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02:45<Mahesh>I have just created centos7 on linode
02:45<Mahesh>also install CWP
02:45<Mahesh>but it is showing php 5.6 defaul
02:46<millisa>sounds right
02:46<Mahesh>from php switch i tried to change
02:46<Mahesh>to php 7
02:46<Mahesh>but when i switch it is not updating
02:46<Mahesh>i restarted server
02:47<Mahesh>i check tail -f /var/log/php-rebuild.log
02:47<Mahesh>it is showing php07 not download
02:47<Mahesh>what is the issue
02:47<millisa>what do you mean 'from php switch i tried to change'
02:47<Mahesh>i want to change php5.6 to php 7
02:48<Mahesh>so i used PHP switcher from CWP
02:48<Mahesh>it change pHP version
02:48<Mahesh>but it is not as expected
02:48<millisa>what is cwp?
02:49<Mahesh>centos web panel
02:50<millisa>did you make the change to the htaccess file to tell it to use php7 for .php files?
02:51<Mahesh>php selector require pro version
02:52<Mahesh>which is paid
02:52<Mahesh>at present we are just trying feqasibility
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12:19<Muhammad>hi there
12:19<Muhammad>some one around ?
12:19<LouWestin>Just us old farts.
12:20<Muhammad>80, 443, 25, 587 these ports are open with no restrictions ?
12:22<LouWestin>Only if your firewall restricts them.
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12:26<Muhammad>got it
12:26<Muhammad>is there any more discount on your plans ?
12:28<LouWestin>Only what’s listed on the pricing.
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12:51<linbot>New news from community: External HTTP URLs for an HTTPS site <>
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13:22<LouWestin>They always ask about discounts...
13:23<LouWestin>I suppose the ability to manage it yourself is a discount.
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17:31<rsdehart>LouWestin: well, it is a bit outrageous that these greedy folks expect people to pay for services
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17:33<Peng_>Does anyone *not* want to know if there are coupons or promotions available when buying something?
17:43<rsdehart>Peng_: I'm just jaded as all hell. Don't pay me too much attention
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17:50<LouWestin>rsdehart: Peng_ I mean you kind of know what’s a good price for VPS when comparing specs.
17:52<Peng_>I'd still use a coupon code if I found one
17:53<LouWestin>Maybe if you’re getting into the $80+ range then it’s more of a toss up
17:53<LouWestin>Me too lol
18:00<LouWestin>But I’m also kind of jaded too when it comes to people complaining about an already low price. Lol
18:02<LouWestin>Those who say $5 a month!? Why don’t you offer it for free!? That irritates me.
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18:14<rsdehart>yeah, that was sort of where I was coming from, too
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19:04<drussell[m]>I agree with Peng_ tbh
19:04<drussell[m]>If I can get a discount, I'll take it.
19:04<drussell[m]>It's not about how much it is. Every penny adds up :p
19:06<Peng_>I feel guilty about filing support tickets on companies where I'm clearly unprofitable, though. :T
19:08<drussell[m]>I don't.
19:09<Peng_>Haha :D
19:10<drussell[m]>Huh. Linbot. Fun.
19:14<Peng_>I feel less guilty about "you broke this basic feature" tickets and more guilty about asking for features or whatever
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19:36<@mcintosh>features are good
19:37<csnxs>something something gnome3...
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19:39<tharkun>Aloha, is there some isue with linode's dns servers?
19:40<rsdehart>tharkun: shouldn't be, care to elaborate?
19:42<tharkun>rsdehart: Good enough for me. The delay in dns lookups seems to be a local isue. I am trying to pinpoint what is going on. At some time linode nameservers have taken 65,xxx ms to give the correct answear. Yet I am begining to suspect some isue with the ISP to feed udp packets on time.
19:43<tharkun> part of the isue
19:43<dwfreed>note that the DNS servers you hit are run by cloudflare, and so we might night be seeing issues with them while you are
19:44<linbot>dwfreed: 2606:4700:30::681b:8f29, 2606:4700:30::681b:8e29,,
19:44<tharkun>dwfreed: You can totally ignore me, please do so. I have found the harsh way that your knowledge is vast and deep but your trust and manners lack a lot of refinement
19:44<dwfreed>I mean, it's been hard to help you when you give zero useful information
19:45<dwfreed>the information you've given thus far for this issue has been useful enough
19:45<tharkun>dwfreed: you miss the point as allways. Please ignore me and my questions.
