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01:35<vinay>hello , is anyone there ?
01:35<millisa>lots of people
01:36<vinay>Hello millisa are you going to answer my queries ?
01:36<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
01:37<vinay>is there nothing like shared hosting or vps hosting in linode ?
01:37<millisa>Linodes are all vps
01:37<Peng>Linode is VPS hosting
01:38<vinay>ohh i see , so like that initial plan for 5$ that is even Vps correct ?
01:38<millisa>Yes, it is
01:38<vinay>ans also i wluld be having root access ?
01:39<vinay>great !
01:39<millisa>Check out -
01:39<vinay>those are firsf term prices or renewal prices are also same ?
01:39<millisa>(you even get to pick the distribution)
01:40<millisa>Linodes are billed by the hour that you have them provisioned.
01:40<millisa>The $5 for the smallest one is the monthly cap
01:40<vinay>ohh i see
01:40<millisa>You'll want to read through
01:41<millisa>It's definitely not an intro rate or anything like that. (If anything, Linodes have either gotten cheaper over time, or they have given more resources for the same price over time)
01:41<millisa>well . .mostly
01:41<vinay>give me few minutes , i will look over theze links
01:44<vinay>backup option if i select with that $5 plan it will be like $7 . am i correct /month ?
01:45<vinay>ohh i see
01:45<vinay>this js
01:45<vinay>this is absolutely fantastic
01:45<vinay>i will talk with my team and get back to you
01:46<vinay>bye and take care
01:48<vinay>how to close this chat ?
01:48<millisa>If you are using the web client, you can just navigate away
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01:48<vinay>ok thank you
01:48<millisa>sure thing
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02:18<Woet>an unmanaged Linux VPS for someone who isn't sure how to close a webchat
02:18<Woet>what could go wrong
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03:10<hwchua>Hi, can someone assist on my issue?
03:11<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
03:11<hwchua>I am doing a migration from linode 4gb to 8gb, but the migration speed is very slow
03:11<millisa>define very slow
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03:12<hwchua> Entered: 28 minutes 3 seconds ago - Took: 27 minutes, 35 seconds 0.6% done, 73:39:35 to go, 78.50 KB/s
03:12<Woet>thats pretty slow
03:12<Woet>how are you doing the migration?
03:13<hwchua>I shudown linode from control panel
03:13<hwchua>then I choose linode 8gb
03:13<hwchua>it que into the migration automatically
03:14<Woet>ok, so it's resizing
03:14<Woet>and thats the "Migrate Filesystem" step?
03:14<hwchua>migrate disk step
03:14<millisa>You probably need to open a ticket with Linode. I usually see them run closer to 100MB/s
03:15<hwchua>yeah I did migrate b4, it took less than 10 mins
03:16<hwchua>i've already open a ticket, no one responded yet. I am not from US, I can't make a support call
03:17<millisa>they usually get to them in order; sometimes you can give them a nudge here if you throw a ticket# up
03:19<hwchua>okay thanks!
03:20<hwchua>Dear linode support staff, can you take a look at support ticket #10868347 ?
03:21<Woet>don't worry, they look at tickets even without a reminder
03:22<hwchua> 2.7% done, 22:22:58 to go, 253.00 KB/s
03:22<hwchua>its 4x faster now!!
03:22<millisa>and about 2.5% of what it should be!
03:35<Woet>do you have like millions of tiny files?
03:35<Woet>not sure if it does it on block level or not
03:35<Woet>it should
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03:36<hwchua>I am not sure but should not be in the millions
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03:40<hwchua>How it works 1. Linode is shut down and migrated You will experience downtime while your Linode is migrated. We estimate 15 minutes to migrate your Linode, but that may vary based on host and network load.
03:40<hwchua>so its based on host and network load
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03:46<Woet>thats a lot of load
03:46<Woet>coincidentally that's what dcraigs mum said last night
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04:42<hwchua>fixed. thanks all
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04:58<emi>Does linode provide windows servers or only linux?
