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00:07<chesty>I don't understand the issue, they should ask for your ID and if you're not in the EU answer it with that in mind. AFAIK USA have their own law and don't enforce EU laws.
00:08<Woet>Eugene does not have any ID
00:08<Woet>he's a free inhabitant
00:08<Woet>with sovereign citizenship of earth
00:11<chesty>lol, then linode can't match the inhabitant known as Eugene with a linode account, so there's no problem there either.
00:13<chesty>and plus a sovereign citizen isn't a citizen of EU, so answer the question with that in mind. It shouldn't take months to answer a question though.
00:14<Peng_>Germany has sovereign citizens
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00:34<chesty>maybe, depends on how you see it, with in the borders we recognise as germany live sovereign citizens.
00:50<Solver>A sovereign citizen is normally someone who explicitely rejects the right of an external power such as a government to rule over them. Governments tend not to tolerate this sort of behaviour.
01:03<chesty>i was reminded of this, 45 seconds in
02:31<rsdehart>I'm imagining a little kid on the playground rejecting a bully's right to rule over him
02:31<rsdehart>"gimme your lunch money" "I'm a sov-*BLAM*
02:57<chesty>that's pretty much what happens when the police pull over a sovereign citizen, "license and registration please" "I'm not driving, I'm traveling" they usually argue for 5 minutes then the driver gets pulled out of the car and handcuffed
03:00<rsdehart>so all you have to do is lie about reality and you're off the hook?
03:00<rsdehart>I'm not committing a murder, I'm engaging in target practice
03:01<Peng_>No, only cops can do that, sov cits just try
03:02<linbot>New news from community: Can't connect to Shadowsocks server in my VPS. <>
03:05<chesty>they aren't lying though, they strongly believe the law is unenforceable and if they know the right words to say the police will be powerless and have to let them go.
03:06<Peng_>that didn't work out for George Costanza, did it?
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03:08<chesty>I don't remember that episode.
03:09<Peng_>Me either
03:10<chesty>when a SC gets arrested they are traumatized, if you get caught doing something wrong, you aren't happy, but the law is the law and most people accept it. but if you do nothing wrong and get arrested, most people are furious. SC's strongly believe they don't need a registered can and a drivers license to drive, so when they get arrested they are fu
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03:12<rsdehart>"You can't tell me what to do" "Oh yeah? Watch me"
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11:44<@mcintosh>postmortem for the newark outage on 07-18:
11:54<dzho>mcintosh: thanks
11:55<dzho>still unclear as to how UPSen that were carrying the load throughout the outage then failed to carry it during cutover back to utility power.
11:55<dzho>I can only guess that there was some redistribution of load amongst the N UPSen during the return cutover
11:57<dzho>though this has been a good reminder about how ... messy power tends to be in real life, and that is a new thing that seems pretty cool for these sorts of problems.
11:58<dzho>(no affiliation, I was just intrigued to see some of their videos a few months back)
11:59<Peng_>The good news is, Newark is so reliable it doesn't have ordinary power failures. The bad news is, nothing is perfect, so it still has frigging weird ones. :<
11:59<dzho>that's been the trend, at least.
12:00<dzho>one wonders though the extent to which that's structural--ie, maybe newark was doing well because it was underutilized or because it was newer equipment, but now it's going into a phase of higher demand or equipment that has degraded with time and use.
12:00*dzho shrugs
12:01<dzho>wfm for now so whatever
12:01<Peng_> we just missed the anniversary!
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12:29<vakhoq>Hello. Can i migrate my Linodes to the different data-center automatically? I want tom US west to US East.
12:30<Peng_>Yes, but you have to file a support ticket. The IP addresses will change.
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12:31<vakhoq>where can I file a support ticket? and is this service free?
12:31<vakhoq>Thank you in advance!
12:32<Peng_> and yes
12:36<@jhaas>(another option is cloning though technically that costs more)
12:37<Cromulent>hmm I've just upgraded one of my servers to Ubuntu 18.04 and I cant for the life of me get http/2 working - I have enabled the module in apache and added Protocols h2 h2c http/1.1 to the virtual host file
12:37<grawity>a2enmod http2
12:37<Cromulent>already done
12:38<grawity>also, I'm not sure if Protocols is something that even works inside a virtual host?
12:38<grawity>because, after all, the vhost is determined *after* receiving and parsing a http request
12:38<grawity>anyway, it WFM's in the global ports.conf
12:38<Cromulent>I've also put Protocols in the global config and no change
12:38<grawity>are you testing via HTTPS or plain?
