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03:15<linbot>New news from community: Nameservers with GoDaddy <>
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04:14<Shahadat>Anybody here?
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04:42<Peng>H... darn it
04:43<Unit193>Hello, Peng. :>
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04:43<Shahadat>Anybody here?
04:48<Woet>Shahadat: !ask
04:48<Woet>!ask Shahadat
04:48<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
04:52<Shahadat>I will ask my question now.
04:52<Shahadat>I see your pricing plans and I am interested to get started with you.
04:53<Shahadat>Only thing I need to know: is your hosting environment managed or unmanaged?
04:53<Shahadat>I need a fast, ssd server that is managed.
04:53<Shahadat>Unmanaged will be a problem for me to handle
04:53<Shahadat>so please let me know
04:55<grawity>general Linode plans are completely unmanaged (beyond the template OS installation)
04:56<grawity>if you want someone to configure things for you, that's Linode Professional Services
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05:11<Woet>!managed Shahadat
05:11<grawity>isn't Managed just incidient response
05:11<Woet>yup, thats what the page explains
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05:43<Peng>I have terrible timing
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05:50<Shane>is there any offers to join?
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11:13<csnxs>!lick mcintosh
11:13<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (69) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 27)
11:13<csnxs>woo 69!!!
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12:33<wasanzy>anyone here having experience with Linode software firewall?
12:38<LouWestin>I use UFW
12:39<dwfreed>I use iptables directly
12:40<dwfreed>(ufw is just a frontend to iptables; it makes rules that are difficult to comprehend)
12:44<wasanzy>I inquire from Linode if they have a firewall device like cisco etc but they said no, they only have software firewall. Anyone using that service?
12:45<dwfreed>it's not a service
12:45<dwfreed>Linux has a firewall built into it
12:45<dwfreed>that's what they're talking about
12:47<LouWestin>The pros use iPtables or other. Us smucks use UFW.
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16:24<warewolf>ipfwadm ftw
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16:41<dwfreed>iptables > *, except maybe nftables
16:41<dwfreed>but I haven't actually sat down to learn nftables yet
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16:42<millisa>ipchains was good enough for jesus, it's good enough for me
16:42<LouWestin>I probably should really learn iptables
16:43<dwfreed>ohgod, ipchains
16:43<LouWestin>Might look good on my resume.
16:43<dwfreed>the 90s called, they want their poor performance firewall back
16:43<millisa>i'll trade them one firewall for one capio. and some mrs phipps pretzel chips
16:44*rsdehart wears a beret and grows a goatee
16:44<rsdehart>haven't thought about cappio in a bit
16:46<millisa>only cooler
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17:40<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - Fremont <>
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18:54<Frozenlock>Hello! I'm trying to resize a disk, but I get this error : "Error determining filesystem blocksize"
18:54<Frozenlock>Any ideas why?
18:58<dwfreed>is the filesystem ext3/ext4 ?
18:59<Frozenlock>On LVM
19:05<dwfreed>are you trying to shrink it?
19:05<Frozenlock>No, grow it.
19:05<dwfreed>is the disk image marked as raw?
19:05<dwfreed>or does the Linode Manager think it has a specific filesystem?
19:06<Frozenlock>Linode manager sees it as (87792 MB, ext4)
19:06<dwfreed>thought so
19:06<dwfreed>you have to open a ticket to have Linode change it to a raw disk image
19:07<Frozenlock>Will this erase my dataÉ
19:07<dwfreed>it's mostly informational, but the job to resize disk images needs that information to not try to resize the filesystem
19:08<dwfreed>since the filesystem is not one it understands
19:08<dwfreed>(since it's not really a filesystem, but an LVM PV)
19:08<Frozenlock>I see.
19:08<Frozenlock>So I suppose I can open the ticket and leave my machine running as usual?
19:08<Frozenlock>Perfect. Thanks!
19:08<dwfreed>it's just a bit flip in the database; once that's done, then you can shut down and resize the disk image
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21:31<@mcintosh>!point csnxs
21:31<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to csnxs. (11) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 8)
21:31<@mcintosh>!to csnxs urmom
21:31<linbot>csnxs: Yo mommas so slow, she still hasnt finished FreedroidRPG! (14:0/0) [uommr]
21:31<@mcintosh>!downvote 14
21:31<linbot>mcintosh: Downvote added.
21:58<linbot>New news from community: ssh refused <>
22:05<@mcintosh>ssh the shape of punk to come
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22:23<xiaofeng>Hello Millisa!
22:23<xiaofeng>Is this a one-on-one chat or this is a chat room?
22:23<xiaofeng>the people's name on the right panel looks odd
22:24<millisa>Very public
22:24<LouWestin>My name really isn’t LouWestin
22:24<millisa>My name also is not LouWestin
22:24<xiaofeng>I thought this is customer serivce chat
22:24<millisa>It's a community chat; we like talking about Linodes
22:24<xiaofeng>ok, cool
22:25<millisa>and Linode based accessories
22:25<xiaofeng>I wonder if provides purchasing and docking domain
22:25<LouWestin>It goes off topic sometimes
22:25<millisa>What do you mean by docking a domain? (Linode doesn't sell domains)
22:25<xiaofeng>just buy and park here
22:25<LouWestin>Domain names no. DNS yes
22:26<millisa>You purchase a vps and have it host websites. If that website is something that talks about parking, go for it
22:26<xiaofeng>I see, ok, what is the best place you guys buy and park your domain?
