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02:59<bert_>may I ask if linode also office bind multiple IP's
02:59<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
03:00<bert_>is the price depends on the specific region, for example in Asia,Honkong
03:01<dwfreed>no, but Linode doesn't have a datacenter in Hong Kong
03:01<dwfreed>Tokyo or Singapore are your Asia options
03:05<bert_>so the prices is same rate regarless of datacenter location
03:06<bert_>Can you give some steps how to do it.Is there a link I can follow
03:07<dwfreed>to get additional IPs? You have to open a support ticket after you have purchased a Linode
03:07<millisa>With proper technical justification
03:08<bert_>Do you have tutorials on how to process multiple IP
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03:12<millisa>I'm not sure what you are asking. Do you mean how you configure the linode with the additional IP addresses that you receive after technical justification? or how to write up the justification?
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03:17<grawity>that was not a yes/no question
03:17<bert_>the steps configuration
03:17<millisa>They usually link it to you in the ticket response; it's probably this one -
03:18<bert_>thats what I need
03:18<grawity>I'd say it's mostly not-really-different from configuring the primary IP
03:21<bert_>I just want to see the Linode managers part, the rest as what grawity said not-really differ from configuring IP
03:21<grawity>there's nothing to be done in the Linode manager
03:21<grawity>as far as I can remember, at least
03:22<grawity>the address is assigned to your linode and there it stays
03:23<bert_>then what if you want additional IP
03:23<bert_>as resolver
03:24<Peng_>What do you mean?
03:24<millisa>Can you rephrase the question?
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03:27<bert_>What if I want to make multiple IP's per server? How would I do it? example If I will lookup google will give me more than one IP
03:27<grawity>the whole discussion above is literally how you do it
03:28<grawity>well, adding a 2nd address to your domain in DNS is a separate thing
03:28<grawity>but it's still no different from adding the 1st address usually: open up your DNS domain manager – wherever it is hosted – and just add a 2nd 'A' record
03:28<millisa>This doesn't sound like something that would get past the technical justification
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04:10<shawon>what is the data price
04:11<shawon>after the use limit
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04:16<grawity>patience limit
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04:55<linbot>New news from community: How to upgrade Ubuntu 18 LTS in stackscript. <>
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07:38<Hassan>hello there?
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08:55<linbot>New news from community: Setting up a staging sub-domain: what have I done wrong? <>
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12:21<bumbleVole>hi, so i have a drupal 7 app and a rocketchat app. i want people to (preferablly) be able to signup on the drupal website and then use the same login details for the rocketchat app. is this done thru LDAP? or oauth? or some other way? any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
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12:25<grawity>depends on which one is supported by rocketchat – maybe either, maybe none
12:25<LouWestin>bumbleVole: I'd check with the Drupal and rocketchat community since they'd know better.
12:25<bumbleVole>grawity: both are supported
12:25<bumbleVole>couldnt get oauth2 working tho
12:25<bumbleVole>thought maybe ldap would be easier?
12:47<LouWestin>That was quick! lol
12:47<bumbleVole>whats that lou?
12:47<LouWestin>A new CentOS Vm I just fired up to test out some things.
12:51<bumbleVole>for a small site (less than 1000 users) what is probably the best option? oauth, ldap, saml, something else? for user management. so many options, so many providers, I'm a bit lost
12:53<grawity>depends on what your apps support – often all of them
12:54<grawity>ldap is somewhat of an odd one here because it's often used as just the database backend for saml, but *also* often used directly by other apps
12:54<grawity>e.g. you could have five apps which support getting account info via saml, but the 6th only does straight ldap...
12:55<grawity>both oauth and saml also have the limitation of only informing the app about who's *currently logging in* – you can't get a whole list of users (or groups) through them
12:56<grawity>so sometimes an app might use ldap for obtaining a list of accounts, but saml/oauth for the user-facing auth process
12:56<grawity>I don't know what's more common outside, I'm mostly familiar with "intranet" services
12:57<bumbleVole>yeah my apps support all of them
12:57<bumbleVole>but after hours of tinkering with oauth, i gave up
12:58<bumbleVole>thought i'd try something else this time
12:58<bumbleVole>i guess ldap is straightforward...?
