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00:24<s8umgetion>How long does reviewed take?
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08:22<frogzilla>hello there, i want to try a load balancer, if i get one for a couple of hours to do some testing, will i be billed for the whole month?
08:24<frogzilla>nope.. billed hourly. all good :3 bye
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08:51<womenintech>Hi, I just tried logging into cpanel and an error message came up "This server does not have a valid license. To address this issue, you must contact your hosting provider."
08:51<@sjacobs>womenintech: are you using Linode Managed?
08:52<@sjacobs>if you are, then you'll want to open a support ticket with Linode. If you are not, you will need to work with cPanel customer support or purchase/renew a license through them.
08:52<womenintech>I can't get into this as someone else setup the website (and I unfortunately don't have the linode account username and password)
08:53<@sjacobs>the person that set it up should be able to create a user for you in the Linode Manager.
08:54<womenintech>Okay. Is there anything you can do your end - as I'm a bit worried that this will take a while to resolve otherwise
08:54<@sjacobs>not through IRC. should tell you if the issue is the license expired, as well as who the owner is.
08:55<@sjacobs>if it is not Linode, then you will need to handle this through cPanel.
08:55<womenintech>Ok. Thanks - I'll have a look at this
08:55<Woet>also, talk to the person that manages the Linode account.
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09:07*dzho was able to infer that "this will take a while to resolve" referred to doing exactly that
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09:57<linbot>New news from community: Server Alias not working <>
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11:04<csnxs>!lick mcintosh
11:04<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (63)
11:08*mcintosh blushes
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12:53<gustavo>Error determining filesystem blocksize
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12:54<relidy>What are you trying to determine, gustavo?
12:54<gustavo>resize disk
12:56<gustavo> take those steps
12:56<gustavo> and I get this error
12:56<gustavo>in load
12:56<gustavo>Error determining filesystem blocksize
12:56<@sjacobs>is it an ext4 disk?
12:57<@sjacobs>odd. might want to open a support ticket so they can take a closer look.
12:59<gustavo>they could connect to my linode
12:59<gustavo>it is urgent
12:59<@sjacobs>have you opened a ticket? do you have a ticket number?
13:00<dwfreed>woo 10 million
13:00<gustavo>is TicketID
13:01<dwfreed>I was around when 1 million was broken
13:01<csnxs>woo 10 million problems
13:01<dwfreed>not quite
13:01<gustavo>and now
13:01<dwfreed>each ticket update has its own TicketID
13:02<dwfreed>so 10 million ticket updates
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13:03<gustavo>Any solution please
13:03<@sjacobs>gustavo: we have your ticket, but it is going to take some investigating. i can assure you we are looking at it.
13:18<Eugene>Have you tried turning it off and back on again
13:18<gustavo>something new
13:19<gustavo>If I already try
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15:14<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
15:14<diyez>Is there anyone there?
15:15<diyez>what brand do you use ssd?
15:17<smallclone>they aren't going to tell you that
15:18<smallclone>i bet
15:18<nova_>You could probably roughly gather the information some how but even at that it's probably safe to assume they use some decent datacenter-oriented capacity drives?
15:19<diyez>is there linode authority here?
15:20<nova_>Everyone with ops is a linode employee, though chances are many of them still wouldn't necessarily be able to answer as I wouldn't be surprised if the drives are of mixed model/vendor at least in some cases
15:21<nova_>Meanwhile myself I would counter your why with a why, why do you need to know what linode uses for SSDs? :P
15:25<millisa>They've said this: "Linodes are now SSD. This is not a hybrid solution – it’s fully native SSD servers using battery-backed hardware RAID. No spinning rust! And, no consumer SSDs either – we’re using only reliable, insanely fast, datacenter-grade SSDs that won’t slow down over time. These suckers are not cheap."
15:25<millisa>back in 2014...
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15:27<diyez>Do you think data center in Turkey?
15:28<diyez>Which is the best location for turkey?
15:28<diyez>Türkçe bilen var mı bu arada?
15:28<diyez>Does anybody speak Turkish?
15:32<diyez>Does anybody speak Turkish?
15:36<dwfreed>For Turkey, London or Frankfurt are going to be about equal, give or take 10 or 20 milliseconds
15:39<diyez>I think you need to enter the turkey market..
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15:46<dwfreed>there isn't really any value in opening a facility in Turkey, when the rest of Europe is better connected
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19:09<relidy>Bleh, disk copy/migration running at *only* 17MB/s (and trending down) intra-DC.
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19:30<dwfreed>relidy: open a ticket
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19:35<relidy>dwfreed: Thought about it, but it wasn't entirely mission critical and I figured the 30 minute wait wasn't likely to be too long.
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22:47<phlux>Let's Encrypt is a thing and it's great.
22:47<millisa>a needle, pulling threaaaaad
22:47<phlux>Now all of my sites/IRCd have trusted SSL certificates, and I've redirected all http traffic to https as a result
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22:53<jockeynbt>why my account is not login?
22:53<jockeynbt>my account jockeynbt
22:53<millisa>I don't know, why?
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22:53<AmitJOshi>hi am new to linode hosting
22:53<AmitJOshi>purchased the cloud
22:53<jockeynbt>i don't know
22:53<millisa>jockeynbt: did you try resetting your password? are you sure about the username?
22:53<millisa>AmitJOshi: greetings
22:53<AmitJOshi>is there something like cpanel on linode?
22:54<AmitJOshi>or WHM
22:54<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
22:54<AmitJOshi>where I can manage my hosting easily
22:54<jockeynbt>i login but wrong password, i did reseting password but my not have email resetting password?
22:54<millisa>Linode is generally an unmanaged setup. You are welcome to put your own cpanel install and license on the systems
22:54<AmitJOshi>is there anything free like cpanel?
22:55<millisa>jockeynbt: did you check your spam/junk folder? are you sure about your username? there is a forgot username link, did you try it?
22:55<jockeynbt>yep. i did check spam/junk but don't have
22:56<AmitJOshi>Hey Millisa
22:56<millisa>Hey AmitJOshi
22:56<jockeynbt>i try resetting username but dont' have email?
22:56<AmitJOshi>can you guideme some steps to setup my LAMP web application hosted on Linode
22:57<millisa>jockeynbt: if you aren't getting an email when you use the forgot username link, you'll need to contact linode
22:57<millisa>AmitJOshi: they have a bunch of lamp guides at
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23:08<Juan_Tek>AmitJOshi: I suggest you use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS for your LAMP.
23:11<Juan_Tek>AmitJOshi: You have a trial period of 15 days for CPANEL. It is a commercial version. I think you can get it done by following what millisa suggested.
23:11<millisa>(he's gone)
23:11<Juan_Tek>looks like
23:12<Juan_Tek>go to leave also... have a great day guys...
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