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00:18<bumbleVole>are there any email in a box solutions for running your own imap/pop email server that is reasonably secure? i'm trying to stop using google's services, so next up is switching email. i was considering or
00:18<bumbleVole>i have run a custom dovecot/postfix imap/stmp server before with little issues, but i was wondering how these have evolved and if there's a nice container to run one on my VM easily?
00:18<Woet>everything sucks
00:18<Woet>use gsuite
00:19<millisa>linode's doc covers most of the pieces of the dovecot/postfix/mysql setup. but unless you really enjoy running your own mail server...
00:21<bumbleVole>well, i don't mind running it but i worry about security
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00:21<bumbleVole>Woet: i'm trying to get off google's services...
00:21<bumbleVole>so no gsuite fo mre...
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00:22<drussell[m]>iirc Google just uses a heavily modified version of Exim
00:22<drussell[m]>bumbleVole: highly recommend ProtonMail, though.
00:23<bumbleVole>downside of protonmail is it sounds pretentious
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00:24<bumbleVole> would be GREAT if they offered a dot com, but they have every other TLD, just not dot com
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00:24<bumbleVole>drussell[m]: have you looked into posteo? same concept, older company, cheaper
00:24<Woet>bumbleVole: so whats the reason for not wanting Google? because that would affect your choice
00:25<Woet>e.g. "i dont want any service that has an O in its name" rules out posteo as well
00:25<drussell[m]>I've used Proton before, and know a developer or two from their team. Very intelligent people, hire the best of the best. And overall secure -- also highly support Switzerland's data protection act.
00:25<bumbleVole>Woet: trying to not use hosted/cloud services, especially ones with backdoors for nation state actors
00:26<drussell[m]>To be fair though... the only way to really leverage Proton's env. is if the other person is also using Proton... that's the only drawback. Because otherwise your encrypted messages are moot.
00:26<drussell[m]>And not many people use PGP outside of a hosted service like that.
00:26<Woet>bumbleVole: 1) [citation needed] 2) unless you're using PHP, all your mail is going plaintext over the internet anyways 3) you think Linode is more secure than Google Apps?
00:27<drussell[m]>Ofc, Proton does send them a link asking for a passphrase.
00:27<drussell[m]>So there's that too.
00:27<bumbleVole>and as for email, id prefer a company that only offered email services, sot heir attentions isn't split. and if somebody hacks my gmail, they have access to all my google data. f they hack my account, they "only" have access to my email info
00:27<bumbleVole>you mean PGP?
00:29<bumbleVole>Woet: also, i like that an email only app only has my email info, and not all the other info google keeps on me
00:29<bumbleVole>compartmentalizing risks...
00:29<bumbleVole>so to speak
00:29<drussell[m]>Yeah, regarding backdoors for nation/states -- I wouldn't worry about that much. Considering e-mail isn't supposed to be secure.
00:29<drussell[m]>Meh, impossible to move 100% away from Google unfortunately.
00:29<drussell[m]>They'll have data on you regardless.
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00:30<Woet>bumbleVole: I think Google with its 72k employees is better than posteo with their dozen employees when it comes to "split attention".
00:30<Woet>bumbleVole: if you care about your email, use PGP. if you don't, use whatever service, it doesn't matter.
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00:31<Woet>"No flights: To protect the environment, Posteo does not use flights whatsoever for its business."
00:31<Woet>"guys I have a business meeting in Sydney, I'll be back in 4 months"
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00:32<dwfreed>nevermind that taking a ship is worse for the environment than flying
00:32<Woet>"Efficient programming: Preventing energy from being wasted, through optimised design of relevant processes."
00:32*Woet stares
00:32<bumbleVole>does not use flights for its biz?
00:32<bumbleVole>i mean private jet, OK, that makes sense....?
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00:33<drussell[m]>Woet: Doubt they need to fly much, looks like they cater mostly to EU/Germany
00:33<bob>anybody ever used mod_suexec here before?
00:33<Woet>bob: are you doing a survey?
00:33<bob>it won't work for some reason
00:33<millisa>I only use biofuel created from giant panda.
00:34<Woet>bob: ok, so no survey then.
00:34<Woet>bob: give us the config you're using, the error messages, the way you're testing it, etc.
00:34<bob>thats the thing
00:34<drussell[m]>Sorry bob, we only use suPHP or ruid2 here.
00:35<bob>suPHP achieves the same thing yes?
00:35<drussell[m]>Thank you for your tutorials.
00:35<Woet>bob: why are you using a guide from 2009?
00:35<bob>the two tuts i'm following are much different from one another and tried both with no luck
00:35<bob>iu cant find anything more recent
00:35<Woet>bob: for an distro that has been EOL for over a year
00:37<bob>f you have enabled the suEXEC feature with the --enable-suexec option the suexec binary (together with httpd itself) is automatically built if you execute the make command.
00:37<bob>this step confuses me...
00:39<bob>it doesnt explain how to install itt
00:39<drussell[m]>If you enable --enable-suexec, then type "make" it'll automatically install it.