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05:02<millisa>emi: they only support linux distributions. some enterprising folks have gotten windows installed though.
05:08<emi>millisa thanks
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06:23<esotericnonsense>hello all. quick question about bandwidth / transfer pricing. is communication between linodes counted in the limit? (does it depend whether they're located in the same region?)
06:24<esotericnonsense>e.g. if you have 2x nanode e.g. 2TB pool and transfer 2.5TB from one to the other (extreme example for the sake of understanding) is that possible
06:24<esotericnonsense>or, even worse, is it double counted?
06:25<csnxs>I think anything that goes out to the internet is counted
06:25<csnxs>don't think you're charged for using the lan ips though?
06:25<erik_>esotericnonsense: Anything out from the nanodes are counted. Traffic in is free
06:26<esotericnonsense>erik_: right what I mean is traffic nanode -> nanode. so if nanode1 sends 1TB to nanode2, that counts as 1TB (since it's 1 out, 1 in?)
06:26<erik_>esotericnonsense: If they are in the same region you can also set up "private" networking between the nanodes. That traffic is entirely free
06:26<esotericnonsense>Right that makes sense
06:26<erik_>esotericnonsense: exactly
06:27<esotericnonsense>ah I see now there's a Private IP bit in the node manager. so presumably I give them both private IPs and ensure traffic between them is routed accordingly so it doesn't go out to the net.
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07:12<linbot>New news from community: how do i buy the year 2019 for linode server <>
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07:23<Woet>perhaps buy some English lessons first
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08:44<phlux>wow Woet
08:44<Woet>i am known to wow
08:44<Woet>donations accepted
08:46<phlux>yeah I'm jk tho
08:46<phlux>I agree with you
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10:44<LIUDALI>I can‘t use the account
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11:14<gparent>we're not supposed to talk about the account.
11:14<gparent>damnit, I talked about it.
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11:40<csnxs>the game
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13:51<@mcintosh>!point csnxs
13:51<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to csnxs. (9) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 6)
13:51*mcintosh drinks juice
13:52<csnxs>!lick mcintosh
13:52<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (65) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 24)
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18:13<phlux>You know, I'm half wondering if this one website could operate on a nanode..
18:14<phlux>It's just one website most likely running WordPress
18:14<phlux>And it's for a restaurant. Surely they don't do over 1TB of traffic/month
18:14<dwfreed>tune and cache the shit out of it, and wordpress could probably run on an rpi without anybody noticing
18:16<dwfreed>raspberry pi
18:25<millisa>until they get featured on a food network show.
18:27<phlux>this is Vicksburg, Mississippi, man
18:27<phlux>Ain't nothing here getting Gordon Ramsey's attention
18:27<millisa>Guy Fieri will show up
18:27<phlux>Ok, now Guy Fieri I could see
18:27<millisa>Flavortown comes.
18:27<phlux>Honestly I can't wait to get stationed back in civilization
18:28<phlux>I'll be here until 2021
18:28<dzho>I was trying to come up with a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives parody title but just couldn't make it gel
18:30<millisa> (guy forces bot to watch 1000 hours of diners driveins . .supposedly)
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18:32<goatman>hello is this Linode support chat?
18:32<dzho>sort of
18:32<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
18:32<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
18:32<millisa>We like talking about Linodes. And goats as it turns out.
18:32<dzho>but don't let Woet get your goat
18:33<goatman>sweet im a goat wrangler and my little bro usually helps me with my website and he is out of the country and my website is down. if anyone in here can try to go to and tell me what the heck that error message means and how to fix it?
18:33<goatman>ill send anyone who can help a free goat wrangler t shirt
18:34<millisa>the site comes up for me, but it looks like it has a cert issue?
18:34<millisa>Looks like your letsencrypt cert expired a week or so ago
18:34<millisa>if you have it set to autorenew, you may just need to restart the web service
18:35<millisa>The has the same issue (it's the same cert)
18:35<goatman>sorry just a bit still over this goat mans head here... like to think I know computers a bit
18:35<goatman>ya both give me the same error
18:35<millisa>do you know how to ssh in to your linode?
