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02:30<Sofwan>Hi, is it possible to get additional IP address ?
02:30<Sofwan>To my vps
02:32<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
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06:36<Woet>18:36 up 2:07, 6 users, load averages: 3.22 3.56 3.52
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07:15<deeja>i am deeja
07:15<deeja>anyone is there
07:15<deeja>i need supporrt
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07:18<VeGETz>Anyone know why i can't install screen package on my Ubuntu linode? This error E: Unable to locate package screen
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08:24<Woet>no, this is patrick
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08:53<Karrde>you didn't apt-get update, or your sources.list is wrong
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09:02<Woet>Karrde: they left 11 minutes after asking.
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09:16<cbirk>maybe they found the answer on the googles
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09:40<Karrde>how rude
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10:32<linbot>New news from community: Does not start the ssh service or is blocked. <>
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11:32<linbot>New news from community: 301 HTTPS to HTTPS <>
11:36<relidy>Betcha the Redirect rule is only in the HTTP vhost, not both.
11:45<relidy>Any news on the effect of the latest round of speculative execution attacks on the Linode infrastructure?
11:46<Woet>yes, theres a lot of puckering going on
11:47<gparent>it's all speculation so far
11:47<relidy>!point gparent
11:47<linbot>relidy: Point given to gparent. (6)
11:48<relidy>I walked blindly into that one, but well done!
11:48<AlexMax>Woet: also known as "Lemon Booty"
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13:07<csnxs>!lick mcintosh
13:07<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (58) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 17)
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14:06<linbot>New news from status: Fremont Non-Service Affecting IPv6 Maintenance <> || Router Upgrade - A Side - Fremont Datacenter <> || Router Upgrade - B Side - Fremont Datacenter <> || Connectivity Issues - London <> || Emergency Network Maintenance - Newark <
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14:15<AlexMax>"Feedback appreciated"
14:16<AlexMax>Because I've got some feedback for ya
14:16<AlexMax>(about the cloud admin site)
14:16<AlexMax>(the new linode manager, to be specific)
14:20<relidy>AlexMax: or maybe #linode-next
14:25<AlexMax>Is it normal for me not to see the group of a linode from the linode list screen on the new site?
14:25<relidy>Ugh, yes.
14:26<AlexMax>Is that an intended feature for the future, or is that feature going away?
14:26<relidy>I got the impression it's working as intended.
14:27<@sjacobs>AlexMax: it is coming. there is going to be tagging for everything, and grouping will use those tags.
14:27<relidy>Well, that's nice to hear.
14:38<dwfreed>linbot: errno 111
14:38<linbot>dwfreed: ECONNREFUSED (#111): Connection refused
14:43<linbot>New news from community: How is Linode handling L1TF? What actions can we take to mitigate? <>
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15:46<android>Does anybody knows if it's possible to get a linode with working kvm?
15:48<dwfreed>as in run KVM (the hypervisor) on a Linode?
15:52<android>my guest linux should have kvm available
15:52<android>the commando 'kvm-ok' should give a positive answer
15:52<dwfreed>nested virt sucks
15:52<dwfreed>also pretty sure Linode doesn't expose the right capabilities for that to work
15:52<android>that's what I also think
15:56<@sjacobs>android: can confirm. nested virtualization is not enabled on the Linode.
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16:02<@sjacobs>M9bi: hello.
16:02<M9bi>Is it unlimited traffic on baisc $5/m plan?
16:02<dwfreed>nothing is unlimited
16:02<@sjacobs>there is a quota for outbound traffic over the public IP address. if you go over, you won't be throttled, but it will be $0.02 per GB over.
16:02<@sjacobs>quotas are on the pricing page.
16:03<M9bi>How much traffic it will bear? Also does it include bot traffic also?
16:04<M9bi>Transfer 1TB is it traffic load limit?
16:04<M9bi>Thank you @sjacobs.
16:04<@sjacobs>it's just a cumulative total of bytes sent out over the public IP address. no differentiation between what kind of traffic it is.
