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00:26<gecco>just built a debian 9 linode, and when I shut it down, lassie gets excited and boots it back up, never seen this happen on my other linodes, any ideas?
00:28<gecco>how can I tell debian that when I shutdown or shutdown -h, that this is normal, don't throw a lassie flag to trip it out and get the linode back end to an issue a restart, or is there some client I need to install on the server (like vmware tools) that tells linode "hey this was an initiated shutdown, don't issue a restart"
00:29<gecco>I am using the debian 9 image on linode itself, so I'm assuming they maybe pre-loaded this with anything it needed
00:30<retro|blah>gecco: Lassie will reboot the Linode if you shut it down via the OS. If you want to keep it shut down, then shut it down via the Linode Manager or Lish.
00:31<gecco>I have older linodes, and this does not happen, perhaps lassie is not enabled on them (though I never shut them down) is lassie new?
00:31<retro|blah>No, Lassie is not new.
00:31<retro|blah>You might take some steps to turn the "perhaps" to a certainty.
00:34<gecco>yeah, your right
00:34<Woet>you're *
00:34<gecco>I just shutdown an old as hell linode and... lassie comes in
00:35<gecco>never noticed that before, good call, I'll leave this in place its a good feature regardless, I'm never shutting boxes down anyway, I do not remember this functionality 2-3 years ago
00:35<gecco>how long has this lassie autoboot after shutdown been around?
00:36<gecco>wow... well, I guess I never issued shutdown commands from the console, I always hit the button
00:37<gecco>thanks retro, good call
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00:57<Songkran>Credit card debt relief
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07:56<act4>My Linode lost networking after doing a free upgrade. I've made a support ticket 2 hours ago but no reply- any way to get this looked at?
07:59<grawity>are you sure this was caused by the upgrade process, and not by the reboot?
08:01<act4>I'm not really sure what else it could be. SSH times out when I try to log in
08:02<grawity>log in via Lish (on your linode's manager page) and inspect from there
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08:27<dwfreed>my guess is eth0 is now eth1
08:27<dwfreed>or ens#
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08:46<dzho>lol "predictable" interface names
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09:53<grawity>at least on my server they work properly
09:53<grawity>physical one, that is
09:53<dwfreed>yeah, physical is fine, usually
09:53<grawity>(and I've had eth0/1 swap with eth2/3 three times in the past)
09:54<grawity>but... on cheap desktop motherboards, they're doomed
09:54<dwfreed>iirc, Linode changed their QEMU machine definition, so the predictable name changed
09:54<grawity>well, systemd's virtio naming algorithm changed twice as well
09:54<dwfreed>if you haven't rebooted in forever, you'd have that problem
09:55<grawity>so yeah
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11:33<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
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14:17<v0lksman_>why do hosts get stuck when rebooting from the control panel?
14:19<grawity>did you remove the daemon which is supposed to react to ACPI events?
14:19<v0lksman_>nono...thing reboots fine most of the time...todya 3 minutes to start the reboot job
14:20<v0lksman_>currently it appears to be having issues remounting a volumne
14:20<v0lksman_>any staffers around?
14:20<v0lksman_>seems to be a host issue of somesort going on here
14:21<grawity>I'd say open a ticket
14:23<v0lksman_>watchdog did not stop on console
14:23<v0lksman_>ticket was sent
14:23<dwfreed>3 minutes to start the job can mean one of several things: loaded host, lots of host jobs to do, or failing host
14:24<grawity>that's a completely normal shutdown message, by the way
14:24<v0lksman_>dwfreed: definitely thinking it's a host issue...the node was acting super weird before I tried a reboot
14:24<v0lksman_>absolutely nothing in my logs to indicate issues other than not being able to hit the site
14:25<v0lksman_>feelings of Friday night all over again here
14:25<v0lksman_>and now when it FINALLY reboots my volume won't mount
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14:39<linbot>New news from status: Block Storage Performance Issues – Newark <>
14:41<v0lksman_>between friday and today I'm going to end up spending my week in board rooms
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15:48<tafa2>can anyone recommend a cli based speedtest
15:48<tafa2>that isn't speedtest-cli?
15:48<grawity>`iperf3 --server` and `iperf3 --client`
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15:49<tafa2>would rather a more traditional speedtest :)
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15:49<tafa2>as opposed to designating a specific client
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15:50<grawity>what would a "more traditional" speedtest entail?
15:50<grawity>wget and count the seconds?
15:52<tafa2>I forgot about
15:52<tafa2>that's fine
15:52<tafa2>thanks though
15:52<grawity>you just said you didn't want to designate a specific client and now this
15:53<tafa2>you bored mate?
15:53<tafa2>All I wanted was speedtest
15:54<tafa2>Didn't want to mess around with setting up iperf on different hosts myself
15:54<tafa2>but didn't want to use either
15:54<tafa2>That's what I meant
15:54<tafa2>thanks for the recommendation though
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17:11<Eugene>tafa2 - iperf is a protocol. You can find public endpoints. ;-)
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19:25<Andres_>Hi, I need assitance to buy a SSL Certificate for my servers in Linode. I need use to subdomains and my domain
19:26<millisa>Do you really want to buy one? LetsEncrypt certs have a very nice price
19:26<millisa>They have this doc - but there are lots of other ways to get them setup
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19:33<Peng>Hmm. (Newark) behaves slightly differently from the other nameservers but it probably doesn't matte.
