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02:24<sikander>can i user your server to run my oracle 6i application?
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02:26<zaher_haidar>any one
02:27<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
02:30<zaher_haidar>i am doing a website and mobile app ( ios and android)
02:31<zaher_haidar>i want a server to put my apis and db
02:31<zaher_haidar>can i get the type of server and price
02:34<rsdehart>damn it
02:37<zaher_haidar>type of server that i can use for mobile and web
02:38<rsdehart>any of them
02:39<zaher_haidar>do you have windows server or just linux servers
02:39<rsdehart>linode only has linux servers
02:46<csnxs>you can install windows on a linode, but it's tricky
02:49<rsdehart>and it's not officially supported, and windows isn't offered by linode
02:50<rsdehart>so you'd have to provide your own license
02:53<zaher_haidar>if want get one do they give documentation how to use it
02:54<zaher_haidar>and can i do upgrade /
02:56<rsdehart>zaher_haidar: there's an extensive knowledgebase on the site and upgrading is quick and easy
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03:08<linbot>New news from community: Account Limit reached. Please open a support ticket. <>
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03:18<linbot>New news from community: How do solve "Account Limit reached. Please open a support ticket" ? <>
03:43<drussell[m]>Open a support ticket.
03:48<zaher_haidar>"there's an extensive knowledgebase on the site and upgrading is quick and easy" can you tell me where it is
03:48<zaher_haidar>do they give trial server ? if yes how much days
03:49<zaher_haidar>plus can deploy my apis (laravel implemented)
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07:51<rsdehart>thanks kenyon
07:51<rsdehart>given that it took them an hour to ask that, by which time I was long gone
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09:10<DrJ>how long does it typically take to restore a linode backup that disk is 80GB (62GB used)
09:10<DrJ>am I looking at hours?
09:19<@bbigger>not hours, more like 20 minutes or so
09:23<DrJ>think it might take longer
09:24<DrJ>17 minutes in, 8.6%
09:26<@bbigger>Ahh, indeed. Some factors like large file counts can significantly extend the time it takes for a backup restoration to complete. Feel free to open up a Support ticket if you'd like us to take a look for any other issues on our end.
09:29<DrJ>yea, 650k files
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09:29<DrJ>its good, just gonna take longer than I hoped
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09:39<LouWestin>I recall that Mine takes about 5 minutes restore, but I’m using maybe 5% of the disk. lol
09:42<DrJ>eh, I have a 3 crap loads of files on mine
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09:51<DrJ>45 minutes in, almost 25% complete
09:52<DrJ>might have another 2 hours to go :(
09:55<DrJ>would be nice if it could be a bit faster, but it is what it is
10:00<LouWestin>How long does the daily backups average?
10:01<DrJ>5 minutes
10:01<DrJ>does seem kind of a huge difference :)
10:01<DrJ>5 minutes to backup, 3 hours to restore
10:02<DrJ>although it has jumped from 25% to 44% in 10 minutes
10:02<DrJ>so maybe it wont take another 2 hours
10:03<LouWestin>Damn only 5 mins!? Maybe it’s writing the changes
10:04<DrJ>there wouldn't be that many changes
10:04<DrJ>I took the snapshot/backup minutes before I attempted an upgrade... which didn't work
10:04<LouWestin>The snapshot failed?
10:04<DrJ>no, the upgrade
10:05<DrJ>I made 100% sure the snapshot was a success before I attempted it
10:05<LouWestin>That happened to me when I went from Debian 8 to 9
10:06<LouWestin>7-8 was fine
10:10<DrJ>bbigger: is that normal that it could backup that fast but take that long to restore?
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10:12<Aman_Sharma>I Want To Buy Managed Vps
10:12<Aman_Sharma>So What Should I Do That
10:12<Aman_Sharma>I'm From India
10:12<LouWestin>It’s $100 extra a month for managed
10:12<LouWestin>Starting price
10:13<@bbigger>DrJ: seems unusual. Mind opening a ticket? Would like to take a closer look.
10:13<Aman_Sharma>I need 8GB Of Ram
10:13<DrJ>boy I hope the snapshot isn't bad
10:13<Aman_Sharma>Ngnix Web Server
10:14<DrJ>bbigger: ticket id 10993429 if you want to grab it
10:14<Aman_Sharma>linode allow adult content
10:14<@bbigger>DrJ: looking now
10:15<Aman_Sharma>my website in adult content
10:15<DrJ>could it be because I'm restoring to a new linode that might be on a different host?
