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01:23<Bhoomika>Can some one help us with ddos atttack
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01:36<Abi12>*leaves 6 seconds later*
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06:34<chitta>how to install cpanel in linode server
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06:36<LouWestin>Quits a minute later
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08:44<linbot>New news from community: Why am i receiving "cannot define multiple Listeners on the same IP:port" error <>
08:45<Woet>poor linode support
08:45<Woet>how many managed questions for unmanaged linodes do you get
08:45<Woet>100 a day? 200?
08:45<dwfreed>a lot
08:45<dwfreed>they really botched the markdown on that question, though
08:46<Woet>all they gotta do is write a snippet that says "you bought an unmanaged vps, learn or upgrade to managed <click>"
08:46<Woet>and work together with vultr/digitalocean to do the same so people don't jump ship
08:46<Woet>aws doesn't even let you open tickets
08:46<Woet>they make good money
08:49<LouWestin>The few times I’ve opened tickets, it helped to point me in the right direction when I had a serious issue.
08:51<Woet>except you're not paying Linode to take care of your serious issues
08:51<Woet>if LISH works, it's your job
08:52<Woet>i mean, clearly that's black and white, but if everyone would open tickets about unmanaged issues they'd have to raise prices
08:52<Woet>or lower support quality
08:56<LouWestin>Right. I still had to fix myself. They’d just say check x,y,z and then I was like ah! I see the problem!
08:57<Woet>i know
08:57<Woet>thats not their job
08:57<Woet>you're not paying them for that
08:59<LouWestin>Actually I switched to them because I was tired of having to send tickets for stuff. “I need an ssl certificate”... send out ticket, a day or two later completed.
09:00<Woet>there are providers that offer managed and let you access it
09:00<Woet>not sure how happy they'd be if you break things though
09:00<dwfreed>Woet: Linode was (and probably still is) of the mindset that if we know the answer to the problem, and it won't take too long to provide it, we will, even though it's technically out of scope for support
09:00<dwfreed>it's a stance that customers have come to depend on, and would get very upset if it changed
09:00<Woet>i understand that
09:02<LouWestin>InMotion hosting said one time if we give you root, you’ll be unmanaged, but if you break something it’s... $150 an hour to be fixed I believe.
09:02<Woet>thats what most hosts do, yea
09:04<LouWestin>Which years later they offer an unmanaged plan but it’s still not much cheaper than managed and I’m going to assume they’ll still charge to fix it.
09:06<LouWestin>But I left years ago for another VPS which was still managed somewhat for less than a year. Wasn’t happy so then I joined Linode.
09:07<LouWestin>Oh, Webfaction was the name.
09:07<LouWestin>Didn’t stay too long with them.
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09:19<Roomii>My debit card is rejected while completing my sign up
09:26<LouWestin>You have to contact Linode
09:26<Woet>or your bank, most likely.
09:26<dwfreed>Linode may be able to give you the specific rejection reason
09:27<dwfreed>banks usually want address line 1, zip code, and cvv matches for online purchases, to reduce fraud
09:29<Roomii>I am confused whether Linode is accepting Credit Card Only. As I am using Debit Card.
09:30<LouWestin>They accept debit cards too
09:31<dwfreed>they accept debit cards with a credit card logo on them
09:32<dwfreed>Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover
09:32<dwfreed>if it has one of those logos on it, it will work; if it doesn't, it won't
09:37<Roomii>Yes, It has logo of Master Card
09:37<Roomii>But it is Indian debit card which do not have automatic payment support
09:40<LouWestin>Ah. Yeah you have to talk to your bank.
09:41<Roomii>They say they do not support automatic payments but Manual only
09:43<dwfreed>do they require MasterCard SecureCode or something?
09:44<Roomii>Secure code is only for Indian transaction and not for International. I have International debit card which do not require secure code for international transactions
09:46<dwfreed>that's good
09:46<dwfreed>(Linode doesn't support SecureCode)
09:50<Woet>thats odd
09:50<Woet>do they hate fraud protection?
