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01:21<lucas_>hello guys!
01:22<lucas_>I am trying to open the port 3306 for mysql remote connection on linode server but i've tried a lot of tutorials and change in configurations in mysql.conf file but the remote connection still unavailable
01:22<lucas_>Anyone can help me?
01:23<kwatson>1) Check if MySQL is listening on (i believe default is, 2) Check if you have iptables/ufw/firewalld blocking port 3306 and open if necessary, and finally 3) Check that the mysql user you're using is configured for the host you're connecting from.
01:25<lucas_>I've tried all the binding address in mysql.conf file including my ipv4,,, comment the line. I also granted all privileges for the user in current ip address and added the rule in ufw firewall and ip tables and remote connection still not working
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01:26<lucas_>1 - i tried to change the mysql.conf binding address to , my ip address , comment the line
01:26<kwatson>when you granted all privileges, did you sent it for your ip and/or '%' ? i believe by default MySQL will only allow connections from localhost/
01:27<kwatson>do you have netstat installed? you can do netstat -tlnp to verify mysql is bound to
01:27<lucas_>i grant the privileges from %.%
01:27<lucas_>and latter i grant privileges from my specific ip address
01:27<lucas_>I dont know if this is relevant, but I also can not connect from TELNET in port 3306 in my server
01:28<kwatson>What's the error you get when you try to connect using mysql client from your local machine, to your linode over 3306? Does it make the connection, but error saying something related to invalid credentials? Or does it simply fail to connect completely?
01:28<lucas_>i am pulling my hair, because i spent a few hours trying a lot of tutorials including changing mysql config file and granting privileges, adding rules on firewall/ip tables for port 3306
01:29<lucas_>Nah, its just fail connection because server is not responding. Mysql workbench stuck and still loading for a long time before give result
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01:29<kwatson>Then it's probably firewall related, or mysql isn't really bound to Did you restart mysql after making the bind change?
01:29<lucas_>Maybe I should contact linode support for see if they have any kind of blocking
01:30<lucas_>yes, I run the command for restart server after every single change and tested it again
01:30<kwatson>Nah, linode isn't block that. You can of course open a ticket and ask but most likely it's something on the server
01:30<lucas_>Ye, I agree!
01:31<kwatson>Firewall, Bind, and enabling host access to the particular host is all i got. That should do it
01:31<kwatson>Sorry =\
01:31<lucas_>I really don't know what else I can do, actually I need urgently to enable access to mysql on my DEV server because I need to run some tests and its impossible to go over database, see specific statics and data using terminal
01:31<lucas_>Anyway, thank you for support!
01:31<kwatson>You could setup an SSH tunnel to bypass any external filtering going on
01:32<kwatson>ssh root@<server-ip> -L 3306:localhost:3306
01:32<kwatson>that will then make mysql available on localhost:3306
01:32<lucas_>I tryed
01:32<millisa>do you have to open mysql externally?
01:32<lucas_>Also timeout and error on ssh tunnel
01:33<kwatson>timeout and error on ssh tunnel?? sounds firewall related..
01:33<millisa>mysql workbench supports ssh tunnels
01:33<kwatson>so you can't ssh into the server either?
01:34<millisa>from the shell on the linode, can you connect to my using or the linode's public IP?
01:34<lucas_>I am running a lot of database changes, including index, table structure, table partition, and its almost impossible do that trought a terminal
01:34<lucas_>I can access my server using ssh
01:34<kwatson>So this should work then: ssh root@<server-ip> -L 3306:localhost:3306
01:34<kwatson>and configure mysql workbench to connect locally over 3306
01:35<kwatson>or as mellisa said, if workbench supports tunnel configure it to connect over ssh
01:35<millisa>(it does -
01:36<millisa>frmo the shell though, can you connect to mysql using the linode's public IP?
01:36<millisa>and if not, what is the output of 'netstat -tulpn' - throw it in a pastebin
01:36<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
01:37<lucas_>tcp 0 0 {IP_LOCAL_SERVER}:3306* LISTEN
01:38<lucas_>the ssh tunnel is conntected, but when I try to access my sql by workbench
01:38<lucas_>it give the following error::
01:39<lucas_>Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 0
01:39<millisa>are you setting a bind-address in your mysql config?
01:39<millisa>what are you setting it to?
