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04:57<hi>anyone here?
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13:27<nyancat>is anyone from the trust & safety team available for a quick question?
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13:51<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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14:19<rl1111>Hello linoders
14:19<rl1111>anyone have a tip on how to handle this situation:_
14:19<rl1111>changed phones (where my 2auth was) and no scratch password handy?
14:19<millisa>that's a ticket
14:20<millisa>You'll need to contact support, they'll want things like an ID/pic of the last 6 digits of the cc
14:20<rl1111>Perfect! Thanks will do
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14:20<millisa>(and don't lose the scratch code next time!)
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14:21<Abi12>I have a question as well. Is there anyway to change the name of specific rows Linodes section in the Linode Manager?
14:21<Abi12>Like from 'linodeXXXXXXX' to ' [company name] production server '
14:21<Abi12>oh thank god..
14:21<millisa>click on the linode, and then go over to the 'settings' subtab
14:22<millisa>The 'Linode Label' is there at the top. you can even group them
14:22<Abi12>oh perfect. :) Thanks millisa
14:23<millisa>sure thing
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14:27<Abi12>ahh one more question that I sort of know the answer to. Is there anyway to grab bandwidth per linode using the API?
14:28<Abi12>I didn't see anything in the documentation about it.
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14:28<millisa>pretty sure there is in the v4 api
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14:29<millisa> maybe?
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14:30<millisa>or maybe this if you send the current month/year:
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14:31<millisa>though that doc reads weird "view current month statistics" then says "Returns status for your linode for the past 24 hours"
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14:33<Abi12>It could be just a default object returned if you dont' specify certain date values in the url..
14:33<Abi12>anyway thanks :)
14:33<Abi12>- again xD
14:35<Abi12>I wonder if there are any plans to host FreeBSD 11.2 images.
14:35<millisa>there was talk about it. you can do it on your own
14:35<Abi12>Through stackscript or whatever?
14:36<millisa>it's pretty much the same steps as a custom distro
14:36<millisa>(freebsd is even mentioned on the page)
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17:21<staticsafe>Your Linode will automatically be entered into the migration queue in moments..." - seems to be there for a while now
17:21<staticsafe>got an e-mail about a emergency issue on a host node
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17:25<scrane2>Hey staticsafe the migration queue can take a while to complete.
17:25<staticsafe>scrane2: noted, my VPS is still up so I'm not too worried, just curious
17:26<scrane2>No problem!
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18:32<staticsafe>and it just now started migrating
18:32<staticsafe>that was quite the queue
18:34<dwfreed>there are a lot of limits that go into how many Linodes can be migrating at once
18:34<staticsafe>makes sense
18:36<Peng>just make everything slow, it's fun
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20:30<bonhoeffer>i screwed up my server — how do i see if I can restore to the state a day ago
20:30<LouWestin>Do you have daily backups setup?
20:31<bonhoeffer>maybe — how do i check
20:31<bonhoeffer>is that rescue or rebuild?
20:32<bonhoeffer>wait — i have automatic backups
20:32<LouWestin>No log into your account and it’ll say if backs are enabled.
20:32<LouWestin>For that server
20:34<LouWestin>Ok just seen you have auto backups.
20:41<bonhoeffer>yes — but i don’t have space
20:41<bonhoeffer>looking at options
20:42<LouWestin>You have to delete the current instance and do a restore.
20:42<bonhoeffer>ugh — i would hate to do that — is there a way i can re-do the instance if I screw something up
20:43<@mtjones>We do keep recently deleted disks for a while after they're removed, so you could always deploy from them to the same or a different Linode.
20:43<LouWestin>As long as it’s backed up. Then you delete the current server and then do a restore from backup which will bring you back to where you were at.
20:44<@mtjones>Depending on the size of the backup, you may be able to resize the current data disk instead of removing it.
20:44<bonhoeffer>so on my dashboard, I have My LAMP Stack Profile (Latest 64 bit (4.17.17-x86_64-linode116)) Edit | Remove
20:44<bonhoeffer> Restore 70188 - My LAMP Stack Profile (Latest 64 bit (4.17.17-x86_64-linode116))
20:44<@mtjones>Here's a guide on resizing disks if you want to give it a try.
20:44<bonhoeffer>and then I have: Restore 70188 - LAMP Stack Disk Image (48896 MB, ext3)
20:44<bonhoeffer>under disks
20:45<@mtjones>If you're going to remove the disks I'd recommend removing the configuration profile too.