22:26<LouWestin>I use go daddy
22:26<xiaofeng>yeah I am currently having domains in hostgator, but host here in linode vm
22:26<xiaofeng>If I could I would leave them
22:26<rsdehart>you can transfer domains
22:27<xiaofeng>their UI sucks, for six month my control panel still showing errors
22:27<LouWestin>You can switch over completely too
22:27<millisa>I like porkbun. But mostly because I like their name.
22:27<xiaofeng>man, seriously
22:27<Peng>millisa: They have a great name and logo
22:27<xiaofeng>I have tried hostmonster for 10 yrs, and leave them too
22:27<millisa>(was serious. their prices aren't terrible either -
22:28<xiaofeng>ok, I mistakenly get it for porkbum
22:29<LouWestin>millisa: Prices are good
22:31<LouWestin>Domain name transfers take up to a day, usually less. Just factor that in
22:31<xiaofeng>yeah, the worse thing is that my control panel broke I could not get my epp code
22:31<xiaofeng>I called them on the phone to get it and unlock
22:32<LouWestin>Did they unlock it?
22:32<xiaofeng>yeah they did it on the phone
22:32<LouWestin>Name transfers can take a little longer. It depends.
22:33<LouWestin>But if you switch to Linode’s service, then factor in about a day for dns resolve
22:34<xiaofeng>yeah, thanks I ghtought I have seen 48 hrs, but it is ok, not serious business
22:34<xiaofeng>good help guys, have a great night, will sign off from here now! will see in the future!
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22:35<Peng>Last time I transferred a domain it took 10-15 minutes. The time before that it was probably a week.
22:39<LouWestin>One name was about an hour. The other one was almost a day.
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23:02<@mcintosh>i transferred a domain away from dynadot recently - i seem to recall it taking like 5-10 minutes
23:02<Monoman>Hey guys. Any chance of getting turnkey Linux images??
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23:03<legolawsuit>hi, anyone know how to claim infringement on
23:03<millisa>you could use
23:03<millisa>legolawsuit: most abuse things should goto
23:03<MrPPS>legolawsuit: submit to their abuse page
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23:03<legolawsuit>thank you
23:03<Monoman>Thank you
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23:22<xiaofeng>back again
23:24<xiaofeng>question, the mx record in linnode dns manager for the mail server is the stmp hostname found in my domain registar right?
23:24<xiaofeng>sounds a little dumb but just double check
23:24<Woet>xiaofeng: its wherever you want your mail to go.
23:25<MrPPS>xiaofeng: so if your domain name registrar is to be receiving you mail for you, then yes
23:25<xiaofeng>I got this, so should be this?
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23:25<Woet>xiaofeng: i dont know, do you want your mail to go to
23:25<MrPPS>then yep
23:25<xiaofeng>ok, cool!
23:25<MrPPS>no worries - basically, mx tells it where to send mail destined for you
23:25<LouWestin>unless you're not running a mail server
23:25<MrPPS>and if smtp.porkbun is your mail server, then that's what your MX record should reflect
23:26<millisa>today I learned porkbun does mail hosting
23:26<LouWestin>oh, nice!
23:27<Woet>millisa: too bad it doesn't work in any Muslim countries.
23:27<xiaofeng>yeah, one mail $24 per year
23:28<LouWestin>that's not bad at all
23:28<xiaofeng>so I did this before in linnode, I added ns1 to to the ns server in porkbun then it should take 24-48 to see my helloword text?
23:28<xiaofeng>I forgot it was too long ago
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23:29<xiaofeng>it seems last time I figured out it pretty quickly, just need to double check for this time
23:29<rsdehart>xiaofeng: it might well take way less than that, but you should allow for it to potentially take that long
23:29<LouWestin>probably less than 24 hours
23:29<rsdehart>then if it takes half an hour you're pleasantly surprised
23:29<millisa>and just in case - linode's DNS requires that you have at least 1 linode provisioned in your account
23:29<Woet>no one appreciated my joke?
23:29<Woet>screw you
23:30<xiaofeng>pork, i get that
23:30<LouWestin>you probably know that you can test your page now just using the IP address
23:30<xiaofeng>yeah that works
23:30<Woet>!lick xiaofeng
23:30<linbot>Woet: Point given to xiaofeng. (1)
23:30<xiaofeng>man, someone will be annoyyed here
23:30<LouWestin>LOL, actually thought you were serious
23:31<xiaofeng>ok, cool guys, you guys are all in the US?
23:31<LouWestin>I am
23:31<rsdehart>I'm not
23:31<rsdehart>Woet both is and is not
23:31<xiaofeng>I heard linode was in Nj and move to Phily PA
23:31<Woet>The date & time is currently: Friday, 21 September 2018 at 11:31:42
23:31<rsdehart>xiaofeng: yeah that sounds about right
23:32<xiaofeng>cool, any plan to scale to thread aws?
23:32<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
23:33<rsdehart>most of us are just devoted customers
23:33<xiaofeng>ok, cool
23:33<xiaofeng>I am not a spy of aws either
23:34<LouWestin>There's a couple former employees too.
23:40<xiaofeng>Good night!
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23:50<Woet>dwfreed: stop iptabling me
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