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---Logopened Tue Sep 11 00:00:45 2018
00:05<dwfreed>if /dev/pts doesn't exist, that explains everything
00:08<millisa>missing /dew/mtn too
00:09<Woet>!lick mili
00:09<linbot>Woet: Point given to mili. (1)
00:09<Woet>!lick millisa
00:09<linbot>Woet: Point given to millisa. (68) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
00:09<Woet>wow relidy
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00:35<linbot>dwfreed: 1. eugene (72) 2. millisa (68) 3. mcintosh (66) 4. dwfreed (56) 5. linbot (23)
00:38<millisa>you are gaining -
00:39<dwfreed>you mean losing?
00:39<millisa>i'm trying to be positive
00:39<dwfreed>in 3.5 months, I got 4 points; in that same time frame, mcintosh got 28 points
00:39<linbot>Woet: I have 111 registered users with 141 registered hostmasks; 3 owners and 0 admins.
00:39<Woet>thats not helpful
00:39<Woet>give me fancy graphs of points
00:39<millisa>cahoots I say
00:40<dwfreed>I mean, I could make mcintosh give me all his points
00:40<dwfreed>and then I'd be #1
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01:06<millisa>no spreadsheet skills.
01:07<Woet>i'm not even featured
01:07<dwfreed>poor Peng, does all the work, gets none of the credit
01:08<millisa>!point peng
01:08<linbot>millisa: Point given to peng. (24)
01:10<dwfreed>I wonder if mcintosh's code handles spaces well
01:11<Woet>!point Woet Woet
01:11<linbot>Woet: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
01:11<Woet>thats a negative houston
01:12<millisa>!point lin%20bot
01:12<linbot>millisa: Point given to lin bot. (1)
01:13<Woet>!point ../../../
01:13<linbot>Woet: That URL appears to have no HTML title.
01:17<dwfreed>linbot: help point
01:17<linbot>dwfreed: (point <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$nick/$1/".
01:20<Woet>!point ../add/Woet/
01:20<linbot>Woet: Point given to woet. (22)
01:20<Woet>linbot: help towel
01:20<linbot>Woet: (towel <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$nick/$1/".
01:20<Woet>!point ../remove/dwfreed/
01:20<linbot>Woet: Point given to dwfreed. (57) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 14)
01:20<Woet>wait what
01:20<Woet>!point ../../remove/dwfreed/
01:20<linbot>Woet: Go away.
01:21<dwfreed>you don't have to use ..
01:21<dwfreed>linbot: web title
01:21<linbot>dwfreed: Point given to dwfreed. (58) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 14)
01:21<dwfreed>linbot: web title
01:21<linbot>dwfreed: Point taken from woet! (21)
01:21<Woet>well yea thats too easy
01:22<Woet>linbot: web title
01:22<linbot>Woet: That URL appears to have no HTML title.
01:24<dwfreed>that's a really dumbed-down answer
01:24<Woet>well, yea, it's Quora - not hackernews
01:25<dwfreed>quora is smarter than hackernews
01:26<Woet>is it?
01:26<Woet>i dont frequent either
01:27<dwfreed>was a joke, they're both dumber than a box of rocks
01:27<Woet>oh ok
01:27<Woet>i'm not used to this new dwfreed that laughs and makes jokes
01:27<Woet>give me a few weeks
01:31<Woet>having never been to Chicago, whats the point of having stations literally 15 meters apart?
01:34<millisa>might be something to do with the loop in the lower left -
01:35<millisa>line transfers?
01:53<dwfreed>also reduces walking, which in the chicago summers can really ruin your suit
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03:16<grawity>dwfreed: do you know if linodes are supposed to have some kind of emulated HW RNG or something
03:16<grawity>I'm still investigating the linode that got migrated to a potato – once it's booted, file reads are actually reasonably fast, so I wonder whether the real problem behind my service timeouts is the "[ 104.260158] random: crng init done" that takes two whole minutes to show up...