01:40<lucas_>the public ip of linode server
01:40<millisa>comment it out and reload mysql
01:40<millisa>or restart it
01:40<millisa>it should then listen on all interfaces (will show in the netstat)
01:41<kwatson>ah yeah, if you set it to the public ip, then it's probably not available on localhost
01:41<kwatson>i usually just set those to either (all ips) or
01:44<lucas_>I feeling that tunnel is going to work now
01:45<millisa>not opening the port in the firewall is better for you
01:45<lucas_>I give up about directly remote access because I really tried everything including changing binding address, restarting and granting privileges, also iptables/firewall settings
01:45<lucas_>ye, i know
01:45<lucas_>I would like Linode have a option of security groups like amazon for example
01:45<millisa>your reference for the bind address setting: (it's pretty much the same for any recent version)
01:45<lucas_>That I can log on my dashboard and enable remote access only for my specific ip address wherever I need to remote access
01:46<lucas_>Also I am enabling remote access only for de dev server
01:46<kwatson>I'll take the linode price point over aws-style vpc's any day :)
01:46<millisa>if you still want to do that, we'd probably start looking at your firewall next.
01:46<millisa>would want to see non-redacted iptables-save output in a pastebin
01:47<lucas_>yes, i agree with both you!
01:47<lucas_>So, finally tunnel worked
01:47<millisa>so . .did it work over the tunnel?
01:48<lucas_>I really feeling stupid with this , because its really not complicated for I spend a lot of time trying solve this
01:48<lucas_>Thank you so much guys!
01:48<millisa>sure thing
01:48<millisa>!point kwatson
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01:48<kwatson>thanks :) not sure what those are for though.. hehe
01:48<lucas_>!point kwatson
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01:49<millisa>I'm saving up for the walkman
01:49<lucas_>!point millisa
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01:49<kwatson>!point mellisa
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01:49<lucas_>Cheers guys!
01:50<millisa>later. and I think the ambien is far enough along for me too
01:50<kwatson>wait, when i give points does that deduct from my point count?
01:51<millisa>er, no. the only value they have is what one ascribes to them... some folks play it golf style
01:51<kwatson>haha ok.
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02:36<swaglok>i am having a problem with my website
02:36<swaglok>The site is swagok,in
02:36<Peng_>What problems?
02:37<swaglok>the site is not loading without www
02:38<Peng_>Yes. In the Linode DNS manager, you need to rename the zone from "" to "".
02:38<swaglok>I mean "" is not working whereas "" is working
02:38<swaglok>If i rename will it work in too?
02:39<swaglok>olright thank you
02:39<linbot>Peng_: 2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fecb:355e,
02:39<Peng_>Yes. You currently have a "www" record, so everything should keep working if you rename the zone without making other changes.
02:40<swaglok>so i should change the zone file to
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06:56<narn>sorry got caught up
06:56<narn>how are you doing?
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08:18<RStephens>Good day.
08:19<RStephens>Last week, Linode had a problem with its Newark center. I've been looking for a nodebalancer solution in case it goes down again.
08:20<RStephens>I'm unable to find a solution where I can use a nodebalancer through different locations. So far I can only find an offer to use nodebalancers within the same data center.
08:21<RStephens>Anything like that exist? Such as, using a system from the Atlanta center to take up the slack in case a system in Newark goes down.
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08:40<warewolf>RStephens: that sounds more like DNS round-robin, or anycast DNS which directs a client to a local pop
08:41<warewolf>which is a lot more complicated than most people desire
08:41<RStephens>Does Linode offer something like that?
08:41<warewolf>not sure? I don't think so?
08:41<warewolf>or wait, cloudflare might do that kind of load balancing
08:41<warewolf>that's stupid cheap
08:42<RStephens>I looked there but didn't find anything that looked like what I was looking for. May have to check again.
08:42<RStephens>Thanks for the advice!
08:42<warewolf>basically: cloudflare is a reverse proxy that sits infront of your webservers, and does caching. It can fall back to alternate sites (e.g. different data centers) if you tell it to
08:42<warewolf>which would make it possible for you to take one "site" down for maintenance
08:43<RStephens>Good to know. I'll do some more digging on their website.
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09:28<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues -, Linode Manager and Linode API <>
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09:46<linbot>New news from community: Can't install kernel because it asks for grub, can't install grub because it asks for kernel <> || starting a service in Ubuntu 16.04: <>
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11:28<naughtshoor>is IPv6 available, I did not see if it was or not listed.
11:29<@scrane>Each Linode is assigned a global and link-local IPv6 address.
11:30<@scrane>If you click on your Linode's "Remote Access" tab you can see the address listed there.
