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00:40<jose>I was trying to install magento2.5 in linode centos7
00:41<jose>but after commandline install seems successful, admin and store url return HTTP ERROR 500
00:41<jose>any idea?
00:41<millisa>Did you look in your web logs?
00:43<millisa>The error log on centos for apache is usually at /var/log/httpd/error_log
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00:47<jose>k will check and inform
00:51<jose>got error
00:51<jose>[Fri Aug 17 19:15:03.771002 2018] [autoindex:error] [pid 21109] [client] AH01276: Cannot serve directory /var/www/html/ No matching DirectoryIndex (index.html,index.php) found, and server-generated directory index forbidden by Options directive [Fri Aug 17 19:44:45.816642 2018] [autoindex:error] [pid 21107] [client] AH01276: Cannot serve directory /var/www/html/
00:53<jose>i have tried with phpinfo file in the same location and its serving correctly
00:55<millisa>do you have an index.php in that directory?
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00:57<jose>there is a file
00:57<millisa>if you request it specifically does the site load?
00:57<jose>let me check
00:58<jose>u mean like ip/index.php
00:59<millisa>or the sitename/index.php
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00:59<jose>tried not working
00:59<millisa>but your php info is working...
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01:00<millisa>is there an .htaccess in that directory? did you set allow_override in the apache config for the vhost?
01:00<jose>it set as All
01:01<millisa>(sorry, AllowOverride. Sounds like you did check it though)
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01:02<angeldan1989>We bought your service, but now the problem is
01:03<angeldan1989>We can't access our site
01:03<millisa>jose: your phpinfo would show things you override in the htaccess. try setting your php memory limit and see if the phpinfo reflects the change. the line in htaccess would look something like php_value memory_limit 128M
01:03<angeldan1989>Please check
01:03<jose>phpinfo I tried when I first setup this linode. later after magento extract can able to start we installer also. but getting file permission error
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01:05<millisa>angeldan1989: I dont see port 80 open at the IP those names point to
01:05<angeldan1989>Do you mean that I need to check the ntaccess file?
01:05<millisa>angeldan1989: is your web server running, is your firewall open?
01:06<jose>millisa- I dnt have .htaccess in that folder. but edited httpd.conf
01:07<millisa>jose: are you looking at the end of the error_log for the current error? that log line you posted a bit ago was from Fri Aug 17 19:15:03.771002 2018
01:08<angeldan1989>But now the problem is that, I even can't connect the server via my account, what I used is WinSCP
01:08<millisa>angeldan1989: it doesnt look like ssh is open to that IP either.
01:09<millisa>angeldan1989: You'll want to use lish to get ssh working again -
01:09<angeldan1989>Yes, we even can't connect the ssh
01:09<angeldan1989>So how to resolve the problem
01:10<millisa>angeldan1989: You'll want to use lish to get ssh working again -
01:10<jose>this is my linode public ip
01:12<millisa>jose: if you do a tail --lines=10 /var/log/httpd/error_log what does it say?
01:12<millisa>jose: if you want to throw it in a pastebin we can look at it.
01:12<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
01:14<angeldan1989>OK, so now what I need to do is to get ssh working again, right?
01:15<millisa>angeldan1989: did you login via lish?
01:16<jose>here is the log
01:17<millisa>jose: those don't look like recent entries either. when you setup the vhost, did you give it its own error log location?
01:17<angeldan1989>I need somebody tell me how to resolve the problem step one by one
01:18<millisa>and here I thought I gave you step one.
01:19<angeldan1989>Yes, I know, thank you, but lish is what? I need to create an account?
01:19<millisa>Did you read the link?
01:20<angeldan1989>We've logged in via lish, but not stable
01:20<millisa>What do you mean not stable?
01:23<angeldan1989>stop, continue, stop,.....
01:23<angeldan1989>What to do next after I logge in via lish?
01:24<millisa>is your ssh service running? is the ssh port open in your firewall?
