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01:08<zifnab>blah is hould go reply to this ticket
01:10<zifnab>or not, looks like if i ignore it it goes away
01:10<zifnab>"backups i've never tried restoring are failing sporadically"
01:10<zifnab> /shrug
01:11<millisa>restore one to a new linode, boot it, swap ip's, ignore the ticket?
01:12<millisa>or upgrade and then downgrade back and you end up on a new host?
01:14<millisa>maybe they just miss you
01:14<zifnab>there's an upgrade available. i don't want to restart the box because i'm unsure what breaks when i restart this box
01:14<zifnab>i believe i have to do something funky with mongo because of zifbin but "I don't want to fix this because reasons"
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02:54<shiv>Hi , My website not working error message showing - "This site can’t be reached"
02:55<shiv>took too long to respond. Try:
02:55<shiv>same error showing on all browser
03:01<MrPPS>does DNS resolve? is the service running? can you ssh to the server? can you ping the server? etc.
03:06<Woet>shiv: doesn't sound like unmanaged Linux VPSes are your cup of tea.
03:08<Peng>Please turn off Caps Lock
03:08<Peng>What's the site
03:09<shiv>Website name -
03:09<shiv>server ping working
03:12<millisa>if you are sure the service is running, did you check your firewall?
03:15<shiv>yes both checked & working
03:16<Peng>How did you check?
03:16<millisa>it doesn't look like port 80 or 443 are allowed
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03:47<rsdehart>another satisfied customer
03:51<Woet>satisfy me daddy
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06:22<linbot>New news from community: Anonymous DNS <>
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06:56<warm>I am going to buy a KOSOVO VPS, so can i buy it here?
06:57<Peng>a what?
06:57<warm>are you a real human?
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07:00<waltman_>That's just what a bot would say
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07:01<warm>what is 3-2=?
07:02<Peng>What do you mean by a KOSOVO VPS? Like, a VPS located in Kosovo?
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07:04<Peng>Linode has locations in Frankfurt and London, but not Kosovo
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07:06<nate>does kosovo even have a datacenter in it? >.>
07:18<rsdehart>why do people think everyone on irc is a damn bot?
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07:36<voker57> apparently
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07:59<iSRAELi>i want to upgrade from the Linode 32GB, the next plan (Linode 64GB) is just weird cause its a huge jump,
07:59<iSRAELi>so there is "high memory plan" Linode 48GB
08:00<iSRAELi>but it seems to have worst configuration?
08:00<iSRAELi>am i missing anything?
08:00<iSRAELi>other than the RAM
08:05<voker57>no, it's intended specifically for cases where you don't need more of anything but RAM
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08:07<iSRAELi>i see,
08:07<iSRAELi>a general question:
08:08<iSRAELi>mysql is using a LOT of CPU recently due to x3 of the traffic we used to have
08:09<iSRAELi>i will run mysql tuner right now,
08:09<iSRAELi>question is, is it a pure CPU thing that i should upgrade, or it must go along with RAM upgrade, or maybe (somehow? ) the ram upgrade will be enough
08:10<iSRAELi>maybe a stupid question, but im kind of clueless where it comes to cpu usage area
08:12<iSRAELi>have used ps aux --sort -rss to figure out its mysql
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08:26<LouWestin>iSRAELi: I’d go with the CPU and RAM upgrade.
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08:53<iSRAELi>yeah, my thought too
08:53<iSRAELi>problem is that huge jump from 32 to 64
08:53<iSRAELi>i dont need any more disk space, i dont even use 50% of what i currently have
08:54<iSRAELi>i wish it couldve been defined by the user
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09:13<LouWestin>iSRAELi: The only other option I could think of is looking at something dedicated where you can customize things.
09:19<iSRAELi>yes, problem is reliability
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09:48<Abi12>grrr google keeps giving me the dam captcha when using a proxy with cookies/js disabled..
09:48*Abi12 throws pc out the window
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09:50*LouWestin is waiting for someone to say buy a Mac instead
09:51<@bmartin>Dude, you're gettin a Dell
09:52<Abi12>;( I'm on a dell right now.
09:52<Abi12>I wish google was just a search engine.. and not a lifestyle tracker.
09:55<Abi12>reminds me of when of my professor explicity said Apple is the reason people are technically-disabled.
10:01<LouWestin>I see a lot of the tech using Macs too. So I don't know.
10:01<Abi12>I think he was referring to the touch-screen devices mainly.
10:02<LouWestin>Ah, ok
10:12<waltman>Startup idea -- dumb terminals that do nothing but connect to your linode.
10:12<Woet>Abi12: don't use Google?
10:12<waltman>duckduckgo ftw
10:14<Abi12>Woet: what do I use..
10:15<Abi12>they've locked me out LOL, and I refuse to give them my real ip.
10:15<Woet>Abi12: you use whatever matches your tinfoil hat needs.
10:15<Abi12>I'd google it but...
10:15<Woet>duckduckgo seems to be popular with paranoid people
10:16<Abi12>hehe it's not paranoid.
10:16<Abi12>it's just scary how much information they keep track off using searches.
10:16<Woet>its not scary at all
10:16<Abi12>to me it is.. they can assume lots of things about your lifestyle.
10:16<Woet>so what
10:16<dwfreed>it makes good business sense when your primary product is ads
10:17<Woet>in return they give me all information i need at whatever time i ask them
10:17<smallclone>if your device is plugged into a bunch of google services it's likely they could already deduce where you're located / who you are, without your IP
10:17<Abi12>it's just a privacy concern to me. I'd love to be able to turn it off.
