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00:24<fergtm>you will need to add the private IP address to the configuration in /etc/systemd/network/
00:25<fergtm>the instructions for Ubuntu 17.10 should also work for Ubuntu 18.04
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00:43<fergtm>what could be causing slow transfers over IPv6?
00:43<fergtm>from two linodes in the same datacenter (dallas) I get a scp transfer speeds of 3.9MB/s in one and just 275.5KB/s for the other
00:44<millisa>scp'ing out to somewhere non-linode?
00:44<fergtm>to my laptop
00:44<millisa>and it's fast over ipv4 to the same systems?
00:45<grawity>fergtm: 18.04 uses networkd but IIRC the configs are autogenerated via netplan
00:45<fergtm>yes, using ipv4 I get around 3.9MB/s for both
00:45<grawity>so editing the .network file directly might not quite work
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00:47<Peng_>Lousy ISP?
00:47<millisa>the speedtest at has 100mb files - if you pull those onto the slow linode, do you see any difference doing it ipv4/ipv6?
00:47<fergtm>grawity: I followed those instructions for ubuntu 18.04 and they seem to work. Maybe some other black magic is happening
00:47<Abi12>Maybe it's not a pure ipv6 path.
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00:48<fergtm>back to the ipv6 issue I'm using hurricane electric tunnel broker
00:48<fergtm>traceroute to both linodes is the same
00:48<fergtm>not sure why one is slower
00:50<grawity>the same in which ways
00:50<Peng_>The Internet is magic. Different IPs can take surprisingly different paths.
00:50<fergtm>from my laptop to linode
00:50<fergtm>haven't tried the other way
00:50<grawity>but it's not
00:50<grawity>it's from your laptop to to linode
00:50<grawity>that's how a tunnel works
00:51<Peng_>Also, different protocols can get different paths. ;D
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00:53<Peng_>You're using the Dallas tunnel server, huh?
00:53<fergtm>yes, dallas tunnel server
00:54<fergtm>mmm, I just ran traceroute from linode to my laptop, from the fast linode the path looks "normal" I think, from the slow one it show only one hop
00:54<Peng_>...One hop?
00:56<fergtm>oops, sorry, I just remembered I'm running a vpn between that linode and my laptop
00:56<fergtm>now I have to figure why the vpn is slow
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01:01<fergtm>but still how is ipv6 going through the vpn?
01:01<fergtm>I'm using openvpn with ethernet bridging
01:02<grawity>well, why wouldn't it be going through the VPN
01:02<fergtm>I though that the openvpn interfaces would only get a link local ipv6 address
01:02<grawity>they normally would, but you also mentioned bridging
01:02<fergtm>how does it know about the public IPv6 address and why it prefers that route
01:02<grawity>although are you sure you didn't configure server-ipv6 in OpenVPN?
01:03<grawity>in general
01:03<grawity>`ip -6 route show match <laptop_ipv6>`
01:03<grawity>`ip -6 route get <laptop_ipv6>`
01:04<@mtjones>If your laptop has IPv6 and your Linode's IPv6 address is reachable the VPN could be doing 6to4 encapsulation of IPv6 packets over IPv4
01:05<grawity>well, sure it could, but it generally doesn't do so unless told to by the routing table
01:06<@mtjones>Good point!
01:09<fergtm>I bridged the openvpn interface in my laptop with the physical interface connected to my router, I think the linode got a public ip from my router via the bridge
01:10<fergtm>for the openvpn interface in the linode I assigned an static ipv4 address in the same subnet as my local network
01:11<fergtm>I'm trying to have the linode accesible as if it is a local computer in my network
01:16<fergtm>but the dns record I used to reach the node points to the ipv6 address provided by Linode, why it prefers to route over the vpn?
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01:24<fergtm>ok, it makes sense that it will prefer the interface with a IPv6 address in the same subnet
01:24<fergtm>I completely forgot about the vpn
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01:32<grawity>paths can be asymmetric
01:32<grawity>it doesn't matter if your requests go to the Linode directly
01:32<grawity>the Linode makes its own choice on how the *replies* should be sent
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03:09<linbot>New news from community: Edit Ip Address from DNS Manager <>
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03:37<linbot>New news from status: Emergency Network Maintenance - Fremont <>
03:40<Woet>DEFCON 1
03:41*Woet turns mtjones to maximum
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07:15<JessicaNewb>Are there any limitations (bandwidth, speed, etc) on the private network?