12:39<grawity>what client are you using to test?
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12:41<grawity>have you tried local clients such as `nghttp`?
12:42<grawity>is your server behind a reverse proxy or CDN?
12:44<Cromulent>mo and no
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13:13<Cromulent>hmm it says ALPN is not supported for some reason
13:13<Cromulent>even though when I query with openssl it says ALPN supported on HTTP 1.1
13:14<Cromulent>which is really weird plus the version of openssl I'm running certainly supports ALPN
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13:16<Cromulent>ah found out what the problem is
13:20<Cromulent>I'm using mod_php and mpm_prefork and I need to use the mpm_event and php-fpm
13:20<Cromulent>awesome it is working now :D
13:35<Cromulent>ok spoke too soon now php7.2-fpm is timing out for some reason I am unsure about how to debug the reason why
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13:37<Cromulent>weird now it is working fine
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14:24<SwadeNet>can someone help me
14:24<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
14:25<SwadeNet>so im trying to install team speak on Debian 9 i do everything right until the end it ask me to accept the licence agreement which ive never seen it do that
14:27<grawity>why wouldn't it
14:27<@jhaas>not sure if there's more to that question but -
14:27<@jhaas>"With the release of TeamSpeak 3 server version 3.1.0 it is required that you agree to our license."
14:28<SwadeNet>im just not sure how to accept it i tired and it diddnt work
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14:30<SwadeNet>any idea what im doing wrong?
14:30<millisa>Which method are you doing to accept the agreements?
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14:31<SwadeNet>im trying to make the file called ".ts3server_license_accepted but it doesnt seem to see i made it cause it tells me the same thing
14:32<grawity>are you creating it in the correct location
14:32<grawity>but overall, the 3rd method seems to be most reliable, followed by the 2nd
14:32<@jhaas>yeah the first one looks annoying since it's based on the current working directory (lolwut? why?) if you're running it via systemd or w/e
14:33<SwadeNet>do i make it inside the teamspeak dir right?
14:33<SwadeNet>im kinda new to linux lol
14:34<grawity>SwadeNet: how are you starting the teamspeak server?
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14:34<SwadeNet>like what command do i use is that what you are asking?
14:34<SwadeNet>./ start
14:35<linbot>New news from community: How to do dns level redirect multiple servers for same domain? <>
14:36<SwadeNet>thats the command i use to try to start it
14:38<grawity>hmm, doesn't seem too unusual
14:38<SwadeNet>yeah im not sure what im doing wrong but like i said im new to linux im prob doing something wrong
14:39<SwadeNet>its j ust its not seeing i accepted the licence agreement
14:40<@jhaas>try "TS3SERVER_LICENSE=accept ./ start" (without quotes)
14:41<SwadeNet>ok ill try that ill come back in 10 mins and tell you if it worked
14:42<SwadeNet>and i put it in the teamspeak dir correct?
14:43<@jhaas>That recommendation is the command to run on the command line. Per their docs, I'm just having you put "TS3SERVER_LICENSE=accept" before the command you're already running
14:44<SwadeNet>i tried thier command line and it diddnt work before
14:57<SwadeNet>it worked
15:00<millisa>!point jhaas
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15:01<millisa>oops. !towel jhaas
15:01<millisa>!towel jhaas
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15:01<millisa>!towel jhaas
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15:01<@jhaas>so much <3
15:01<@jhaas>np :)
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18:25<linbot>New news from community: HOW DO I START A VOIP LINODE CLOUD SERVER? <>
18:27<millisa>"Click the 'Boot' button in the Dashboard"?
18:33<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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20:42<DanielNM>We be Linodin' every day!
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21:29<waltman>I'm running ubuntu 18.04 on a linode. Does linode use /etc/default/grub, or does linode handle whatever grub does? I just did an update and it said it wanted to change /etc/default/grub and I figured it was safer to leave it alone.
21:30<Woet>pretty sure it defaults to Linode handling it
21:31<waltman>Yeah, I'm just using linode's kernels.
21:31<Woet>then GRUB is ignored
21:31<waltman>That's what I thought.
21:35<millisa>!point Woet
21:35<linbot>millisa: No such user
21:35<Woet>mcintosh hates me
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22:30<@mcintosh>lol'd ... i had to wait 1 month, 3 days for that one
22:30<@mcintosh>worth it
22:31<@mcintosh>!point Woet
22:31<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to woet. (1)
22:32<Woet>i had 82,841 points
22:32<@mcintosh>hmm that does sorta sound right...
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