13:02<grawity>it's an acquired taste
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14:01<Hassan>Hello there???????
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14:02<DrJ>oh darn, we didn't meet his 11 second response requirment
14:02<DrJ>someone here is gonna have to be fired
14:07<@scrane>I volunteer as tribute.
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14:36<gecco>hey linode, I just cloned a linode from a backup, my nic is not coming back up, this is centos, any suggestions?
14:38<millisa>udev rule?
14:40<millisa>does the nic come up if you manually ifup it?
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14:55<gecco>it looks like eth0 is not present, how can I figure out what this might have changed to so I can bring it up?
15:12<gecco>yeah, it does look like a udev rule rm -f /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
15:30<millisa>after removing that file and rebooting, all is well?
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16:07<gecco>yes, all is well, wish I had remembered this from past times, that did the trick, thanks
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16:17<linbot>New news from community: Cant access website on mobile data? <>
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16:38<harley>any here who can support me?
16:38<harley>I have a quesiton
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16:39<relidy>Apparently not quickly enough.
16:42<rsdehart>apparently the question wasn't urgent enough to actually ask, but merely allude to
16:50<LouWestin>5 secs. That’s a record I think
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17:16<rsdehart>well, there are barely 300 people in here, surely the odds are extremely low that a single person is paying attention or will be in the next couple of minutes, at any given moment
17:21<Abi12>instant messaging has spoiled people.
17:22<warewolf>entitlement and zero patience
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17:29<warewolf>oh, that was in reference to the person who popped in and left real quickly
17:37<frailtyy>Oh I understand.
17:38<frailtyy>People are needy.
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17:53<Cromulent>sorry for the newbie question but if I want to write a networking application on Linux - I should use epoll right?
17:54<rsdehart>no need to apologize for a "newbie question". At least you asked it and didn't just ask to ask then leave. With that said, I have no idea
17:55<dwfreed>Cromulent: yes, you should always use epoll
17:55<Cromulent>thanks :)
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18:11<Abi12>Cromulent: depends.
18:12<dwfreed>the performance difference isn't significant enough to matter
18:12<dwfreed>also that paper is from 2004
18:12<Abi12>Still makes some pretty good points.
18:12<Abi12>epoll_ctl eats up alot of processing.
18:13<dwfreed>not really
18:13<Abi12>They profiled it at almost 16%.
18:13<dwfreed>again, in 2004
18:13<dwfreed>Linux has changed *dramatically* since 2004
18:16<dwfreed>I have a simple python script that serves as a buffering proxy between 2 sockets, and will at most handle 6 connections at any given time (so 12 sockets); 99% of its CPU usage is because it's python, not because it's using epoll
18:16<Abi12>oh. I usually assume people are writing network applications in C.
18:16<dwfreed>this was a very simple need
18:17<dwfreed>and python made things convenient
18:18<dwfreed>didn't feel like implementing an efficient FIFO in C, when python gives me collections.deque already
18:18<Abi12>yeah case by case.
18:18<Abi12>heh just use c++.
18:18<Abi12>Clipping buffers in C is a pain anyways.
18:18<Abi12>std::string makes life a hell of alot easier.
18:19<dwfreed>C++ is a mess
18:19<Abi12>It's efficient if you write good code.
18:20<dwfreed>and messing with buffers in C isn't hard
18:20<Abi12>it's messy once things get complex though.
18:20<dwfreed>not really
18:20<Abi12>because you no longer have RAI :p you're managing the memory down to the byte
18:20<dwfreed>it's RAII, fwiw
18:21<Abi12><--- newbie. Yeah, it's fun writing network stuff in C though.
