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01:15<LouWestin>Hi and bye
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01:22<tayfur>hi guys!
01:23<tayfur>I came across Linode connection on the web. But I do not have any information. I need hosting for WordPress projem. Will it meet my needs? Could you give me some information on this?
01:24<LouWestin>and !docs
01:25<tayfur>I have studied the plans but I need management and information. Is Cpanel available? Does it support needs like instant backups
01:25<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
01:26<LouWestin>Linode is not managed unless you signup for their managed option.
01:26<linbot>You should probably have backups. If you don't want to set up your own, use Linode Backups. Prices start at $ 2.00/month depending on your plan.
01:26<LouWestin>Backups are daily and there's a snapshot option
01:28<LouWestin>As far as what plan you need is going to entirely depend on your site project and how much traffic your're getting.
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01:29<LouWestin>and he's gone!
01:31<rsdehart>Hi all, how long is a piece of string? Plz answer
01:31<LouWestin>from here to there
01:31<rsdehart>ooh, good one
01:34<Peng>long enough for a cat to chew on
01:35<LouWestin>Don't let the cat swallow it though!
02:27<linbot>New news from community: Why can't I receive mail from dovecot <>
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05:45<kryptonik>anyone from support online?
05:46<Woet>this is the community chat
05:46<Woet>if you have a question, ask it.
05:46<kryptonik>need to get my account verified so i can deploy my server
05:46<rsdehart>how long have you been waiting?
05:46<Woet>just wait?
05:48<kryptonik>been waiting about an hour.. if waiting was an option, i would, but this is time sensitive
05:49<Woet>can't speed it up i'm afraid
05:49<Woet>as long as you send all the requested info it won't be long
05:58<linbot>New news from community: L2TP/IPsec configuration failure logs. I need helps. <>
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12:06<Roomii>Linode CPU are shared are dedicated?
12:07<LouWestin>Cloud servers
12:08<Roomii>And all other things like ram, storage and bandwidth are dedicated
12:09<LouWestin>The storage devices, etc. are shared. But you get “dedicated” space/memory.
12:09<linbot>New news from community: Convert ext3 boot filesystem to ext4 <>
12:10<Roomii>No, My question is that it is like virtual server in which I get dedicated ram, storage and bandwidth on the same shared physical server
12:11<LouWestin>Mmm.... I don’t know 100%
12:12<Roomii>You are from linode support or any user on linode
12:13<LouWestin>If you need true dedicated server(s) then I’d go with another service.
12:13<Toba>linode has stated in the past that it's abuse of the service to mine coins using cpu time on the linodes
12:14<Toba>so cpu at least is over-committed, not dedicated
12:14<LouWestin>Toba: Oh is that what he’s looking for?
12:14<Roomii>No, I am asking that your are from linode support team or any user on linode
12:14<Toba>'abuse of resources' only matters if those resources are shared
12:14<Toba>I am just a customer.
12:14<LouWestin>Same as Toba.
12:15<Toba>I think linode does not overcommit RAM, but don't quote me
12:15<Roomii>So it means I will get better answer from linode support team
12:15<LouWestin>You can send an email/ticket.
12:15<Roomii>Ok, thanks
12:16<Roomii>Why you are here to waste your time in answering people leaving your buisness
12:16<LouWestin>You asked a question and we answered it.
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12:17<Toba>Pretty rude to get mad that we tried to help
12:17<Toba>classic IRC
12:18<LouWestin>Toba: Facebook is worse. LOL
12:18<LouWestin>Much worse. Lol
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12:22<LouWestin>I should ask Linode just out of curiosity if the resources are spread across physical machines.
12:29<dwfreed>no, each Linode runs on 1 host
12:29<dwfreed>storage that is part of the plan is locally attached to that host; RAM and CPU are all local
12:30<dwfreed>Block Storage is the only thing that runs on other servers that you might be dependent on for normal functioning, depending on your setup
12:31<LouWestin>Ah ok. thanks dwfreed.
12:32<dwfreed>RAM and storage space are dedicated to the Linode; disk and network throughput and CPU time are all shared
12:35<LouWestin>Ok that’s what I thought.
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14:38<ces>I'm trying to setup irssi
14:38<ces>do you know about that?
14:38<LouWestin>On Debian or?