09:51<dwfreed>SecureCode is a pain in the ass to implement
09:52<Woet>Linode does payment processing directly?
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09:53<dwfreed>they have a processor, but you have to handle the response and redirect to a mastercard page (or load it in an iframe)
09:57<Roomii>Linode is not redirecting me to any page
09:57<dfzj168>I just bought vps, how can I start to build a website?
09:58<Woet>you use SSH, install your webserver, configure it, then upload your website.
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09:58<Woet>you know Linode sells unmanaged Linux VPSes right?
09:58<LouWestin>dfzj168: See the guides to setting up a website.
09:59<LouWestin>Roomii: What do you mean? Linode dot com or something else?
09:59<Roomii>Is it necesaary to buy a load balancer for running instance
09:59<dfzj168>I don't know, I bought your vps for the first time.
09:59<Woet>Roomii: no.
09:59<Roomii>So, why a load balancer?
09:59<LouWestin>Roomii: depends on what your needs are.
09:59<Woet>Roomii: it's literally in the name
09:59<Woet>Roomii: turn the two words around.
09:59<Woet>Roomii: and remove the "r"
10:00<Roomii>Are linode instances Burstable?
10:00<Roomii>Why there a need for load balancer in linode?
10:00<Woet>Roomii: it's literally in the name
10:00<Woet>Roomii: turn the two words around.
10:00<Roomii>Pleasse explain me
10:00<Woet>Roomii: and remove the "r"
10:00<dfzj168>Can I communicate with you in Chinese?
10:00<Woet>dfzj168: nope
10:02<dfzj168>Thank you!
10:02<dfzj168>I will study and learn first, and I will not consult you again. Thank you!
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10:14<LouWestin> /Whois dwfreed
10:14<dwfreed>try without the space
10:15<dwfreed>I used to work for Linode, between March 2012 and November 2013; I'm friends with several current staff
10:15<LouWestin>I thought you had said you were a staff member
10:16<dwfreed>I'm an OFTC staff member
10:16<dwfreed>(hence cloak)
10:18<LouWestin>Ok. I signed up with Linode... four years ago I believe. So you weren’t working then.
10:26<Woet>I'm friends with several current staff too
10:26<Woet>and uncurrent
10:28<LouWestin>Ok makes sense.
10:30<csnxs>/whois dwfreed
10:30<csnxs>halp does not wrok
10:31<Woet>/oper dwfreed enoughenoughenoughenoughenoughenough
10:32<dwfreed>We generally do not use oper passwords here
10:32<LouWestin>Chatting on my phone is sometimes more error prone.
10:32<dwfreed>opering requires a challenge-response protocol
10:49<Abi12>stuff gets weird very quickly in here..
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11:01<LouWestin>Abi12: Do you or have worked for Linode as well?
11:09<dwfreed>don't think so
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11:39<Abi12>but I love them :p. I use it for hosting work/personal projects.
11:39<Abi12>I have.. 7 linodes? All for different organizations.
11:42<Abi12>I used to use a company called buyvm before, and they were horrible.
11:42<Abi12>It'd be cool if linode started offering windows vms as well. I'm sure that'd bring in even more business.
11:43<Abi12>or.. maybe not? I'm sure they'd have started already if it really did.
11:44<dwfreed>you can run Windows
11:44<dwfreed>but licensing is up to you
11:44<LouWestin>Ok. I know there’s Windows vms out there. But I’ve never looked too much into them. I’m not sure how the whole licensing works.
11:44<dwfreed>if Linode offered Windows, they'd have to deal with licensing
11:45<Abi12>ahh yeah. I've seen some people running winserver2012.
11:46<Abi12>I'm sure they'd have to purchase bulk licensing and pay it off slowly.
11:46<LouWestin>You can have Windows server setup on Linode?
