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00:11<linbot>New news from blog: Block Storage Now Available in Tokyo 2 <> || 2018 End of Year Events <> || Linode & Limelight Networks <> || Intel’s L1TF CPU Vulnerabilities & Linode <> |
00:13*Peng_ stares at linbot
00:14<@mcintosh>she's trying!
00:14<@mcintosh>be nice
00:14<@mcintosh>staring is rude :p
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00:16<Unit193>Peng_: I have found Limnoria to be a bad rss client, though newer ones are supposed to repeat less. Rbot is surprisingly good, and of course if one needs an actual client then newsboat is good.
00:28<dwfreed>Unit193: linbot is supybot
00:28<dwfreed>linbot: version
00:28<linbot>dwfreed: The current (running) version of this Supybot is The newest version available online is
00:28<Unit193>So not even remotely good at RSS.
00:29<dwfreed>the blog rss feed changes when the blog server is rebooted
00:33<Woet>but why
00:46<dwfreed>Woet: because wordpress
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05:09<san>hi team we have an issue in our server.i already created a ticket in linode dashboard
05:09<san>can i get an immediate support on that
05:10<dwfreed>the best way to reach linode in an emergency is by phone
05:10<dwfreed>skype allows for free calls to US toll free numbers
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05:35<Woet>i bet it's an issue they can resolve through ssh
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06:15<hirukami>problem with CVE-2018-5391 or FragmentSmack is fixed in kernel 4.18.8 ?
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08:57<shibu>Do you offer VPN and private network?
08:58<grawity>Linode offers Linux servers. If you want to set up some VPN software on yours for any purpose, that's up to you
09:00<shibu>ok thanks
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09:47<linbot>New news from community: Storage (not showing properly?) <>
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12:03<phlux>Do people really use Linodes for VPNs? Kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?
12:03<relidy>Depends on thepurpose of the VPN
12:03<relidy>I use one on a Linode
12:04<phlux>I take it not for anonymity?
12:04<phlux>Fair enough
12:04<nate>unless you think linode hands over customer information at every request from any nobody, still fairly easy to likely use one for general anonymous usages
12:04<@mcintosh>!point nate
12:04<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to nate. (2)
12:05<nate>I feel like I had more than that once upon a time :P
12:05<nate>or maybe it's on my old nick lo
12:05<relidy>!point nate
12:05<linbot>relidy: Point given to nate. (3)
12:05<phlux>Yeah, I'm not saying Linode hands over customer data
12:07<phlux>I just use a VPN service that my name isn't tied to anywhere
12:07<LouWestin>Even Tor doesn’t guarantee anonymity.
12:08<nate>phlux: That you hope isn't anyways, you don't necessarily know what that VPN service you use is collecting that could be used :P
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12:21<synfinatic>i use my linode+vpn when i'm on public wifi/etc
12:25<relidy>That's precisely why I originally set my personal one up. It's also handy to punch through firewalls when doing client-to-client stuff (like talking to a storage machine at home from my phone on the road).
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12:29<montigny34>could somebody guide me in the right direction on how to call ModSueExec for php on centos?
12:30<montigny34>it's loaded but I can't seem to figure out what i need to do in order to change a certain virtual hosts user
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13:08<linbot>New news from community: How can i add additional IP addreses <>
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15:53*DrJ is proud atm
15:53<DrJ>I finally got Qualys to give me an A+ for SSL on all my sites
15:54<millisa>!point DrJ
15:54<linbot>millisa: Point given to drj. (4)
15:54<DrJ>was tough because I was stuck at an A and it wouldn't tell me what I needed to do
15:54<DrJ>turned out I needed to enable HSTS
15:54<millisa>which one was it? (last time I worked through it was either the caa or hsts I think that was eating my +)
15:55<DrJ>I had CAA on all of them
15:55<millisa>same frustration as you, I couldn't tell what I needed to push it over
15:55<DrJ>it was HSTS
15:58<DrJ>I found out what it was by clickin on another site in the recent best that had an A+
15:58<DrJ>it hadd a green bar at the top giving it props for HSTS so I tried that and it worked
15:59<millisa>better than my blind man & rubix cube approach
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16:10<LouWestin>DrJ: Are you using lets encrypt or a commercial cert?
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16:13<DrJ>why do you ask LouWestin?
16:16<DrJ>Linode gets an A+ :)
16:16<DrJ>that's without a CAA record too...
16:16<DrJ>Linode staff here should get on that
16:17<millisa>it might be a conscious choice
16:17<millisa>it was talked about in here a month or two ago
16:17<millisa>something about being a valid name and maybe someone wanting to get a cert for it?
16:17<DrJ>ah, yea that makes sense
16:18<LouWestin>DrJ: just wondering since I use let’s encrypt too and I’m getting an A right now.