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07:36<DrJ>JessicaNewb: the private network is free, doesn't count towards your bandwidth or anything
07:37<DrJ>obviously there is a max speed you can get, but I'm not sure what that is
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07:47<grawity>fwiw, I'm getting roughly ~450 Mbps locally
07:48<grawity>but the private 'network' is just private *addressing* – there's no separation
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09:40<LouWestin>I started testing cpanel out and I’m curious if anyone has run into the same firewall issue? Continuing
09:42<LouWestin>I set IPtables to allow input on 22,80,443, and 2087. Installation finishes up, restart, and when go to the IP address:2087 the page times out. So...
09:43<LouWestin>Check IP tables, some rules look like they’ve changed, so I flush them, redo it, and then the page loads.
09:44<tafa2>cPanel configures it's own firewall using the GUI
09:44<tafa2>You shouldn't have to set your own rules
09:45<tafa2>let cPanel do it's thing - I'd also recommend looking into CSF
09:45<LouWestin>Ok. The firewall rules inset is during the initial installation.
09:46<LouWestin>The problem is for some reason, the login page doesn’t come up.
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09:50<LouWestin>Actually I should say the page doesn’t come up due to the firewall.
10:15<LouWestin>tafa2: I’ll also test out CSF too. Thanks!
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10:40<khuchpenh>i ssh connection was closed , how can i do ?
10:40<LouWestin>Log into your Linode account, see if you can get in through Lish
10:41<LouWestin>And check your firewall settings
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11:24<server>can I set windows system in linode server?
11:24<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
11:25<server>I can set windows?
11:25<server>I can install it?
11:25<LouWestin>Windows server?
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11:26<LouWestin>Read the link from linbot.
11:26<@scrane>It's something you can do, but Support wouldn't be able to provide any troubleshooting if you encounter issues with it.
11:26<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
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12:01<linbot>New news from community: Having troubles setting up FTP details <>
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13:29<peter>Good evening
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13:30<smallclone>hi, feel free to ask your question
13:30<Guest415>I might have a few
13:31<Guest415>So I have a linode that I haven't touched in god knows how long, mainly used it to send files via ftp
13:31<Guest415>But it is also hosting a website
13:31<Guest415>Now I had the idea of instead of using strato or the like for websites for friends I could simply use the linode
13:32<Guest415>But I have an e-mail server running on it as well that is my personal e-mail
13:32<Guest415>And apparently I am running ubunto 8.04
13:32<smallclone>well, we're still not at a question but you should stop running ubuntu 8.04
13:32<Guest415>So the question is should I start by backing up the wordpress website it currently hosts and the
13:33<Guest415>Database and start over?
13:33<Guest415>Yeah figrued that was a little outdated
13:33<Guest415>I'm just not sure how to keep my e-mail stuff working as well
13:34<smallclone>make a new Linode, copy your configs, etc to the new one, set it up, then when you're sure everything works swap the IP addresses so you don't have to set up a bunch of records for your mail server again
13:34<Guest415>It's a googlemail server installation I think. It's been a while since I did that. I am def a hard nub at admin stuff
13:35<Guest415>Sounds like a plan
13:35<smallclone>do you mean like, just a google apps things where you basically just create a record and use gmail
13:36<Guest415>I think yes
13:36<Guest415>Is that easy enough to do?
13:36<Guest415>I mean I must have done that once before
13:36<smallclone>do you go to gmail to access your mail?
13:36<smallclone>ok then yeah, that shouldn't be affected
13:36<Guest415>I mean I click login on google
13:36<Guest415>And type in my password
13:36<smallclone>you're not actually hosting anything on the Linode
13:36<smallclone>for that anyway
13:37<Guest415>I think I did some configuration with google mail on the linode though. But that was 4 years ago so I am not sure what it is that I did.
13:38<Guest415>Alright so spin up a new Linode
13:38<Guest415>And start over with new ubunto
13:38<smallclone>yes, make sure it is in the same datacenter as the current one so you can swap IPs when you're done
13:38<Guest415>Follow the guides for security etc.