16:05<M9bi>I have daily 10000 users would it be good package?
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16:07<@sjacobs>no way for us to say. not enough information. i recommend starting small, do some load testing before opening it to real users, and resize larger if needed.
16:08<@sjacobs>if it is set up in a way that could be load balanced, you could add more smaller Linodes behind a NodeBalancer, as well.
16:08<@sjacobs>or any other load balancer of your choosing.
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16:10<M9bi>It looks good to me
16:11<M9bi>But i will take your advice to go for small and test before opening for real users
16:11<@sjacobs>sounds like a plan.
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16:13<M9bi>I did not see the server details page.
16:13<M9bi>Can someone share?
16:16<@sjacobs>what details are you looking for?
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16:18<M9bi>Like what would be available on server. Like apache, php etc. Or these i have to Setup these myself?
16:19<rsdehart>whatever you put on it. You get a blank slate and one of a list of images
16:22<M9bi>Is there any limit of domain hosting?
16:23<dzho>not as such
16:26<M9bi>Thank you everyone
16:26<M9bi>Going to buy. Will disturb more herr :)
16:26<rsdehart>ah well
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17:53<rckxreu>what is a linode cpu? a slice of a hyperthread? a dedicated hyperthread?
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17:57<smallclone>it's generally kinda irrelevant for most users but iirc they're a bit cagey about the details on that one
17:58<rckxreu>smallclone: thanks for the info
17:58<smallclone>i think most vps providers are in general, fwiw
17:59<rckxreu>ya, i see nothing on others, although with l1tf news, i've noticed the large cloud provider being specific
18:00<nate>considering the clockspeeds you can observe within the instance it's probably a safe bet to say it's at least a dedicated 'core' of some sort, whether a threaded one or not should largely be irrelevant w/ Intel
18:00<rckxreu>e.g. vultr doesn't say, but gce does
18:02<rckxreu>nate: so do you think they oversell the cpu at all? i observe great performance, but most of the time my linodes are sitting idle
18:02<smallclone>in my experience they do not oversell
18:02*smallclone worked there and saw a lot of linodes over the years
18:02<nate>rckxreu: I wouldn't think so and I figure if they were by now we'd see people in here saying so which I don't think I've ever seen
18:03<nate>If anything it's the HT core usage which lets them fit a lot in
18:03<millisa>i rarely see a cpu steal that isn't 0
18:04<smallclone>it can happen if you're on a host where someone is really thrashing the cpu, but generally that is rare
18:05<rckxreu>so probably for l1tf they won't disable hyperthreading, just do the cache flush on vmenter?
18:06<nate>Considering that's mitigated in software patches no I doubt they'll disable hyperthreading
18:06<millisa>We could only speculate what they might do...
18:07<nate>Technically speaking from what I saw earlier today it was more or less already mitigated to an extent from the main spectre patches way back
18:07<millisa>if they plan on doing anything, it'll probably end up on the page
18:09<rckxreu>i wish i could choose an amd linode
18:09<millisa>you could put in a tiket and ask if they'd migrate you to one; maybe they can.
18:09<millisa>tiket..they are like tickets, but with tandoori spices.
18:09<dzho>chicken tiket masala
18:11<millisa>the only epyc linode I managed to end up on has a nic failing and I have to migrate it tonight...
18:11<rckxreu>serioustly? they do have amd? that's great!
18:11<millisa> AMD EPYC 7451 24-Core Processor
18:11<millisa>they have at least a few of those in dallas.
18:12<rckxreu>thanks millisa!
18:12<nate>if only they were actually worth it >.>
18:14<dzho>who can keep up with what's "worth it" these days given how much performance degredation accompanies the various mitigations?
18:15<rckxreu>exactly, one less thing to think about, i don't mind if its slower
18:15<nate>I usually try to, but I'm still trying to get past expectations of AMD's next "big hype" that faulters heavily like they've done twice in a row so far just to drive a sales rush
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18:18<csnxs>zen is looking pretty great tho
18:19<dzho>because you know Intel never implemented any of these vulnerable features to generate sales or anything.