18:35<goatman>is this something i fix when im logged into Linode?
18:36<goatman>i dont know what ssh is
18:36<goatman>also not sure what a security certificate is
18:36<millisa>usually you'd fix it from the shell of the linode not from the linode manager (though rebooting the server from the manager might get you what you want if the cert was set to autorenew)
18:38<goatman>not sure what a shell is either. ill try to log into linode manager and try to find a reboot button?
18:39<millisa>ssh is a secure shell - it's a way to get a command line on your remote system.
18:40<goatman>what tab am I looking under in the linode manager to find the reset button?
18:40<millisa>The Linodes tab would have your list of linodes. If you click on the linode it will take you to that specific linode's dashboard.
18:40<millisa>There's a reboot button there.
18:41<millisa>again- that'd only help if your brother set the renewal for the certificate to happen automatically (and if he set everything to autostart properly)
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18:44<millisa>looks like you may have restarted it?
18:44<goatman>yes i did restart it
18:45<millisa>Well, the good news is it looks like everything is working like it did a few mins ago (so services were set to startup). The bad news is it didnt change the certificate.
18:45<Peng>There isn't a newer certificate in CT.
18:46<millisa>You'll definitely need to get on the system to get a new cert or get it renewed.
18:46<millisa>Did your brother leave you credentials to log in to the system? Like a root password, or password for uploading things? (don't post it)
18:47<goatman>im looking to see now if he left me anything else - so i am trying to get into a shell now? is that the correct computer wiz lingo?
18:48<@scrane>Did he leave you any password like the root password for example?
18:48<@scrane>How long is your brother out of the country for?
18:48<millisa>shell, ssh, command line - all those words might be ones he could have used
18:48<goatman>where do I log into this magical shell?
18:48<goatman>what is the website?
18:49<millisa>You'd need to use an ssh client.
18:49<goatman>also have a password for Akismet but not sure if that would be the place to go?
18:49<millisa>This doc goes over ssh'ing in to a system
18:50<millisa>(it's probably not related to akismet)
18:51<goatman>looked through that doc. I have windows on this computer, i know my bro is into Linux and all that open source stuff which I dont really understand... is linode also open source stuff?
18:52<millisa>for the most part
18:52<millisa>you can ssh from windows, you just have to use a client like 'putty'
18:52<millisa>well, the newest windows have ssh in powershell too
18:53<millisa>how out of reach is your brother? (chances are good at this point, it'll be cheaper and take less time to hunt him down)
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18:54<goatman>deployed in the marines for about a week as I sit here both my company business websites are down hmm
18:54<goatman>you said you were able to see both of my sites fine?
18:54<millisa>oof. I mean, you aren't technically 'down'; it's just got an expired cert. someone could continue past the error
18:55<goatman>yeah but you have to be a computer wiz like you guys to figure that out... average customer is calling me asking what this means
18:55<goatman>how did my cert get expired? not pay a bill?
18:56<millisa>nah, it's a 'free' cert. It just has to be renewed regularly
18:56<goatman>i told him before he left to give me all the info i needed so i could get someone to help
18:56<millisa>Usually when you get one like yours, you set it up to automatically renew on its own. Looks like he skipped that step
18:57<millisa>It's possible to reset the root password on a linode if you have access to the linode manager (which it sounds like you do)
18:57<goatman>dang i always figured he had that stuff figured out guess he is not as much of a wiz as I thought
18:57<goatman>ya i have the manager log in info
18:58<Peng>Or it could be set to automatically renew but something went wrong.
18:58<millisa>that too
18:58<goatman>if i reset the root password then he cant help me when he gets back to computer correct?