13:38<smallclone>yeah there's 16.04 or 18.04 LTS available currently
13:39<Guest415>When ready to start hosting a website copy the files onto the new one and then swap the ip addresses
13:39<Guest415>And by the way thanks a lot for helping me out here
13:39<Guest415>That's very kind of you
13:39<smallclone>copy the files, set up the web server, test it, then swap
13:40<Guest415>Do you mind if I copy paste this for my own reference?
13:40<smallclone>basically the reason to have two Linodes is so you can set things up and test them while still having your other one up and running
13:40<smallclone>it's a public IRC channel copy-and-paste away
13:40<Guest415>Yeah that makes sense.
13:41<Guest415>O.k. then the relatively obvious next question is, should I try to go with some form of management software?
13:42<Guest415>If the goal was to get multiple websites running as virtual hosts
13:42<Guest415>Or is that overkill for my purpose
13:42<smallclone>if you don't feel comfortable configuring this stuff yourself
13:42<Guest415>I saw there was a guide for using nginx to host multiple websites
13:42<Guest415>No def not comfortable to configure much myself
13:43<Guest415>As I recall I was hanging out here in chat and getting a ton of help when I set up my first linode 4 years ago. It is also my only linode still to this day lol. And I haven't done much with it, but it's been amazing for ftp
13:44<Guest415>So there is a comparison with using plesk and some other ones
13:44<smallclone>there's plesk and webmin and cpanel and probably others
13:44<smallclone>I couldn't really offer much input as to what is better, though cpanel costs money
13:44<smallclone>there's comparisons available if you search for it I'm sure
13:45<Guest415>I have used plesk before, but I rly won't need many of the features at all I don't think, so is there anything that would be more suited to a newb that just wants to have a bit of an overview as to what is going on with multiple wordpress based websites
13:45<Guest415>Have you used webmin
13:46<smallclone>i haven't really used any of them, maybe cpanel briefly.
13:46<Guest415>Yeah me too cpanel
13:47<LouWestin>CPanel will require CentOS
13:47<smallclone>it will also require money
13:47<Guest415>Probably not worth it
13:48<Guest415>I mean my ideal management system will let me add websites easily
13:48<LouWestin>I’m testing cpanel on the two week trial, but that’s just for fun.
13:48<smallclone>Guest415: if you have experience with plesk that's probably your best bet
13:48<Guest415>I don't even know if that is what they are for, seems to me that panels help with a shitload of things
13:48<Guest415>plesk also costs money i think
13:48<smallclone>it looks like they have a fairly easy setup process:
13:48<smallclone>since they have a stackscript
13:49<Turkeylegjones>Cash Money
13:49<smallclone>ah plesk costs money too huh
13:50<Guest415>Yes, but 7.33 for up to 10 websites is not that bad
13:50<LouWestin>I’d be weary of a panel option that was totally free.
13:50<smallclone>well they have a webmin guide anyway if you want to spin up a new Linode and try that
13:50<Guest415>Smallclone you are the best
13:50<Guest415>Here have some bacon
13:51<Guest415>Where did the mmmmmh bacon bot go?
13:51<smallclone>i'm not familiar with that one
13:51<smallclone>is it
13:51<linbot>mmm bacon
13:52<Guest415>So why should be weary of webmin Mr. Westin?
13:55<Guest415>There is def not a whole lot out there as far as info on webmin + nginx + virtual servers for hosting multiple websites
13:56<LouWestin>Just anything that is totally free, I’m weary to use it unless I know there’s strong support/up keep and there’s not some backdoor/spyware component.
13:56<Guest415>I saw a linode guide somewhere
13:57<smallclone>LouWestin: both of those things can totally be concerns with paid software
13:57<Guest415>@LouWestin Yeah as a total noob I am not even sure it is a good idea for me to have management software o there
13:57<Guest415>Apparently there aren't exactly a shitload of guides out there for hosting websites
13:57<Guest415>via webmin
13:57<LouWestin>smallclone: True. Think M$
13:58<LouWestin>And google. lol
13:59<Guest415>I am sure that almost everything has backdoors, but I have nothing to hide bwahahahahahahaa, no but seriously if someone with knwoledge wants to hack me, I am sure they can anyway. Not really that worried about adding more backdoors by using a management software. I think webmin, plesk and cpanel are all relatively normal things to use for web hosts, so there are better value targets out there using this stuff
13:59<LouWestin>I mean it’s a trade off in the sense of budget vs how much convenience.
