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08:01<linbot>New news from community: too many open files in system: ah00156: couldn't create pollset in child; check system or user limits <>
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10:49<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
10:49<linbot>mcintosh: 1,000,000 points for mcintosh!!!
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11:06<LouWestin>Someone hacked the code. ;-)
11:13<@mcintosh>that's illegal
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11:18<csnxs>petition to ban mcintosh for rigging linbot
11:19<LouWestin>Should I fill out a ticket?
11:40<Woet>you should
11:40<@scrane>Well if it's about a hack of linbot in favor of mcintosh that's probably be sent to
11:41<csnxs>!point mcintosh
11:41<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (70) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 28)
11:41<csnxs>i am not helping the problem
11:42<LouWestin>Well, eh, I don’t want to go THAT far with it. Maybe I can fill out a a GitHub issue instead.
11:43<@mcintosh>there's no controversy here
11:43<@mcintosh>my points are hugely legitimate
11:44<csnxs>it's just an off-by-999930 error
11:44<LouWestin>Maybe we can get Linus to look over the code when he comes back.
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11:51<DrJ>"Nanode 1GB"
11:52<DrJ>typo in the invoices this month?
11:55<@mcintosh>DrJ: they've been Nanodes for awhile!
11:55<DrJ>really, haven't heard of that
11:58<DrJ>so what's the point of calling it that?
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12:02<csnxs>because its not a big boy linode
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12:07<millisa>Most nodes are lime flavored. These are banana.
12:08<@mcintosh>DrJ: in the future there may be a functional difference
12:09<@mcintosh>for example (I am making this up) a Linode 1GB and a Nanode 1GB where the Nanode is more CPU limited
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12:16<millisa>billing is going much slower this month.
12:16<millisa>or something kicked off much later than usual.
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12:19<LouWestin>Maybe someone was late pushing the send button?
12:22<millisa>probably more likely. time between invoices isn't any different than prior months, they are just arriving 10-11 hours later than usual
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12:26<LouWestin>If they wouldn’t mind taking my invoice off the send list, that would be greatly appreciated. ;-)
12:26<AlexMax>Is it normal to get a warning about an unpaid invoid when you have autopay set up?
12:26<millisa>I've had it happen a few times
12:27<millisa>is it the message when you login to the manager?
12:27<AlexMax>I saw "services might be shut off" and suggested to my boss that we pay.
12:27<millisa>If it's on (happy) billing day, there's a period between when they do the invoicing and when it actually bills that you can catch it
12:28<AlexMax>But now I'm getting home for lunch to my personal linodes and I'm seeing the same message.
12:28<AlexMax>How long should we wait between billing and payment before we get worried?
12:28<millisa>there's a 'payment receipt' email that follows the invoice mails. usually I see them 12-14 hours after the invoices.
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12:29<AlexMax>Usually this stuff happens overnight and I never notice it until it's already been paid
12:30<LouWestin>Totally normal AlexMax.
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12:46<csnxs>i've had invoices come in at 6am and then the receipt come in at 8pm
12:53<csnxs>and i only got my invoices just over half an hour ago, so
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14:07<frailtyy>Howdy all.
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14:11<@scrane>Well hello there!
14:12<frailtyy>How is Linodia these days?
14:12<@scrane>Every day we're Linodin'
14:12<frailtyy>Is Eugene alive still?
14:13<frailtyy>Are the cameras in his house still running?
14:15<@scrane>All good questions
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14:19<csnxs>AlexMax, jsyk i just got my receipt from linode
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14:36<LouWestin>I laughed at this spam email I got.
14:36<@scrane>Hah interesting spam emial
14:37<LouWestin>I would respond but that’ll put me on a list that I don’t wanna be on. Lol
14:38<LouWestin>Nice try Megan...go fish.
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14:50<LouWestin>LOL! That’s awesome! I think the Mandela email too sometime way back.
14:51<Lyka>okay, i'm a little bad at this kind of math, so here's my question: with a nanode 1024's 1TB/month data limit , if, for some unfortunate reason, it was outputting ipv4 at a constant rate all 31 days of a month, what is the max constant rate it could use without going over?
14:53<LouWestin>Some months only have 28 days, so you have to factor that in too.
14:53<Lyka>i have no intention of using the max or a constant rate, but i need to know if i can run a certain kind of server
14:53<LouWestin>I mean adjust for that.
14:53<LouWestin>What kind of server?
14:54<Lyka>a p2p chat
14:54<Lyka>not really a server
14:54<LouWestin>Like IRC?
14:54<Lyka>more a client
14:55<LouWestin>Well p2p wouldn’t have a server so I don’t quite follow.
14:55<Lyka>it doesn't matter what i'm running for thi question
14:56<LouWestin>The question right now is too theoretical to answer.
14:56<@scrane>So based on my math that's ~.000000413 TB/s you can usue over a 28 day period.
14:56<Lyka>how many Kb/s is that?
14:57<@scrane>413kb/s constant
14:57<Lyka>can you calculate it for a 31 day period?
14:58<@scrane>373kb/s constant
14:58<@scrane>My math was 1TB/(hours in the month*60 minutes*60 seconds)
15:00<Lyka>is the limit of "1000 GB" in bits or bytes?
15:01<Lyka>i can then calculate on my own knowing that
15:02<@scrane>bytes, I believe
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15:04<LouWestin>^That’s why I don’t do programming/development. lol
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16:11<LouWestin>That’s actually a good question about the “how much data can you constantly run every month?”
16:12<LouWestin>If say I wanted to run an internet radio station. I could have about 6 subscribers listening for 12 hours a day.