16:18<DrJ>Do you have HSTS enabled LouWestin?
16:19<DrJ>that appears to be a requirement for the A+
16:19<LouWestin>Ehh... I don’t remember. I need to retest and see.
16:19<DrJ>obviously CAA is not required millisa, or linode wouldn't have an A+
16:23<nate>Louis6321: link your domain/test, it's most likely your protocol support and/or ciphers giving an A
16:24<LouWestin>Ok. Here my result
16:25<nate>For example I think support of TLS 1.0 will get you just an A these days
16:25<nate>Yeah, note the "TLS 1.0" being yellow, that + all the considered-weak ciphers are where you're prob getting penalized
16:26<LouWestin>Ok. Still not too bad though.
16:26<nate>Honestly if you're not trying to support pretty legacy stuff, >= TLS 1.2 w/ purely ECDHE is largely broadly covered these days
16:28<LouWestin>Yeah, no there’s nothing I need to support legacy wise. Like.. Internet Explorer 6 or something.
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17:13<DrJ>LouWestin: You don't have HSTS enabled
17:13<DrJ>that will probably get you over the hump as it did for me
17:13<DrJ>diable TLS 1.0 as well
17:19<LouWestin>Ok thanks
17:20<DrJ>get my PM LouWestin?
17:20<DrJ>we are running the exact same versions of debian and apache so I sent you the config I used
17:22<DrJ>LouWestin: anyone using IE 6 these days is going to be use to not being able to reach most sites by now (haha)
17:22<DrJ>in fact, if they can the site itself is broken :)
17:23<DrJ>last thing I would ever want to hear is "your site works great in IE 6!"
17:25<LouWestin>That was way back maybe ten years ago
17:26<rsdehart>I was supporting ie 6 8 years ago and that was pushing it
17:30<LouWestin>It was the website designers nightmare and goal to be IE6 compliant
17:32<Abi12>r u curl compliant?
17:33<LouWestin>I have no idea
17:33<LouWestin>Ok lol
17:34<LouWestin> I think it PHP curl
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18:55<LouWestin>DrJ: Let's Encrypt added two Apache config files. The one that is linked to the Vhosts file has the cipher list.
18:56<LouWestin>and going back through your notes
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19:50<LouWestin>Ok, got TLSv1.2 switched over. Just gotta figure why Header always set Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=63072000; includeSubdomains;" is causing a failure error
19:51<LouWestin>Maybe it's in the wrong place
19:51<LouWestin>meaning how the files are linked together
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20:13<LouWestin>Wait... I didn't read DrJ 's prescription correctly. Run a2enmod headers... Ok, error gone and Qualys give the site an A+ rating now!
20:16<Abi12>nuuu I got a B :(
20:17<LouWestin>Abi12: Maybe you need to add TLS ciphers?
20:21<Abi12>LouWestin: weak DH exchange, and and no Forward Secrecy
20:22<Ikaros>Needs to be moar like mine, heh
20:23<LouWestin>Abi12: Are you using lets encrypt or a commercial cert?
20:23<LouWestin>I just had to tweak the ciphers and add HSTS to boost it up
20:24<Ikaros>LouWestin can you get more green on your results though? :P
20:24<Abi12>lets encrypt. Yeah. I'm working on it right now though. Generating a stronger DHE param.
20:26<LouWestin>Ikaros: If I can get the Key Exchange and Cipher strength up to 100 from 90 then I'll full green. ;-)
20:28<Ikaros>LouWestin: <- That hostname serves as my "file host" site, I pretty much put screenshots and other random crap up on there, usually media clips or game-related screenshots.
20:53<LouWestin>I just wanted A+ for bragging rights lol.
20:53<LouWestin>and Ikaros nice!
20:59<LouWestin>Abi12: Ok, here's my pastebin
21:00<LouWestin>that's the options-ssl-apache.conf file in /etc/letsencrypt/
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21:08<Ikaros>LouWestin: Support-wise I started off secure-but-broad, I made adjustments to the TLS parameters over time as needed, usually for security reasons, but sometimes also it was to experiment with brand new settings/features.
21:11<LouWestin>Ikaros: Ok nice.
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21:12<Ikaros>Oh the days at making Apache freak 'cause the underlying SSL library was like "lulz nowai"
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21:14<LouWestin>I’m fairly new to the SSL arena. (Things they don’t teach in school)
21:15<LouWestin>The moment where I learn that I really don’t know too much about the stuff. lol
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23:01<Abi12>LouWestin: I run lighttpd.
23:02<Abi12>I added the cipher list and also generated a dhparam.pem file and had it bumped up to an A.
23:06<LouWestin>On line 12-13 is the HSTS support that DrJ mentioned which got him to A+. I also had to run a2enmod headers and restart apache2 which then got it up to A+
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