18:22<Abi12>but if Cromulent is going to be using this application in production
18:22<Abi12>he should probably use boost aio or libev
18:23<dwfreed>it's not hard to get straight epoll right, as long as you use level triggering
18:23<Abi12>dwfreed: I agree with your meh but \o/
18:23<Abi12>yeah but the efficiency comes from ET though.
18:23<Abi12>he should just use poll()
18:23<Abi12>epoll isn't POSIX
18:24<dwfreed>poll isn't efficient
18:24<dwfreed>it's better than select, but it still sucks
18:24<Abi12>That depends on the load.
18:24<dwfreed>and he also said Linux
18:24<dwfreed>so I don't think he cares about POSIX
18:26<Peng_>Why have POSIX when you can have a wrapper library around many non-POSIX event designs
18:28<Abi12>rip. People who are beginners with networking, should just use boost aio/etc etc for soon to be production projects. That's more real world.
18:28<Abi12>plus aio scales well. It's designed nicely...
18:28<Abi12>ahhhh it is a mess though dwfreed xD
18:29<dwfreed>no, they should learn the right way to do it from the start
18:29<dwfreed>bringing a 10,000 pound library like boost is a terrible idea
18:29<millisa>so you mean, perl, right?
18:29*dwfreed glares
18:30<Peng_>You mean ?
18:31<Abi12>The real world is ugly.
18:31<Abi12>Lots of companies use big libraries.
18:31<Abi12>It's bad design, but gets the job done.
18:31<Abi12>Same reason why people use java..... kk I'm out.
18:32<dwfreed>just because they do it doesn't make it a good idea
18:34<Abi12>\o/ I couldn't agree more, but not many fresh college grads like rolling around in low-level code. That's why they brainwash you with java classes for 4 years.
18:35<Abi12>*gasp* did you say malloc()?
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18:35<Abi12>I'm a soon-to-be college graduate, and I remembering sitting through my x86 and system-level programming classes :p
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18:36<dwfreed>I took an intro to C class my freshman year of college (was part of degree requirements); textbook for the class? K&R
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18:38<waltman>dwfreed: it's a classic!
18:38<Abi12>dwfreed: I found it on goodreads. Did you attend college in 1988? :p
18:39<dwfreed>no, 2010
18:39<Abi12>mine was K.N King - 2nd edition. ( I'm looking at it right now )
18:39<waltman>The second editionw wasn't even out yet then.
18:39<Abi12>oh boi
18:39<dwfreed>there's a reason the teacher picked it
18:39<dwfreed>its principles are timeless
18:39<waltman>Your teacher attended college in 1988?
18:40<dwfreed>no, he actually wasn't much older, because he was a grad student
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19:26<waltman>O'Reilly has a book called "21st Century C" which is a great resource on what's changed since K&R.
19:27<dwfreed>the reality is not that much
19:27<dwfreed>mostly just POSIX providing a standard for syscalls and stdlib
19:28<waltman>He covers things like the toolchain, updates to the language spec, etc.
19:28<dwfreed>there's a few new language features in C99 that are nice, like variable-length arrays, and the ability to declare your loop variable in your loop
19:28<dwfreed>a proper boolean type is nice
19:29<dwfreed>stdint.h is great too
19:29<waltman>I've mostly moved to C++, mainly because I want vectors, maps and strings.
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20:37<Apache_loser>I was wondering if someone could help me get Apache up. It's been kicking my ass.
20:38<linbot>New news from community: How do I find out or set up an ftp address <>
20:38<Apache_loser>I removed some directories and it borked apache. Now I've gone too far and can't figure out what way is up.
20:39<smallclone>Apache_loser: what directories did you remove?
20:40<smallclone>if you have backups, you will probably want to restore from one
20:40<Apache_loser>nothing system related, directories referenced by VirtualHost files. Contain web files I no longer needed.
20:41<Apache_loser>not sure why deleting those dirs would hose apache.
20:41<smallclone>what's the domain?