03:16<grawity>as opposed to most of my other systems where it's near instant
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03:22<DJ_>Anyone there to answer my questions
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03:24<Woet>jesus christ
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03:28<dwfreed>grawity: you should have access to the processor RDRAND/RDSEED instructions from the guest
03:28<grawity>the kernel won't start using those until 4.19 I believe
03:32<dwfreed>grawity: did you get a new kernel > 4.16 in the move?
03:36<grawity>yeah, now at 4.17.17 while the previous one was ... either 4.14.x or 4.15.x, it had a long uptime.
03:37<grawity>from ext4 bug to rng bug
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08:04<DrJ>anyone know of a guide online for setting up letsencrypt and verifying by DNS auth with linode dns?
08:04<DrJ>I can't find any specifically for linode
08:05<grawity>for certbot there is a third-party plugin:
08:05<grawity>actually no, it's part of certbot I think
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08:18<DrJ>must not be
08:18<DrJ>says unreconnized arguments
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08:20<DrJ>certbot: error: unrecognized arguments: --dns-linode-credentials /root/linode.ini --dns-linode-propagation-seconds 960
08:22<DrJ>certbot.errors.PluginSelectionError: The requested dns-linode plugin does not appear to be installed
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08:26<Guest247>what is this place?
08:27<Guest247>this is my first time using irssi
08:27<LouWestin>Linode’s community chat
08:28<LouWestin>And support
08:28<Guest247>got it. must be in the wrong place
08:28<LouWestin>Are you looking for VPS hosting?
08:29<Guest247>anyway, just a genral question how even secure is this irs thing? is it encrypted or anything?
08:29<LouWestin>Encryption is going to depend on what sever you’re on. Some are secured others are not
08:30<LouWestin>This server(s) are secured.
08:30<LouWestin>Also depends on what version you’re using of irssi
08:30<Guest247>i guess the latest, just installed it
08:31<Guest247>what is even the point of this irc when we have like telegram, signal... it looks very outdated or whatever
08:31<LouWestin>If it’s from Debian’s repos, it’s probably safe.
08:32<Guest247>i just hombrew it
08:32<LouWestin>As far as security as being Anonymous, no. Everything said is probably logged
08:33<Guest247>so whats the point? why not using like slack or smth
08:34<@bmartin>A lot of people love IRC and have used it for years
08:34<LouWestin>IRC is generally free and without restrictions
08:34<@bmartin>also ^^^
08:34<LouWestin>Meaning no pay walls.
08:35<Guest247>there are a lot of free solutions out there...
08:35<LouWestin>Personally, I don’t see a difference between IRC, Slack, etc. it’s all just text.
08:35<DrJ>this is nuts... shouldn't be this hard to get dns-01 auth working
08:35<DrJ>can't believe there isn't a guide for this on the linode docs
08:36<LouWestin>DrJ: Im sorry, I haven’t no idea.
08:38<LouWestin>Guest247: I started using IRCCloud which is slightly more modern looking than irssi.
08:38<Woet>Guest247: what is your issue with IRC?
08:39<LouWestin>IRC isn’t for tinfoil hat wearers,that’s for sure.
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09:45<molzami>hi, anyone here?
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09:45<dwfreed>not if you leave in 21 seconds after asking
09:46<LouWestin>Give us at least 20 minutes to answer your question.
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10:27<Pici>Hi, I seem to be having issues connecting to one of my servers in Newark
10:27<Pici>even the lish connection seems to be down
10:28<LouWestin>Are you getting any error messages?
10:30<Pici>Just "Connection to closed." via cli, or Connection lost via the web
10:30<Pici>I'll open a ticket, but was curious if anyone else was having issues.
10:31<LouWestin>I’m on Dallas. Let me see
10:33<Pici>I have another server in newark that is working, but on another kvm host..
10:34<LouWestin>Ok. I could log into Dallas, but that doesn’t mean much.
10:34<LouWestin>Someone had reported about a hardware issue... yesterday I believe.
10:36<Pici>oh, just got an emergency maintenance ticket assigned to my account... I'll track that
10:41<LouWestin>That’s what happened yesterday. The person said, oh there’s a ticket already made!