18:58<millisa>there's nothing stopping you from giving him the root password when he gets back
18:58<millisa>he might also have his own account
18:58<goatman>and if i lose that password there is no way to get into my websites again? as im taking it linode doesnt have a 1800 number
18:59<millisa>they do have an 800 number, but this isn't really something that'd be covered by their support
18:59<goatman>so this irc chat thing is my only option to fix this?
18:59<millisa>well, there are professional services that could do it for you
19:00<@scrane>Professional Services wouldn't be able to do it tonight
19:00<millisa>it'd be more than a t-shirt I'm wagering
19:00<@scrane>If you reset the root password and lose it you can reset it again
19:01<goatman>ok so ill reset the password then
19:03<goatman>if i do this will you or someone still be on here to help - also how many goats will it cost me i have 398 of them if a t shirt wont cover it
19:04<millisa>there's usually someone in here. I'm stuck doing documentation for most of the evening so i expect I'll be lurking at least.
19:07<rsdehart>goatman: there's always hundreds of people in here, of which there's most of the time someone paying attention
19:08<millisa>scrane: It'll be ok to have a goat sent to your offices, right? right?
19:08<@scrane>I'm sure someone would appreciate the goat.
19:10<goatman>cool that if anyone is from minnesota ill send them a free goat for the day
19:10<goatman>ok i reset the password
19:10<goatman>now what
19:11<millisa>now you get to ssh in to the linode.
19:11<millisa>There's a download link there for 'PuTTY'; that's the program you'd use for making the connection.
19:11<millisa>well, a link to this doc which has screenshots even
19:14<goatman>opens a list of all kinds to download to i was 32 bit or 64 bit?
19:15<millisa>the chances of you not being on a 64 bit system are slim. go with that. 32 bit will work either way
19:17<goatman>putty is installed and opens
19:19<millisa>for the hostname/ip address box - you put in your linode's IP (the name would be just as good in this case) and hit open
19:21<millisa>it'll popup a bit about the hostkey/fingerprint; usually you'd want to verify it's what you expect and then hit 'yes'. it should get you to a place where you get to type in the username ( root in this case)
19:21<millisa>then the password you set earlier when you reset it
19:22<millisa>hopefully, you end up at a prompt that ends in #
19:24<goatman>ok i think im there
19:24<goatman>says #
19:24<millisa>congrats, you've ssh'd in as root to your linode
19:24<goatman>still not sure im in there but ok
19:24<millisa>so the hard part is figuring out how your brother deployed the certs
19:25<millisa>try this at that prompt: certbot renew
19:25<millisa>he may not have used that, but if it's there and he used it, it might just do it all for you.
19:26<millisa>If it ends up doing something that looks like the black box here:
19:27<millisa>with the word 'Congratulations!' then you may only have a couple more steps
19:28<goatman>it says Congratulations!
19:28-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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19:28<millisa>you lucky goat.
19:28<goatman>holy smokes it looks like both websites work again!
19:29<rsdehart>millisa will send you a bill for a few goats
19:29<relidy>!point millisa
19:29<linbot>relidy: Point given to millisa. (66)
19:29<millisa>if you type 'exit' it'll exit out of that prompt
19:30<millisa>save that root password somewhere you won't forget it; make sure to get it to your brother. ask him about setting up letsencrypt autorenew.
19:31<goatman>wow this is amazing - i cant believe i typed all this info into boxes and it worked - this is one of my greatest achievements of the year - thanks for your help!
19:31<millisa>sure thing
19:31<goatman>im coping and pasting this whole chat - printing it out and framing it
19:33<goatman>remember to go to and fill out a "request a quote" for your shirt and depending on your address I'll have to see about the goat!
19:34<goatman>also cool to see IRC still exists... was back on this all the time around year 2000 with all my random buds chatting
19:35<millisa>It's like a fungus. Or invasive buckthorn.
19:38<goatman>a few more questions about this whole linode concept before i go out to celebrate a night on the town that my websites work...
19:38<goatman>from talking to my brother this linode / linux thing is all open source and you help people for free and do not charge anything for services?
