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00:12<victor_>may i ask a question?
00:14<millisa>you just did!
00:17<victor_>I trying to Connect to Your Linode via SSH, do according the guide
00:19<millisa>Ok, sounds good so far
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00:34<vitor>I have log in via SSH ,and run the command"yum update",it works ,then I "set the hostname " by running command "hostname" ,the iterm2 display"" ,I think this is my hostname right?Next , I run the command "hostnamectl set-hostname"
00:35<millisa>You can make your hostname whatever you want. You don't have to use Linode's name
00:36<vitor>ok , i want to use a simple hostname like "lcl" ,is it ok?
00:37<millisa>You could.
00:43<vitor>Thank you , I try to do this ,my hostname is "lcl" now. And ,the next step Update /etc/hosts , i am not really understand the mean "In the example below, is the public IP address, hostname is the local hostname, and is the FQDN."
00:44<millisa>The box just below that is showing an example /etc/hosts files.
00:44<millisa>So yours might have the first line that starts with, but your next line would be your IP followed by lcl (and possibly
00:47<vitor>the first line in the box is " localhost.localdomain localhost",is this a command ?
00:48<millisa>no. that's a line in the /etc/hosts file
00:52<vitor>The guide say "Open this file in a text editor and add a line for your Linode’s public IP address." ,so i should do this ,right ?
00:52<millisa>It's not a requirement; it's not a bad practice to do it
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01:42<victor_>So I don't have to Update /etc/hosts ,and timezone is China /BeiJing ,then how can I link the VPN ,am i lost something ?what should i do now
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03:35<linbot>New news from community: Trying to host three sites from the same server <>
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03:46<wps0718>You'll receive an email from us after your account has been reviewed, so hang tight!??
03:47<wps0718>My payment num is 7689033
03:53<wps0718>You'll receive an email from us after your account has been reviewed, so hang tight??
03:53<wps0718>what does this mean?
03:54<wps0718> a few minutes?
03:54<wps0718>I wait for a long time
03:55<dcraig>how long?
03:55<wps0718>about 15 min
03:55<dcraig>I feel like that is not very long
03:57<Woet>wps0718: come back if it isn't verified in 24 hours.
03:57<Woet>also, using a VPN while signing up for accounts is never a good idea.
03:58<wps0718>But if don't use vpn I can't visit your website
03:59<wps0718>I'm in China, you know
03:59<Woet>i did not know
04:00<Woet>i was in China 2 months ago
04:00<Woet>nice to meet you
04:00<wps0718>Nice to meet you too
04:01<wps0718>If i user vpn you will manual review my order?
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04:05*dcraig manually reviews Woet
04:05<Woet>dcraig: you smell fishy
04:06<dcraig>thank you
04:09<wps0718>you seems cancel my account??
04:10<@bmartin>wps0718 our public IRC forum really isn't the best place to discuss any account details. Can you email and include the last 6 digits of the card on file so we can take a look further?
04:11<wps0718>But charged my credit card
04:11<dwfreed>if the account was cancelled, the charge would have been refunded
04:11<@bmartin>If at any point we requested further identification or canceled your account we would have refunded the card and that would arrive in 3-5 business days
04:12<wps0718>You will save my credit card?
04:12<@bmartin>No we will not.
04:13<Woet>i might save it though, always useful if i need to buy a new diamond ring
04:13<wps0718>I'm in China can't Purchase your vps?
04:14<Woet>wps0718: you used your real personal details with a legitimate creditcard?
04:14<@bmartin>We have many customers from China
04:15<wps0718>Of course it's my credit card
04:15<Woet>wps0718: and you used your real personal details?
04:15<@bmartin>We do require accurate info including name, address, etc. Providing bad info could lead to an account being canceled
04:15<@bmartin>Obviously though your IRC username I cannot determine any of your account details
04:15<dcraig>I pay for my linodes with bitcoins
04:16<@bmartin>I prefer Schrute bucks
04:16<Woet>I pay for my bitcoins with linodes
04:16*dcraig gives woet one demerit
04:17*Woet gives dcraig one fish
04:17*dcraig tickles woet around a bit with a large knifejaw
04:18*Woet smashes dcraig with a large ocean sunfish
04:19<dcraig>tickling is fun, but smashing seems mean
04:19<dcraig>what gives?
04:19<Woet>not the sunfish, that's for sure
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05:12<victor_>I try using a StackScript . I use the wordpress stackscript ,and have deploy , then boot the linode , but I did not create a new stackscript . then I Check install progress using the "Lish Console" under "Remote Access" in Linode Manager. It display something Error creating textual authentication agent: Error opening current controlling ) success.
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05:15<victor_>have everyone know how to do the next step ?
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14:21<yepperoni>woah, pm spammers
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14:51<john>hi there
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15:03<user5>I was running pi-hole dev and uninstalled to go back to the stable and a fresh install. my website works as does my VPN, however I no longer have DNS resolution from the terminal. I do have the network helper active. I've rebooted and the DNS is still messed up.
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15:26<thon>anyone is there
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15:43<millisa>!point Gryffindor
15:43<linbot>millisa: Point given to gryffindor. (2)
15:50<csnxs>!lick mcintosh
15:50<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (50) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 9)
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19:05<skunark>Did Linode drop their forums?
19:07<skunark>Thank you
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22:41*dcraig tickles millisa around a bit with a large alewife
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23:18<Harindra>How much it costs to host single DNS zone with Linode, per year?
23:19<Woet>its free as long as you have an active Linode.
23:20<Harindra>With single Nanode1GB, how many DNS zones can I maintain?
23:20<Woet>i'm not aware of any limits
23:20<Woet>anything that's reasonable, I'm sure.
23:22<Harindra>Is Linode currently supports ccTLD (Asia)?
23:22<Woet>i see no reason why they wouldn't support specific TLDs
23:22<Woet>its irrelevant to DNS
23:24<Harindra>Linode DNS will provide SOA and Authoritative answer to .lk (Sri Lanka)?
23:24<Woet>i see no reason why they wouldn't support specific TLDs
23:24<Woet>its irrelevant to DNS
23:24<gparent>it wouldn't be a very good DNS service if it didn't provide service.
23:25<Woet>gparent? in my Linode channel? when did that happen?
23:25<gparent>a few years before you appeared probably.
23:26<Woet>[11:25:56] -NickServ- Woet is currently online
23:26<Woet>[11:25:56] -NickServ- Time registered: Mon 08 Oct 2012 20:00:11 +0000 (5y 9m 28d 07:25:45 ago)
23:26<Woet>[11:25:58] -NickServ- gparent is currently online
23:26<Woet>[11:25:58] -NickServ- Time registered: Tue 22 Jan 2013 20:43:40 +0000 (5y 6m 14d 06:42:17 ago)
23:26<Woet>sorry, I beat you by 3 months
23:26<gparent>I think that's nickserv registration.
23:26<Woet>Harindra: this entire chat room is not dedicated to you
23:26<Woet>gparent: I joined OFTC to join Linode
23:27<Harindra>Oh! I see!
23:27<gparent>I didn't.
23:27<gparent>Harindra: did you see the answer above?
23:27<Woet>gparent: so I beat you by more than 3 months then.
23:27<gparent>You misunderstood what I said.
23:27<Harindra>@gparent: yes
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23:41<gparent>apparently it took me 4 years to register my nick
23:41<gparent>not bad
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