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01:26<nate>lol, well, network helper was kind enough to "see" I completely disabled networkmanager and as such added the nm_controlled="no" to my eth0 config (even though I had done so already as well), but it wasn't kind enough to fix the IPv6 address network manager assigned originally lol. Bugger it, gonna do what I shoulda done ages ago, just manually assign it :P
01:27<dwfreed>network helper should Just Work
01:27<dwfreed>it does not do static IPv6 assignment, but it should configure it so SLAAC works properly
01:28<nate>Yeah but I guess that's the issue, for some reason on CentOS7's SLAAC is doing 'private' instead of 'hwaddr', at least according to the results I've been finding
01:28<nate>There's a forum post saying Linode fixed it at some point w/ the CentOS7 images, but that was a year and a half ago
01:29<dwfreed>or interface addrgenmode
01:29<dwfreed>the past is the past, stop focusing on it
01:30<nate>Well if it's an issue in current CentOS images as well that seems like something they might want to fix again no? Though I'm not sure how nobody would have noticed before now, unless mine just by some chance became an oddity out of all installs
01:32<dwfreed>pastebin 'ip -d link show eth0' and 'sysctl -a | grep net.ipv6'
01:33<nate>addgenmode is eui64 if that's what you're looking for, as for the rest let me re-paste it, looks like it expired
01:34<nate> as far as I can tell it SHOULD be pulling the public address, I don't know if it's simply not though because it already 'sees' an address that was assigned by networkmanager (which has since been disabled and the system even restarted)
01:35<nate>It's a fresh CentOS install, only thing I've done with it is build php, lighttpd, and replace ufw with iptables, and yes I made sure the IPv6 ICMP was open in the firewall
01:37<drussell[m]>Wait what
01:37<drussell[m]>Linode's CentOS image comes with ufw?
01:37<nate>Sorry meant firewalld
01:37<drussell[m]>o right.
01:37<nate>(been dealing with an ubuntu system on and off too the past couple days *_*)
01:39<drussell[m]>I still don't 100% understand what the problem is -- didn't read far enough back I'm guessing.
01:39<drussell[m]>Was just thrown off by your ufw comment :p
01:40<nate>drussell[m]: Fresh CentOS7 install, it decided to 'bind' my private local IPv6 address as my eth0 IPv6 rather than the public and now I can't get it to stop
01:40<drussell[m]>Well that's neat.
01:41<nate>it's actually network helper that's doing it looks like, as I just piddled with the config to manually do an IPv6 (so it would reset it on boot) and it's still pulling the private, possibly because of SLAAC
01:41<nate>I thought it was networkmanager in CentOS but apparently not
01:41<drussell[m]>Did you check Network Manager to make sure it's not stuck in there still?
01:41<dwfreed>pastebin 'ps aux' 'ls -l /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts' 'cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0'
01:42<drussell[m]>Er, it should be NetworkManager in CentOS -- upstream has NetworkManager. Not sure if Linode removes it in their images tho
01:42<dwfreed>NetworkMangler is a steaming pile of shit
01:42<nate>drussell[m]: It's there yes, but I disabled it completely (thus my comment about thinking it was but apparently not)
01:42<dwfreed>so going back to network-scripts is a good choice
01:43<drussell[m]>Yeah what dwfreed said :p
01:43<nate>Cause the eth0 script was even updated by network helper to make sure nm_controlled=no because it identified networkmanager was disabled
01:43<dwfreed>nate: see my new pastebin requests above
01:43<nate>dwfreed: Not sure what you expect to see in ps aux but one sec
01:43<dwfreed>that networkmanager isn't running :P
01:44<drussell[m]>He also wants to confirm that you're not uploading janky stuff to the internet via a headless browser. He's a spy, he wants all our ps auxes :p
01:44<nate>If it is then I have even worse issues than I thought considering I smoked the service in systemctl lol
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01:57<nate>dwfreed: like I said, I smoked networkmanager, since even network helper identified it as dead :P. Also sorry for delay, had to pee lol
01:58<nate>and now I'm gonna go heat up some left over lo mein cause my grumbling stomach isn't helping anything either lol
02:00<dwfreed>that seems to be missing 'IPV6_AUTOCONF=yes' try adding that
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02:05<nate>I did before, as well as a change w/ it set to no and a manual address assignment, main issue is they get reset by networkhelper on restart. Let me try with just that one again though
02:06<dwfreed>you have to disable Network Helper if you're going to be editing the file directly
02:07<dwfreed>because it completely replaces the file
02:07<dwfreed>oh, /etc/sysconfig/network is also needed, please pastebin that
02:09<nate>if I'm disabling network helper I might as well just manually assign the IP and be done with it lol
02:10<dwfreed>it makes 0 sense why your system is not getting the address automatically
02:10<dwfreed>if this change doesn't fix it, i'm going to start questioning your firewall
02:10<dwfreed>your sysctl settings are correct for SLAAC to work
02:10<dwfreed>and yet it isn't
02:12<drussell[m]>I mean, he did say he "replaced firewalld with iptables" -- is it possible Linode ships with nftables? Maybe nftables and iptables are both in use?
