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01:12<jkl>Hey wondering if anyone has any experience setting up the linode/wordpress stackscript? I came across an error where web interface couldn't make wp-config.php file
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01:45<MrPPS>jkl: sorry, no
01:45<MrPPS>I haven't used the stackscripts in a long time
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04:45<fedora>Hi, I'm new to using nginx. I'm having trouble setting up codeigniter project my files are not loading like css js
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04:58<ee>hi,i can not login in my account
04:58<ee>please tell why?
04:58<ee>please tell me why?
05:03<ee>someone here?
05:23<nate>This is a community support channel, we're not psychics, there are tons of possible reasons why you may not be able to, how about starting off with the exact error you get :P
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05:56<ra_>whats the price for vps i
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05:59<linbot>New news from community: Can't access my server either <>
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08:21<Raj_>what is this
08:21<Woet>are you 12
08:22<Raj_>are you dead
08:22<Raj_>cause I can't see you typing
08:22<Woet>dead gorgeous.
08:23<Raj_>that's what I want to say
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08:28<dzho>well, that was worse than the usual drive-by
08:28<LouWestin>Interesting morning.
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13:10<alan>Hi, administrator. Our company server can't connected after reboot -f
13:10<alan>You know, generally, it will be started in several minutes.
13:11<LouWestin>did you log into the control panel?
13:11<alan>but it already pass more than half an hour, it still can't connected. So it is very emergent
13:11<alan>I just login the vm and execute: reboot -f
13:11<alan>I used winscp do it
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13:12<alan>I haven't access to login the website. My boss didn't know which password for that. So she asked me to connect with you
13:13<smallclone>alan: you should get access to the linode manager. to do that you will need the last six digits of the credit card on file for the account
13:13<alan>I have super administrator for a vm (
13:13<relidy>(Not in this channel)
13:13<smallclone>and you will also need to reach out to them via email at
13:13<smallclone>yeah not in this channel, this is public
13:14<alan>Now, I am the administrator for the linode. Previous administrator already resigned. He didn't give me other password.
13:14<LouWestin>You gotta talk to Linode
13:15<LouWestin>He could've deleted everything or lord knows what.
13:16<smallclone>fwiw the machine does respond to a ping
13:17<smallclone>so it probably was rebooted by lassie, but it's anybody's guess as to what came back up automatically
13:18<LouWestin>The boss should have master access to t he Linode account and then assign separate access to employees as needed
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14:02<AlexMax>Do you get dinged for transfer between private IP's
14:03<AlexMax>And are communications over private IP's any faster than using Linode's public IP's?
14:03<millisa>only difference I know of is they don't count towards your quota
14:03<DrJ>AlexMax: no
14:04<AlexMax>I presume transfer between two Linode datacenters dings your transfer...
14:04<DrJ>only on the receiving end though
14:05<DrJ>eh, sending end that is
14:05<DrJ>inbound traffic is not counted towards quota
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14:05<DrJ>the only thing that counts against your traffic is when you send data out the public IPs
14:06<csnxs>first time ive heard that
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14:07<AlexMax>Definition #2 is what's most common around here
14:07<@jalter>transfer between Linodes in the same data center is fast if you're using the internal IPv4 address (or public IPv6 - which automatically uses private network if they're in the same DC)
14:08<AlexMax>Oh, that's a neat wrinkle
14:09<AlexMax>I guess it makes sense...there are so many IPv6 addresses, why bother with the public/private distinction :P
14:11<@jalter>you also get the IPv6 address automatically :) Internal IPv4 address needs to be requested (and configured)
14:11<@jalter>err, strike that, you don't "request" it - you click "add a private IP" in manager
14:11<AlexMax>Yeah, we already use them
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14:51<linbot>New news from community: Checking SSL expiration Let’s Encrypt <>
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15:05<fedora>I'm setting up codeigniter and have a really had time configuring the base url to work
15:05<fedora>Anyone who has worked with setting up codigniter on nginx?