16:12<LouWestin>At 128KB quality
16:13<@scrane>Yup! And then you can also add more Linodes to the account to pool their outbound transfer together as LouWestin radio becomes more popular.
16:14<LouWestin>If I ran a radio station, I think it would have to be indie rock bands. Chicago radio is terrible now.
16:17<LouWestin>If anyone ever mentions to me about running an internet radio station... I’ll have to credit scrane’s math.
16:25<rsdehart>scrane: you may have been off by an order of magnitude
16:26<@scrane>... Yes. It appears I was.
16:26<@scrane>Where did my extra 0 go?
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16:27<rsdehart>did you convert from bytes to bits?
16:28<@scrane>So all I did was t/(#days*24hours*60minutes*60seconds) to get .000000413TB/s over a 28 day period
16:29<rsdehart>yeah so it is in fact around 400kB/sec
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16:29<rsdehart>but it's over 3Mb/sec
16:29<rsdehart>bits vs bytes
16:30<@scrane>Haha I am terrible at those conversions.
16:30<rsdehart>so your math was right, we were just using different units
16:30<rsdehart>big B is bytes, little b is bits
16:30<@scrane>Yup. That's where I made the mistake. Thanks for the correction!
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16:32<LouWestin>So he was off by 13KB?
16:33<rsdehart>that's attributable to differences between power of 2 units and power of 10 unites
16:33<dzho>so the key thing here is whether or not you just know that there are 86400 seconds in a day, or not
16:33<dzho>s/, or not//
16:33<dzho>do the calculation enough and it sort of sticks with you
16:33<rsdehart>I do, yeah
16:34<@scrane>Haha I didn't. But that's fascinating
16:34<dzho>if you know how many seconds are in a year, then that just means you're a theater person ;-)
16:34<@scrane>Dang it, Rent!
16:34<LouWestin>Ugh...I don’t wanna think this hard. Lol
16:34<rsdehart>LouWestin: it's 12.
16:34<dzho>oh, I guess it's minutes, not seconds.
16:35*dzho fails the "is a theater person" boolean test
16:35<@scrane>525,600 minutes. 525,600 moments so dear.
16:35<LouWestin>rsdehart: Gah....
16:35<LouWestin>K thanks rsdehart
16:37<dzho>echo '365 24 60 * * p 60 * p' | dc
16:43<arooni>i have a outstanding bill; any reason why it wouldnt auto charge my card?
16:44<rsdehart>LouWestin: I don't know Rent, I just assumed it was some sort of "second of January, second of February, ..." joke
16:45<arooni>i'm trying to set a dns record that amazon ses wants me to set
16:46<arooni>@ is the name part of of the txt falue
16:46<arooni>value; but when i try to enter that i see: TXT @
16:46<arooni>name contactins invalid characters
16:48<LouWestin>rsdehart: It’s a good play if you’re into musicals.
16:49<Peng_>arooni: try leaving the name field blank
16:49<LouWestin>But that goes back decades. Wow memory lane.
16:53<arooni>so what is @ short for .. everything?
16:54<LouWestin>Channel OP’s
16:55<LouWestin>Wait misread your question
17:01<LouWestin>I know it’s go daddy, but it explains the @
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20:17<Ikaros>O....k so that's strange. So Linode ends up charging my previous card that's supposed to be inactive in lieu of my *current* card. Hmmmmmm. Think I'm gonna have to make a call to the bank and ask for an explanation as to why they are permitting charges on my supposedly inactive card number. Also I should probably stop forgetting it's the 1st of the month and load up with PayPal beforehand. >.>
20:18<retro|blah>gg bank
20:19<Ikaros>Also eegh that charge made me go broke. >.<
20:21<LouWestin>Ikaros: Were those cards deleted from the account as well?
20:21<Ikaros>...the hell, ok, apparently they just mapped the old number to my new number. Who the hell does that? :/
20:22<Ikaros>LouWestin: You mean from my Linode account? I can replace with the new number but the idea for me was to not do that and instead just charge using PayPal since that was now available, the only catch being I'd have to actually remember to do it before the 1st of the month. If you mean from my bank, my bank only shows the current card number in the account so yes, the old number's not supposed
20:22<Ikaros>to be active.
20:23<Ikaros>Somebody's got some serious 'splainin to do over at the bank.
20:23<Ikaros>As to why they thought they could just remap the old to the new without me giving them the authority to do that.
20:24<Ikaros>You don't send me a new card as a "security precaution" then reactivate my old number mapped to the new card a month later.
20:24<retro|blah>I've had that shit pulled on me as well. I got a charge from some parking garage in Germany against my old card number, and I was like, uh guys, how did this charge go through considering that the entire point of changing the number was to avoid this kind of thing
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20:25<Ikaros>So yeah, think I'll be placing a call to my bank in the morning since technically I didn't authorize the charge made against the old card which is not supposed to even be active.
20:25<LouWestin>Ok I understand now. Essh...
20:26<Ikaros>And now it's a security risk since the entire reason they had sent me my now current card in the first place was as a security precaution.
20:26<Ikaros>To note I'm only peeved at my bank. Nobody else.
20:28<LouWestin>Yeah, no that’s not good...
20:28<retro|blah>The best part in my case was the bank told me, "Yeah, we'll issue you a new card number" and that's where I told them to stop and actually look at wtf was going on
20:29<Peng_>It's a great feature to (optionally) allow legitimate recurring payments to continue to go through on the old number.
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20:29*Ikaros does not agree
20:44<LouWestin>It’s a feature that’s good for the company. ;-)
20:45<rsdehart>that "(optionally)" was key
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21:53<linbot>New news from community: Removing PHP <>
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