14<Ikaros>Thank goodness for /close -m though
12:15<Ikaros>I should see if I can script that or something. x number of private message windows open with the same content = auto /close -m
12:16<Ikaros>Would require turning myself into a guinea pig to spammers though.
12:23-!-Sriram [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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12:26<Sriram>Hello, what's your policy towards indian customers?
12:26<Zimsky>same as the policy towards tajikistani customers
12:26<Zimsky>or german customers
12:27<Sriram>nice to know, I registered and linked a payment, then I can't login or reset my password
12:29-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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12:32<Sriram>I didn't pay to close my account
12:32<millisa>did you get anything in your email about it?
12:33-!-RonG_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:33-!-RonG [] has joined #linode
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12:34<Sriram>last mail I received was with Subject: You've agreed to our policies
12:34<Sriram>and a payment receipt mail
12:35<millisa>is this a brand new account? sometimes there's an extra validation step
12:36<Sriram>yes it is
12:36<smccabe_>Hey Sriram, there could be a few things for this. If possible, could you email our support team at ? We can try and troubleshoot why you cant log in further.
12:37<Sriram>ok, thank you
12:38<smccabe_>No problem!
12:39-!-Sriram [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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15:11<atrus>Ikaros: probably easy to do something about similarity value between those multiple private messages.
15:44<zifnab>!lick Eugene
15:44<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (68) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 26)
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19:35<Woet>Zimsky: do you like my new watch?
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22:05<Breno>Linode Newark, NJ, USA off again?
22:14<millisa>you'd be the first to mention it
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22:26*Ikaros glances at his Newark node
22:27<Ikaros>Mmm. Nothing wrong there.
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23:35<Cromulent>if you were setting up a website that was designed for a global audience would you use the English spelling or the American spelling?
23:36<millisa>probably the US spellings. except for maybe the word grey
23:36<millisa>And affect/effect. I'd use the wrong spelling.
23:37<millisa>(I base this completely on which set of users I think is most likely to generate a ticket trying to correct the spelling if I don't do it their way..)
23:38<Peng_>How about Canadian spelling? :D Nobody likes Americans or Brits. :D
23:41<Peng_>From a website operator perspective, heck if I know.
23:42<Cromulent>I guess I'll go with anonymize then rather than anonymise
23:42<Peng_>From a website visitor perspective, I prefer if people write honestly, I guess. An entirely Dutch organization or something faking American spelling seems kind of manipulative.
23:43<Cromulent>good point although the number of times I've been told by Americans I'm spelling things wrong kinda makes me think Americans are not aware of the differences and that it might confuse them
23:43<Peng_>Heh :(
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