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01:33<zifnab>ur a towel
01:33<Woet>towel me daddy
01:33<zifnab>!lick Woet
01:33<linbot>zifnab: Point given to woet. (2)
01:34<zifnab>!help lick
01:34<linbot>zifnab: (lick <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$nick/$1/".
01:34<zifnab>!help points
01:34<zifnab>!lick zifnab
01:34<zifnab>yeah, well, i deserved that.
01:34<zifnab>trying to lick myself. wtf am i, a cat
01:36<Woet>you're my favorite pussy here
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06:02<BarryPipes><pipes> Hi
06:03<Pipes>Eita broo
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06:15<linbot>New news from community: DNS stops resolving on Ubuntu 18.04 <>
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10:42<Brg>Is it possible to use asn and ip block itself in linode?
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10:44<BRG>Is it possible to use asn and ip block itself in linode?
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10:45<scivola>BRG: no
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10:56<Guest2820>i would like to ask about adding cPanel Control Panel on Nanode 1GB vps
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12:04<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues - London <>
12:08<relidy>Power outage? :P
12:09<Peng_>I pinged a thing and it works, IPv4 and IPv6.
12:36<linbot>New news from community: best method for country IP blocking? <>
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13:16<linbot>New news from status: Emergency Network Maintenance - Newark <>
13:16<Toba>oh, exciting.
13:17<Toba>a scheduled emergency, ok
13:17<Toba>that's better than an unscheduled emergency
13:18<grawity>our power company likes to text us about future emergencies
13:18<dwfreed>they just used statuspage's scheduled maintenance functionality
13:18<grawity>or rather, about outages which haven't happened yet
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13:45<arby>With DuoSecurity being sold off to Cisco, I'm "revisiting" my 2FA clients. All my usual suspectes allow multiple AuthenticatorApps to be setup -- for Duo *AND* Authy. Looking for same option in Linode's 2FA -- staring at it now, I see option to regenerate, but only setup for 1 device.
13:45<arby>*IS* there >1 device 2FA support here @Linode?
13:46<@sjacobs>you could use the same key to configure two devices.
13:47<@sjacobs>that should work anywhere.
13:47<@sjacobs>if i am understanding correctly.
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13:49<dwfreed>yeah, you'd just scan the same QR code twice, once with each app
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13:49<@sjacobs>oftentimes the secret key is revealed as well (it is in the Linode Manager) and 2FA/OTP apps should let you type that in.
13:50<@sjacobs>i use andOTP and 1Password. both let you type in the secret key.
13:51<arby>ah, manual type in. that should work.
13:52<arby>would PREFER to have different secret keys for different apps ....
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13:56<relidy>Why? That just seems like you've double your attack vector.
13:57<warewolf>arby: linode's TOTP is standard TOTP that can be added into any TOTP supporing app.
13:58<arby>warewolf: that's not my point, but sure, that's clear
13:59<warewolf>arby: re: "second/backup 2FA device" linode has backup codes you can print out
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14:00<warewolf>that's the right way to go about it, since having two 2fa tokens on one account defeats the "something you know, something you have" theory
14:02<arby>not it you 'have' multiple somethings, but I'm not going to argue further. to each their own.
14:04<warewolf>sure, just saying that if someone steals your second token, you're opening yourself up to potential account access. And yes, everyone's risk acceptance is their own thing.
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14:09<gparent>that's the same thing if someone steals the first token?
14:10<warewolf>at that point, when you go to use your only token, you would notice it's gone missing. With two valid auth devices, you don't necessarially know one has gone missing.
14:11<gparent>why would it go missing
14:11<gparent>use and replace
14:12<gparent>you seem to be using a specific use case where someone steals the token, and you'd somehow fail to notice because you have two tokens, when it's much more likely someone who has access to your device for some time could just copy the information needed to replicate the token on their own device
14:12<warewolf>except that proper usage of hardware tokens prevents you from extracing the secret key from the token?