19:46<dwfreed>and then I noticed that the domain in your paste isn't using Linode's nameservers anyway
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19:52<dwfreed>tharkun: fwiw, I'm not alone in my thinking that we can't help you if you don't give us useful information; here's the IRC log from after you left the last time you were here:
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20:00<tharkun>dwfreed: I left because the problem was solved. It took two fifteen minute periods to straighten itself and the propagation time of the registers caused all the delays. What millisa told me was good enough to get the stuff corrected and figured out. As far as the previous perl isue. It was never solved. When linode gently reposition my vps to some other hardware, the isue solved itself. No logs, no further information, no nothing. The most frustrat
20:00<LouWestin>tharkun: with all due respect why berate the man?
20:01<tharkun>LouWestin: Good question. Let me give some thought to it.
20:02<tharkun>LouWestin: Thanks for the question.
20:09<tharkun>LouWestin: I found some good enough reasons to berate the man then although I am right. It is not an excuse to do so.
20:10<tharkun>LouWestin: Thanks again.
20:11<dwfreed>I mean, all I've done is asked you to provide useful information so I don't have to try to guess what your problem really is from nothing
20:18<tharkun>dwfreed: Thanks for searching the logs and pointing me to some flaw in my conversation, I am a better person now. Please, again. Just ignore me I would really appreciate that from you.
20:25<LouWestin>In other news, I got let’s encrypt working on my two sites. I ran into that popular “...lacks authorization” error. But figured it myself. lol
20:26<LouWestin>I needed to remove the trailing / at the end of public_html when I entered the document root.
20:31<rsdehart>everyone, please just ignore tharkun. Tharkun desperately wants to be ignored
20:31<dwfreed>rsdehart: :D
20:32<LouWestin>rsdehart: Shh... what do you think we’re doing?
20:32<rsdehart>just checking. with that many insistent requests to be ignored, it's unfair for anyone to do otherwise
20:34<LouWestin>K. Think about why you’re just checking and let me know later.
20:35<Peng_>!dns6 ds
20:35<linbot>Peng_: The DNS response does not contain an answer to the question: IN DS
20:35<Peng_>!dns6 dnskey
20:35<linbot>Peng_: 257 3 13 mdsswUyr3DPW132mOi8V9xESWE8jTo0d xCjjnopKl+GqJxpVXckHAeF+KkxLbxIL fDLUT0rAK9iUzy1L53eKGQ==, 256 3 13 koPbw9wmYZ7ggcjnQ6ayHyhHaDNMYELK TqT+qRGrZpWSccr/lBcrm10Z1PuQHB3A zhii+sb0PYFkH1ruxLhe5g==
20:36<Peng_>They half enabled DNSSEC :(
20:36<dwfreed>Peng_: probably because it defaults to on in cloudflare's panel?
20:36<Peng_>It does?
20:36<dwfreed>does it?
20:36<dwfreed>i don't know
20:37<dwfreed>honestly wouldn't surprise me if it did
20:37<Peng_>Wait, I did move a domain to Cloudflare recently... It defaults off.
20:37<Peng_>The domain's regged at Namecheap which doesn't support DNSSEC on that TLD :<
20:37<dwfreed>that'd explain that
20:38<Peng_>People don't transfer their domains when that happens? :D
20:42<dwfreed>fwiw, gandi doesn't support co either
20:42<linbot>New news from community: Need a professional service for site migration and integration <>
20:54<tharkun>rsdehart: :D
20:55<tharkun>pick your own venom
20:56<tharkun>for 1045210 and are not responding yet on a different network and different ISP they do resolv
20:57<dwfreed>that's cloudflare for you
20:57<tharkun>Although those servers seem to be off since dig @ +norec
20:57<dwfreed>or the ISP
20:58<tharkun>for 1045220 the isue is weirder dig fails but dig +trace does resolv
20:59<Peng_>I don't get it. can barely resolve anything.
20:59<dwfreed>I'm going to go ahead and blame the ISP
21:00<Peng_>I remember something recently where the resolver's clock was like a day off, so many TLDs had expired or not-yet-valid DNSSEC signatures.
21:01<tharkun>Peng_: let me check the time on that server. It feels like it can only resolv halve the internet the other seems broken.
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21:04<tharkun>Peng_: the clock is off by half a second at most so that can be ruled out.
21:05<tharkun>dwfreed: That is also my conclusion yet I need some hard evidence to present to the client so the sisadmin can make a proper ticket.
21:06<Peng_>"dig" failed.
21:06<Peng_>That is almost never evidence of a problem with Google. :P
21:09<tharkun>Peng_: That last paste gives dwfreed credit.
21:13<tharkun>And only could be reached.
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23:56<msakr>is there a VPS tuned for java
23:57<LouWestin>You can install java on them. I’m not sure what your requirements are.
23:58<msakr>so, I should install JVM on servers
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