10:15<LouWestin>Aman_Sharma: As long as it’s legal, it should be fine.
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10:20<@bbigger>DrJ: restoring to a Linode on a different host (in the same data center) is usually the case
10:20<DrJ>so that would explain why it backs up so quick, but takes so long to restore?
10:22<DrJ>bbigger: if I created a new Linode right now could you migrate it to the same original server and then I could try restoring to it? Might get me there faster. I have probably an hour to go right now
10:23<@bbigger>DrJ: that shouldn't make a difference. However, have you tried cloning the Linode instead? You might get faster results.
10:24<DrJ>cloning wouldn't fix the issue that has me restoring
10:24<DrJ>no worries then, I can wait... just the suspense of knowing if the restore will work or not :)
10:26<@bbigger>DrJ: I'm seeing the Linode you're restoring to is quite noisy. If you create a new Linode, I'll be able to make sure it's on a quiet host prior to you restoring if you want to give that a shot.
10:26<DrJ>lets try it
10:26<DrJ>but leave the current restore going
10:27<DrJ>created: linode10693406
10:31<@bbigger>DrJ: migrating
10:32<LouWestin>Now THATS service. :-)
10:32<DrJ>k, looks complete
10:32<DrJ>okay to try restore to it now?
10:32<@bbigger>DrJ: ya go ahead and give it a shot
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10:34<DrJ>seems to be going faster
10:34<DrJ>5% already
10:34<DrJ>in 2 minutes
10:35<@bbigger>yup, that's closer to what we'd normally expect
10:36<DrJ>guess I should have taken up your offer to look at it an hour+ ago, haha
10:36<@bbigger>DrJ: lol better late than never?
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10:38<DrJ>probably both finish around the same time though
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10:39<DrJ>eh no, this new one is gonna finish first I think
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10:49<DrJ>I'm gonna have to figure out why I have so many files after this is all done
10:50<DrJ>I know I have about 50,000 audio recordings on the server, but I still think 630K seems high
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11:04<DrJ>almost done
11:05<DrJ>about 30 minutes total this time
11:05<DrJ>much better
11:05<DrJ>bbigger: why is the files 99.3% done but it shows the bytes as only 34.8%
11:06<DrJ>just curious
11:06<DrJ>and the main disk is done
11:07<DrJ>and done completely
11:07<@bbigger>DrJ: Awesome! Not sure about that file/bytes discrepancy. Could be that most of the disk is held in just a few files?
11:07<DrJ>resize, swap, and ready to test
11:07<DrJ>no, I don't have any huge files like that
11:08<@bbigger>Hmm, not sure that. Might be a bug on our end. Will do some testing and see if I can reproduce it.
11:08<DrJ>does IP swap do IPv6 as well?
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11:09<DrJ>eh, no it didn't
11:09<DrJ>can those be swapped?
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11:11<DrJ>or maybe it did
11:11<DrJ>booting up
11:12<@bbigger>DrJ: we can't swap IPv6 at the moment
11:14<DrJ>does it take some time for the IP swap to go live?
11:14<DrJ>its not responding
11:15<@bbigger>it should take effect immediately -- try rebooting?
11:17<DrJ>nope after reboot
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11:20<DrJ>its rejecting my root password
11:21<DrJ>through lish
11:21<AlexMax>What is the complete linode private ip network block?
11:21<@bbigger>DrJ: try resetting the password in Manager
11:22<DrJ>where's that at, can't find it
11:22<@bbigger>DrJ: Rescue tab
11:23<@bbigger>DrJ: otherwise seeing some sshd issues from your console log, will update your ticket w/error messages
11:23<DrJ>I noticed network helper wasn't on
11:23<DrJ>I think I had that on the old one
11:24<@bbigger>nice catch, flip it on and reboot then
11:24<DrJ>just did :)
11:24<@bbigger>pinging OK now
11:24<DrJ>noticed that while trying to find the password thing
11:24<DrJ>BACK UP!
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11:24<DrJ>oh thank God!
11:25<DrJ>and bbigger
11:25<LouWestin>DrJ: no issues?
