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02:47<casoe>sorry millisa I felt to sleep at the pc
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02:49<xeus>Can anyone tell me if a stopped instance of a standard linode continues to be billed at the monthly price?
02:52<casoe>I think it will because if its only stopped and not deleted then it still takes up resourses
02:54<nate>xeus: You're basically renting reserve-usage, not running. You get billed so long as the linode 'exists', so you can otherwise guaranteeingly start it up at any time
02:55<xeus>That's what I suspected. So I'd have to delete the instance in order to not be billed?
02:56<xeus>Is there a way to backup then destroy? So that I could restore a machine, and not be billed in the interim?
02:56<nate>I believe you can make snapshots from within the manager, I have no idea if it'll preserve after deleting though, someone else might be able to better answer that
02:59<xeus>Thanks nate
03:02<zifnab>so nasty out side
03:02<zifnab>the air is chunky
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03:15<casoe>nate: or he could take a dd image over ssh and restore it that way also
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04:38<Duy_KH_nh>hi admin
04:39<nate>That's a potentially broad statement
04:39<Duy_KH_nh> We encountered the error as picture, expect you to fix it for us
04:42<nate>Duy_KH_nh: Do you have managed or professional services on your account? If so then file a ticket. If not then that's not really up to linode to fix, without managed/professional services attached to your account you're expected to manage your own linode instance(s)
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06:52<ncdfilho>Hi folks. I getting a issue with my DNS settings. After set everything, I'm getting this message: nslookup / ** server can't find REFUSED. Any idea? Thanks
06:58<grawity>exactly what did you set and where?
07:10<linbot>New news from blog: Intel’s L1TF CPU Vulnerabilities & Linode <> || Block Storage Now Available in Singapore and London <> || Spectre Variants 3a and 4 (Spectre-NG) and Linode: What you need to know <
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07:18<linbot>New news from community: [testing](javascript%3Aalert()) <> || test <>
07:20<nate>... lol
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07:39<ncdfilho>grawity: Thanks gravity, it's fixed now. Just added a new domain zone, and several dns records... for some reason, my Brazilian domain register wasn't able to search a master So I fix it using a tunnel proxy to Brasil and works!
07:40<grawity>I still have no clue what you've done here, but okay
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08:09<SeventhCycle>Hi guys. Are there any issues in Fremont right now regarding lish or rebooting nodes?
08:12<SeventhCycle>n/m, I see the status. Thanks!
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08:56<DanielNM>[05:57:30] [Doulos] ! *** CONNECT: Client connecting on port
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09:06<warewolf>looks like's database is fubar'd
09:06<warewolf>"Error establishing a database connection"
09:09<@sjacobs>:( that error page could use some work.
09:10<@sjacobs> probably related to this. i'll keep an eye on it.
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09:31<linbot>New news from blog: Intel’s L1TF CPU Vulnerabilities & Linode <> || Block Storage Now Available in Singapore and London <> || Spectre Variants 3a and 4 (Spectre-NG) and Linode: What you need to know <
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09:38<nodey>Hello. I was just wondering if there was information on what clock speed a linode work at.
09:39<csnxs>depends on what host machine you get
09:40<nodey>Makes sense. I guess in the grand scheme of things, it may not matter. I was just curious.
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11:05<e-tec>I need help for a support ticket to be solved as soon as possible, I'm waiting for a response since 2 hours ago and I have a machine down due to a problem on upgrade process
11:06<@sjacobs>e-tec: do you have a ticket number?
11:06<e-tec>of course 10843977
11:06<@sjacobs>e-tec: thanks. i'll take a look.
11:07<e-tec>thank you too
11:20<@sjacobs>e-tec: ticket has been updated. you should have an update in your manager/email.
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11:22<e-tec>@sjacobs: thanks man, you save my day! I've just read your updates, can I shutdown the machine and resize disk now or I'll have to expect other issues?
11:22<@sjacobs>e-tec: you can use it as you normally would. it's back to normal.
11:22<@sjacobs>go ahead and shutdown, resize disks, do whatever you need to do.
11:23<e-tec>thanks! have a nice day!
11:23<@sjacobs>sure thing. you too!
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13:46<Mathias>Do you guys know if Linode offers OS Reinstall one-click? Tired of Scaleway, have to terminate server and purchase again for OS reinstall.
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13:47<dzho>I'm not really sure what that means.
13:47<dzho>If you want to start over you can just provision a new linode.
13:47<Guest1373>Let's say you purchase a VPS with CentOS on it - can you click to reinstall the VPS/OS?
13:48<Guest1373>I see, that's what I do with Scaleway, but I have to pay everytime I teriminate and buy a new one.. hehe
13:48<dzho>well, you only pay for the linodes you have provisioned, there's no separate set-up or tear-down fee
13:48<Guest1373>I suppose that would work then
13:48<Guest1373>And they offer a CentOS image?
13:48<dzho>and yeah I *think* you can just wipe and re-install but I've never done that
13:49<dzho> <-- I see CentOS there, but again, I've never used CentOS on my linodes
13:50<Guest1373>I suppose It's industry standard, so I imagine yeah
13:51<@sjacobs>Guest1373: there is a Rebuild button that will remove the disks and deploy a new one with the OS you choose.