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02:13<dwfreed>drussell[m]: plausible
02:14<dwfreed>'nft list ruleset'
02:14<nate>I doubt linode changed the default firewall in centos, that would be goofy, plus if it was a firewall issue I wouldn't expect it to be pulling the private IP, it shouldn't be able to pull any at all
02:14<dwfreed>Linode doesn't have to change anything
02:14<dwfreed>if nftables is available, and firewalld is recent enough, firewalld will use nftables instead of xtables
02:15<nate>Well firewalld is otherwise 'out' and disabled, anywhoot I just took the lazy path and manually assigned the IP in eth0 and disabled network helper
02:15<nate>I'll work on figuring out the bug when I have more time
02:15<drussell[m]>nate: Just for giggles and shits, if you start a Linode in the same DC with the same distro, does it do the same thing with Network Helper?
02:16<dwfreed>nate: the kernel assigns fe80::/64 addresses when the interface is brought up and IPv6 is not disabled in sysctl; it does not depend on firewall in any way
02:20<dwfreed>drussell[m]: I deployed a nanode in fremont with cent 7, waiting for it to boot
02:20<dwfreed>with network helper enabled
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02:21<dwfreed>comes up with IPv6 just fine
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02:22<dwfreed>so I'm going to blame firewall
02:23<nate>dwfreed: Came up with the -public- firewall displayed on the account?
02:23<nate>The issue wasn't that I had no IPv6, the issue was that it was assigning the private
02:23<dwfreed>do I have to repeat myself?
02:23<dwfreed>the kernel assigns fe80::/64 addresses when the interface is brought up and IPv6 is not disabled in sysctl; it does not depend on firewall in any way
02:24<dwfreed>it does not depend on anything
02:24<dwfreed>heck, pretty sure it still does it on real NICs if the cable is unplugged
02:25<dwfreed>right now I'm applying package updates, so it's a fully up-to-date system, and then will reboot
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02:26<dwfreed>I disabled NetworkManager for good measure
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02:29<dwfreed>still has v6
02:30<dwfreed>fwiw, on default cent 7 deployments, firewalld uses iptables, so we can rule out nftables
02:30<dwfreed>CentOS helpfully doesn't enable /proc/config.gz
02:32<nate>dwfreed: The main issue with that though is what I said earlier (at least pretty sure I did), in that it was like that on a fresh install, ie; no reboots yet, unless somehow in the process of switching to purely iptables it lost the assignment which would be weird :P
02:32<nate>either that or something else got messed with and I completely forgot lol
02:32<nate>which is possible
02:34<Woet>this is one long ass conversation about boring stuff
02:36<dwfreed>on this fresh linode, firewalld allows SSH on both v4 and v6, as well as allowing DHCPv6; ICMP and ICMPv6 are both completely allowed; everything else is rejected with icmp-host-prohibited or icmp6-adm-prohibited
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02:37<dwfreed>and firewalld does not change chain policies
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02:39<dwfreed>it uses goto as needed, which is interesting
02:47<nate>dwfreed: Yeah but you keep those policies, that's just it. when you disable firewalld and enable iptables service the policies stay, it doesn't reset them, so all the default policies were still there
02:47<nate>all I did was add things like 80 and 443
02:51<dwfreed>no reason you can't flush them away and put in your own
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02:52<dwfreed>sometimes I wish tcpdump could choose to apply after the firewall rather than before
02:52<dwfreed>(or the inverse, in the case of output packets)
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06:33<Waseem>Help: who should i speak to ?
06:33<Woet>your lawyer
06:33<Woet>or your doctor
06:33<Woet>or your mechanic
06:33<Woet>not sure, "Help" isn't very descriptive
06:34<LouWestin>Or us?
06:34<Waseem>:)- me being dumb, aplogy.