11:30<grawity>I think naughtshoor is talking about the pricing plans page
11:30<naughtshoor>I haven't deployd yet, just making sure there is a public IPv6 address proir to purchase.
11:31<grawity>you'll get a single address by default, up to /56 on request
11:31<naughtshoor>cool, I only need one ipv6...thanks....
11:32<@scrane>No problem!
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12:18<Francis>Hi, I need some help on Linode Hosting.
12:18<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:19<Francis>I need to know, Nanode 1GB Linode, does it comes with some Public IP?
12:19<millisa>all linodes come with a public IP
12:20<Francis>ok, so that is unique to that linode?
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12:20<Francis>Thanks Millisa.
12:20<Francis>Next is, is there any APIs that a user can create his servers as when needed?
12:21<Francis>or it needed to be done manually.
12:21<millisa>The new one is documented here -
12:21<millisa>The old one is here -
12:21<Francis>Ok, great ... !!! I found one in that to create instance. I will read in detail later on.
12:22<Francis>Next and final question, is there any limits on number of instances user can have?
12:23<millisa>Not a documented one. They probably have something that stops you from spinning up 50 nodes in the first minute you are signed up, but it's a threshold they probably would change if you put in a ticket.
12:23<Francis>:-) not in first minute.
12:23<Francis>It will grow gradually.
12:24<Francis>I have a client, whoes project will grow with time and he will need 5-10K instances for his clients. One for each client. This is a package he wants to sell. So wil it be possible. it might take few months to reach to this size. Initially it might be only 5-10
12:24<millisa>You might want to put in a ticket with Linode then just to be sure they'd be able to accomodate that.
12:25<Francis>Ok, i can do that.
12:25<Francis>Sure, Thanks lot
12:25<Francis>Thanks Lot Millisa,
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12:37<naughtshoor>is port 53 blocked by default?
12:37<millisa>your linode's os might block it though
12:37<naughtshoor>where is that config item?
12:39<millisa>which firewall are you using?
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12:39<naughtshoor>in the OS should...none....I start bind, and nmap shows 3001 is open (bind is config'd to listen on 53 && 3001)
12:42<naughtshoor>there is somethinhg that is blocking 53, and I don't see anything in linode dashboard for port settings
12:43<millisa>there wouldn't be something in the dashboard for it. they dont do filtering
12:43<@scrane>naughtshoor We wouldn't block any ports on the Linode. If you run netstat -plunt on the Linode do you see anything listening on port 53?
12:44<millisa>When you use netstat/ss
12:44<millisa>what scrane said
12:44<naughtshoor>hmm......seems something is keeping bind from opening the port....DOH
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13:46<frailtyy>Spam is getting good on OFTC.
13:46<frailtyy>Don't come around for a couple days and I'm flooded :/
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14:07<@sjacobs>frailtyy: you had a hundred-ish messages, too?
14:07-!-synapt is now known as nate
14:07<frailtyy>Yeah. It was pretty rough. :/
14:11<relidy>Who *didn't* get PM spammed?
14:11<retro|blah>I apparently got invite spammed too.
14:11<millisa>If you decide all of them are your closest personal friend, it isn't spam anymore.
14:12<relidy>!point millisa
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14:23<pushpak>i want to buy linode hosting but i have some questions
14:23<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
14:23<pushpak>can i ask here ?
14:26<pushpak>my requirement does not fit in any of Standard Plans can i get some custom plan
14:26<millisa>Outside of adding block storage, the plans are what they offer.
14:29<pushpak>i am looking for 8 GB memory ,1-2 Core cpu , 20 GB SSD. and 1-2 TB transfer
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14:30<millisa>The linode 8gb plan is the closest that meets those requirements
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15:22<millisa>!point Peng
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15:23<Karrde>You cannot get a custom plan.
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17:02<millisa>!wx kaus
17:02<linbot>millisa: [metar] OBS at KAUS: 105.8F/41C, visibility 10 miles, wind 5.75 mph, chill 114.04F (altimeter: 29.83) [KAUS 232053Z 10005KT 10SM BKN300 41/15 A2983 RMK AO2 SLP086 T04110150 56022]
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17:23<relidy>Can't quite match that.
17:23<relidy>!wx kggg
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17:54<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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18:12<Eugene>Genuine question: what is with the cross-network spam?
18:12<Eugene>I never understood that aspect of IRC
18:13<nate>people just trying to cause dramatics
18:13<nate>ie; dumb people who don't realize it's for the intent of dramatics will go to said network and cause drama in referenced channel or whatever
18:13<Eugene>To what end? "teh lulz' ?