13:52<@sjacobs>IP address and pland and everything will stay the same.
13:52<Guest1373>Great, time to learn CentOS then
13:52<dzho>Guest1373: the usual advice is to sign up, try it out, take advantage of the 7-day money back period if you really don't like it and really need that money back.
13:53<dzho>but to try out the lowest-end linode is really dirt cheap, if all you want to do is explore the interface and give it a try
13:53<Guest1373>5 USD is quite fair, so I'll just go with that and explore
13:53<dzho>$5/month, pro-rated to the time you actually have a linode provisioned
13:54<@sjacobs> < an overview of how the hourly/monthly billing works.
13:54<dzho>^^^^^ details with all the i's dotted and t's crossed from actual linode people
13:55<dzho>Guest1373: do you use any linux currently yet?
13:55<Guest1373>Not at all, only used to Microsoft products
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13:55<Guest1373>But I want to get started on Linxu since I started to study some data processing, and It's for some reason required, heh
13:55<dzho>Guest1373: you'll probably be wanting then
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13:56<dzho>also, you might consider trying out VirtualBox
13:56<Guest1373>Yeah, I just prefer working with an actual VPS.
14:03<Guest1373>Which VNC do you gusy prefer? Does it make any difference? If I may ask
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14:59<Guest1373>Any who experienced this before, and knows how to fix it?
15:00<linbot>New news from community: CentOS - Plesk / "This site can’t be reached" <>
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15:05<technoid_>have you tried using https instead of http?
15:07<Guest1373>Yeah - that doesn't work as well. It's a fresh install, not sure If I'm missing anything in order to be able to do it.
15:08<technoid_>been quite awhile since I have installed Plesk, sorry
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15:09<Guest1373>Fair enough.
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15:33<zifnab>Guy behind me at this resteraunt has a linode shirt.
15:33<zifnab>If any of y'all are in Seattle don't say hi
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15:41<Guest1373>Solved it, you have to run a specific chmod beforehand it seemed.
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16:49<smallclone>zifnab: doesn't Eugene live in seattle
16:49<smallclone>is the person behind you Linodin'
16:52<dwfreed>zifnab knows Eugene in person
16:52<dwfreed>he'd know if the person behind him was Eugene
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16:57<Peng>what if it's Eugene in a Scooby Doo mask
17:01<zifnab>smallclone: not hairy enough.
17:02<zifnab>I've slept in his guest room before, hopefully I know who he is
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17:12<exsodiakiss>any one hlep me to delete my account
17:13<Peng>You can do that in the manager
17:14<exsodiakiss>I am not subscribed And can not access linode manager
17:15<Peng>So you don't have an account?
17:16<Peng>I don't have access to a web browser right now
17:17<exsodiakiss>I am on the registration confirmation page.
17:17<tmberg>exsodiakiss: Go to my profile.
17:18<exsodiakiss>and ?
17:19<tmberg>exsodiakiss: Sorry. I meant: account and account. and scroll down.
17:22<exsodiakiss> i stuck this page
17:22<exsodiakiss>Let's complete my signup
17:23<dwfreed>then just forget about it; there's no need to delete it if you're not paying for anything
17:23<tmberg>exsodiakiss: You havent even signup. And you want to delete your account before that? 0_o
17:27<exsodiakiss>Okay, thank described.
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19:23<casoe>millisa: I have a question how would you uncompress a image there is created with "ssh root@ip "dd if=/dev/sda |gzip -1 -" |pv -s 4G | dd of=/home/tanja/srv.img.tar.gz"
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19:24<relidy>casoe: gunzip /home/tanja/srv.img.tar.gz
19:25<relidy>That's not a tar archive on the other end, though.
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19:26<casoe>relidy: thanks I'm going to try that because I just want to test the disasster plan about reading the image if I need ti restore
19:28<relidy>Always good to test your backups.
19:31<casoe>thanks for the help relidy it almost worked, exept it deleted the compressed archive
19:32<relidy>Well, you should have ended up with the uncompressed version. It won't remove the original unless it meets that condition.
19:32<relidy>There might be an option to gunzip to prevent that behavior
19:34<casoe>Yes I got a uncompressed version that I'm testing now if I can mount
19:36<casoe>relidy: thanks alot testing that now
19:38<casoe>but the image does work because I'm able to mount them uncompressed and see all the files
19:38<casoe>so the disaster plan works
19:41<casoe>end thanks for the help relidy
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20:11<linbot>New news from community: How do I create a linode instance using Ansible. <>
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22:38<onepoint>How long does a review of an account last before we can use it?
22:39<onepoint>we already got a welcome email but when we login it still says that the account is under review
22:40<@mtjones>Hi onepoint, you should receive an email from us soon. Could you check to see if your account's now active?
22:41<onepoint>ok ta
22:41<onepoint>all good. thank you.
22:44<@mtjones>You're quite welcome! Let us know if you need anything else.
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22:45<rsdehart>mtjones gets things done
22:46<rsdehart>!point mtjones
22:46<linbot>rsdehart: Point given to mtjones. (1)
22:48<@mtjones>Aw, thanks!
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23:02<Woet>and another fraudster bribed by mtjones to bypass the review process
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