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00:10<linbot>New news from community: Docker Compose for WordPress - Unable to connect <>
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10:03<dzho>you know, I'm a big fan of using distro-supplied packages.
10:04<Woet>I'm a big fan of fishing
10:04<dzho>Of sticking to things either in the core of the distro itself or only the next level out, like Ubuntu multiverse repos.
10:04<dzho>but it has never yet seemed like a reasonable expectation that distro packages would suffice for any sort of node.js deploy
10:05<dzho>clang is also comparatively very new.
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10:05<dzho>and then to want to do that on stuff that was developed 2014-2015 (eg, Ubuntu 16.04) seems particularly underinformed or misguided.
10:06<dzho>but sure, rant about how it's Ubuntu's fault that its not simple to run node.js atop 5 year old infrastructure.
10:12<Woet>wait, you're responding to nate's complaint from 16 hours ago?
10:12<Woet>nates *
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10:44<@mcintosh>!to csnxs urmom
10:44<linbot>csnxs: Yo mommas so weird, she walked past a furry convention and they eyed HER suspiciously! (11:0/0) [mmuor]
10:44<@mcintosh>!upvote 11
10:44<linbot>mcintosh: Upvote added.
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14:13<linbot>New news from community: Filezilla Permission Denied <>
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15:37<@mcintosh>csnxs: i didn't mean it!
15:37<csnxs>!to mcintosh urmom
15:37<linbot>mcintosh: Yo mommas so pedantic, she opened a trouble ticket to request a correction to a previous yo momma joke (36:0/1) [rumom]
15:38<dubidub>Can't access my Linode, output from LISH:
15:40<kenyon>dubidub: how did you manage to do that?
15:41<dubidub>issued a reboot commandas root
15:41<kenyon>dubidub: is this the first time you've rebooted?
15:42<dubidub>in a while, yes-
15:42<@scrane>Try issuing a reboot command via the Linode Manager
15:42<kenyon>dubidub: I'm guessing you're running a custom kernel?
15:42<kenyon>why this fcpci driver?
15:43<dubidub>Not to my knowledge.
15:43<dubidub>Latest 64 bit.
15:43<linbot>New news from community: How do i upgrade from PHP5 to php7.1 on Sentora Cpanel (Ubuntu) <>
15:44<dubidub>What's an fcpci driver? :)
15:44<kenyon>apparently something for some VoIP hardware
15:44<kenyon>that doesn't just happen, you must have done something
15:44<dubidub>I'm not using VoIP.
15:45<kenyon>time to start over from scratch IMO
15:45<dubidub>The last thing I was did was upgrade Nextcloud via the web-based method.
15:46<dubidub>I have not installed any custom drivers.
15:48<dubidub>Shutdown is taking a long time.
15:50<dubidub>Looks like a second reboot did the trick.
15:51<dubidub>Could this be a hardware error?
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16:12<@scrane>dubidub Most likely you have Lassie disabled. If you go to the "settings" in your Linode, do you see if "Shutdown Watchdog" is enabled?
16:13<dubidub>Lassie is currently enabled.
16:14<V-Pariah>can't believe i have been on oftc for like five years here and i never once registered my nick until now
16:20<@scrane>dubidub So in general we recommend not issuing reboot commands from within the terminal but rather from within LInode Manager. This sends a graceful shutdown command to the Linode via the hypervisor so the hypervisor is aware the Linode is powered off.
16:21<@scrane>What often tends to happen is when a reboot command is initiated, the shutdown watchdog catches it and forces it back on. I think in this case that ddidn't happen.
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16:50<dubidub>scrane: thanks, I will bear that in mind. Can a Linode Manager reboot be scripted so you don't have to access a browser?
16:50<@scrane>Yeah, you can use the Linode CLI
16:51<@scrane>Or you can usue the Linode API.
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18:30<millisa>Cromulent: your php-fpm issue - is it only on system start? Have had issues with some of my systems needing '' in the [Unit] section after the Also putting a symlink in like:
18:31<millisa>ln -sn /usr/lib/systemd/system/php-fpm.service /etc/systemd/system/ (if it is not there already)
18:31<Cromulent>yeah it does seem to be on system start - as I said if I wait for a couple of minutes it then starts fine
18:32<Cromulent>I'll have a look at the service file to see if that sorts it
18:32<millisa>Er, the was in /usr/lib/systemd/system/php-fpm.service
18:32<millisa>have had it happen on php-fpm, mysql/mariadb and bacula-fd
18:33<millisa>dang it. first way was right - ''. ignore teh typo 2 lines above
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22:04<linbot>New news from community: SSH cannot accessed remotely <>
22:14<linbot>New news from community: the server can't ssh,but ping is ok <>
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