14:00<LouWestin>vs support.
14:02<Guest415>Yes looking at webmin stuff on the side here
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14:02<Guest415>plesk def seems much more refined and a bigger user base and 7.33 per month is not exactly a shitton of money
14:03<LouWestin>If say Cpanel closedown, you’ve built your whole system around it, now you have migrate that to something else.
14:03<Guest415>if it does make my job easier, it'll probably be very worth it
14:03<smallclone>this is your job?
14:03<Guest415>is plesk bigger than cpanel?
14:03<Guest415>oh hell no this is not my job
14:03<Guest415>But I do make some websites here and there on the side
14:03<Guest415>Like many people lol
14:04<Guest415>And usually I get them a strato account or something like that and that's that, but I just thought why the hell am I doing that, when I have a linode and could just host people's sites myself
14:04<Guest415>Like we are talking small local things
14:04<LouWestin>For me I went to terminal since there’s really nothing really major that’s going to change.
14:05<Guest415>Terminal = no management layer?
14:05<smallclone>Guest415: it's worth learning how to administer a linux server yourself, if you have the time and inclination to learn
14:06<Guest415>I always had that, but then I quickly shy away when it gets to it
14:06<LouWestin>I mean there’s updates/upgrades that you have to manage, but it’s built into Linux more or less.
14:06<Guest415>I feel comfortable with trying stuff and making things work of course, but it is a very hard field to truly understand in my opinion.
14:07<LouWestin>Using the Terminal means im not tied to Cpanel or whatever.
14:07<Guest415>I'd rather not kid myself into believing I can administer much of anything. But I can def try and host multiple websites on one linode and maybe get ftp to work for those sites. I think I can pull that off within a few days. There is youtube and google and this irc and what not plus linode has fantastic guides
14:08<LouWestin>Meh, admining is easy. It’s when you break stuff...
14:09<Guest415>I understand what you are saying LouWestin, but I feel like I will be in over my head trying to utilize the terminal for things like iptables config and virtual servers and what not
14:09<LouWestin>Use ufw instead of managing iptables manually
14:09<Guest415>Yeah I feel like I will probably break stuff more often than someone with a bit of experience woluld
14:09<Guest415>What is ufw?
14:09<LouWestin>That’s what backups are for. Lol
14:09<LouWestin>Uncomplicated firewall
14:10<Guest415>Oh cool goes in the tips folder
14:10<Guest415>I shall research that
14:10<LouWestin>It’s on Debian
14:13<Guest415>Oh boy
14:13<Guest415>That's a whole other discussion then, cause Debian over Ubunto or not lol
14:13<Guest415>I wonder what the most used distro is on linode for hosting wordpress sites. I would guess ubunto but heck if I know
14:14<Guest415>Install WordPress Using WP-CLI on Ubuntu 18.04 How to Choose a Control Panel How to Speed Up a WordPress Website Install WordPress on Ubuntu 18.04
14:15<Guest415>Lots of guides for ubunto specifically for wordpress stuff as well
14:15<Guest415>So I think Debian is not for me?
14:16<DrJ>2 minutes until every driver in the united states takes their eyes off the road at the same time to stop their phone from making a loud noise
14:16<DrJ>glad I'm not driving right now
14:19<LouWestin>Ubuntu is based on a Debian
14:20<LouWestin>CentOS probably has it too, I just don’t know off the top of my head.
14:20<dwfreed>DrJ: my phone is set to only vibrate for those alerts
14:20<Guest415>So Ubunot should work almost the same in that regard?
14:20<Guest415>DrJ is there some kind of warning system being tested nationwide?
14:21<LouWestin>Commands are pretty much the same. It’s really the difference in repos. And yes it’s a test
14:21<Guest415>Ah thanks LouWestin
14:21<LouWestin>There’s a Linode guide on UFW
14:22<LouWestin>Also the Linux pocket guide is good too for command reference
14:24<LouWestin>Lastly, use Linode’s backups and snapshot when making big changes.