20:41<Apache_loser>SSL is also involved, via LetsEncrypt, but I no longer need that. So it would create error in VirtualHost referencing pem files, so I commented them out.
20:42<Apache_loser>one domain:
20:45<smallclone>so i'm guessing apache failed to start
20:45<smallclone>what's the os / version?
20:46<Apache_loser>correct, apache won't start
20:46<Apache_loser>ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
20:46<smallclone>Apache_loser: what's in the log from the time it fails to start?
20:47<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
20:47<Apache_loser>so I do have going through cloudflare for SSL
20:47<Apache_loser>It was working fine
20:47<LouWestin>smallclone: Oops sorry.
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20:50<smallclone>ah ok so
20:50<smallclone>did you remove /home/skelley/public/
20:51<Apache_loser>I recreated the dir
20:51<Apache_loser>just to see if that would fix it.
20:51<Apache_loser>no dice
20:51<smallclone>did you disable the site
20:51<Apache_loser>Not before deleting.
20:51<Apache_loser>did try after the fact, but then I think that did not work.
20:52<Apache_loser>says ERROR: Site does not exist!
20:52<Apache_loser>when a2dissite
20:53<smallclone>so the vhost file presumably no longer exists in the sites-enabled directory either?
20:53<Apache_loser>i don't see it when i do apache2ctl -S
20:54<LouWestin>He’s getting a 521 error now.
20:55<Apache_loser>Lou - probably because name servers are via cloudflare
20:55<Apache_loser>my apache server won't start
20:56<frailtyy>Apache_loser: Prettyh apt name
20:56<Apache_loser>I thought so
20:59-!-frailtyy [] has quit [Quit: Thanks for nothing!]
20:59<Apache_loser>I do have virtualhost file
21:00<smallclone>Apache_loser: is it in sites-enabled?
21:00-!-frailtyy [] has joined #linode
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21:00<Apache_loser>under /etc/apache2/sites-available
21:01<Apache_loser>yes, there is...
21:01<smallclone>i would move or remove that if it's under sites-enabled
21:01<smallclone>then restart it
21:03<Apache_loser>no go
21:03<Apache_loser>skelley@matrix:/etc/apache2/sites-available$ sudo service apache2 restart * Restarting web server apache2 [fail] * The apache2 configtest failed. Output of config test was: apache2: Syntax error on line 244 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Could not open configuration file /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ No such file or directory Action 'conf
21:03<smallclone>well i think that's pretty self-explanatory
21:04<Apache_loser>you mentioned moving it. I did that in sites-available
21:05<LouWestin>Do you still have the actual site files and DB files?
21:05<smallclone>you should find that line in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf
21:05<Apache_loser>I can nuke anything
21:05<Apache_loser>I don't have domain.
21:05<smallclone>then remove that line too
21:05<Apache_loser>I'll check that line. Overlooked that.
21:07<Apache_loser>oh my god. I think it started
21:07<Apache_loser>Now I'm getting other errors, but apache is running.
21:08<smallclone>well that's progress at least
21:08<LouWestin> isn’t showing up right now
21:09<Apache_loser>Why would my sites go to 403 errors?
21:09<Apache_loser>the line I had to remove was
21:10<Apache_loser>Include sites-enabled/*
21:10<Apache_loser>I commented that out and restarted apache
21:10<smallclone>that's not such a great idea
21:10<smallclone>ok so apparently you have files in sites-enabled that are referencing
21:10<smallclone>you should
21:11<smallclone>add that "Include sites-enabled/*" line back to apache2.conf
21:11<Apache_loser>restarted apache, failed. wah wah
21:12<smallclone>you need to find the vhosts that are referencing it
21:13<smallclone>grep -R '' /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
21:14<Apache_loser>skelley@matrix:/etc/apache2/sites-available$ grep -R '' /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ grep: /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ No such file or directory /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ DocumentRoot /home/skelley/public/ /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ ErrorLog /home/skelley/public/ /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/tale
21:15<Apache_loser>here, better view
21:16<smallclone>ok so you need to remove
21:16<smallclone>in that directory
21:17<Apache_loser>i did a mv on it, renamed it
21:18<Apache_loser>restarted apache, syntax on that stupid line 244 of apache2.conf
21:18<smallclone>move it to a different directory
21:18<smallclone>anything in that directory will be treated as an active site
21:21<Apache_loser>moved them to home dir
21:21<smallclone>ok now restart apache
21:22<Apache_loser>same error
21:23<smallclone>that file exists in sites-enabled
21:23<Apache_loser>They are there, but different color than other files
21:24<Apache_loser>Can I nuke those?