18:19<nate>csnxs: Current iterations of the stack yes, the original not so much
18:19<dzho>nope. They just had our best interests at heart.
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18:19<nate>dzho: You say that as if they knew these things were vulnerable almost two decades ago
18:20<dzho>the OpenBSD folk were steering clear of hyperthreading since way back, yes.
18:20<dzho>Not that *I* paid them any mind, then.
18:20<dzho>but turns out they were on to something, as it happens!
18:20<csnxs>zen 1 was pretty good, bumpy launch but it's a brand new platform
18:20<nate>dzho: The OpenBSD folk are also drama queens who largely argued no performance gain from HT
18:20<nate>which is why they did it (also means they probably failed to implement HT properly since it's something OS needs to be designed to work with)
18:21<dzho>there's a way of doing hyperthreading right?
18:21<dzho>like, we finally know it's a solved problem now?
18:21<dzho>or only until the next vuln around it?
18:21<nate>csnxs: General reviews and comments about the first zen cores definitely did not imply "pretty good" lol, at least more so in relation to the hype and benchmarks AMD was releasing
18:22<nate>dzho: There's always been "a way" of doing it since the original P4 iteration (as crappy as it was). It's a hardware feature but one that the OS has to support/implement the capacity to utilize it
18:23<nate>Every other platform has had no issues with HT cores being efficient since the i* series releases, so the only reason I can think OpenBSD literally sees "no benefit" is that they thought HT would work magically and never actually fully implemented support for it lol
18:23<dzho>efficiently leaking data
18:23<nate>Even at that HT isn't the core fault of most of these issues, a lot of them are architecture failures in general which is why AMD got hit by some of the spectre variants as well, just not all of the same ones as intel
18:23<nate>Also why Arm did and even power CPU's
18:24*millisa still wants a pinode
18:24<dzho>which is why I find it funny to particularly fault AMD when Intel is the big locomotive pulling the Moore's Law Performance hype train along
18:25<nate>Add to that AMD even had IntelME-style vulnerabilities discovered, though that's more to blame on ARM since AMD's "SecureProcessor" is a fork of ARM's trustzone
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18:26<nate>Well it did kinda take AMD ages to actually catch up to Intel as far as processor size goes. I'm of the opinion admittedly that their HT design is probably what's bottle necking Intel now which is why I believe the future <= 11nm models are being rumoured to start looking at being purely physical cores
18:28<Peng>I wonder how feasible ARM VPSes are. Providing slower but dedicated cores could be interesting.
18:28<nate>er <= 10nm
18:28<Peng>But most people don't like consistently bad performance.
18:28<nate>Peng: ARM has SMT cores too I believe
18:29<nate>Or maybe they never got past the prototype
18:29<nate>I remember them doing a big overview of SMT in ARM chips but there was always emphasis put on notable extra power overhead
18:30<nate>Ah yeah looks like it never really got past the prototypes, no retail released ones
18:32<dwfreed>it's funny how the only intel chips not vulnerable to all this speculative execution stuff is pre-Avoton Atoms
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21:08<Jack_>why my Location is Tokyo but the ip is American
21:09<smallclone>Jack_: it's because ip geolocation is often not correct, and Linode is an american company, so some geoip services or whatever you want to call them identify it as being an american IP address
21:12<smallclone>they have gotten better about practively bothering the necessary people about how this is inaccurate, iirc, but if you need an IP that is identified as being in Japan according to some geoip provider you could open a ticket and ask, maybe they'll do it, i dunno
21:29<Peng>Or open a ticket with the geoip provider
21:34<Woet>or don't try to circumvent geo blocks using vpns
21:50<Jack_>And I can't access the vps by ip
21:51<Peng>Go on
21:52<Jack_>Could not connect to '' (port 22): Connection failed.
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22:00<cbirk>you have to enable ssh
22:00<cbirk>on your bawks
22:06<Peng>Connection to 22 port [tcp/ssh] succeeded!
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