14:28<DrJ>dwfreed: you can't vibrate only this alert
14:30<DrJ>from what I read you can't even stop it with do not disturb
14:30<nate>Technically you kinda can, or in my case it came over as vibration only, I had no audible on mine lol
14:30<nate>I just heard the cell vibrating on the laptop lid
14:31<DrJ>how did you stop it?
14:31<Guest415>He tweeted make it only vibrate @DonaldTrump most likely
14:32<DrJ>just imagine now if twitter was to ban trump
14:32<nate>DrJ: I just swiped it away?
14:33<DrJ>we'd be getting 45 presidential alerts forced to our phones every hour
14:33<millisa>Presidential Alert: Oh no she di'int!
14:34<nate>Thankfully as I've actually had to tell people seriously elsewhere, trump isn't likely allowed anywhere near this system so lol
14:35<DrJ>actually their is a law around it saying the president can't use it for personal messages
14:35<DrJ>only in times of peril or whatnot
14:35<DrJ>but still, just a joke
14:35<DrJ>but if he could I'm sure he would
14:36<nate>I mean there are multitudes of guidelines on who can use it in general, which is why I find it amusing all the people wanting to block them
14:37<nate>the day an actual presidential alert goes out is the day you probably don't want to be out of the loop cause it's likely gonna be WW3 :P
14:37<DrJ>everyone's phone goes off at 3am in the morning: welp, donald is on the toilet again
14:37<millisa>see hawaii.
14:37<millisa>excuse me. Presidential Alert: See what happened in Hawaii.
14:37<nate>that wasn't a presidential alert
14:37<millisa>Presidential Alert: It's the new cool thing
14:38<nate>That was a generic state-level EAS message
14:38<millisa>Presidential Alert: (no, but it was a similar mistake made on a wide broadcast system like it)
14:38<Guest415>Presidential alert: The democrats did it! Find out in the next alert, what it was, that they did...
14:38<nate>On the same wide broadcast system yes, but state-level EAS is a lot more loosly controlled unfortunately, mostly due to the usage of amber alerts
14:38<nate>And critical weather warnings, etc
14:38<millisa>and silver alerts
14:39<Guest415>What is a silver alert?
14:39<millisa>old people that wander off
14:39<DrJ>silber alerts are when adults go missing
14:39<DrJ>usually people with dementia
14:39<Guest415>Ah o.k.
14:39<nate>Is that actually part of the EAS system now?
14:40<nate>Or are they just piggy backing that off the amber alert model? Though that would probably be rough since those send a somewhat specific format for cells to identify explicitly as amber alerts
14:41<millisa>They have used them around here. phones, highway boards, the whole shebang. presidential alert.
14:41<DrJ>nate: I don't think silver alerts are
14:41<DrJ>I've never had my phone go off for a silver alert
14:42<DrJ>amber alerts yes
14:42<Guest415>It's fairly easy to scale a Linod up if the smallest one isn't enough any more right?
14:42<Guest415>I think it was trivial
14:42<millisa>It is trivial, yes.
14:42<Guest415>good thanks
14:43<nate>Yeah, that's cause they're actually part of the EAS (and you can control them on your cell)
14:43<DrJ>guest415: upsizing is very easy
14:43<DrJ>downsizing is still easy, but a little more complicated
14:44-!-rodolfojcj [] has joined #linode
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14:44<Guest415>Alright I got a new linode, go me
14:44<Guest415>Thanks millisa
14:44<rodolfojcj>Hello everybody
14:45<Guest415>Thanks Julius
14:45<rodolfojcj>I'm following the guide at
14:45<rodolfojcj>but it doesn't work for me
14:45<rodolfojcj>then I want to know if someone has used it with success
14:45<DrJ>you need to explain more
14:46<DrJ>"it doesn't work" tells us nothing
14:57<rodolfojcj>When I boot with the Installer profile the installer image doesn't boot. See to get an idea
14:59<smallclone>rodolfojcj: you should maybe try glish in a different browser
14:59<smallclone>graphical installers are going to need it
15:01<rodolfojcj>Ok, good option...