11:25<DrJ>well, have to update my IPv6 DNS records I guess
11:25<DrJ>but rather than that, none that I know of atm
11:25<LouWestin>Ok that’s good
11:25<DrJ>its accepting my root login now too, which I didn't reset since I wanted to try network helper first
11:26<LouWestin>I didn’t know you could reset via the rescue tab. Good to know.
11:26<DrJ>I knew you could because I saw it in the past
11:26<DrJ>but I could not remember where it was
11:27<LouWestin>I haven’t needed it YET... but that’s relief.
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11:30<DrJ>next time I'm going to do a major update I'm going to clone the server, do the update on the clone, and if that works then swap IPs from the original
11:30<DrJ>live and learn
11:31<LouWestin>I learned the hardest lessons from breaking stuff. Lol
11:31<DrJ>at least I am smart enough to do backups
11:31<DrJ>I have off site backups too if that was to fail for some reason, but uploading those would take a long time
11:31<LouWestin>Me too!
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11:37<DrJ>bbigger: I know the answer to this already is probably no: but can my daily/weekly backups from the old linode be moved to the new linode so I don't lose them if I delete the old?
11:40<DrJ>hmm, odd
11:40<DrJ>wont let me enable backups
11:40<@bbigger>rJ: your instincts are correct -- we can't transfer backups between Linodes, so you'll want to keep the old one active until you're ready to let them go. Would you like me to pause backups on that Linode as well, so those backups don't get overwritten?
11:41<DrJ>yes, please
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11:42<DrJ>okay, backups for the new server show as enabled on the main linode tab
11:42<DrJ>but if I go to the backups for it to take a snapshot it prompts for me to add the service
11:42<DrJ>and a log off/login fixed that
11:46<@bbigger>Awesome, glad to hear that Backups are up on your restored Linode. Otherwise, confirming that Backups are paused on the old Linode.
11:49<hodlin>Anyone familiar with BTCpay Server's 1-click deployment on LunaNode? Is Linode planning on offering this anytime soon?
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12:45<jtsage>"ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted" <- that's a new one for me. DNS resolution was failing as well. Already resolved.
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12:48<Abi12>jtsage: check your firewall \o/
12:48<Abi12>pings may be prohibited on your end or the receiving end.
12:50<jtsage>yeah, no changes there. Problem already went away. I'm looking - maybe I have a rate limiter of some sort set up that got tripped.
12:51<Abi12>Is someone smurfing you? :p
12:54<jtsage>it was a rate limiter, on my end I believe. Apparently a bunch of NTP clients just rolled over, cause that traffic went through the roof for a bit. Cause hardcoding your NTP client to hit at 12p on the dot is totally reasonable behavior.
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13:32<millisa>!point bbigger
13:32<linbot>millisa: Point given to bbigger. (1)
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15:31<Guest644>Hi, Can someone help me with an email please? I wish to unsubscribe from it
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15:47<Toba>This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard, U.S.S. Enterprise. To whom am I speaking?
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16:06<LouWestin>That was the joke for today. lol
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16:21<thomas>hello, someone please point me to a list of the distributions offered
16:23<@mcintosh>hi thomas,
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16:26<thomas>thanks mcintosh, that link should be put on the footer with the rest of the sitemap for someone to find easily, and damn no BSD :(
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17:25<jv_>If I have a web site hosted on Linode, and want to add a Flask site, is this information correct?
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17:42<millisa>jv_: Yes. They link to a good nginx guide that goes over name based vhosts
17:42<LouWestin>jv_: I don’t know what flask requires, But essentially you could write multiple sites on one VM.
17:43<LouWestin>Not write. Run
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21:42<linbot>New news from community: How do I connect to mariadb from my local desktop? <>
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21:53<bayaraa>not connect my wp admin
21:53<bayaraa>help me please
21:53<LouWestin>bayaraa: what error message are you getting?
21:54<bayaraa>ERROR: The password you entered for the username hevtuul is incorrect. Lost your password?
21:54<LouWestin>You have to reset your password.
21:55<bayaraa>im no connected ssh and ftp
21:55<bayaraa>im see reset. same
21:56<LouWestin>For Wordpress you can see if you’ll get a password reset email
21:56<bayaraa>databaase error?
21:56<bayaraa>im already change password. error same
21:57<LouWestin>You might have to reset it manually. Try
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