01:29<angeldan1989>But now the problem is that, we even can't access the local ssl via WinSCP, and our IP address is root@
01:31<millisa>angeldan1989: did you check to see if your system is listening on the ssh port and that the port is open in your firewall
01:33<jose>I have updated the log
01:33<jose>can you please check
01:34<jose>my vhost.conf
01:35<millisa>Was that tail in that link for error_log or error.log? Your vhost has error.log in it
01:37<jose>eror log I previously cleared. but not writing anything after that
01:37<millisa>Tail the error.log instead and see if it says anything about that 500 error
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01:43<jose>there is an access log
01:44<jose>no entry in error.log
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01:46<angeldan1989>My staff joined this chat now, he will check everything that need to update.
01:47<angeldan1989__>When I run the command ssh root@, it cann't connect the server, and display error message: ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
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01:48<angeldan1989__>I can connect server via weblish, but it shutdown about each 10 seconds, so I must re-connect it again.
01:48<millisa>jose: I am not sure if this would help or not. You don't explicitly have the allowoverride or the directoryindex in your vhost. You could try this:
01:49<jose>i have postd that access log. can u pls check that
01:49<millisa>jose: you'll want to recheck your apache config (apachectl -t) and then reload apache
01:49<millisa>I looked at it and it doesn't give details about the 500's. I do see them in there
01:50<millisa>jose: (i even see my ip there in your logs when I tried hitting your site)
01:52<millisa>angeldan1989__: that lish link gives instructions on how to connect to lish using ssh. try that. then check to see if your ssh port is open in your firewall
01:53<millisa>jose: also - DocumentRoot shouldn't have a slash at the end
01:55<jose>tried that too but no luck
01:56<millisa>try putting a simple php file in the directory. jose.php put <?PHP echo 'Hello World';?> in it. does that load or does that 500?
01:57<angeldan1989__>I can connect virtual machine via ssh on my pc. but can not ssh our server.
01:58<millisa>angeldan1989__: did you read the section about ssh'ing to lish to get to the console?
01:58<jose>its working
01:58<millisa>well, that's something I guess
01:59<jose>its magento installation
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02:00<millisa>jose: lets see your php info, maybe something there will jump out?
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02:00<jose>I followed
02:00<jose>ok will try
02:01<jose>updated with php info
02:01<jose>can u check
02:01<jose>please check
02:02<millisa>i see it. looking at it now
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02:06<millisa>outside of memory_limit being an unusual value, nothing jumped out at me.
02:06<jose>memory limit set as per instruction in linodde document
02:06<millisa>what about in /var/log/php/error.log does that file have anything in it?
02:10<millisa>look at line 1417
02:11<millisa>it's saying there's a cachedir that it can't write to
02:11<jose>but I set chmod as per the instruction. its not working maybe
02:11<millisa>who owns the directory and what are the permissions on it?
02:11<jose>so which permission do I need to provide 777
02:12<jose>i set permission for public_html
02:13<millisa>777 is probably the wrong answer. I'd guess the dir probably needs to be owned by the apache user and would need either 755 or 775 (I dont know magento enough to know)
02:14<millisa>it could be the linode guide is outdated, too
02:14<jose>public_html - group apache, user nutriadmin, permission is 0755
02:15<jose>its enough if we set access to public_html ryt?
02:15<millisa>their doc at talks about giving write access to vendor, app/etc, pub/static, var, and generated
02:16<jose>Yes I followed the same document
02:16<millisa>those commands in step3 -
02:17<millisa>assuming you are in /var/www/html/ and you change the 3rd command to be nutriadmin:apache - that might fix it
02:18<jose>okay will try this and let u know
02:19<millisa>the first command is giving the group write permission on files, the second one gives the group write permissions on dir, the third sets the ownership recursively on all files to user:apache
02:19<jose>will try now
02:23<jose>what is that . is for
02:23<jose>in that command
02:23<millisa>current directory
02:23<millisa>(so make sure you've cd'd to your webroot)
02:23<jose>each line run seperately
02:23<jose>sudo chown -R nutriadmin:apache .
02:23<jose>like this?