19:39<smallclone>linodes cost money
19:39<smallclone>the advice you get in this irc channel is free ofc
19:39<millisa>Well, open source is free. A fair number of us charge for doing deployment/management of open source products.
19:40<smallclone>also, Linode's actually stack is kvm-based (which is open source) but it's not like their internal implementation on their hosts, etc is free
19:40<millisa>You're paying *something* for your linode. You can see see in the 'account tab' in that linode manager you used earlier
19:41<goatman>so you guys are like website developers that use linode and you use this irc chat to talk about things when you get stuck?
19:41<millisa>er, see it . . .not seesee...
19:41<goatman>and apparently you guys dont get stuck a lot as I am the only one talking in this thing even with 100s of people in here?
19:42<smallclone>we probably all work in technology but i don't think we're all developers there's a lot of different people in here
19:42<smallclone>generally the people who lurk in here spend more time answering questions as opposed to asking them
19:42<millisa>or use it to help procrastinate because they can't figure out how to make a table look right in word...
19:43<smallclone>i basically lurk here almost exclusively to tear into the occasional person who comes in with some really dumb expectation about how something should work
19:44<relidy>I just like giving points to random people
19:44<relidy>!point smallclone
19:44<linbot>relidy: Point given to smallclone. (22) (Biggest fan: jalter, total: 7)
19:44<Peng>that didn't look very random
19:44<relidy> /roll 1 301
19:45<relidy>!point Peng
19:45<linbot>relidy: Point given to peng. (24) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 7)
19:45<relidy>Totally random
19:46<goatman>so i must of caught a slow night in here or is it usually just one person asking a question?
19:47<millisa>some nights are slower
19:47<rsdehart>often is, sometimes there's a handful at once, but yeah, what millisa said
19:47<goatman>and no employees of linode are in here?
19:47<millisa>if there's a network outage, it can get noisy in here
19:47<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
19:47<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
19:48<goatman>so the ones with the @ in front?
19:48<goatman>why didnt they respond to any of my questions?
19:48<millisa>one was chatting earlier. said it was just fine to send a whole herd to their office
19:49<smallclone>goatman: they're not really in here specifically to answer questions
19:49<relidy>Generally they stay out of things that aren't directly service-affecting.
19:49<goatman>oh ok
19:49<millisa>and what if what you did just made it worse. them answering a question outside their support boundary could put them in an odd spot
19:49<rsdehart>many of them don't talk in here, and the ones who do just happen to - this isn't official support and they're not obliged to pay attention to the chat :)
19:51<goatman>im thinking what a cool business model where you make a IRC chat window and people answer the questions for you and the empolyees done have to - That said I did put in a support ticket and they did reply in an email... althought there was no way I would have been able to do this without the step by step help from millisa
19:52<dzho>I'm just here for the invasive plant removal tips
19:52<goatman>pretty cool to see such helpful people though and know that still exists online!
19:52<millisa>Ruminant landscaping
19:52<smallclone>i agree with the gist of what you're saying which is that we should all be given free linodes
19:53<millisa>and blackjack
19:53<goatman>Goats will save the world and the are the best thing for managing vegetation
19:53-!-distantorigin [~distantor@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:53<dzho>♪ who saves the world? ♬
19:54<goatman>i guess this chat room saves the world
19:54<dzho>♫ (goats!) ♮
19:58<goatman>well thanks again guys - I need to go wrangle a couple goats before dark - hope I don't ever get in a snag like this again but its good to know there is hope in this room! Thanks bots even though you can't talk! and if you do hired work to help with website stuff millisa fill it out on our request a quote website as id like to find someone else to pay to help fix things As i can't always bank on my little bro to bail me out!
20:08-!-goatman [~oftc-webi@2602:47:25f4:dd00:e9d2:3f0a:c3ec:f09a] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
20:15<@scrane>!point millisa
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23:58<phlux>Since Debian's package mirrors are set to linode, does it count as network traffic when running upgrades?
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