15:11<dzho>the general approach is to share an error message or log message or something to see if someone can jump in if they think they have some experience that bears on the problem
15:11<dzho>because maybe it's an nginx thing more so than a codeigniter thing
15:12<fedora>check this >>>>>>>
15:12<fedora>On the console some css are loading others arent. and also php files
15:14<dzho>so when I hit ctrl-u to look at that page source, I see a lot of relative URLs
15:14<dzho>I'd try to match those up against errors in the web server logs
15:14<dzho>and try to figure out why those aren't accessible
15:15<dzho>which probably involves matching up the errors with whatever stanzas in the configuration should enable them
15:15<dzho>if you can't find such stanzas, that might be the problem!
15:15<dzho>anyway, got to step away. good luck.
15:31<linbot>New news from community: subdomain SSL setup on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Disk <>
15:58<millisa>hm. that's new to me: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6148 CPU @ 2.40GHz
15:59<millisa>(just had a nanode need to go a forced migration and that's what it ended up on)
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16:22<Peng>millisa: ...Which data center?
16:22<millisa>host name is h1316-rin1
16:24<Peng>I use Dallas too. I hope I suffer some sort of disaster and need to be migrated. ;-)
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16:49*Peng finally signs up on the community site
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17:51<linbot>New news from community: Google ReCaptcha not working after site migration <>
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18:07<ausjke_>DO has this nice 'volume' basically you can add extra hard-drive to your instances, will linode provide that? this is good for use cases that need more storage and not that keen on cpu
18:07<ausjke_>or memory
18:08<ausjke_>kind of like a EBS in amazon
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20:22<phlux>I bought something pretty cool the other day
20:23<phlux>Some kind of network powerline adapter
20:23<phlux>One plugs into the outlet next to my main router/modem, and you plug an ethernet cable into it
20:23<phlux>Another one plugs in in another room and gives you a stable hard-wired connection without any wireless technology
20:24<phlux>It's pretty nice because there's a room in my house that used to be a garage (the room was converted into another living room and the garage was moved further out into the actual driveway)
20:24<Woet>just run a cable
20:24<phlux>There was nearly 0 wifi coverage back here
20:24<phlux>Didn't want to drill a hole in my ceilings or hide wires
20:25<phlux>This thing was $40 and works just as well
20:26<Woet>if you don't need > 100 mbit and don't mind the power usage, sure
20:26<phlux>My internet out here sucks for the time being, I don't get 100mbit
20:27<phlux>but if anyone ever extends a decent network out in the county, I'll probably just end up dropping a cable
20:32<Toba>I always wonder if your neighbors can pick up those network over the power lines in your house things
20:32<Toba>like if your neighbors wanted would they be able to get at your packets
20:32<phlux>It would have to be on the same circuit, wouldn't it?
20:32<Toba>well the concept of circuits is based on circuit breakers
20:32<Toba>if the signal can make it through a circuit breaker i don't see the distinction as far as networking is concerned
20:32<phlux>Like I'm fairly certain it wouldn't work across multiple breakers
20:32<Toba>it's a wire and it's connected
20:33<Toba>sure it's probably not the best thing to propagate RF through
20:33<phlux>I think I've read that it has to be on the same circuit for one reason or another
20:33<Toba>it will probably attenuate/bounce/dirty it up at least a bit
20:33<phlux>But that might just be to cut down on interference
20:33<Toba>yeah, and it might be that it will only work well out of the box like that
20:33<Toba>but i don't think it's "provably secure" or something, not that I know anything about RF
20:34<phlux>Seems plausible that it *could* happen but luckily I live in an area where I may be seen as an alien for having such technology in my house
20:34<Toba>haha yeha
20:34<Toba>if nobody else has it and nobody cares you're probably fine
20:34<Toba>I am just a bit of a paranoid
20:34<phlux>I'm stationed in the middle of nowhere, Mississippi for the next 4 years
20:34<phlux>I was surprised these people had broadband
20:44<Abi12>Is Dallas having issues?
20:45<Peng>What kind of issues?
20:45<Abi12>uhhh connetivity ones. I'm not sure if it's the host though.
20:46<MrPPS>I'm connecting to my dallas box fine
20:46<phlux>I'm connected right here from a Dallas node
20:46<Abi12>I can connect with ssh just fine, but my http/https server isn't connected at all.