14:13<gparent>correct, but even for those tokens, I could generate codes, get into the account, set the phone/duo thing back where it was
14:13<gparent>what im trying to say is it hardly defeats the purpose of 2FA to use two tokens even if it weakens one particular use case
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14:14<gparent>stealing a password is usually much easier than stealing either one or one out of a set of two tokens.
14:15<needmoarinstanc>So I recently got banned from another big server provider due to using my vpn while connecting to my account, which is ridiculous as I have been a long term user and had not breached any of their terms whatsoever.
14:15<gparent>was this provider linode
14:15<needmoarinstanc>If I move over to linode is that a concern?? I dont want to get banned
14:15<needmoarinstanc>no I'm considering moving to linode because of this
14:15<needmoarinstanc>i just don't want to get banned for using my vpn to access my account.
14:16<warewolf>needmoarinstanc: somehow I think there's some additional details missing from your story
14:16<gparent>Linode doesn't ban you for connecting via VPN, but they still have terms of services you must respect.
14:16<gparent>I agree with warewolf here.
14:16<needmoarinstanc>I just went through the verification process for a new account
14:16<needmoarinstanc>And it was instantly locked and denied access to the platform
14:16<needmoarinstanc>As was my other account
14:16<needmoarinstanc>It didn't get through verification
14:17<warewolf>sounds like you're setting off their fraud protection.
14:17<warewolf>from what I've seen here, generally they ask you to fax in a copy of your drivers license and credit card to prove your identity, that may have changed though.
14:17<warewolf>you should e-mail linode support
14:18<needmoarinstanc>That would be completely fine, the email I got from the other provider was literally.. "You have been denied access to our service, no other information is necessary."
14:18<needmoarinstanc>And there has been no follow-up even to the ticket opened.
14:19<warewolf>private companies are under no obligation to provide you service (I found this out the hard way)
14:19<needmoarinstanc>Had they given me a notice that something I did set off an alarm or talked to me about it then fine I can get over it, but they pretty much slammed the door.
14:19<needmoarinstanc>So I'd rather not give them my business
14:19<warewolf>bank of america closed a checking account and told me that I could never be their customer, after I EFT wired in money to a brand new account.
14:20<needmoarinstanc>I wish customer support was a higher priority
14:20<needmoarinstanc>But thanks, I'll email linode support and see if i'd be okay using the service with the vpn and not getting locked out.
14:21<warewolf>good luck!
14:21<Toba>warewolf: did you get your money back? :(
14:22<warewolf>Toba: I did, along with the additional $0.14 and $0.27 test-deposit amounts for verification in ownership of the account, heh
14:22<Toba>yeah, it's paypal that keeps the money
14:22<warewolf>BoA's loss, imo
14:26<linbot>New news from community: kernel 4.17.11-x86_64-linode111 and device-mapper <>
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15:37<Karrde>woohoo 4.17.11
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16:44<gparent>dwfreed saving the day by contributing to irssi \o/
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16:45<gparent>uhoh, apparently also breaking the day according to recent issues.
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17:00<dwfreed>gparent: bleh, and I don't know why
17:04<gparent>to be fair, you did write you couldn't test it
17:06<dwfreed>I figured it out
17:06<dwfreed>(NO_ACT|PUBLIC) & (NO_ACT|JOINS) = NO_ACT
17:06<dwfreed>so have to mask out the NO_ACT on the left-hand side
17:07<warewolf>wait, what amazing thing was done to irssi?
17:07<gparent>dwfreed saved the day by temporarily breaking it so it can be improved even further.
17:09<dwfreed>warewolf: I fixed
17:09<dwfreed>warewolf: my fix caused
17:09<dwfreed> fixes #900
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17:21<warewolf>I did something similar .. yesteday at work?
17:21<warewolf>me: "I fix!" <commits>. Coworker: "Your fix is broke!" me: <reverts commit>. Coworker: "Your other fix is broke too!" me: <reverts other commit>
17:38<Toba>revert "revert "revert "revert [...]
17:43<warewolf>Toba: exactly.
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20:27<linbot>New news from community: MySQL Installation Packages | CentOS 7 <>
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