15:04<Guest415>So I'm trying to get putty to work for me
15:05<Guest415>I guess you need to log in with lish at least once
15:05<rodolfojcj>@smallclone: good suggestion. Glish opens on Chromium, but not in Firefox
15:05<Guest415>Any idea what localhost username and password will be here?
15:06<Guest415>ssh root and so on and so forth for username?
15:06<Guest415>I don't want to make to many false attempts here
15:07-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
15:07-!-marshmn is "Matt Marsh" on #linode
15:12-!-Cajs [Cajs@] has quit [Quit: YourBNC - (]
15:14-!-Cajs [Cajs@2a0a:54c1:6:108::1:1] has joined #linode
15:14-!-Cajs is "Cajs" on #linode
15:14<Guest415>O.k. that sucks
15:14<Guest415>I can't get into the new linode via lish via browser
15:15<dwfreed>DrJ: my phone only vibrated for the alert
15:16<dwfreed>DrJ: no sound was emitted
15:16<Guest415>I see localhost login: ....
15:16<Guest415>Anybody got an idea as to what I should enter here?
15:17<millisa>root and your root password?
15:17<smallclone>you set the root password when you create the linode
15:18<Guest415>I tried username@location ssh username@location with my name as shown in the linode manager and tried just my name
15:18<Guest415>root is a good idea
15:18<Guest415>haven't tried that yet
15:18<dwfreed>DrJ: also the UI in Android 9 suggests that you *can* opt out of presidential alerts, but in order to do so you must opt out of all alerts
15:18<smallclone>you should read through this:
15:19<Guest415>milissa you were right of course
15:23<Guest415>Hm which brings me to putty saying error connection timed out
15:23<smallclone>what are you entering into putty
15:23<Guest415>The key that putty showed me was same as the one I saw in lish
15:23<Guest415>The ip address and port 22
15:24<smallclone>and the root user?
15:24<smallclone>and password
15:24<Guest415>I am trying to work along this
15:25<Guest415>I don't see a user and password field
15:26<Guest415>I should try and find that probably? Makes sense that it can't accept a connection from me unless I give it the correct credentials....
15:26<smallclone>it's the same info you used in lish most likely
15:26<smallclone>unless you've set up key auth and ssh users
15:26<Guest415>yes gonna try to find out where to put that...
15:26<Guest415>haven't done anything yet. Just trying to get on with the getting started guide
15:27<Guest415>But apparently I am much more stupid than Linode's guide expected a user to be. ^^
15:27<smallclone>that guide is kind of stupid for not taking the authentication mechanism into consideration at all, tbh
15:28<smallclone>but it's a good idea to run through the getting started and securing your server guides
15:29<Guest415>Nice, so I did find the right guides.
15:30<Guest415>There is hope after all
15:30<Guest415>I can put in usernames in many places within putty apparently
15:30<Guest415>The only place where I find username and password right next to each other is under connection - proxy
15:31<Guest415>I don't think I am trying to connect through a proxy here...
15:31<millisa>in putty, just put the ip of the linode in and connect. it'll ask for the user/pass in the putty window
15:32<Guest415>It times out my connection
15:32<millisa>what's the linode ip?
15:33<smallclone>well ssh appears to be listening
15:33<Guest415>well that's good, it seems it booted up finde, lish worked
15:33<millisa>looks open to me too
15:33<Guest415>so it is an sue issue
15:34-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:34<Guest415>ssh port 22 and my ip is all i would need i think, but maybe i am wrong...
15:34<smallclone>can you ping that ip address?
15:34<Guest415>let me try
15:35<Guest415>4 sent 4 received pinging seems to work
15:35<smallclone>hm this might be easier if you just take a picture of your putty config screen thing
15:35<millisa>could your isp/network be blocking ssh?
15:35<Guest415>i highly doubt it
15:36<LouWestin>Is putty set to 22?
15:36<LouWestin>Because there’s options to set it to telnet or other.
