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00:22<trippeh>tfw restores trips colo anti ddos measures... breaking my freaking restores
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05:18<Raj>Linode 16GB package
05:18<Raj>is the cost $80/mo is fixed?
05:20<Peng_>What do you mean? Yes.
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05:22<Raj>I mean $80/mo seems to be fixed but not sure about ($.12/hr)
05:23<erik>Raj: If you run Linode 16GB for 1 hour it costs $0.12 per hour. 2 hours $0.24 and so on
05:23<erik>Raj: But, the maximum you will pay in a month is $80
05:24<erik>Raj: So, lets say you only need a 16GB Linode for 10 hours you would pay 10 * $0.12
05:24<Raj>Alright thank you
05:24<Raj>suppose our site require additional then you will be add per hours cost to them
05:41<rsdehart>Raj: assuming you'll be running it all month, you'll pay $80. The per hour cost only ever applies if you run it for less than a month
05:42<dwfreed>and only if the per hour cost would be less than the per month cost
05:42<Raj>Thank you
05:42<dwfreed>the dividing line is about 667 hours
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05:46<dwfreed>if you bought a Linode at 12:00 AM (midnight) US Eastern time on the 1st of the month, it would hit the per month cost at 6:00 PM on the 28th of the month
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06:19<Raj>Linode 16GB package, do you keep daily backup?
06:20<linbot>You should probably have backups. If you don't want to set up your own, use Linode Backups. Prices start at $ 2.00/month depending on your plan.
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06:32<Raj>How is the support?
06:33<LouWestin>For hardware/network stuff, they work FAST!
06:40<erik>Raj: Linodes support is excellent
06:42<Woet>10/10 would open a ticket again
06:44<Raj>is Linode 16GB managed hosting?
06:46<rsdehart>managed hosting is a separate charge on top of the cost of the plan
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11:29<linbot>New news from blog: Block Storage Now Available in Tokyo 2 <>
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12:16-!-ChanServ changed the topic of #linode to: Linode Community Discussion | | Block Storage Now Available in Tokyo 2 -
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12:27<glatjobscoil>hello,anyone who can help ?
12:28<glatjobscoil>the domain his ns is under and its not working is this is the right place ?
12:29<LouWestin>You have to make sure your domain is pointed to Linode’s name servers
12:30<LouWestin>And that the domain name is pointed to your server’s IP address.
12:30<Peng_>glatjobscoil: Does the zone exist in the Linode DNS manager?
12:31<glatjobscoil>it is but its not resolving the ip address of the domain
12:31<glatjobscoil>the ns is
12:31<LouWestin>How long since you switched over?
12:32<Peng_>glatjobscoil: When did you add it?
12:32<LouWestin>It usually takes 12-24 hours
12:32<glatjobscoil>we have been there as long as i remember
12:32<glatjobscoil>it is not somthing new
12:32<Peng_>glatjobscoil: Are there any Linodes on the account?
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12:42<Flo>Question for a Linode employee: I'm considering a VPS, but I prefer it to be in countries like the Netherlands or Singapore. Is this an option during registration & payment procedure?
12:43<millisa>You pick where you spin up your linodes -
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12:46<Flo>That's great to hear. One more question. Is it possible to use a KVM? I would like to access my Ubuntu/Linux Distro using a GUI on a Windows and Mac.
12:48<@scrane>The Linodes run on the KVM hypervisor right now. You can install a desktop service on the Linode as well and use a remote desktop protocol to access the Linode if you would like.
12:48<millisa>There is or you could do vnc or some other remote access
12:49<@scrane>This is an example of how you could operate that.
12:49<smallclone>yeah there's a distinction between KVM (kernel-vased virtual machine) and KVM (keyboard video mouse)
12:52<Flo>awesome - thank you for the speedy help guys & girls
12:52<@scrane>Haha well that's fair.
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13:15<LouWestin>Flo: You’ll be happy with Linode.
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13:43<linbot>New news from community: Website not loading <>
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14:14<one_ten_done>anyone here can recommend
14:14<one_ten_done>a VPS for youtube streaming?
14:14<@scrane>So the thing you will want to consider is the outbound transfer.
14:15<dwfreed>streaming to youtube is 1:1; youtube handles distribution
14:16<@scrane>Each Linode plan is allotted a certain amount of data outbound from the Linode per month. If you exceed that monthly outbound transfer limit you will be billed an additional $0.02/GB beyond that outbound transfer.
14:16<one_ten_done>yeah but what specs/plan do i need to avial?
14:16<dwfreed>depends on what quality
14:16<one_ten_done>i'll be running OBS on it with VLC videos on loop 24/7
14:17<one_ten_done>1080 would be great
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14:21<dwfreed>assuming one stream, transfer-wise, you'd need at least a Linode 2GB
14:23<one_ten_done>would 2gb of ram be enough to handle OBS and stream?