11:46<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
11:47<LouWestin>Ah, didn’t know. Thanks
11:47<dwfreed>don't read the guide, but Eugene's instructions in the comments
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19:36<Miketh>Hi. I am a reseller. My provider has a server in Linode Dallas. ip address I made some traceroutes and can not reach server. Any issues in Linode Dallas network?
19:38<dwfreed>I'm connected to IRC from a Dallas Linode
19:38<dwfreed>that IP address does not respond to arping
19:38<dwfreed>so either the Linode is dead, or the host is dead
19:40<Woet>♫ what does the LISH say? ♪
19:40<dwfreed>they probably don't have lish access
19:40<Woet>they said they are a reseller. not that they're being resold.
19:41<Woet>oh, like shared hosting reseller maybe
19:41<Miketh>Thanks dwfreed. I am waiting response from my provider. Thanks for your help
19:41<Woet>"my provider has a server"
19:41<Miketh>yes, a shared hosting reseller of squidix
19:41<Woet>I'm not an expert on Linodes infra, but a trace doesn't hit any of Linodes routers (e.g. or
19:41<Woet>maybe it's been nullrouted?
19:42<Woet>or maybe it just shows up like that when the node goes down, i dunno
19:45<Peng>!mtr-dallas -n
19:45<Peng>!mtr-dallas -n
19:45<Peng>!mtr-dallas -n
19:45<linbot>Peng: [mtr-dallas] Start: Sat Sep 15 23:45:25 2018 -- HOST: clover Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev -- see for full mtr
19:45<linbot>Peng: [mtr-dallas] 1.|-- 0.0% 3 5.7 2.6 1.1 5.7 2.6 -- 2.|-- 0.0% 3 1.0 0.9 0.7 1.1 0.0 -- see for full mtr
19:45<linbot>Peng: [mtr-dallas] 1.|-- 0.0% 3 0.5 1.2 0.5 1.9 0.0 -- 2.|-- ??? 100.0 3 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 -- see for full mtr
19:45<Peng>You're right, that's weird
19:46<Peng>Also, it works over IPv6.
20:01<dwfreed>if it were just nullrouted, it would still respond to arping
20:01<dwfreed>as that does not involve the routers at all, because it's a single broadcast domain
20:01<dwfreed>(.101 responds)
20:01<Miketh>Thanks for your help. At this time I just have this one line response to my ticket "We're checking this out now. Thank you for your patience."
20:02<Miketh>So I do not know if the problem is the server (node) or linode. I think problem could be the node
20:03<Peng>Firewall entirely blocking IPv4? Weird kernel malfunction?
20:03<Peng>Weird malfunction on Linode's side?
20:03<dwfreed>or borked dhcp client
20:04<Peng>Makes sense
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20:18<Miketh>Thank your very much to ALL. Server is responding now. :)
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20:27<Peng>It... is?
20:27<Peng>!mtr-dallas -n
20:28<linbot>Peng: [mtr-dallas] 1.|-- 0.0% 3 9.9 4.2 0.9 9.9 4.9 -- 2.|-- 0.0% 3 36.1 14.5 1.5 36.1 18.8 -- see for full mtr
20:28<Peng>Wonder what happened
20:45<LouWestin>There’s been a few who have said their server went down and then 5-15 minutes later it’s back up.
20:47<Peng>It was actually down. Legacy IP was, anyway. ;)
20:50<dwfreed>clearly should have been using IPv6
20:50<dwfreed>all the content providers should do an IPv4 blackout day
20:50<LouWestin>Emergency maintenance?
20:51<dwfreed>v6 still worked
20:51<LouWestin>Then that answers my question
20:51<dwfreed>but a soft blackout, so everybody gets a big page that says "If you're seeing this page, call your ISP right now and tell them you want IPv6; then click here to continue to our site"
21:07<LouWestin>I did a v6 test a while ago. Already set.
21:08*Peng [loud sigh]
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