15:37<Guest415>It is on ssh
15:37<Guest415>There is probably something obvious I am not seeing
15:37<smallclone>wrong IP
15:37<smallclone>is what you entered
15:38<Guest415> is what i entered
15:38<smallclone>the IP you gave us is
15:38<Guest415>now that you say that
15:38<millisa>Presidential Alert
15:38<Guest415>how can that happen copying and pasting hard lol
15:38<Guest415>Presidential Alert: POay attention to the numbers dude
15:39<Guest415>I think the democrats changed out the number after I put it in
15:39<Guest415>Or russians
15:39<Guest415>One or the others
15:39<smallclone>did it work with the correct IP then?
15:39<LouWestin>It was the Russians
15:39<Guest415>Yes it works
15:39<Guest415>My god
15:39<Guest415>So emberassing
15:40<Guest415>Second one looks right
15:40<Guest415>If not it was the russians too
15:40<LouWestin>Then you confirmed the hash thing
15:40<Guest415>yes i confirmed that
15:40<Guest415>Thanks though LouWestin
15:41-!-Dreamer3_ [] has joined #linode
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15:41<LouWestin>Run the update and upgrade commands too and reboot.
15:41<LouWestin>Ubuntu right?
15:41-!-Dreamer3 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:42<linbot>New news from community: How do you move a Authorized_keys? <> || Why is swap space configured as part of CoreOS image? <>
15:50<Guest415>And here is the next asks me if I want to update tmp grub or leave it, because it has been locally modified
15:51<Guest415>I'm inclined to keep the modified version, since there must be a reason it was modified
15:51<smallclone>keep it
15:51<Guest415>The GRUB boot loader was previously installed to a disk that is no │ │ longer present, or whose unique identifier has changed for some reason. │ │ It is important to make sure that the installed GRUB core image stays in │ │ sync with GRUB modules and grub.cfg. Please check again to make sure │ │ that GRUB is written to the appropriate boot devices.
15:52<LouWestin>If Guest415 switch’s to the latest kernel then would that message not come up again?
15:53<Guest415>Welp I can only click o.k. on this prompt
15:55-!-Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
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15:56<Guest415>K found the answer to that
15:56-!-Dreamer3_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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16:23<Guest415>Thanks again for all the help guys and girls. I will finish the rest of the getting started and securing your server guides tomorrow and then hopefully get to the nitty gritty
16:23<Guest415>Presidential Alert: GN
16:24-!-Guest415 [~oftc-webi@2a02:8108:443f:eec8:39ee:c0e7:a717:9ad5] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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20:16<Abi12>They point out some pretty interesting statistics in that paper. Have you heard of it?
20:25<dwfreed>I've heard of similar approaches, like DPDK
20:26-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:30-!-dco [6b9b5442@] has joined #linode
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20:33<dco>Would anyone here know how a 6c 3.4GHz xeon would perform versus 6 cores out of a 16c xeon 2.1GHz cpu?
20:34<dco>This would be Xeon Gold 6128 vs 6130 for a large SQL database. Sadly this one has to live outside linode (although only 2ms away) due to database constraints.
20:34-!-spoon [~mr-spoon@] has joined #linode
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20:35<dco>Both the processors turbo to the same 3.7GHz.
20:35-!-mr-spoon [~mr-spoon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:36<dco>I guess my concern is to know if the lower 2.1GHz base clock of 6130 is a downgrade in comparison to 3.4GHz. (anyone with experience with these would know is the turbo clock speeds are sustainable).
20:42<dwfreed>dco: as long as there is thermal headroom, I don't think you'll see much difference
20:43<dwfreed>so as long as your heatsink is properly applied, your fans are working properly, and your DC cooling is functioning properly, it should be similar
20:44<dwfreed>the 6130 might even perform better, due to more free cores and more L3 cache
20:45-!-thiras [~thiras@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:46<dco>If those/thermal conditions are ideal in either case, are my worries about 6130 being a downgrade in comparison to 6128 unfounded?
20:46<dco>re: turbo clock sustenance (for at least 6 cores)
20:52<dco>Thanks dwfreed. Sounds good..
20:53<dco>There's not much price difference in 6128 vs 6130 (less than a couple of hundred bucks). Makes me wonder why the 6128 even exists if turbo clock speed can be the sustained speed (at ideal conditions).B
20:53<dwfreed>sometimes $200 is $200
20:54<dwfreed>if you don't need the extra cores, you can spend that $200 on something else, like more RAM or more storage
20:55<dco>The difference is only $96 on superbiiz right now.