14:38<millisa>i know about
14:38<millisa>might have better luck asking your real quest
14:39<LouWestin>And Irssi has documentation too
14:40<ces>thanks you! i'm still a newby using linux,but the more i use it the more i like it
14:40<millisa>drugs are like that
14:41<LouWestin>What distro are we using?
14:42<ces>i have setup a new non-root user
14:43<ces>and by now i'm happy with it because i use some of the tools it has
14:43<LouWestin>You’d have to look at the Kali docs.
14:43<ces>louwesting i will
14:43<ces>but it takes soooo long to read it all
14:44<ces>and i have lotta things to do
14:46<ces>thanks you all! have to go see you
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14:47*LouWestin Thinks Hmm... new Linux user and distro of choice of Kali?
14:47<dwfreed>people are dumb
14:48<dwfreed>and kali is the leet haxxor distro
14:50<LouWestin>I don’t buy his story about being a noob. When you say “I can’t install xyz” but can setup a non-root user account... Someone is a really bad lier.
14:51<millisa>I also don't believe they really setup another account.
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15:43<Lyka>i have a question about Longview: how useful is pro compared to the free version?
15:48<Lyka>i mean, for the average user
15:52<phlux> kali lol
15:53<Abi12>Lyka: I think the data retention/resolution intervals are what's different.
15:53<Abi12>Pro is unlimited retention and has gives insights every 1 minute.
15:54<Lyka>it's expensive
15:54<dwfreed>storage ain't free
15:54<Abi12>well for what you're getting ofcourse.
15:56<Abi12>Isn't longivew open source ( so you can host it yourself ? )
15:56<LouWestin>$20 a month for up to 3 servers...pocket change
15:58<dwfreed>Abi12: the server side is not opensource
15:58<dwfreed>the client is, by nature of being written in perl
15:58<Lyka>of my 3 linodes, 2 are $5, 1 is $10
15:59<Abi12>dwfreed: Yeah. I couldn't find a server anywhere. I assumed it works based off of REST, so you could just change the destination host in the client.
16:00<Abi12>Lyka: There are free system monitoring tools out there for linux too.
16:00<Abi12>You'll just need to house the data on your own server(s). Longview's benefits are that you don't need to worry about data detention + it's integrated with the manager.
16:02<Abi12>dwfreed: 'our $post_target = '';'
16:03<Abi12>I'm assuming the longview posts the data there using some type of api key for auth.
16:04<Abi12>I don't speak perl though..
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16:31<syam>i need 32 GB 8 Cores 1TB GB SSD 16 TB 40 Gbps 7000 Mbps
16:31<millisa>Linode sells these -
16:31<syam>is there any customisable price
16:32<millisa>other than an attachable block storage, "CPU, transfer, storage, and RAM bundled into one simple price."
16:32<millisa> might interest you
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20:51<Ian_A>i was wondering if anyone is using block storage for running databases?
20:52<Ian_A>the only source i could find about it is an article from 2017 when block storage was in beta and the article advises against running critical data on block storage
20:53<Woet>not a great idea
20:53<LouWestin>Hi. I don’t. But I don’t have anything that large to need to.
20:53<Woet>unless you don't mind slower performance
20:53<Ian_A>any idea how much slower it would be?
20:53<Woet>depends on your amount of memory, cache hits, type of queries, indexes, etc
20:54<Ian_A>my database has outgrown the server, but i am not using anywhere near 10% of the CPU/RAM, so upgrading the linode might be an overkill
20:56<Woet>you can just try it.
20:56<Woet>attach block storage, copy your database to it, run the same queries, compare
20:56<Woet>but 10% of RAM means you can increase caching quite a bit
21:00<Ian_A>thank you for the advice
21:01<Ian_A>ill run some tests and and maybe upgrade the linode if necessary
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21:04<MrPPS>Ian_A: fwiw, very basic metric - buffered reads I've found to be about 40% of the speed
21:05<MrPPS>but as Woet said - best way is testing yourself, and increase your caching and test again :)
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21:16<Ian_A>huge performance loss
21:17<Ian_A>about 60% on complex queries that require lots of joins
21:17<Ian_A>and about 20~35% on the usual queries
21:17<Ian_A>i guess ill upgrade the linode and increase the innodb buffer
21:17<Ian_A>thank you all for the help
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