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01:10<PedeDev>Is this private?
01:10<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
01:14<PedeDev>Okay. Does Linode has any problem with a user using VPN?
01:15<millisa>Not usually. It's a legal use.
01:15<PedeDev>Okay. Thanks!
01:16<millisa>They even have some documents on setting them up -
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02:54<linbot>New news from community: Linode DNS update issue <>
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03:57<frosi>is that good idea nginx +php fpm over linode 4gb ?
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09:47<Adrian>Hello there!
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09:48<Guest402>Received some spammy mail from, no Abuse email address on for non-registered users
09:50<Guest402>Many thanks, ericoc!
09:51<Guest402>Best regards!
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09:53<ericoc>how do you find the IRC channel of the provider, but not whois the IP or see how to report abuse on the website....
09:54<ericoc>or literally guess abuse@
09:56<smallclone>people that haven't reported abuse before probably aren't aware that there is a standard
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10:35<asker>Hi. does linode includes free email accounts?
10:35<asker>or are they add on costs?
10:40<DrJ>asker: you can run your own mailserver if you want
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10:40<DrJ>but no, linode does not offer email accounts directly
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11:08<@mcintosh>millisa: <3
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12:33<devilspgd>Who broke the Linode manager?
12:36<LouWestin>The whole site seems down
12:36<LouWestin>Now it seems fine
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12:48<devilspgd>Grr "Pending free upgrades must be performed before you are able to resize."
12:49<dzho>haha yup
12:49*dzho suffered through that slight detour
12:52<devilspgd>We estimate around 83 minutes to migrate your Linode, then 62 minutes to migrate your Linode. Oh goodie.
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12:57<devilspgd>While I'm whining about free upgrades, is there any reason to bother upgrading Nanodes? "Storage goes from 20 GB → 25 GB" is irrelevant for these boxes.
12:59<dwfreed>if you don't need the 5 GB of space, then no, probably not
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12:59<dwfreed>the migration estimates are overly conservative, fwiw
12:59<dwfreed>it assumes 2 minutes per gigabyte of disk image, which is incredibly slow
13:02<devilspgd>Yeah, I know the estimates are usually way high... Just grumpy that I need to double my downtime, but not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
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13:55<m1100010>win 3
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14:17<tmberg>loose 4
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14:24<tmberg>Käft! =)
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15:06<linbot>New news from community: cpu usage as seen from linode and host don't match; need help <>
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15:19<warewolf>it never will, heh
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17:55<jaskal>Hm, does Linode automatically take a snapshot of deleted disks? Just noticed there's a snapshot of a disk I deleted earlier under "Manage Images" with an expiration time of ~20 hours...
17:57<Peng>Yes, sometimes.
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17:57<Peng>I don't think they snapshot disks that didn't exist very long
17:58<jaskal>This one had only existing for around a day, was just something I was playing around with.
17:58<jaskal>Nice feature I suppose, however I note it's not documented (that I can see).
18:07<linbot>New news from community: Cannot install apache2-dev package in Debian 9 <>
18:22<LouWestin>There’s a development version of Django, but not sure if that’s what he wants.
18:22<LouWestin>Referencing the new news post
18:25<@mcintosh>jaskal: it's not guaranteed, so that's why it is not documented (we could document that it's not guaranteed but that usually doesn't appease folks)
18:26<@mcintosh>so, perhaps, arguably better to do it as possible and then when people reach out because they made a mistake, we can sometimes help (at least for a little)
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18:26<@mcintosh>rather than setting the expectation that we can cover such mistakes always (which I think documenting it might do, even if it was noted that it isn't guaranteed)
18:29<LouWestin>mcintosh: Basically what you’re saying is, make sure you backup stuff before deleting a disk?
18:33<millisa>if only there was some sort of reminder in the manager to let you know that backups are an option
18:33<LouWestin>There is the message
18:36<LouWestin>I saw yesterday that They changed the option now to auto backups
19:51<MrPPS>I think millisa was being sarcastic, LouWestin :P
19:51<LouWestin>Possible. lol
19:52<Peng>I need a reminder in the manager to read the other reminders in the manager
19:53<LouWestin>I kind of forgot the names in here who are seasoned pros.
19:53<LouWestin>Lol Peng
20:04<millisa>sarcastic is a nice way of saying 'a jerk'
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20:37<linbot>New news from community: Must run desktop(in order to run Atom-ide); not a fan of apt; which rpm dist is best for this usage? <>
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21:02<genjitech>hi guys
21:02<genjitech>is there any admins here
21:02<genjitech>or someone who can help me retrieve my account
21:02<genjitech>hackers got into my email
21:03<LouWestin>Did they get into your account too?
21:04<LouWestin>I’d contact Linode directly.
21:09<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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23:25<zifnab>I've been having weird tickets opened about backups for weeks
23:25<zifnab>I am too lazy to call, is there a known issue
23:26<millisa>i had one a couple weeks ago that kept repeating until I responded to the ticket asking someone to take a look at it.
23:26<LouWestin>I'd send a ticket to Linode.
23:27<millisa>he didn't say what it was - "I was able to clear the error that was preventing our Backup System from running properly on your Linode"
23:27<Peng>Mystery solved
23:28<millisa>(it was showing 'Validation Error' and 'Unable to get backup lock' when it tried to run the automated jobs)
23:28<LouWestin>A couple times (its rare) I have had a backup fail from Linode.
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