10:51<Pici>server is back up now :)
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11:32<Mike_Allwyn>Hello All
11:32<Mike_Allwyn>Im looking for a BAA certificate
11:32<Mike_Allwyn>how to get that one from Linode ?
11:32<Mike_Allwyn>Please Advice
11:32<gparent>I would file a support ticket
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11:33<gparent>or email them
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15:53<arooni_team_b>what do you folks use for checking page load time; and checking load time under stress? ab ? blazemeter? something else?
15:55<millisa>probably not what you are looking for, but I use nagios page content checks with check_http. The performance data it gives back includes load time for the page.
15:56<millisa>not that useful for load times if you are doing a stress test; but if you have the data graphed, over time it can give you an idea of what load times of the page are like when there are other unusual conditions
15:56<millisa>(and check_http is pretty basic - doesn't take into account things like javascript doing later page load stuff)
15:57<dwfreed>I've heard a lot of good things about siege
15:59<arooni_team_b>well thats another reminder to setup nagios at some point
15:59<arooni_team_b>anything i can do to reduce page load time for 50 simultaneous users less than 16.83 seconds; using wordpress + nginx? i'm running on a $10 linode vps so maybe i'm limited by the power/ram of that guy.
16:00<millisa>are you using some of the caching plugins?
16:01<millisa>opcache plugins?
16:01<arooni_team_b>you're speaking about at the nginx level or wordpress level
16:01<millisa>wordpress and php mostly
16:02<arooni_team_b>ill look into that now thanks. dumb q; is a service like google cdn or cloudflare is that a caching layer too? or is that more about getting my content geographically distributed (thru caching id assume)
16:03<millisa>cloudflare can cache
16:05<millisa>Some of our devs like others like
16:06<arooni_team_b>thanks for the recommendations
16:06<millisa>there was also a plugin that would give advice on which image files you could shrink (and would give more optimized versions on the fly)
16:07<millisa>I can't think of the name of the one they used off the top of my head though; I'd be surprised if there aren't several (the google pagetest thing usually tells you if large images is contributing to your page load speed though)
16:08<millisa>you might enjoy
16:08<LouWestin>millisa: Google page testers. Use Photoshop to save for web which will reduce image size greatly, but keep the quality good enough.
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16:20<relidy> (compresses JPEG as well)
16:42<nate>a reminder things like that don't really "compress", they drop quality :P
16:42<nate>(and probably strip any junk data editors like to add in these days)
16:43<nate>If you're gonna use PS's save-for-web feature just make sure you toggle the "metadata" option to none else it adds a lot of bloaty data in that
16:45<relidy>It's not quite as clear as "drop quality". There's a fair bit of magic that happens to ensure that the human eye sees little or no difference in the output. Whatever the specific approach, it's darn impressive how much can be tossed from an image before we see a difference.
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16:55<millisa>easier to just replace all images with the linode community svg
16:55<nate>relidy: I can see the difference between their examples, so I would say it would bug me :P
17:00<relidy>Anyone at SaltConf this week? Really wanted to go again, but couldn't convince the boss.
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20:38<dhildreth>Is anybody else having issues with xmrig botnet miner attacks? Some script is somehow adding a bunch of cron jobs and sending my CPU to 200% usage.
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20:54<tmberg>Just for me that wont work?
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21:06<LouWestin>dhildreth: How did you get infected?
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21:27<alexf>Does anyone have handy a link to a decent script to dynamically update your Linode DNS entries? Looks like my new ISP doesn't give me an IP address for as long as my last one
21:38<alexf>hrmmm... not sure if the man page for that tool will get me where I need to go
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22:02<alexf>I've been trying to use Jed's script but it's out of date:
22:35<alexf>This was a much more active channel back when I worked at Linode
22:40<Peng>It's your fault :(
22:43<Eman>this place was more fun when it was just 40ish people
22:45<alexf>Yes, the hipster-factor
22:46<Eman>dont forget the constant outages at fremont
22:48<Peng>I'm still upset about Atlanta going down from Hurricane Irma.
22:48<Peng>I don't blame them, because it was one of those weird malfunctions that you can't really prevent, but still.
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