02:24<millisa>assuming you are in /var/www/html/
02:24<millisa>that line is going to recursively set all the files and dirs from the directory you are in to the nutriadmin user and the apache group
02:26<jose>chown: invalid user: ‘nuriadmin:apache’
02:26<jose>got this error at that line
02:27<jose>typo I think. :P
02:29<jose>I tried this restart apache but same error. anything else need to do after this
02:30<millisa>Does that /var/log/php/error.log have the same error in it? You can use 'tail --lines=20 /var/log/php/error.log' to see the last 20 lines.
02:31<jose>same error is there cache not writable
02:33<millisa>look at the directory and see who owns it and if it's writable. ls -ald /var/www/html/
02:34<jose>its writable with permission 777
02:35<millisa>and the php error log still claims it isn't able to write to it?
02:35<jose>yes. is this anything related to cronjob
02:35<millisa>pastebin the output of that tail?
02:35<millisa>(shouldn't be related to a cron job)
02:38<millisa>(this may be an selinux thing if the permissions are right and the php error log is complaining that it can't write)
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02:40<millisa>If you type 'getenforce' does it show 'Enforcing'?
02:42<jose>getenforce - try in terminal?
02:42<millisa>Does it say 'Enforcing'?
02:43<millisa>well alright then
02:43<millisa>try this out:
02:43<jose>working on this set up from yesterday morning
02:44<millisa>it sets the context recursively to allow apache to write to those directories. (the other option is you could turn off selinux)
02:46<millisa>(they talk about it briefly here - )
02:46<jose>An error has happened during application run. See exception log for details.
02:46<jose>now this error is showing
02:47<millisa>well, at least it's different.
02:47<millisa>check that php error log again, see what it is complaining about now
02:47<jose>yes :P
02:52<millisa>(that message isn't a web server message; magento's code is outputting that, so there may be magento specific logs for troubleshooting it)
02:53<jose>no more php log
02:53<millisa>possibly at /var/www/html/ or /var/www/html/
02:55<jose>exception log is there
02:57<millisa>looks like it's trying to write stuff into the generated directory
02:58<millisa>those 4 chcon commands you ran, do another one for /var/www/html/
03:01<millisa>it doesn't look like that 'generated' directory was in those permissions commands either.
03:02<millisa>it had var vendor pub/static pub/media app/etc - generated is missing
03:02<millisa>i'm guessing that is something newer than the linode doc
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03:06<millisa>(so something like this maybe: )
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03:50<jose>tried that. Now its loaded but nothing displayed
03:51<jose>millisa r we still connected?
03:52<millisa>looks like you made progress
03:52<millisa>I see a home page even.
03:53<millisa>This is what it looks like when I hit your site:
03:55<jose>Yes. I tried inciognito. now its working
03:55<jose>what is this sudo chcon -R --type httpd_sys_rw_content_t /var/www/html/
03:55<jose>chcon doing
03:56<millisa>it's setting the selinux contexts. This link talks some about what selinux is and how it works
03:57<millisa>That specifically is telling the system that it's ok for the apache service to have write privs on that app/etc directory
03:57<jose>why we create another user, with that also we can use ryt?
03:57<jose>I mean apache
03:58<millisa>like a second site?
03:58<millisa>(i'm not sure I follow the question; it's getting late for me)
03:59<jose>before u leave. Thank you sooooooooooo much
03:59<jose>you were really helpful
04:00<millisa>you are welcome.
04:00<jose>without you I could have stucked today as well
04:01<millisa>I'm wagering if you just outright turned off selinux, you probably were most of the way there.
04:01<millisa>magento's site doesn't give a lot of encouraging support for it
04:02<jose>yes. Little difficult to set up I think
04:02<jose>You will always be here?
04:03<millisa>Probably not always. More than I should be
04:04<jose>ur a developer. R u working for linode?
04:05<millisa>just another customer
04:05<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
04:05<millisa>(not a developer either)
04:07<jose>Actually I was building a e-commerce site. Linode is reliable for magento ryt
04:07<millisa>It can be. Magento is very memory hungry from what I understand.
04:07<millisa>Fortunately it's easy to resize a linode if it turns out you need more resources.