14:23<dwfreed>one way to find out
14:23<one_ten_done>i thought i would need at least 8gb
14:23<dwfreed>if it's not enough, you can always resize larger
14:23<one_ten_done>can i costumize my package tho?
14:25<one_ten_done>if i avail the 2gb package and it is not enough would i be charged again if I upgrade to 4gb?
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14:30<zifnab>End of month billing
14:31<zifnab>I wonder if my legacy account still has not hourly billing
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14:36<frailtyy>What's up, you wild animals??
14:36<@scrane>Oh you know. Linodin' erryday
14:36<frailtyy>People still not understanding billing?
14:37<warewolf>this is why I get billed annually.
14:37<warewolf>much simpler.
14:37<@scrane>Haha that option isn't available to new customers
14:37<frailtyy>It's not complicated but people have a hard time understanding why they pay after using something.
14:37<frailtyy>That's not a super common thing elsewhere.
14:43<dwfreed>US utilities are usually pay after use
14:49<frailtyy>yeah. most people who have a harder time understanding it are using it as a hobbyist so it's harder to make that distinction
14:50<synapt>depends mostly on your credit
14:50-!-synapt is now known as nate
14:50<nate>if you got crappy credit a lot of utilities make you pay start of the month
14:51<frailtyy>get you a utility company that trusts you
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15:17<warewolf>scrane: wait what
15:17<warewolf>scrane: why would you do that :(
15:21<warewolf>scrane: hey, the "new" policy acceptance thing you get on sign-in doesn't like plushack e-mail addresses.
15:21<grawity>i.e. normal e-mail addresses that happen to have a + sign as part of them
15:22<warewolf>plushack as in My e-mail address also happens to have some equals signs in it too which may also be tripping it up.
15:22*warewolf is special
15:23<warewolf>I have a pending upgrade.
15:23<warewolf>this is why I rarely ever log into the linode panel, because this way nearly every time I log in, more freebies.
15:25<@mcintosh>warewolf: what error did you get?
15:25<warewolf>mcintosh: "Your e-mail addressis invalid"
15:26<warewolf>or something to that effect when I tried to accept the two policies.
15:26<warewolf>lemme log out and back in again to see if it things I accepted the policies, I may be able to trigger the error again, sec
15:27<warewolf>yeah it didn't let me accept the policies.
15:27<warewolf>mcintosh: "Email address appears invalid" and "Please update your contact information before proceeding"
15:27<warewolf>mcintosh: this url
15:28<@mcintosh>equals sign is probably the issue
15:28<warewolf>and linode just successfully sent notification to me that I added a trusted computer
15:29<warewolf>so plz2be fixing badly designed e-mail address validation regex?
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15:29<@mcintosh>no need to be rude
15:30<warewolf>wasn't trying to be rude, was trying to be lulzcat-style funny.
15:30<grawity>lulzcat-style funny is practically never funny
15:30<warewolf>I see this style of e-mail regex stuff often, I apologize for it being interpreted as being rude.
15:32<grawity>rather, it sounds ... condescending? patronizing? something along those lines
15:49<@mcintosh>warewolf: should be fixed
15:50<warewolf>fantastic! I can confirm for you now
15:50<@mcintosh>that would be much appreciated
15:50<warewolf>"Thank you for taking the time to review our updated policies!" worky!
15:50<warewolf>!point mcintosh
15:50<linbot>warewolf: Point given to mcintosh. (71) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 28)
15:51<@mcintosh>!point warewolf
15:51<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to warewolf. (3)
15:51<@mcintosh>ty for the bug report
15:51*warewolf wonders how long he skirted around that policy on accident
15:52<Peng_>You can also skirt it on purpose :D
15:54<warewolf>yeah that's not weird at all, coming from the era of shrinkwrap EULAs, heh
15:54<@mcintosh>fwiw I only took it personally because it's my shitty regex ;p
15:59<warewolf>well thank you for fixing it. You're awesome.
16:01<frailtyy>mcintosh, your regex is perfect like you
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16:06<@mcintosh>warewolf: frailtyy: <3
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16:39<warewolf>I think I just confused the crap out of my SIP trunking provider. Either that, or google voice actually has good security on their incoming PSTN caller ID.
16:39<warewolf>I just tried calling my google voice number w/ the caller id of my google voice number. Got a busy signal back.
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16:51<Juan_Tek>i have a question.... i am have just updated my server from mysql to mariadb
16:52<Juan_Tek>i am still using ubuntu 16.04
16:52<Juan_Tek>but i read somewhere that there is already a mariadb included in the 18.04
16:52<Juan_Tek>in which i am planning to upgrade soon
16:53<@scrane>So you can certainly install mariaDB on Ubuntu 18.04
16:53<Juan_Tek>My question is... would it affect the system if install mariadb and upgrade to ubuntu 18.04.. thanks
16:53<Juan_Tek>i still have ubuntu 16.04
16:54<Juan_Tek>planning to upgrade to 18.04 soon
16:55<smallclone>upgrading from one LTS to always has the potential for issues; you should either take a backup beforehand, or create a new Linode in the same DC, clone your disk to it, perform the upgrade and ensure everything works, then swap IPs
16:55<Juan_Tek>i already had a snapshot....