21:24<smallclone>it's probably a symlink
21:24<Apache_loser>doesn't it carry over? right
21:24<Apache_loser>correct link
21:24<smallclone>just rm it
21:26-!-jeremiah [] has quit [Quit: jeremiah]
21:26<Apache_loser>restarting apache
21:26<smallclone>welp you know what to do
21:26<smallclone>reboot apache again
21:26<Apache_loser>did not start
21:26<Apache_loser>no error
21:26<Apache_loser>action 'start' failed
21:27<smallclone>nothing in the error log?
21:27<Apache_loser>your help is greatly appreciated sclone
21:27-!-ckuehl [] has joined #linode
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21:29<dwfreed>"See /home/skelley/public/ for more information
21:29-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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21:35<Abi12>Use Solution 2..
21:37<Apache_loser>where is listen.conf ?
21:37<Abi12>Maybe it's ports.conf
21:38-!-acald3ron [~acald3ron@2600:3c01:e000:20c::1002] has joined #linode
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21:39<Apache_loser>ok edited ports
21:39<Apache_loser>restarting apache
21:39<Abi12>what's the error now*
21:40<Apache_loser>apache error.log looks same
21:44<Apache_loser>apache error log
21:46-!-NomadJim [~Jim@2001:5b0:2d1f:d4c8:d102:cc8d:23b3:124f] has joined #linode
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21:47<Apache_loser>think I'm in for a long night.
21:47<Abi12>Apache_loser: Are you running this without ssl?
21:48<Apache_loser>Trying to...
21:48<LouWestin>Can you pull the import files and dump the database into a file for safe keeping?
21:48-!-bumbleVole [] has joined #linode
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21:48<Apache_loser>yeah, will take a bit.
21:48<Apache_loser>don't run linux command every day so it's a process for me.
21:48<LouWestin>*important files.
21:49<Apache_loser>I have sftp, so files should be in order, and have back up.
21:50<LouWestin>Worst case, you’ll have to start from scratch...been there once or twice.
21:50<Abi12>Apache_loser: are you trying to run it on port 443?
21:50<Apache_loser>yeah, not looking forward to that.
21:50<Apache_loser>I dont want to. Not sure where I need to 'un-do' Letsencrypt ie SSL
21:51<LouWestin>But as long as you have a backup you should be good
21:51<Abi12>Apache_loser: try `a2dismod ssl`
21:52<Abi12>^ apache.
21:52<Apache_loser>line 11 on .conf file
21:52<Abi12>Can I see it?
21:54<Apache_loser>i remove line in that file in 'available' not 'enabled' correct?
21:54<Abi12>Can you comment out that line?
21:54<Apache_loser>in avail or enabled?
21:54<Abi12>`'SSLEngine'` in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/
21:56<Apache_loser>now getting could not bind to address
21:56<Abi12>do `ps -A | grep apache`
21:56<Abi12>check if it's still running.
21:56<Abi12>kill the process if it is, and then try starting.
21:57<Apache_loser>no process
21:58-!-acald3ron [~acald3ron@2600:3c01:e000:20c::1002] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:58<Abi12>Apache_loser: try running the daemon as sudo
21:58<Abi12>`/etc/init.d/apache2 start`
21:58<Apache_loser>oh damn
21:58<Apache_loser>No error!!
