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04:07<@bmartin>hello how can we help you
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04:07<Guest2697>any support here
04:07<@bmartin>How can we help you?
04:07<Guest2697>yes i would like to ask about managed services
04:08<@bmartin>Feel free to ask any question you may have
04:08<Guest2697>Pricing of $100 per month per Linode on your account is that mean if i have more than one server will be managed
04:09<@bmartin>Any Linode that is on this the account will fall under the managed umbrella
04:09<@bmartin>so it will be 100 per month per linode that exists on this account.
04:10<Guest2697>you offer vps only not Dedicated Server
04:10<@bmartin>this is correct
04:13<Guest2697>nice , and is there is offer for reseller , iam local merchant can i purchase several vps with separated control panel interface
04:15<@bmartin>We don't have a control panel aside from our linode manager
04:15<@bmartin>if that is what you are referring to
04:17<Guest2697>no i mean to start , restart , shutdown , for vps
04:18<Woet>Guest2697: yes.
04:18<Woet>Guest2697: you can add users that only have access to certain vpses.
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04:32<@bmartin>Thanks Woet
04:32<Woet>give me my referral money
04:32<@bmartin>I can give you some blake coin
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05:10<Foss>Hi all, whats a good starting point for Client Connection Throttle
05:11<Woet>is there no default?
05:16<Foss>default is set to 0
05:16<Woet>then there you go
05:16<Woet>thats a good starting point
05:20<linbot>New news from community: Traffic usage is not normal <>
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05:21<Foss>But thats no throttling - I was wondering whats a good number og requests per second per user to set, 60?
05:22<Woet>that depends, why do you want to throttle them?
05:23<Foss>in case of abuse / attacks
05:24<Woet>depends on how many concurrent connections your site usually uses
05:24<Woet>60 is a pretty good number
05:24<Foss>This is on nodebalancer
05:24<Foss>ok thanks
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08:25<rich>I have a 2gb lamp server but am expecting a massive surge in traffic. How can I scale up, and down again?
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08:39<Woet>rich: did you try looking at the linode manager?
08:39<Woet>or the docs?
08:39<Woet>or google?
08:41<rich>So am I right: shut it down, change in manager. Wait. Reboot. Reconfigure services. Use. Reconfigure services. Repeat the other way?
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08:49<Peng>What do you mean by reconfiguring services?
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09:11<linbot>New news from community: Debian not starting the apache service <>
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10:04<raj_>can u please hellp me out=
10:04<raj_>from where can i get FTP and C/panel detail-
10:05<raj_>fr doman
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10:10<smallclone>raj_: linodes don't have cpanel by default, unless you set it up yourself
10:10<smallclone>you would need access to the Linode Manager account that has the machine hosting that content
10:11<smallclone>so basically you would need the credit card that is being used to pay for the account, then you could email them and provide the last six digits of it
10:11<linbot>New news from community: Getting error sending mail via smtpd <>
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12:18<yea>I want to do something BUT wants to be sure it's do-able
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12:19<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:19<yea>I have a Client who needs 2 separate IPs .
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12:19<@bmartin>We would require a technical justification for any additional IP. That can be requested through a support ticket
12:19<yea>Linode has refused to sell to me and the client can't use shared IPs
12:20<yea>I want to know if it's possible to Buy a VPS from another VPS provider but only use it's IP address on the client's account hosted on Linode
12:20<grawity>not really
12:20<yea>Am trying to remain on Linode
12:21<grawity>technically everything is possible, but rarely a good idea
12:21<@bmartin>A second Linode would be the best solution for another IP
12:21<@bmartin>What you are asking I do not think is possible.
12:21<Peng_>Why can't they use shared IPs
12:21<yea>Out of the 2 IPs required by my client, One would be used for their website while the 2nd IP would be used for their email services .
12:23<yea>Client is an Ecommerce and other service website. Most of their services are tied to their IP hence using the general IP on my VPs means it becomes tied to same IP used by other websites.
12:24<Peng_>Using a second VPS would probably be prudent anyway
12:24<yea>most especially, 2nd Ip is required for their Email services which is only required once in a while which means I buy extra 2 IPs but would be keeping 1 IP until the second is needed
12:25<yea>Yea I know but want to keep costs down especially since am already spending much on a VPS.