16:55<smallclone>no one here is going to be able to tell you definitely if an upgrade like that will break something, but assuming you installed mariadb via apt i don't see it causing an issue
16:56<Juan_Tek>@smallclone... i see... thanks bro
16:57<Juan_Tek>i already fucked once... while upgrading to 18.04 now i am restored back the snapshot... now i am backed to 16.06
16:58<smallclone>i recommend the second method then, if you want to keep things up and running while you're figuring out how to make everything work
16:59<Juan_Tek>thanks again bro... i really appreciate....
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17:12<frailtyy>smallclone: great bro
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20:15<whatOS>so i've signed up with linode. Im running one $5 linode. os is debian.
20:15<whatOS>now, what does the server run?
20:15<whatOS>what os or virtualisasion softonw
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20:16<staticsafe>Debian is the OS, Linode VMs are KVM VMs
20:17<whatOS>so on the hard drive is debian linux. the virtualizasion software is KVM?
20:18<whatOS>is there a limit to what vms I can install? I already saw several linux distros. what else?
20:18<whatOS>(horror) can I install windows?
20:18<frailtyy>Yeah, if you're a lunatic.
20:19<whatOS>I'm a lunatic.
20:19<frailtyy>Seems like this would do
20:19<frailtyy>but you're on your own when it comes to setting it up since Linode support wont cover that
20:20<whatOS>what the? really? that guy ran vindoze on a linode?
20:21<frailtyy>Some people want to watch the world burn
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20:22<whatOS>that's it! I'm hogging the CPUs! I'm running windows 95 on every linode!
20:22<frailtyy>best of luck
20:23<whatOS>Done! I just did it! All CPUs are pegged!
20:23<whatOS>UNICODE cool
20:26<whatOS>WHY WHY WHY???
20:26<frailtyy>I think you've lost your mind.
20:29<whatOS>being normal is being an ant
20:29<whatOS>a facsimile
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20:53<amitduttjoshi>hi there
20:53<amitduttjoshi>I am getting a continious error of MySQL server has Gone Away
20:53<amitduttjoshi>can someone help meo n this please
20:54<Woet>what have you done so far to debug it?
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20:55<amitduttjoshi>any idea guys on continious error of MySQL server has Gone Away
20:55<rsdehart>19:54 [ Woet] what have you done so far to debug it?
20:56<amitduttjoshi>I placed an condition
20:56<amitduttjoshi>if($L->query($insertProductSql) === TRUE) { $productId = $L->insert_id; } else { echo "Error: " . $insertProductSql . "<br>" . $L->error; }
20:57<amitduttjoshi>in $L-> error I am seeing mySql Server has gone away
20:57<amitduttjoshi>rest of the web is working fine
20:57<amitduttjoshi>only when I make inseert queries in loop
20:58<amitduttjoshi>get error MySQL Server Has Gone Away
20:58<rsdehart>yeah, we've established that much
21:00<relidy>amitduttjoshi: I'm guessing your insert payload is too large. That's a common message when the message size exceeds the max_allowed_packet setting in the MySQL config.
21:00<amitduttjoshi>so what should I do to resolve that?
21:03<relidy>Without more context, that's not really something we can help with. This looks like it's PHP. Are you using PDO to talk to the database, or something else?
21:03<rsdehart>if your insert payload is too large, can you break it up into multiple queries?
21:04<relidy>Or, as a last-ditch "solution", increase the max_allowed_packet configuration option. It's not something I'd really want to start with, but if increasing it "fixes" the problem, at least you'd know you're on the right track.
21:04<amitduttjoshi>ok let me see
21:09<Abi12>He's probably using mysqli judging by the $insertProductSql variable.
21:10<relidy>Could be just about anything if they've wrapped it in their own class(es), which is why I asked.
21:10*Abi12 prays he's using prepared statements..
21:11<relidy>If it is PDO, that if statement will probably fail every time.
21:11<Abi12>amitduttjoshi: why not just pastebin your code so we can take a look at it.
21:13<Abi12>relidy: yeah he should use a try/catch instead ( if it's PDO )
21:13<Abi12>if it isn't he should use die() for debugging.
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21:35<spirogg>what does it cost for cpanel whm lic for Linode 8GB
21:35<Woet>spirogg: why are you asking us? check the cPanel website.
21:36<spirogg>does not linode offer this ?
21:36<Woet>only in combination with managed
21:36<spirogg>ok perfect thanks
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