20:56<dco>Nevertheless, thanks dwfreed
20:57<LouWestin>Is there a benchmark site to compare?
20:59<dco> is pretty good.. but none of their reviews peered the SKUs I'm looking at.
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21:22<dco>6130 US$ 1,894 16c 2.1 GHz 3.7 GHz Turbo 16 MiB L2 22 MiB L3 125 W6142 US$ 2,946 16c 2.6 GHz 3.7 GHz Turbo 16 MiB L2 22 MiB L3 150 W
21:22<dco>6130 US$ 1,894 16c 2.1 GHz 3.7 GHz Turbo 16 MiB L2 22 MiB L3 125 W
21:22<dco>6142 US$ 2,946 16c 2.6 GHz 3.7 GHz Turbo 16 MiB L2 22 MiB L3 150 W
21:22<dco>Intel :@
21:24<dco>Just some Intel price gouging I suppose
21:25<dwfreed>trying to compete with EPYC in certain markets
21:27<dwfreed>ark is really useful
21:27<LouWestin>Looks like price gouging.
21:48-!-dco [6b9b5442@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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22:17<tharkun>dwfreed: To the dns isue I mentioned the other day, your guess was insanely correct it was the ISP. I ended up pinpointing the isue to some missconfigured edge router. (or about to break down. Your guess will be more educated than mine.) Anyway thanks for the heads up.
22:18-!-Netsplit over, joins: Kniaz, Steve^
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22:42<Woet>dcraig: I feel inclined to notify you I am currently residing on a boat
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22:44<dwfreed>bumbleVole: please fix your IRC client or disable power nap on your laptop
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22:44-!-mode/#linode [+o dwfreed] by dwfreed
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22:44<@dwfreed>bumbleVole: please fix your IRC client or disable power nap on your laptop
22:44<@dwfreed>ping me when you have
22:45-!-mode/#linode [+b *!*] by dwfreed
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22:45-!-mode/#linode [-o dwfreed] by dwfreed
22:45<warewolf>this is why I have /join and /part ignored! I don't see any of the noise :)
22:45-!-spoon [~mr-spoon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:45<dwfreed>I cannot do that
22:45<warewolf>such a glorious signal to noise ratio.
22:45<warewolf>oh yeah you're an oper
22:46<rsdehart>I do it on an offender-by-offender basis in many channels
22:46<warewolf>been there, done that, didn't get a t-shirt
22:46<dwfreed>2018-10-04 02:44:35 -!- mode/#linode [+o dwfreed] by dwfreed
22:46<Peng_>magic D:
22:47<dwfreed>god mode
22:47<warewolf>*** is an IRC GOD
22:47<dwfreed>2018-10-04 02:44:35 [TrekWebOFTC] ! dwfreed is setting God mode
22:47<dwfreed>2018-10-04 02:44:35 [TrekWebOFTC] ! dwfreed is using God mode: MODE #linode +o dwfreed
22:47<dwfreed>2018-10-04 02:44:35 [TrekWebOFTC] ! dwfreed is removing God mode
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22:54<Woet>dwfreed is just a disgruntled employee who, after being fired for spending too much time on the toilet, started abusing his oper powers to do a hostile take over of #linode
22:54<Woet>(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ THIS IS RIDICULOUS
22:54-!-Bass10 [~JM@2601:440:c080:206e:c8e1:6cc1:19:60d8] has quit []
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22:56<dwfreed>if my legs wouldn't fall asleep, I could totally work from the toilet
22:59<LouWestin>The problem with being on the toilet too long is, you develop hemorrhoids.
23:10-!-Cajs [Cajs@2a0a:54c1:6:108::1:1] has quit [Quit: YourBNC - (]
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23:10<gparent>You're also particularly vulnerable to crossbow fire.
23:12<millisa>And tyrannosaurs
23:14<millisa>!point dwfreed
23:14<linbot>millisa: Point given to dwfreed. (59) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 14)
23:15<@mcintosh>!point dwfreed
23:15<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to dwfreed. (60) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 15)
23:15<@mcintosh>damn right
23:15<Woet>!point dwfreed
23:15<linbot>Woet: Point given to dwfreed. (61) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 15)
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