10:17<Woet>tailored to my previous searches
10:17<Abi12>but yeah. I guess that's the cost of using a free service.
10:17<dwfreed>if you're not buying a product, you are the product
10:17<Abi12>A 1.00 a month subscription to disable all of those tracky~ features would be cool though.
10:17<Abi12>dwfreed: good point.
10:17<dwfreed>generally speaking
10:18<smallclone>your information is worth so much more than that though
10:18<Abi12>but aren't newer generations immune to ads?
10:18<Abi12>I just ignore ads whenever I see them. It doesn't tempt me at all.
10:18<Woet>depends how targeted they are
10:18<dwfreed>I mean, I click on an ad if it's a good ad
10:19<dwfreed>but I don't see most of those because of ublock
10:19<smallclone>if people were in fact immune to advertising, it wouldn't exist
10:19<Abi12>wut... really? That's weird. I don't think I've ever clicked on one.
10:19<Abi12>oh I just mean they're slowly becoming desensitised (??) to it.
10:20<dwfreed>if the ad is relevant to what I'm looking for, why wouldn't I click on it?
10:20<Abi12>when you see so much of something. You eventually tune it out.
10:20<Abi12>oh well yeah - then that's what ad works. I just can't trust where that ad will take me.
10:20<dwfreed>to this day, I still do not tune out ads, because there may be something interesting in it
10:20<Woet>just like any other hyperlink on any website ever?
10:20<Abi12>like how do I know that ad won't take me some site where they're using JS ddos another one?
10:21<Woet>how do you know the page you're on right now doesn't have that?
10:21<dwfreed>also animated ads are impossible for your brain to ignore
10:21<dwfreed>which is why they're popular among advertisers
10:21<Abi12>Woet: yeah that's my point, but hyperlinks on websites usually lead to other pages on that website. An ad usually takes you through 2-3 redirects until you get to your destination.
10:21<dwfreed>good ads generally don't
10:22<Woet>Abi12: and those other pages could do exactly the same
10:22<Abi12>I don't think I've ever experienced a good ad except maybe the animated ones you speak of. Like on youtube.
10:22<Abi12>It's likely, but generally not so.
10:23<Abi12>'s Site Tree won't take me through 4 different other sites. It'll just take me to what I'm looking for.
10:23<Abi12>if all ads were 100% clean and 'good'. I wouldn't have much of a problem with it.
10:24<Abi12>I don't know why more people don't have a problem with how google/etc etc track your data.
10:24<Abi12>Is it not the least bit alarming..? lol
10:25<Abi12>I guess it's the cost of free information though. Can't really blame them. I can just wear my tinfoil hat lol.
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10:34<@bbigger>time curl -sIL | grep "HTTP"
10:54<Woet>groove me daddy
10:55<csnxs>I'd rather not
10:55<Woet>bbigger: 0m4.207s from DPS
10:55<Woet>hope this helps
10:58<dwfreed>2.493s from Dallas
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12:03<linbot>New news from community: How to change the email configuration on Linode running Wordpress? <>
12:28<@bbigger>!point Woet
12:28<linbot>bbigger: Point given to woet. (22)
12:30<flutter_shy>Y'all seem cool. yay.
12:30*flutter_shy goes back to watching, and making sure you aren't dangerous humans
12:31<LouWestin>Of course we're all cool. We're mostly Linode customers
12:32<@scrane>Linode customers are the coolest people around.
12:32<@scrane>They're cooler than the cool side of the pillow.
12:33<flutter_shy>Cooler than the cool side of a fancy new memory foam mattress too?
12:35<@scrane>I... have never flipped a mattress to change sleeping temperature... but sure!
12:35<Abi12>o.o so people are having the same problem as I had a few days ago:
12:36<Karrde>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:37<LouWestin>Some posters mentioned about downgrading the kernel
12:37<Abi12>^ yeah. I did upgrade the kernel after the issue started, but the previous version I was running on was apparently affected.
12:37<grawity>is that the slow crng problem?
12:38<grawity>install haveged and see if that helps
12:38<LouWestin>Some said they went to Linode 106 or 107.
12:38<LouWestin>and that fixed it.
12:52<Abi12>yeah. I might. Going back two kernel revisions is kinda ~ though. I'll try fanagling with config values more.
12:54<LouWestin>I can't personally vouch for their suggestions, so take'em with a grain of salt. lol
13:15<dwfreed>if installing haveged fixes it, it's the slow crng issue
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14:13<phlux>I'm curious as to how simply installing haveged fixes the problem
14:17<dwfreed>phlux: because most distros set newly installed services to start on boot
14:17<dwfreed>and haveged starts really early in boot
14:18<Abi12>I'll give it a shot after hours grawity.
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14:39<AlexMax>Question. Is there a way to get the total amount of bandwidth used by a node over the past month? I see some numbers under the "network" box but I think that's just stats kept since the last billing cycle. We also have longview, but I can only figure out how to tell it to give me instantanious statistics.
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15:00<dwfreed>AlexMax: as in last 30 days? no
15:01<dwfreed>the network box shows transfer used for the current month
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15:32<smallclone>AlexMax: you can get historical info under the "graphs" tab for the Linode
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16:25<dwfreed>smallclone: but even the 30 day graph doesn't give a total usage
16:26<dwfreed>you could kind of extrapolate from the average, I guess
16:27<dwfreed>the error on that is going to be huge, though
16:30<dwfreed>yeah, Linode says this one Linode used 3.39 GB in July; extrapolating from average says 5.92 GB
16:30<dwfreed>or a 75% error
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21:04<zifnab>i thought by design rrd was less accurate over large time ranges anyays
21:04<zifnab>averages of averages
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