19:33<kyhwana>"probably doesn't matter" "It was DNS"
19:33<Peng>:D :D :D
19:34<Peng>I don't want to file a support ticket though
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20:10<staticsafe>Peng: behaves differently how?
20:11<Peng>It refreshes via IXFR instead of an SOA query
20:14<staticsafe>Linode uses BIND right? BIND does a IXFR upon notify or at the expire value in the SOA
20:14<staticsafe>er not expire but refresh
20:22<Peng>I think it's BIND. I don't know how different servers implement refreshing.
20:22<Peng>In any case, somehow it behaves differently than the other 4
20:24<Peng>ah, axfr4 *also* sends SOA queries
20:27<Peng>and the IXFRs are only IPv4
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20:33<casoe>Does anyone have a idea of how long it will take to ssh a dd of a image from one linode to a another one ( for archive )
20:34<relidy>casoe: It depends almost entirely on the size of the disk you're imaging.
20:35<staticsafe>(also if the Linodes are in the same DC or not)
20:35<Peng>How fast is OpenSSH these days? Can it run at a gigabit or two?
20:35<casoe>relidy: sorry my failt I forgot to white per GB but in this instance its a 25 GB
20:35<casoe>staticsafe: all mine are hosten in london
20:39<relidy>Probably somewhere around 5 minutes? It's possible it'll be faster, or slower. That's estimating about 100MB/s, which might be a bit high for reading from the disk, compressing it (although you can turn that off), and shipping it over the network.
20:39<millisa>(and just in case it is of use - there's a clone feature that will duplicate a linode for you - )
20:39<relidy>!point millisa
20:39<linbot>relidy: Point given to millisa. (65)
20:41<casoe>millisa: thanks bit is pure for archive where there is enough free space on one of my vm's to have a copy of two of the small one ( dd copy )
20:42<casoe>in the end all images are taken home but its to reduce the transfer from linode to home
20:43<relidy>casoe: You might also be interested in the utility "zerofree". You can use that on the image after you've taken it to crunch it down some.
20:43<relidy>If you're planning to compress those images, that'll make a sizable difference.
20:45<casoe>relidy: and thanks I think then that I will start with it now just to be safe. My plan was to tar compress them to get most of the empty space out
20:45<Peng>Wow, zerofree can run on a mounted ro fs. That sounds scary and cool.
20:46<relidy>Theoretically it only affects free blocks, but yeah, that'd scare me.
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20:47<Peng>Yeah. It makes sense, but still scary.
20:48<casoe>relidy: but sure going to look into it for other projects at a start
20:56<casoe>omg tar compressing feels slow compared to the transfer
20:57<Peng>A lot of compression algorithms are slower than your disk and network
20:59<casoe>Guess I'm going to forget the compression until it gets home at the end archive even that ssh will be slow
21:00<Peng>A lot of compression algorithms are wicked fast too
21:00<Peng>(but don't compress so well)
21:01<casoe>Peng: well the only thing I wanted was to compress down so the free space was compressed out
21:03<casoe>so lets say the files in the image are lets say 12,5 GB out of 80 GB then the compressed archive would only be the 12,5 GB
21:04<casoe>else I guess I have to look at zerofree to see if that will remove the free space
21:06<millisa>not quite the same; you could do a fast gzip on the system you are doing the dd if on? something like: ssh root@ "dd if=/dev/sda |gzip -1 -" |pv -s 4G | dd of=/home/linode.img
21:07<millisa>(er, you can leave the pv bit if you dont want to use that for progress)
21:08<millisa>between dallas/fremont I was seeing ~400mbps without the gzip, about 125ish with the gzip
21:09<casoe>thanks millisa I didnt knew of running gzip in the ssh
21:09<millisa>er, that is backwards isn't it.
21:10<millisa>oh, no. -1 = --fast (i always have to look it up)
21:11<Peng>now let's talk about optimised forks of zlib, compression algorithms that are only implemented in a link on
21:11<millisa>and tell 'em about the twinkie
21:15<casoe>millisa: btw thanks for the command it has showed me how slow my connection is to london from denmark with compressed data
21:16-!-kaare__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:16<casoe>Around 2.5 MiB/s
21:16<casoe>on a 100/100 mbit connection here at home
21:16<millisa>2.5MiB/s =~ 21Mbps
21:17<casoe>yeah so sommething is capping me in the route
21:18<Peng>some compression algorithms are that slow, too
21:18<casoe>never mind my bad
21:19<casoe>there was another connection also that I forgot. and it has ended so now i'm 7- 9,5 MiB
21:20<casoe>so looks like it was at the linode end I capped my transfer
21:31<casoe>and thanks for the help to all of you
21:42<Ikaros>Heh. 150/150 for me :D
21:46<trippeh>would be nice if linode would put some 1G+ links onto the speedtest page
21:46-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:46<trippeh>the 100M files finishes too quickly, TCP doesnt even get around to ramping up fully.
21:47<trippeh>its all over in ~one second.
21:48<Ikaros>Bandwidth has ramped up...the tests have not.
22:18<Cromulent>hmm the Linode backup service has stopped saying needsPostProcessing in the Linode manager it just goes straight from running to successful
22:21-!-tanja84dk [] has quit []
22:21<Cromulent>oh seems like it does still say it - must have refreshed too slowly
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23:32<casoe>:/ guess I allready need to use a backup to create a server again
23:32<casoe>Specified root device does not exist in config profile.Linode Configuration Profile problems detected.
23:38<millisa>did you check your config profile?
23:38<millisa>The bits in the block device assignment and the root device there would be a place to start -
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