12:25<yea>Am using the $40 plan
12:25<@bmartin>The email server likely wouldn't need that same plan
12:26<@bmartin>and also buying a server from another provider would have costs also
12:26<@bmartin>I would advise going with the $5 Linode
12:26<yea>The likes of Digital Ocean and Vultr already sells ectra IP een withoutmuch questions
12:26<gparent>that should be considered a downside
12:27<gparent>IPs are a limited resource and they shouldn't be handed out as a replacement to good sysadmin design.
12:27<@bmartin>Yeah that's not in line with ARIN policies
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12:27<Peng_>yea: DigitalOcean doesn't
12:27<@bmartin>we follow ARIN for IP allocation polices
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12:27<yea>Going for another VPS means going for extra 2 VPS just for a single client because 2 extra VPS = 2 extra IPs
12:28<gparent>Think of it this way: not only are you getting an extra IP, but you're also getting an entire VM to go with it.
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12:29<yea>My neeeds are - Client needs to be on a Dedicated IP. Getting another VPS would solve that, CLient would also need another IP as they don't want to use same IP for their website for email servcies
12:29<Peng_>I'm sympathetic, but ARIN isn't
12:29<@bmartin>I see where you are coming from but an additional IP for that on our platform would not be feasible.
12:30<yea>And some clients knows cost of things like this - hence giving them extra bills would make them look elsewhere
12:30<yea>Just want to know if it's possible to use the IP of a VPS from a different provider on Linode
12:31<@bmartin>I doubt they need the $40 plan at this point to be honest. To answer that question, no they would not be able to
12:31<Peng_>Not like conveniently. You can set up a VPN.
12:31<yea>I have been on this since 2-days ago before i remembered to come ask in here
12:32<yea>Nope @bmartin, the $40 is for my own VPS on linode which is where all other websites are hosted. But i can't host this particular client on same VPS as they requires their own IP
12:32<@bmartin>ahhh ok I understand
12:33<yea>I can get away with getting another VPS for them for their own website if Linode still refuses BUT for the 2nd IP which is required for email services, this is where i need more inputs
12:34<yea>Am already paying linode $40 + whatever extras they charge me for BackUps
12:34<yea>And I need to be careful so I don't gnerate costs I can't service
12:35<chesty>I know where you can get 1.8446744e+19 ip addresses
12:35<yea>and the 2nd IP isn't needed regularly. It's like purchase for 1-month or 2-months or 3-weeks and release
12:35<yea>and the 2nd IP most be IPv4
12:36<yea>So i want to know if I can buy a $5 VPS from Linode and use the IP on my $40 on same provider which is Linode
12:37<grawity>"and the 2nd IP isn't needed regularly. It's like purchase for 1-month or 2-months or 3-weeks and release"
12:37<@bmartin>hmmm let me check to be sure
12:37<grawity>that sounds like a completely legit mail service
12:37<chesty>assuming you can convince linode to sell you a second IP, it will be sticky, you won't get a different IP every time you need it.
12:37<Peng_>You can set up a VPN or something
12:37<@bmartin>why not just use the linode? and delete it when it's done?
12:41<yea>Am making up my Mind now but wants to be sure it's possible----Buy a $5 VPS which is not powerful, use the IP on my $40 VPS which is powerful enough to host the client's website
12:42<yea>Would that work? Atleast this time, Both IPS would be from Linode but from different VPS
12:42<grawity>hold on, if the services are so independent to the extent of requiring separate IPs...
12:42<Peng_>You can set up a VPN or something
12:42<grawity>why not run them on two separate Linodes?
12:42<yea>SetUp a VPN on the $5 VPs for the email service
12:43<grawity>well yes, you probably *can* use a different linode's IP, as far as I can remember
12:43<yea>And hope I won't e needing the VPN
12:43<yea>Please how do I go about it @grawity
12:46<Peng_>Speaking of IPv4, you can swap IPs around, but I think there are limits set on how many IPs a node can have. And if they're both set to 1, you can't have 0 and 2.
12:46<Peng_>But you can set up a VPN or something
12:47<yea>So I further convince Linode to sell 1st Ip to me, if it fails, I use IPv6 for the website. The first IP issues seems to have a workaround . Major one now is solution for 2nd IP
12:48<yea>Am sorry @peng BUT I don't get what you mean - Speaking of IPv4, you can swap IPs around, but I think there are limits set on how many IPs a node can have. And if they're both set to 1, you can't have 0 and 2.