04:08<jose>yes thinking so.
04:09<millisa>i've been using them for a bit over 8 years. They are pretty stable.
04:09<jose>oh thats why you know this much :P
04:10<jose>last day I asked some help here, but the experience was not good. felt like they are making fun of me. Dnt you understand like reply I got
04:11<millisa>well, linodes are mostly unmanaged vps. your issue today wasn't really specific to linode.
04:11<jose>So I left chat, fortunately fixed issue myself.
04:12<jose>yes. I tried whatever I understand. at last came here for help. Thank god found you?
04:12<millisa>If you are the religious type.
04:15<jose>and is there anything we need to take care for production sites
04:15<jose>I mean before giving access to customers
04:15<millisa>You can get better results in here and with their community site by asking specific questions (and showing that you tried to get the answer yourself). They had a recent bit they put up about it
04:16<millisa>well; generally, you want good backups, you want to have a plan for when something does fail, if you haven't been through the getting started guide and the securing your linode guide, you should read them
04:17<millisa> ( and )
04:20<millisa>Sure thing
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06:43<Alex_>good afternoon
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06:52<csnxs>that's not my name
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08:43<csnxs>!lick mcintosh
08:43<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (60)
08:58<Woet>csnxs: that's not my name
08:58<csnxs>!towel woet
08:58<linbot>csnxs: Point taken from woet! (19)
08:59<Woet>what did mcintosh ever do
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09:05<linbot>New news from community: Error establishing a database connection <>
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10:36<steinbeck_not>Not sure if anyone is online today, I am not able to receive any emails from Linode regarding "forgotten usernames" or "password reset" - are there any issues?
10:36<steinbeck_not>I found myself logged out of the app earlier today and now I cant log back in via the app or the web app
10:37<steinbeck_not>Forgot Username or Reset password emails are not coming through either
10:37<steinbeck_not>sorry guys! Linode just got back to me!
10:37<steinbeck_not>apologies for the hysteria..
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10:45<nithin>I have lost the 2 factor authentication from my mobile how can i login into the linode server
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10:52<Woet>nithin: use your scratch code that you were instructed to store safely when you set up 2fa.
10:53<nithin>i lostr them also with app
10:53<nithin>actually i lost my mobile
10:53<Woet>so where did you keep the scratch code?
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10:54<nithin>i saved them on mobile
10:54<Woet>why not in your password manager?
10:55<Woet>"keep them safe" doesnt mean "a note that isnt synced or backed up anywhere"
10:55<nithin>thats okay
10:55<nithin>can u help me in logging in
10:55<Woet>anyways, time to send your passport and other supporting documents to
10:56<Woet>and next time 1) actually keep you scratch code safe and 2) use a decent app like Authy that can be backed up
10:56<nithin>whats a way to recover l;ogin now
10:56<Woet>anyways, time to send your passport and other supporting documents to
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13:20<jose>I have an issue installing letsencrypt ssl with linode.
13:20<jose>any help
13:26<linbot>New news from community: aliases whith postfix <>
13:37<csnxs>whats your issue
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13:40<jose>I was trying to install ssl using letsencrypt
13:40<jose>serverfail error for dns
13:44<jose>any idea
13:46<linbot>New news from community: Emergency Maintenance : Error linode <>
13:50<Peng>jose: In the Linode DNS manager, you need to rename the zone from to
13:52<jose>so will it work for www.
13:53<linbot>Peng: 2400:8902::f03c:91ff:fe9f:ba6a,
13:53<Peng>You already have "www" records in the zone.
13:54<jose>so is it possible to edit dns zone?
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14:04<jose>Peng its worked thank you soo much
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23:10<phlux>Question: Is it possible for me to grow the current (default) volume that I have for my Linode in order to get more storage, or do I have to purchase a separate block of storage and add it as another drive?
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23:13<phlux>Actually, this may be moot...I think I'm going to take the leap and upgrade the entire Linode..
23:35<Woet>if you want to upgrade CPU/RAM/HDD, you have to upgrade the entire Linode.
23:35<Woet>no custom plans
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