21:59<Apache_loser>grep produces process
21:59<Abi12>Can you access the site?
22:00<Apache_loser>connection refused
22:00<Apache_loser>redirecting to https
22:01<Apache_loser>I have to check .htaccess
22:01<Abi12>Make sure it's Listening on 80.
22:01<Apache_loser>one site works
22:02<Apache_loser>so to check if listening on 80, do i have to check each VirtualHost file and .htaccess ?
22:02<Abi12>hmm weird. You can access one but not the others?
22:02<Abi12>Was that site originally running without SSL?
22:02-!-NomadJim [~Jim@2001:5b0:2d1f:d4c8:d102:cc8d:23b3:124f] has quit [Read error: Connection timed out]
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22:03<Abi12>but yeah make sure the configuration is set to Listen 80, and remove any previous SSL redirection parameters.
22:05<Abi12>- in each VirtualHost file..? I'm not too familiar with how Apache manages vhosts, but if that's the way you set it up then yes. They must be in the 'sites-enabled' dir.
22:07<Apache_loser>I think I need to tweak some name servers
22:08<Apache_loser>have another site that works.
22:08<Apache_loser>so ones that weren't covered by ssl work
22:08<Apache_loser>some I have going through cloudflare, so I have to change that.
22:08<Apache_loser>Thank you everyone.
22:08<Apache_loser>Not even sure what to say.
22:09<Abi12>I have a secret.
22:09<Abi12>I googled all your errors.
22:09<dwfreed>IT 101: we just google shit too
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22:09<Abi12>dwfreed: phew
22:10<Abi12>Yeah, but next time just plug your error message into google Apache_loser. You'll find what you're looking for.
22:10<Abi12>ahh I use duckduckgo these days though..
22:13<LouWestin>Guides, google, trial and error, and IRC. ;-)
22:13<LouWestin>Keep good backups in case you reach the point of no return.
22:14<Apache_loser>well your google-fu was better than mine.
22:14<Apache_loser>It was driving me crazy
22:14<Apache_loser>so I have some sites working, just have to tweak the others. I hope
22:15<LouWestin>Take notes too. These guys helped me too when I needed it.
22:15<Abi12>Also make sure never to use epoll.. always use select Apache_loser
22:15<Abi12>*triggers dwfreed*
22:16-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:18<Apache_loser>wonder why some are resolving to https
22:18<Abi12>Apache_loser: You don't have a 'Rewrite' rule in any of the vhost configurations?
22:19-!-bumbleVole [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
22:19<Apache_loser>checking them now
22:19<Abi12>Apache_loser: also you shouldn't be running anything on port 443 now. Do `netstat -autn -p` to make sure though.
22:20<Apache_loser>I don't see anything on port 443.
22:21-!-bumbleVole [] has joined #linode
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22:22<LouWestin>Check .htaccess too just in case
22:22<LouWestin>Might be more than one.
22:23<Apache_loser> is one I'm most concerned with
22:23<Abi12>Apache_loser: yeah looks like it's directing me to https when I curl it.
22:24<Apache_loser>won't do just 80
22:24<Abi12>s/curl/wget. curling without redirects enabled returns some output.
22:24<Abi12>'this page has moved to.. etc'
22:25<dwfreed>curl -L will follow redirects
22:25<dwfreed>curl -vL for fun and profit
22:26<Apache_loser>curl -L returns cloudflare
22:26<millisa>unflip this switch over at cloudflare -
22:26<Apache_loser>changed DNS servers
22:27<Abi12>wget automatically follows redirects.
22:27<Apache_loser>did that switch at cloudflare
22:29<Apache_loser>think i need servers to resolve
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22:36<Apache_loser2>switched computers
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23:20<JessicaNewb>Hello. How do you add the private network settings on the new Ubuntu 18.04's?
23:21<JessicaNewb>I've enabled it on the dashboard/gui but now I want to configure it on the box itself.
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