12:49<gparent>if you already asked linode for the IP and they refused, asking further seems like a waste of everyone's time.
12:49<yea>So am thinking of Buying a $5 VPS from Linode and using the IP on my $40 VPS which is powerful enough to host the client. Issue now is on how to connect them togther. My CPanel has a space to enter extra Ips per customer
12:50<Peng_>You can set up a VPN or something
12:50<yea>and is setting up a VPN the only solution
12:51<yea>Please don't worry about first IP, I already have a workaround if Linode further declines . Issue now is solution for 2nd Ip
12:56<yea>any solution(s) @peng and grawity
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12:58<@sjacobs>i've just read through this, and i'm not sure i grasp the reason mail can't run on it's own $5 Linode, while keeping the site on the $40 one.
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13:00<yea>because most of the scripts and files and ctions that triggers emails sending (email consists of Newsletters + Transactionsal) happens on the main website
13:00<grawity>but having one server send mail through another is much simpler than all this vpn stuff; it's just ordinary SMTP?
13:00<yea>but anyone can point me in the right direction. One problem solved, One left
13:01<yea>Yea BUT client doesn't want main website IP used for sending emails
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13:02<grawity>why do you think the main website IP will be used?
13:02<yea>Please I understand most of you in here are more knowlegeable than I might be
13:03<yea>But client doesn't want same Ip used for hosting his website used for the sending of emails.
13:03<grawity>you keep repeating that
13:03<grawity>it has no relevance to what we're talking about
13:04<grawity>put the website on server A with IP A, put mail on server B with IP B
13:06<yea>Okay. That means I setup SMTP server on Server B and use it on Server A. Hmmmm
13:07<yea>What about setting up VPN, trying to reduce the amount of work needed anytime the mail server is required. Wanted to install everything on Server A and only use server B IP when needed
13:08<grawity>that's going to increase the amount of work
13:08<yea>Seems we are out of options BUT please kindly do let me know a link to setup VPN so I do the work once and for all
13:09<yea>Wanted to setup everything on Server A and only swap mail server IP from Server B when needed so Server A either has 1 IP or 2 IPs
13:09<grawity>and I'm telling you that it's going to be *more* work than otherwise
13:09<@sjacobs>that will only cause headaches.
13:09<Peng_>What do you think of using a third-party mail sending service?
13:10<@sjacobs>i don't know what you're requirements are, but Peng_ has a point. if you are just sending there are lots of options.
13:11<@sjacobs> < i have used sendgrid in the past and it did it's job.
13:11<@sjacobs>haven't used or researched what is out there recently, though.
13:15<relidy> (I use them for a bunch of transactional stuff, plus some small scale "marketing")
13:18<yea>AM sorry but seems I would just stop wasting your time. I needed your help BUT I can't go against what client wants. I took up the task because I have done such before Only now, am unable to attach additional IP
13:19<grawity>put the website on server A with IP A, put mail on server B with IP B
13:19<yea>I know about SendGrid, Mailchimp, etc but client doesn't need them as I already suggested same
13:19<Peng_>Maybe the client does need them
13:41<yea>Okay. Thanks for your time. Getting another VPS but not from Linode. Need a provider who isn't overtly strict with Ips. Some have a limit on number of Ips you can own BUT they at least sell to you.
13:41<yea>It's not like they are giving it for free
13:41<yea>Once again, Thanks for your time
13:41<gparent>Linode is being a good citizen.
13:41<gparent>the other providers aren't.
13:41<Peng_>yea: This isn't the 1990s. ISPs don't have the latitude to waste IPs.
13:42<yea>It's okay to place a Limit on what can be owned, not making it near impossible
13:42<gparent>Furthermore, if your clients don't want to cover the actual cost of running business, then they do not actually understand the pricing as much as they say they do.
13:42<Peng_>It's not nearly impossible
13:42<gparent>It's trivial to get an IP if you have valid justification.
13:42<smallclone>yeah the reasons you named are not good reasons to waste IP space
13:42<smallclone>stop whining
13:42<smallclone>if you bought something else just go use that
13:43<yea>I know websites who uses 2 Ips. Moreover there's an advice - never send emails on same Ip your website is hosted on. Even the client (a bit knowlegeable in IT) keeps telling me this
13:43<gparent>It's good advice, you can use two linodes to do that.
