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06:18<SteveA>I'm not a customer (yet). Would I be possible for me to install Mailman (list manager) on a host if ordered one?
06:23<LouWestin>You should as long as it runs Linux. They don’t really have any restrictions on what you run.
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10:10<Antony>Is there a problem with the Ubuntu images?
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10:15<Rajat>is there any issue in Linode network
10:15<Rajat>i am getting sloow network issue on my server
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10:49<linbot>New news from status: Block Storage Switch Maintenance <>
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13:06<excid3>When you create a new Linode via the API with the private_ip: true option, does the private IP interface not get automatically configured? Do I have to configure that manually?
13:11<@scrane>If you have Network Helper enabled by default on your account, the private IP interface should be automatically configured.
13:11<@scrane>If not,m you will need to manually configure it
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13:13<excid3>@scrane I do have Network Helper enabled just confirmed that, but I don't see the interface in ifconfig on the instance. It's also using Ubuntu LTS with auto-configure networking on.
13:13<grawity>excid3: do you see the address in `ip addr`?
13:14<@scrane>Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?
13:14<grawity>excid3: Linux generally supports multiple IP addresses on the same interface, without the use of aliases... but nobody told ifconfig about that.
13:15<grawity>if the same eth0 has multiple IPv4 addresses, ifconfig just won't show them
13:15<excid3>I do see it in ip addr, didn't realize ifconfig wouldn't show it
13:15<excid3>good to know
13:17<@scrane>I'm a huge fan of using `ip a` and `ip r` to see what IP addresses are configured.
13:18<excid3>thanks guys!
13:18<grawity>this is the main reason why `ip addr` and `ip route` (iproute2) are recommended over `ifconfig` and `route` (net-tools): the former get updates almost as soon as the kernel itself does, while the latter are stuck in the past and can omit lots of information
13:19<grawity>well, just as importantly, `ip addr` also has colours
13:19<@scrane>Just tested via API, and yeah network helper does automatically configure private IPs for 18.04 so you should be good. Glad we could help!
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17:45<millisa>Qualys started marking sites as untrusted today that have the last set of those symantec affiliated certs.
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18:13<Peng>I wish they'd done it sooner
18:19<millisa>there's likely one over in the 'recent worst' column with a 'T' that shows what it looks like now:
18:20<LouWestin>millisa: That site’s test taught me how better setup ssl. :-)
18:24<dwfreed> RIP HP
18:25<millisa>I know of at least one banking login/management site that has it...
18:26<millisa>It's not even one that is confusing either. It is an actual symantec cert, not one of those rebranded ones.
18:27<Peng>People should have stopped using Symantec certs weeks ago
18:27<Peng>months ago?
18:27<Peng>well yeah :D
18:28<millisa>which . . I didn't. But the earlier deadline was the one that finally got me off my lazy but to actually learn how to do LE certs...
18:28<LouWestin>Wasn’t it Symantec that was voiding ssls certs or something? I can’t remember off the top of my head now.
18:29<Peng>It's just unfortunate that people are screwing Chrome canary and Firefox nightly users
18:33<hawk>That kind of makes it sound like the expectation is that they are aware but plan to make the change last minute.... I would rather expect that most cases are people who are living under a rock in blissful ignorance.
18:35<Peng>Less than 6 weeks until we find out which it was!
18:36<hawk>Well, maybe the Chrome Canary users save them by complaining...
18:38<hawk>I don't know. I just feel like if you are aware, why didn't you reissue your certs like six months ago?
18:43<Peng>Dunno. But there's not that much reason to do it faster than necessary.
18:43<Peng>Necessary was last month though
18:48<hawk>Well, sure. But one advantage is at least that you don't start the jumping through hoops process last minute.
18:49<hawk>My impression is that Digicert did not trust any validation work done by Symantec/subbrands.
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21:19<tharkun>Good day. I set up an A record on the dns web page and the record does not appear at all. Any ops around?
21:19<millisa>how long ago?
21:19<tharkun>Disregard it took like 2 hours to unscrew it self but it seems ok.
21:19<millisa>typically it's a 15 minute publish period
21:20<dwfreed>keep in mind that resolvers are allowed to cache negative results
21:20<dwfreed>dig +trace is your friend
21:21<Peng>And auths can cache stuff!
21:21<tharkun>dwfreed: Yes, I know about NXDOMAIN and its caching period but this was far too large. As if the record was not updated at all for like 1:30
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21:21<dwfreed>nxdomain caching is controlled by the last field in the soa
21:21<tharkun>dwfreed: Yeap me knows about it and likes it very much ideed sir :)
21:22<dwfreed>Linode's default value is 1 day
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21:22<dwfreed>(the default ttl setting also controls the nxdomain caching value)
21:22<tharkun>dwfreed: Hard to get that one but I am almost certain that there were no isues there. Then again no certainty about it so no claims to it.
21:24<tharkun>dwfreed: Forget I asked you. Second time you answer something to me on speculation from your part. Have a nice day. Take care.
21:25<tharkun>BTW Thanks everyone. Got to go.
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21:25<dwfreed>all we can do is speculate when you give us no useful info
21:25<dwfreed>(I know he quit)
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21:29<millisa>hm hm hm
21:34<millisa>they like having folks guess stuff
21:34<LouWestin>Wow that escalated quick...
21:35<dwfreed>millisa: yeah, it's lots of fun
21:36<dwfreed>I'm tempted to see if I can't set a herald for him
21:38<dwfreed>(a herald will cause linbot to say something when he joins; the idea is to have linbot tell him he has to give us meaningful specific information if he wants help)
21:39<LouWestin>Maybe that should be standard or part of the announcement?
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21:41<dwfreed>Normally it isn't an issue
21:42<dwfreed>he's a special case
21:45<Peng>dwfreed: Many resolvers limit negative caching to a couple hours though
21:45<dwfreed> caps at 6 hours, doesn't it?
21:45<Peng>I think it caps to half an hour
21:46<Peng>dig @
21:46<Peng>The largest negative TTL it will return is 1799. I don't know if it caches longer internaly.
21:47<dwfreed>right, it caches for 21600 on positive results, and 1800 on negative
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21:47<Peng> 21599 IN A
21:47<dwfreed>or 6 hours for positive, and 30 minutes for negative
21:47<Peng>Not very long
21:48<dwfreed>they figure somebody else will look it up soon anyway
21:48<dwfreed>also they don't want memory exhaustion issues
21:48<dwfreed>stuff the cache with records that effectively never expire
21:49<Peng>Maybe they should add more memory, or stop running half a dozen separate segmented caches. ;-P
21:49<Peng>in each PoP
21:49<dwfreed>cache cohesion would be interesting
21:50<Peng> does it, somehow
21:51<dwfreed>their resolver is probably written in go
21:52<dwfreed> is probably just a patched BIND
21:52<dwfreed>and are you sure you aren't just hitting the same resolver every time with
21:53<Peng>If I am, they're very good at it.
21:53<dwfreed>cloudflare has an... interesting... routing configuration
21:53<Peng>And I know they've flirted with ways to make multiple resolvers share caches.
21:54<dwfreed>I mean, one could do cache tiering, I guess
21:58<Peng>Oh gosh I'm in that IRC log
21:59<dwfreed>of course you are
21:59<dwfreed>you're in every IRC log
22:01<millisa>(it was black friday)
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