20:45<@mtjones>Especially if you'll be restoring a backup.
20:45<LouWestin>I’m not at my computer right now so I can’t remember the exact steps. But I’ve screwed up a few times and came out fine lol
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20:50<bonhoeffer>mtjones: what is the configuration profile?
20:50<@mtjones>The configuration profile holds information about how a Linode will boot up, and with which disks.
20:50<bonhoeffer>I see — got it
20:51<bonhoeffer>so remove both?
20:51<@mtjones>When you restore a backup it will also restore the configuration profile from when the backup was taken along with any disks.
20:51<@mtjones>Yes: If you're going to remove all of the disks a configuration profile references I'd recommend removing the configuration profile as well since it's no longer needed at that point.
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20:53<LouWestin>He also has to restore the disks back to 100 percent right?
20:54<@mtjones>Yes, you'll need to resize disks after a backup so that they're at the size you'd like. When a disk is restored from a backup, it's only exactly as large as it needs to be to hold the files on it, with no extra space.
20:54<@mtjones>!point LouWestin
20:54<linbot>mtjones: Point given to louwestin. (1)
20:55<LouWestin>thanks! Yay! lol
20:55<LouWestin>I learned that after getting weird file/disk sizing issues years ago.
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20:58<LouWestin>If you ever make any big changes, create a snapshot before hand. It takes a few minutes to complete
20:59<LouWestin>I've installed something that I thought wouldn't cause any harm and ended up having to do a restore. Lost a bit of work, but it helps if you have something more current.
21:00<LouWestin>You could call it, in case SHTF or something.
21:00<nagchampa>are snapshots copy on write?
21:01<nagchampa>like, do they only take up space as changes are made?
21:01<bonhoeffer>great point
21:01<nagchampa>that would be super useful if they were
21:02<LouWestin>I'm not sure, I know they're just copy and write over the last every time you make one.
21:03<LouWestin>You could always use another backup option too. I use rsync for just backing up some of my game files and what not. But that's going to depend on your needs.
21:04<nagchampa>looks like the imaging feature captures can capture only 2gb of data on disk, which seems to imply they create a seperate copy of it
21:04<nagchampa>oh, looks like you get a snapshot slot if you enable backups
21:05<LouWestin>Yeah, you have to enable backups.
21:05<@mtjones>Each Backups slot only copies over any changes since the last time a backup was taken in that slot. However, the backups are stored seperate from your Linode and don't count towards it's storage so there's no need to worry about taking up too much space.
21:05<nagchampa>that shows the difference between images and snapshots
21:06<nagchampa>it would be so useful having copy on write snapshots available even if the changes added to your storage quota
21:07<@mtjones>nagchampa: Copy-on-write may be something you can set up with our Block Storage service, using a Block Storage Volume as the backup copy of your Linode's disk.
21:08<@mtjones>The Volumes are completely blank, though, so you'd have to set it up from scratch.
21:09<LouWestin>It might be wise too, to have another backup option as well that's separate from Linode.
21:09<@mtjones>Agreed, we recommend having off-site backups as well for any critical data.
21:11<LouWestin>I've never had any issues with Linode or data loss, but just incase
21:16<linbot>New news from community: which postfix configuration file is for connecting mysql <>
21:29<bonhoeffer>anyway — update done
21:32<LouWestin>Ok good
21:56<linbot>New news from community: Improve time response server <>
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22:52<amitduttjoshi>hi good day to all
22:52<amitduttjoshi>can anyone help me to figure out what nameservers should i add to my domain for linode?
22:55<MrPPS>amitduttjoshi: through to
22:55<MrPPS>if you're using linode as the dns servers
22:55<Peng>You don't have to use Linode's DNS service.
22:56<Woet>but if you have to ask, you probably should.
22:58<LouWestin>Start with ns1 and add as many as your domain name service allows you to. At least two should be added.
22:59<Peng>LouWestin: If your registrar doesn't allow you to set 5 nameservers, you should probably switch.
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22:59<LouWestin>I have Godaddy which allows all five. My other host only allowed two.
22:59<Peng>It doesn't matter *in this case* but like in general I mean come on
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23:01<LouWestin>I was with inMotion hosting which I switched to Godaddy since, A. I could no longer update the dns info myself without having to ask the staff to. (Website issue) B. They only allowed two name servers and no 2fa
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