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01:33<eanything>can we get login Ip for my server
01:35<eanything>let say I connected to server with ftp, in server where is my computer or network details will save like IP address, Mac Address.
01:36<Peng>a Linode's IPs are shown in the Remote Access tab of the manager
01:37<Peng>Or are you asking where that information is stored inside the Linode? The paths of the networking configuration files? It depends on your OS and configuration. Possibly nowhere.
01:37<Peng>Though you can use commands like "ip addr" to display them
01:39<Woet>so many possible questions
01:41<eanything>brother want to know who did login my server by IP address
01:44<eanything>If I login my linode server then it will store my ip address from where i am login, that IP address I want to know
01:46<millisa>Like /var/log/auth.log or /var/log/secure?
01:51<eanything>Mallisa where i can find /var/log/auth.log or /var/log/secure?
01:52<millisa>Those are the locations you find them (if that is what you are asking for)
01:53<eanything>I want to know only Login Person IP address in my server
01:57<Woet>eanything: "last"
01:57<Woet>eanything: also, perhaps take some lessons in basic English and basic Sysadmin
02:00<wraeth>eanything: when a remote user logs in to a service (like someone connects to an FTP server), it depends on the service being configured to log the information, including where it logs it. it is common for the service to save it in a file on the server in /var/log, with the file being named auth.log, secure, messages, or named after the name of the service that was connected to
02:01<eanything>thanks wraeth
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03:33<zhanglei0811>I want to know how to untie a credit card.
03:34<zhanglei0811>Have customer service online?
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03:53<ai>host limit ?
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04:48<Voonyx>Hi, how is everyone doing? is this a good place to ask for some advice for a newbie?
04:49<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
04:49<@bmartin>in short. Yes!
04:49<Voonyx>Hoowah! :D
04:50<@bmartin>also helpful
04:50<Voonyx>been digging through documentation but couldn't find anything about this.
04:51<Voonyx>I have a balancer with a SSL certificate installed, everything is running perfectly on my first website. The thing is that now I want to add another website (with a different SSL cert). I am pointing the domain to my balancer IP and changed the NGIX configuration, but looks like the SSL cert is not working.
04:52<Voonyx>Is there any way of adding several SSL certs in a balancer?
04:52<@bmartin>Let me see what I can find out here
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04:56<@bmartin>Checking with my team still
04:56<@bmartin>didn't forget about you
04:56<Voonyx>Read the rules, learnt from them ;)
04:58<@bmartin>Found this
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04:59<Voonyx>Okie, thanks for the help, will try other solutions then :)
04:59<@bmartin>HAProxy seems like the way to go
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05:21<Voonyx>Thanks for the jelp bmartin, looks like HAProxy is the way to go!
05:21<@bmartin>excellent! no problem
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06:21<J_steinbeck_not>hey guys, I am trying to set up a remote mariadb/mysql server which will be connected by 2 other linodes. Am I right in thinking that I can either set the "bind-address" on mysql config files to listen to IP addresses of the other two linodes or I can just use SSH tunnelling without doing that?
06:22<J_steinbeck_not>I feel like favouring the latter option as that seems more secure - obviously I will be adding firewall and fail2ban etc on all
06:22<J_steinbeck_not>on either option*
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07:31<steinbeck_not>hey guys, I need help in setting up remote database linode which need to be connected by 2 different machines. Could someone please point me in the right direction? I think I need to use ssh tunnelling but I wanted to check before I start the work.
07:35<DrJ>steinbeck_not: few options, you can set your database server to only accept connections from certain IPs
07:36<DrJ>if they are in the same datacenter you can also do that over the private network
07:36<DrJ>you could tunnel it through ssh, or you can set up a secure VPN between the machines
07:37<steinbeck_not>DrJ - thanks for the response! I'd imagine VPN would be faster but ssh would be more secure - would that be correct?
07:38<steinbeck_not>essentially, 1 linode is for the Laravel Application, 1 linode is for another Laraval app (admin dashboard) and 1 High Mem Linode for database - this is my plan
07:38<steinbeck_not>all in the same datacentre*
07:43<DrJ>steinbeck_not: in that case I would limit the "remote" access to the linode private backend network
07:44<DrJ>traffic wont count against your quota that way
07:44<DrJ>still, make sure to lock it down to your private IPs as others with linodes in the same datacenter could try to connect
07:45<steinbeck_not>DrJ: thanks again! so I am going to only accept incoming connections from the mysql port from my other 2 linodes' private IPs. and deny all (rest)
07:45<steinbeck_not>thank you so much - it seems more clear now
07:46<steinbeck_not>then I will ssh tunnel from those two other linodes using the private IP of the db server.
07:46<steinbeck_not>now, I am only not sure about configuring the /etc/hosts file of the DB server - I know how to set it up for a web server but not sure about this one
07:47<steinbeck_not>I keep the default lines but after the 127... on the next line do I use the private IP with the hostname?