20:46<Abi12>hmm kk so it must be me.
20:46<Abi12>Weird. I rebooted it, and nothing works lol.
20:46<MrPPS>services running etc?
20:46<Abi12>lighttpd daemon is running fine too
20:46<nyancat>Have you tried verifying that the httpd is running
20:46<MrPPS>curl from localhost working fine?
20:46<Peng>What's your site? What error message do you get?
20:47<MrPPS>curl from another box in the same region working fine? logs show anything?
20:47<Abi12>wtf. It just came up.
20:47<phlux>No issues for me
20:47<Abi12>This doesn't make any sense.. lol
20:47<Abi12>It's disabled.
20:47<Abi12>I disabled it, to see if it was a weird rule.
20:47<Abi12>yeah wth. Now it's working fine?
20:47<Abi12>Is there a reason why it would take the web server so long to load up?
20:48<Abi12>I've rebooted it several times before, and never had this issue.
20:48<nyancat>stuck in a Tim Hortons drive thru perhaps
20:48<MrPPS>Abi12: if you restart it, does it take just as long? was it waiting for other services to come up?
20:49<Abi12>I'm afraid to try again.
20:49<Abi12>butt.... I'm sure my players will understand. One second.
20:49<Abi12>It's for science.
20:49<Abi12>I'll try manually restarting the service once it's up too.
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20:50<Abi12>MrPPS: It's unlikely. I mean it showed as 'running' in the status. 'Started Lighttpd Daemon' is outputted too.
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20:51<MrPPS>could always start it in foreground and ese if there's additional messages/delays/etc
20:51<Abi12>yup. Same behavior. Let me kill it and try that ^.
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20:55<Abi12>hmm there's an intial delay, but after that everything seems to be running okay ( when running it in the foreground ).
20:55<Abi12>So it must be lighttpd causing the issue.
20:55<Abi12>Weird. I wonder why this happened so suddenly.
20:57<MrPPS>update to lighttpd suddenly? just haven't noticed it before because >uptime?
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20:58<Abi12>Well I ran the server for 105 days straight until today. I added a new firewall rule and made some edits to some server script files, and rebooted.
20:58<Abi12>and that's when the issue occurred.
20:58<Abi12>That's when I forced an upgrade.
20:59<Abi12>and it's working fine now.
20:59<Abi12>Maybe it's some type of caching mechanism which is causing a delay? That seems unlikely though.
21:00<Abi12>it could be php causing a delay as well.
21:03<nyancat>possibly. glad it's working alright now.
21:03<MrPPS>could be that, could be some adverse affect of server script file editing, or the firewall rule, or upgrades :P
21:03<MrPPS>if things change, then a problem occurs, I usually suspect the changed things first up :)
21:04<Abi12>That's what I suspected too, and disabled the firewall temporarily but nothing changed. The new additions apart from the upgrade don't influence it at all though.
21:12<Abi12>Yup. It's PHP for sure. HTML files are served almost immediately, but since my site relies on the use of templates - lighttpd has to wait for fpm to load up.
21:12<Abi12>WARNING: [pool www] server reached pm.max_children setting (5), consider raising it
21:12<Abi12>This might have something to do with it :p
21:15<nyancat>you have five children?
21:15<nyancat>i'm sorry
21:15<nyancat>(they must be good kids if you're only running into issues now)
21:15<Abi12>I just went with the default settings Isn't the rule [num cores] x 2.
21:15<Abi12>I have 1 core.
21:16<Abi12>anyway raising them didn't fix the issue.
21:16<nyancat>do you run any sort of cache?
21:17<Abi12>well I'm not sure. I didn't enable anything like that.
21:17<nyancat>`netstat -nap|grep memcached`
21:17<nyancat>just to make sure
21:18<Abi12>hmm `warning, got bogus unix line.
21:18<Abi12>lots of that.
21:18<nyancat>without the `
21:19<MrPPS>as in, you should be running without the `'s
21:20<Abi12>o.o yeah I know...
21:20<Abi12>So. Manually restarting both lighttpd/php-fpm 7 fixes it immediately or just letting it load for a few minutes.
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