13:43<yea>Thanks you all for your time
13:43<Peng_>I don't get it. Why is using the same IP for email and a website a bad idea?
13:44<Peng_>I can get using, say, different IPs for different types of emails.
13:44<smallclone>because you will invariably end up on some blacklist for your poorly configured mail server
13:44<smallclone>and maybe that will uh, damage your seo or something
13:44<gparent>There are homeopathic remedies for SEO damage.
13:45<relidy>Having been on both ends of the IP/SEO/email conversation, it's all crap. Having a separate IP for email doesn't do anything to prevent "SEO damage" to your site.
13:45<yea>If i can't buy a VPs and use the IP on my $40 VPs, them i might as well get it elsewhere. was thinking buying the etra VPs from Linode would enable me use the IP on my higher VPs
13:45<gparent>You can.
13:46<grawity>put the website on server A with IP A, put mail on server B with IP B
13:46<smallclone>they want to buy an additional linode and then put both public IPv4 addresses on a single machine
13:46<smallclone>and they are correct that you cannot do that
13:46<gparent>Oh they're ok with that now?
13:47<gparent>the solution i meant, I tohught buying 2nd linode was still off charts
13:47<smallclone>that's just my reading of what they just said
13:47<gparent>Yeah you're right, I thnk I swapped some VPs for IPs
13:50<yea>Okay. Seems I would remain with Linode But it's just annoying
13:52<yea>Having to Maintain extra 2 VPS just because I needed extra Ips. few others would gladyly sell it to me . Why don't they put a restriction on the amount of IPs you can own, then it would be understandable
13:52<Peng_>I don't understand your question
13:52<yea>Don't get thi - <gparent> the solution i meant, I tohught buying 2nd linode was still off charts
13:53<yea>Hope i didn't missunderstand you guys
13:53<gparent>don`t worry about it.
13:57<yea>I have no choice but to host the email server on a $5 VPs. DigitalOcean seems to have what's known as Floating-IP
13:57-!-ntox [~textual@] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
13:58<Peng_>Linode has a similar feature.
13:59<yea>Please point me to it
14:00<yea>and can i attach it to my existing VPS to act as a 2nd IP ?
14:02-!-ntox [~textual@] has joined #linode
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14:08<yea>am waiting for your response @Peng
14:09<yea>I can see is located off the Remote Access tab by clicking on “IP Failover”
14:09<yea>but don't know if it can serve my purpose
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14:32<v0lksman>hey all! how does one go about installing the linux-images-extra packages when linode is providing the kernel?
14:32<v0lksman>specifically I need to support aufs on my system
14:33<gparent>you can run your own kernel
14:33<gparent>including the distribution one
14:33<gparent>would you be agains that?
14:33<@sjacobs>i would recommend the kernel provided by your distribution.
14:33<v0lksman>really? huh...I thought you would say otherwise... :)
14:34<@sjacobs>if the Linode was deployed in the last year, you can just switch the kernel to GRUB2 in the Configuration Profile, save, and reboot.
14:35<@sjacobs> < if it's older than that.
14:35<@sjacobs>v0lksman: actually, if you deploy a new Linode today, it uses the distribution's kernel by default. so that is the way going forward.
14:35<dakto> When is my account active?
14:36<v0lksman>sjacobs: good to know! thanks! digging through that now
14:36<v0lksman>dakto: right away!
14:36-!-joecool_ [] has joined #linode
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14:37<dakto>Not now
14:37<@sjacobs>dakto: some signups require some human review. if you're waiting, we just ask for a little patience. i can assure you they are being looked at.
14:38<dakto> Do you not know when you will be active?
14:38<@sjacobs>the process typically is less than 30 minutes from signup to completed review.
14:39<dakto>thanks to @sjacobs
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16:52<jack369>Google authenticator does not recognize... anz help?
16:52<jack369>anyone who can offer help please
17:01<smallclone>include this stuff:
17:11<jack369>@smallclone... really appreciate....!!!! :)
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18:40<btclover>Hello, does linode btc payment accept?
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20:01<jez>cool - just checking I got this working
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22:23<linbot>New news from community: Domain not pointing to my server <>
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22:47<dora>somebody real?
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22:49<dora>how long will review be done
22:49<Woet>dora: 24 hours.
22:50<dora>thanks anyway
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23:43<Woet>14 seconds
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