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00:23<bayaraa>im dont connect from mongolia
00:23<bayaraa>22 and 21 port
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06:42<haozi>Hi, guys! One of my clients cancelled one of her account by mistake, is there still chance to get data on that account back?
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06:49<rsdehart>haozi: if you need a response quickly, you probably want to email
06:49<rsdehart>this is community chat, and while there are staff in here, there's no guarantee of a quick response at certain times
06:51<haozi>Hi, thanks! rsdehart, I would ask her to call Linode.
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10:51<nyancat>Am I allowed to resize my Linode as many times as I want:?
10:51<LouWestin>nyancat: The disk or the whole server?
10:51<nyancat>Reason I ask is, I'm using a Nanode right now, but I just, for the first time ever, ran out of memory and urgently need to increase my ram size temporarily
10:51<LouWestin>meaning downgrade/upgrade?
10:52<LouWestin>Yeah, I don't think there's any restrictions that I know of
10:52<nyancat>just a temporary upgrade, enough to complete the project I'm working on, then I'll downgrade back to a Nanode
10:55<dwfreed>yes, you can resize in either direction as much as you want
10:55<dwfreed>if it's temporary, don't bother changing the disk image size
10:56<dwfreed>note that each resize requires a migration, so there is some downtime involved
10:56<nyancat>Mhm, aware of that
10:56<dwfreed>(but it is generally less than what's noted in the manager)
10:56<nyancat>Mine quoted me 19 minutes, which isn't bad
10:57<nyancat>mind, it's already 34.8% done migrating the main disk
10:58<LouWestin>I was going to say, should he even bother resizing the disk since he only needs the ram?
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11:00<nyancat>heh, already done
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11:12<@bbigger>nyancat: You can resize your Linode plans as often as you like. Changes to the hourly rate will apply upon resizing, and will be reflected on your invoice at the end of the month.
11:12<nyancat>I love it how you responded and your name is even 'bigger'
11:12<nyancat>It's like you were fated to respond.
11:13<@bbigger>_it was written_
11:16<nyancat>I've also never used over 2GB bandwidth in a month on my linode
11:16<nyancat>looks like I might actually do that this month
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11:21<LouWestin>So i'm in the process of transferring sites to two separate web servers and everything is set up correctly, no errors, but my test page isn't showing up... Well might help if I enabled first XD LOL
11:21<LouWestin>I need more coffee lol
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13:46<nyancat>Heh, so far, we haven't OOM'd again
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14:15<linbot>New news from community: Zimbra <>
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20:55<George>Anyone here
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20:56<George>Sorry i am here
20:56<LouWestin>Welcome back
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20:56<Guest744>Quick question regarding Mbps Network Out. is this referring to the upload speed of the server?
20:57<Guest744>Are you sure? as all the speed tests I do, I always get around 1GB/s max? but the server says it has 6000 Mbps Network Out
20:58<Guest744>addiitonally stress testing it also maxes out at around 900-1000mb/s
20:58<LouWestin>I’m sure. The only other number would be the 40,000GB
20:59<LouWestin>Sorry 40Gb
21:00<Guest744>I presume you don't work for linode
21:00<LouWestin>As to why you’re getting only 900 - 1000 i don’t know.
21:01<Guest744>I presume 40gb/s is what your entire infrastructure can handle. No way a single cloud server will be connected to that sort of bandwidth
21:01<Guest744>anyway thanks for your help.
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21:08<Peng>1 GB/s is 8000 Mbps...
21:09<LouWestin>He confused me by first say that then saying 900-1000Mbps...
21:10<LouWestin>But then he wasn’t sure what network out mean so...
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22:23<Abi12>If the speed test server can only handle 1gbps. Why would you get more than that?
22:24<Abi12>I wonder how speedtest servers distribute the load.
22:25<dwfreed>there's a lot of them (for
22:25<dwfreed>also they tend to be hosted by companies with fat pipes
22:25<Abi12>dwfreed: yeah. I use speedtest-cli for testing.
22:25<dwfreed>and a test only lasts like 30 seconds
22:26<Abi12>still. Transmitting a 100MB file to 10 clients every 30 seconds is intense :p
22:26<LouWestin>I think he was confused by thinking that one server can’t handle a 40Gbps.
22:29<Abi12>I'm sure 40gbps is what you can get between servers within the same data center.
22:29<Abi12>but going outwards.. I wonder why it's capped at 1gbps. dwfreed any idea?
22:31<Abi12>I don't think I've ever run across a result greater than 1gbps.
22:32<Peng>Inbound traffic isn't capped
22:34<Abi12>oops found it. One of the network requirements for hosting a server is a 1gbps up/down capacity.
22:34<Abi12>So I guess the max bandwidth varies depending on the server you're linked up with.
22:34<Peng>Oh. Ohhhh.
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