07:47<steinbeck_not>sorry - if that wasnt clear. I mean setting it up for the DB server
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09:56<oluwajubelo>Good day all. Please, i want to know if i can use php 7.2 on linode server
10:04<csnxs>if it runs on linux, you can use anything
10:05<oluwajubelo>Please, how can i run it on linux?
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10:09<@sjacobs>oluwajubelo: you would want to pick a distribution that packages it, and you could follow any guide you find.
10:09<@sjacobs> for example.
10:10<linbot>New news from community: What's listening on port 16385? <>
10:10<oluwajubelo>the reason why i'm asking this question is because i want to host my files on linode and i have no idea of how cloud hosting works
10:11<@sjacobs>run through these two guides, then use the one i posted above.
10:12<oluwajubelo>okay, thanks
10:15<Woet>oluwajubelo: why would you purchase cloud hosting if you have no idea how it works?
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10:16<Woet>for starters, "cloud" doesn't mean anything. Linode just sells Linux VPSes.
10:23<oluwajubelo>i just want a host where i can deploy laravel app communicating with VueJS with API
10:23<oluwajubelo>That's why i thought of linode
10:26<Woet>time to learn some basic sysadmin then
10:28<oluwajubelo>okay then
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10:39<@sjacobs>oluwajubelo: there are services like Laravel Forge that can handle provisioning the Linode.
10:40<@sjacobs>would still be good to learn some of the sysadmin basics, though, because one day you are going to have to troubleshoot something.
10:40<oluwajubelo>okay, thanks so much
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13:06<Artemis>Hi, I had a question about the hourly pricing
13:07<Artemis>If an instance is turned off, what is charged?
13:07<gparent>the same price.
13:07<@scrane>Yes. You can read more about that here
13:08<Artemis>Cool, thanks. Still a lot cheaper than was it seems
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13:31<steinbeck_not>hey guys, I know this is might be as a result of many things but can someone please point me in the right direction in understanding why I cannot ping to or from a Linode within the same datacentre? I have got 5 and all 4 are fine apart from 1. Disabled ufw, havent touched iptables, as such have no idea.. any advise would be much appreciated
13:31<steinbeck_not>this might**
13:31<steinbeck_not>ping using private IPs**
13:32<gparent>what's the error
13:32<steinbeck_not>connection times out
13:32<gparent>with ping?
13:33<steinbeck_not>it acts as though I have not enabled private IP on the linode
13:33<gparent>wasn't aware that was a valid message or im having a brain fart.
13:33<gparent>is the IP assigned to your interface?
13:33<grawity>see if you can `arping` it, and perhaps make sure with tcpdump that the other linode is receiving your packets
13:33<steinbeck_not>it doesnt show the error
13:34<steinbeck_not>it just doesnt do anything. on cancel it shows 100% loss
13:34<gparent>no worries it only got me temporarily confused :)
13:34<gparent>brain time out
13:35<steinbeck_not>I have been on a what feels like the world's longest hackathon for the last 12 months with 2-4 hour sleep in the last 2 months - so apologies in advance:-)
13:35<grawity>also, I assume the same linode is already pingable over its public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses?
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13:36<steinbeck_not>yep can ping it over public
13:36<steinbeck_not>it can ping other public IPs too
13:36<grawity>generally, if you can use IPv6, then IMHO there is no reason whatsoever to use the private-v4... they both take the same path, and both get the free intra-datacenter traffic
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13:41<steinbeck_not>i dont bloody believe this - rebooting the linode fixed the issue...
13:42<steinbeck_not>you know those guys that call the Tech Support complaning that they have got a black screen and the first suggestion they receive, "is the computer switched on"...
13:42<gparent>I would bet on grawity's arping.
13:42<steinbeck_not>thanks anyway guys!
13:42<grawity>tbh, not the first time that I've seen linode networking getting wedged that way
13:44<grawity>maybe it's something like the datacenter firewall forgetting which linode owns an address
13:46<steinbeck_not>yeah, maybe
13:47<steinbeck_not>thanks once again
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13:57<shmoon>I've a ticket which I need quickly resolved, any way ? Few years ago tickets used to get resolved within few minutes, but now its been 30mins. I know I may be asking for a lot but its sort of urgent.
14:00<gparent>You should call phone support if you want an immediate answer.
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16:56<linbot>It vends! a wiffle ball
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18:14<react>shmoon: sadly, I think the "best" thing you can do is score their tickets as low as possible
18:15<react>for large businesses to make decisions (like adding headcount to process more tickets more quickly), they need customer satisfaction data to justify investments (in this case, personnel)
18:25<arooni_team_b>do newer A dns entries with low (say 5 min) override any previous entries that i deleted and readded pointing to a new ip address?
18:25<arooni_team_b>not sure what the ttl was on entry i deleted
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20:14<csnxs>!lick mcintosh
20:14<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (52) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 11)
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23:14*dcraig tickles csnxs around a bit with a large hatchetfish
23:14<Woet>dcraig: i'd like to see your fishing license
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23:25<dcraig>oh would you? ;)
23:32<gparent>he said license not rod
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