18:14<nate>mob mentality in IRC form
18:24<Eugene>Just seems like a lot of effort wasted
18:24<frailtyy>!wx JFK
18:24<linbot>frailtyy: [metar] JFK: not data available, valid code?
18:24<frailtyy>I thought those were airport codes. hmm
18:25<Eugene>METAR codes; slightly different.
18:26<Eugene>!wx kjfk
18:26<linbot>Eugene: [metar] OBS at KJFK: 77.0F/25C, visibility 10 miles, wind 21.87 mph, chill 78.96F (altimeter: 30.13) [KJFK 232151Z 14019G28KT 10SM FEW011 FEW030 SCT075 BKN250 25/24 A3013 RMK AO2 PK]
18:27<frailtyy>Ah, learn something new every day.
18:27<frailtyy>!point Eugene
18:28<linbot>frailtyy: Point given to eugene. (69) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 26)
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18:45<testerss>Im considering going back to Linode, however, I wanted to know if local network option is available, if i deploy say 2 or more VPSs
18:46<rsdehart>testerss: it still is, provided you put them in the same datacenter
18:47<testerss>remind me... they are in NY3 or NY1
18:47-!-arielp [] has joined #linode
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18:47<testerss>or neither :) .... something close to NYC
18:47<millisa>like newark?
18:47<testerss>yeah... thats close
18:48-!-arielp [] has quit []
18:49<testerss>this might be very foolish to ask, but how is linode different from ramnode, other than the price ? :)
18:50<testerss>what do you mean'/
18:50<millisa>on fleek? did I use that right?
18:51<AlexMax>I messed around with ramnode's admin a while back, it seemed rather barebones compared to linode's
18:51<millisa>linodes are kvm. ramnodes are kvm but have some openvz options too
18:51<millisa>linode you can't get as small an instance
18:52<testerss>thanks... i found kvm to be a better option... also, what kind of networking card they use... because RouterOS doesnt play well with Virtio cards
18:52<millisa>linode's got bigger plans. they don't have a specific nvme option (they are all ssd though)
18:53<millisa>linode's got an api ( not sure that ramnode does?
18:53<millisa>linode doesn't hate puppies.
18:54<testerss>what do you mean by that?
18:56<millisa>an attempt to be funny. it's ok. I'm used to failure.
18:56<@mcintosh>!point millisa
18:56<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to millisa. (62)
18:56<@mcintosh>!point Eugene
18:56<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to eugene. (70) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 26)
18:56<@mcintosh>wow ... tight race
18:57<millisa>oh man. is there only 1 walkman in the prize case?
18:58<@mcintosh>we have at least 3
18:58<millisa>i'm safe then.
18:58<testerss>Does Linode offer some type of encryption acceleration?
18:58<ericoc>!point millisa for on fleek
18:58<linbot>ericoc: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
19:00<@mcintosh>linbot sends a funky request when you do the spaces ... points app doesn't like it
19:00<@mcintosh>go 14
19:08<linbot>New news from community: Ubuntu 14.04 server unreachable <>
19:23<millisa>testerss: mikrotik chr seemed to install just fine on a linode following the custom distribution guide.
19:23<millisa>er, routeros chr
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20:44<bbb>Anyone on currently?
20:44<smallclone>bbb: feel free to ask your question
20:44<dirgeable>hi! I want to have a linode with the same hard disk as another, what is the best way to do this create it first then clone or other way around or a different way?
20:45<smallclone>so like, take an existing disk, and then put that on another linode in addition to the one it's on?
20:45<smallclone>because in that case yes, cloning the disk to another linode would work for you
20:46<dirgeable>smallclone, ok so create other linode at same size, clone disk from original, then resize to larger
20:46<smallclone>why would you resize it to larger after?
20:47<smallclone>if you're cloning to a bigger linode you could just go with the bigger plan to begin with
20:48<smallclone>i wanna be sure i get what you're trying to understand that this isn't the same thing as having a single disk that is accessible from two machines at once, right?
20:48<smallclone>like, you clone it and it's a copy, but it's not as if the two are kept in sync somehow after the fact. it's just two different copies of the same information.
20:49<bbb>Just looking a little into Linode.
