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00:12<Woet>phlux: don't worry, I took care of it
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12:01<JoeyW>Hi, if I need more storage space in my account above the amount allocated in the $5/month plan, how is this charged?
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12:02<grawity>either you use the 'block storage' feature (, which is $0.10 per GiB, monthly
12:02<LouWestin>You have to upgrade your plan to the next one. So the $10 a month plan
12:02<grawity>or you resize the linode to the next larger plan
12:02<LouWestin>or what grawity said
12:04<JoeyW>Thanks guys. I'm checking out the block storage option now. Saw it on vultur - didn't know that linode has the same option as well :-)
12:04<LouWestin>You're welcome
12:07<JoeyW>Let's say I take up the $5/month package - that comes with 25GB of storage right? If I would like to get 100GB of storage in total, the remaining 75GB will be charged at $0.10/GB?
12:08<millisa>keep in mind, it's not combined space. You'd have a 25gb mount, and a 75gb mount
12:09<JoeyW>Is the (mount) space scalable?
12:10<JoeyW>Based on my calculations, I'd have to pay USD12.50 monthly for 100 GB of storage in total. Did I get the calculation right?
12:16<millisa>sounds right to me.
12:19<JoeyW>Thanks guys, I hope to join the community soon. :-)
12:19<LouWestin>Are you currently running a linode?
12:20<JoeyW>I'm not. I am about to be kicked out by my existing web host for sharing video files on my shared hosting account.
12:20<millisa>that seems odd
12:20<LouWestin>Ah ok. It's a great service. I've been using it for... four years now? Less restrictions than shared hosting
12:20<JoeyW>Which beats me, my current web host does not allow MP4 files on my shared hosting account!
12:21<millisa>well, unless you don't own the video files
12:21<grawity>"what do you mean I can't share files on my SHARED account"
12:21<JoeyW>I do, I am a lecturer so I record my physical classes and put serve them on my shared hosting account for my students who miss the physical sessions.
12:21<LouWestin>do you mean like FTP?
12:22<JoeyW>I am serving them over HTTP, I don't get shell access so it's not possible to run a streaming server. It's a regular shared hosting account.
12:22<LouWestin>Ah, ok
12:23<JoeyW>One more thing, how am I billed for the extra block space? Let's say I need another 5GB of extra space in the next week.
12:24<millisa>just about everything is billed hourly up to the monthly cap
12:24<JoeyW>Do I get billed an entire month for the whole 5GB?
12:24<LouWestin>I think it's all prorated right?
12:24<grawity>I would *guess* it's prorated just like the regular plans
12:24<JoeyW>That's awesome. I'm sold.
12:24<LouWestin>so if you just run a test server for an hour or less, you're just billed for that hour
12:25<LouWestin>that's what makes it nice. Also, I'd pay the extra $2 a month for daily backups
12:25<millisa>(though the backups dont cover the block storage)
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12:26<grawity>sounds like something that'll be backed up locally anyway
12:26<LouWestin>Right right.
12:26<JoeyW>I do have backups on my local NAS.
12:26<LouWestin>He could use something like Backblaze for offsite backups
12:28<JoeyW>Do I need to setup iptables routing and all those or does it work out of the box? I have no prior experience with VPS but I'm an advanced Linux user.
12:28<LouWestin>If you use, Debian, you can use ufw which is easiest
12:29<grawity>you're not setting up a router, so you don't need to set up routing
12:29<grawity>beyond the same "IP address, default gateway, DNS servers" stuff that a PC would have
12:29<grawity>enabling some sort of firewall (iptables, ufw, nft) might be wise
12:31<LouWestin>The only thing to really switch over is your DNS/domain name which is really easy, just give it about 24 hours or so.
12:31<LouWestin>to resolve
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13:46<nur_>need help to get ssl on my vps
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14:56<react>JoeyW: why not keep it simple, GCS or S3 would do the trick and you get native durability and infinite space
14:59<react>JoeyW: especially if you say you're an advanced Linux user, you're going to feel right at home with `gsutil`.
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15:43<theboeh>I can't seem to find any pricing information for Linode's DNS Manager. Is there a page that lists the pricing?
15:43<millisa>It doesn't cost anything (as long as you have a provisioned linode in the account)
15:43<grawity>there is no pricing – as long as you have a linode, you can use it
15:44<millisa>If you don't have a linode at all, dns won't work
15:44<theboeh>Even if you are managing more domains that you have instances?
15:44<millisa>one linode could have many domains
15:45<theboeh>Groovy! Thanks for the assist
15:45<millisa>the dns zones dont even have to be related to linode, really
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17:11<linbot>New news from community: Services for the data record in extension volume automatically <>
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18:59<dcraig>Can anyone configure manually the services for the data record in extension volume automatically when the primary disk is full?
19:00<retro|blah>The disk is full, sir.
19:01<dcraig>yeah, but has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
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