06:35<Woet>Waseem: I definitely didn't say "please pm me for private free one-on-one support"
06:37<LouWestin>Strangers PMing for help is a big no no here.
06:37<Woet>s/here/anywhere on IRC/
06:37<Waseem>wow - my first contact with the #linode (admit being dumb) but this is not the help a first timer would have expected
06:38<LouWestin>So... what’s the question?
06:38<wraeth>Waseem: Just state your issue, any relevant errors, links to logs, and someone who is able can jump in and help.
06:38<Woet>Waseem: then I definitely recommend reading
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06:41<LouWestin>And he’s gone!
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11:32<Peng>Does Linode have any interest in adding authoritative nameserver instances in the other data centers? For moar redundancy. Cloudflare means you wouldn't have to add more hostnames, right?
11:32<Peng>I mean, is 5 data centers really enough? What if the entire US and UK explode?
11:33<Abi12>um what.
11:33<LouWestin>Are the five name servers located in the same DC?
11:33<Peng>No, they're in 5 DCs.
11:34<LouWestin>Ok. All in the States?
11:34<Peng>London too.
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12:30<hawk>What is the architecture with the cloudflare bits, btw? Are all the cloudflare proxies in front of all the nameservers or is there like a 1:1 mapping or what is up?
12:31<Peng>If you send a bunch of queries and look at the response times, it appears to be all:all
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13:13<hawk>Peng: Makes sense
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13:29<drussell[m]>I like that bottom one on that link "Careful who you trust"
13:29<drussell[m]>Should include a note about rm -rfv /
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13:48<LouWestin>I was slightly surprised that I was trusted (in root) to fix a SSL redirect issue on a couple sites. IDK, maybe they don’t consider security a top priority.
13:51<drussell[m]>LouWestin: Here or where?
13:52<LouWestin>Different service, non Linode client who found me on the internet.
13:52<drussell[m]>Hah that's fun
13:56<LouWestin>I’m a trustworthy person, should error on the side of caution anyway. I probably should’ve suggested that we switched to a sudo account and straighten out a few other things but i don’t think he would’ve cared. Lol
13:57<LouWestin>He wanted the problem fixed fast and he wanted it cheap. Done! Lol
14:00<LouWestin>Although I did at least update the servers, turn on the firewall, and added fail2ban.
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14:37<Alvaro009>Help me, i want to ask, how much does it cost / year 16GB RAM 2TB SSD ?
14:38<millisa>That's what they sell
14:39<Alvaro009>can i want to custom storage?
14:39<LouWestin>$960 a year for the 16 GB.
14:40<millisa>a few of the datacenters have a blockstorage addon
14:40<Peng>Most of them, by now
14:40<millisa>might be all but Tokyo
14:40<Peng>Tokyo and Atlanta
14:41<Alvaro009>Ok Thank you dear...
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14:41<millisa>Peng = dear. right?
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14:45<LouWestin>Aww that’s cute. LOL!
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15:44<gparent_>Peng = deer
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15:53<dand>cloudflare alliance for egress requires me to use cloudflare infront of linode to benefit from it?
15:58-!-Juan_Tek [~Thunderbi@2a02:1205:34f8:16b0:81a9:3670:f1d8:44f5] has joined #linode
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15:59<Peng>At this point, yes.
15:59<Peng>Other CDNs may sign up in the future.
16:12<dand>Peng: using CloudFlare means public catchable content?
16:12<dand>or can I use it with private content as well?
16:12<Peng>How private?
16:12<dand>like signed object url from object storage (minio)
16:12<Peng>Isn't that as public and cacheable as anything else?
16:13<Peng>Anyway, Cloudflare's intended to proxy whole websites. Including dynamic and private content. Doesn't necessarily make it convenient for all use cases, but you can probably do it.
16:14<dand>thanks. I'll read about it
16:14<dand>I also need UDP which CloudFlare can't handle
16:15<Peng>You can still use it for some things, if you want.
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20:58<staticsafe>is there confirmation that Linode is part of this Bandwidth Alliance?
21:04<staticsafe>MrPPS: thanks
21:09<Peng>Linode tweeted it
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22:29<millisa>Just saw the blog from 9/18 about the year end events and you (probably unknowingly) mentioned one of my customers; that happens to use cloudflare+linode and will benefit from the new alliance deal
22:34<millisa>(that was more a 'thanks!' not a complaint)
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22:58<john>do you have dedicate server in singapore
22:59<millisa>Linode has a datacenter in singapore, but they sell VPS, not dedicated.
22:59<john>thank you
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