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20:55<dirgeable>smallclone, yeah looking to copy it
20:55<dirgeable>but onto a larger disk
20:56<smallclone>oh ok, well yeah just go with the larger plan to begin with..i don't remember whether it'll take up all the available space by default (i think maybe it won't) but you can just resize the disk after the clone is over
20:57<rsdehart>bbb: well if you have any questions, we can try to answer if you ask them :)
20:58<dirgeable>going well so far
21:06-!-tod_m [~oftc-webi@2601:2c6:4e00:e20:4991:2981:18f1:d156] has joined #linode
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21:19<tod_m>Hi I have a question i recently installed php 7.2 and when I do php -v i get v7.2.7 but my server is still using 7.0 how can i switch it?
21:20<smallclone>what is your distro? and how did you go about installing 7.2?
21:21<tod_m>distro is ubuntu 16.04 i just fetched it via the repo and installed it
21:21<tod_m>the server was recently using 7.0 and i didn't uninstall the old version
21:22<Woet>did you restart your webserver / fpm worker?
21:22<tod_m>i restarted nginx yes let me also restart fpm
21:24<tod_m>didnt work still using 7.0
21:24<tod_m>maybe i should just uninstall 7.0?
21:27<Woet>why is it still installed?
21:27<Woet>you gotta update your fpm configuration then
21:28<tod_m>i would think the new installation would change it for me
21:28<rsdehart>it didn't see fit to uninstall the old one
21:30<smallclone>yeah if you were working from a guide or something it might be useful to see what steps you followed
21:30<smallclone>because it sounds like this was not done correctly
21:30<Woet>depends on the repo and package config
21:30<tod_m>Woet is right i have to change the nginx config now
21:30<tod_m>The company policy does not allow me to remove any old software
21:31<smallclone>lol that's a really smart policy
21:32<tod_m>Last time I wanted to remove a module it was 3 weeks of back and forth emails, it was awful
21:32<smallclone>i mean really, any "policy" that allows you to install whatever you want from (presumably) whatever repo you decide to add probably doesn't prevent you in any technical sense from removing stuff
21:33<smallclone>and the people making policies that stupid probably aren't smart enough to figure out that you removed an old php version..but i digress
21:34<tod_m>I'm installing on the test server, before i can install on live will probably be a few weeks of emails it's a pretty bogged down environment
21:34<tod_m>but you're right no one aside server admins would notice that it's using 7.2 over 7.0
21:35<testerss>I'm curious... does linode offer services to setup a few VPSs and connect them via local network?
21:36<smallclone>^ they'll do it for a one-time fee, depending on what it is you actually want them to set up
21:36<smallclone>if all you want is for someone to set them all up on the same local network, i would suggest just following the guide and doing it yourself, that part is not hard at all
21:37<smallclone>but the linode private network is only private in the sense that the address space is available to all other linodes within that datacenter, so you'd want to do some firewalling or VPNing or whatever server-side, it depends
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23:01<millisa>They don't do a trial. There is a guarantee though
23:02<millisa>well, not a 'free' trial at least. I guess it would still be a trial period
23:02<millisa>It's the last question at the bottom of
23:04<millisa>You'll be charged first
23:05<weather>ok,thank you
23:05<millisa>sure thing
23:06-!-bbb [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
23:10<millisa>I don't think they state anywhere how long the refunds take.
23:11<weather>That's a bad thing. If it's not satisfied, the refund will be very troublesome.
23:12<Woet>why do you need a refund on something that costs $0.0075 per hour?
23:12<Woet>even homeless people can afford to try that out for a few hours
23:13<Toba>but sir, I am but a poor, bedraggled monero miner running on an avr microcontroller
23:14<Toba>I cannot spare the millijoules!
23:14<weather>For the first time, how much is it for the first time
23:14<millisa>I started my last account with $5
23:16<millisa>You probably want to review the billing guide -
23:17<weather>Linode 2GB;need $10;So when I first registered, I had to recharge $10?
23:17<weather>I'm sorry, forgive me as a rookie
23:17<millisa>$10 is how much you'd spend if you had the 2gb instance up for the whole month.
23:18<millisa>That billing guide talks about how the hourly billing works
23:19<weather>ok,so when I experience, I can try to recharge $1~5
23:20<weather>When I feel good, I can recharge more money?
23:20<weather>Is that so?
23:20<millisa>Also in that billing guide - you can preload an account and that credit would be used first when the billing happens each month.
23:21<millisa>If you don't have enough credit already to cover the bill, it'd then attempt to charge your credit card.
23:22<weather>ok,thank you very much,I'll try it for a while
23:23<millisa>There's a getting started guide at
23:25<weather>ok,thank you,millisa (*^__^*)
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23:27<Woet>{◕ ◡ ◕}
23:30<@mcintosh>!point millisa
23:30<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to millisa. (63) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 15)
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