00:39<drussell[m]>when you're installing/compiling httpd
00:40<dwfreed>why would you build apache from source
00:40<bob>bash: --enable-suexec: command not found
00:40<dwfreed>you aren't me, and even I don't build from source by hand usually (I also don't use apache, but that's beside the point)
00:41<drussell[m]>dwfreed: no idea. but I'm guessing he's using outdated yum repos for both httpd and suexec if he used those tutorials he sent earlier... SOOO
00:41<Woet>bob: why dont you spend some more time learning the basics of Linux sysadmin before attempting this?
00:41<Woet>bob: you cant just read a tutorial and copy/paste whatever you see
00:41<bob>once again I've read it
00:41<Woet>bob: you need to actually understand it
00:41<bob>cam accross it before you posted it here
00:41<Woet>bob: you need to start at the basics
00:42<bob>it doesn't explain how to install anything
00:42<bob>bash: --enable-suexec: command not found
00:42<bob>is what the command it tells you to run returns
00:42<Woet>bob: it's not a command.
00:42<Woet>bob: it's a compilation flag.
00:42<drussell[m]>yeah but that's not a command, it's a flag.
00:42<drussell[m]>look at Woet typing faster than me
00:42<Woet>bob: this is something you would know if you would get familiar with the basics of Linux before randomly copy/pasting stuff from tutorials.
00:43<bob>so httpd.conf
00:43*Woet stares
00:43<drussell[m]>Yep, I remember why I re-joined this channel now.
00:45<bob>so where does the flag go
00:45<Woet>bob: am I talking to a wall?
00:45<dwfreed>Woet: yes
00:46<Woet>bob or wall: why dont you spend some more time learning the basics of Linux sysadmin before attempting this?
00:46<bob>possibly? was that a rhetorical question
00:46<bob>because I feel like messing with my server right now???
00:47<drussell[m]>You can mess with the server while learning basic shit :)
00:47<bob>the issue is the tutorial doesn't say where the "compilation flags" go
00:47<drussell[m]>Well yeah. It expects you to know that.
00:47<Woet>so google
00:48<bob>not me not knowing "basic shit"
00:48<Woet>the tutorial/documentation isn't meant for first time linux users
00:48<drussell[m]>Follow the steps here: when you get to the 'CFLAGS' part of the tutorial (don't skip, actually read it), you can add your --enable-suexec flag.
00:49<Woet>i'd argue against compiling it most of the time, but it'd be a decent lesson
00:49<Woet>so yea, i'd recommend doing that
00:49<drussell[m]>Woet: Hence why I skipped the top part in my link LOL
00:54<bob>if apache is already compiled i need to re compile it correct?
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02:58<Abi12>lul'd compilation flag = command
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12:27<montigny34>how do i find out where a domain pointed to my server is grabbing the html files from
12:27<montigny34>i didn't add a vhost pointing to the files the domain is giving a 404 error for
12:27<montigny34>so i have no idea how to find out whats causing it to server these files
12:27<LouWestin>Are you using Apache?
12:28<LouWestin>K you probably need to make the vhost file first. There’s a linode guide.
12:28<montigny34>i made a vhost file
12:28<millisa>on newer apaches, 'apachectl -T' should test the config and show where it's getting the config from. the log files in that config would be the place to look
12:28<montigny34>after it started serving weird files
12:28<montigny34>restarted httpd
12:29<montigny34>still no change
12:29<montigny34>AH00558: httpd: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using fe80::f03c:91ff:fe3e:8889. Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message httpd (pid 29588) already running
12:30<LouWestin>In the vhost file there would be a directory link
12:30<montigny34>when i ran millisa's command
12:32<LouWestin>I’d run though this guide again.
12:32<LouWestin>And check the vhost file again.
12:32<millisa>sorry -S would dump your vhost info that apache thinks it is using (-T is for nginx0
12:33<montigny34>the issue isn't the vhost westin
12:33<montigny34>i didnt make any vhost
12:33<montigny34>pointed the domain towards my ip
12:33<montigny34>and it started serving files
12:33<montigny34>i know how to make a vhost
12:33<millisa>if you dont have a vhost defined, it'll use whatever the default host is.
12:33<montigny34>ive then made one
12:33<montigny34>and nothing changed
12:34<millisa>pastebin the output of apachectl -S
12:34<LouWestin>The domain pointed to your ip isn’t all you need... listen to what we’re telling you.
12:35<montigny34> default server (/etc/httpd/sites-enabled/
12:36<montigny34>this would be where the files are getting served from if it cannot find a vhost correct?
12:36<dwfreed>Apache always uses the first virtual host for requests that don't match a virtual host (or don't specify a Host header)
12:36<millisa>montigny34: more than likely, yes. if you dont have something matching the incoming hostheader elsewhere, that's the vhost that'd get used
12:38<montigny34>found out what the issue was
12:38<montigny34>thanks for the code millisa
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12:55<montigny34>for some reason it doesn't work when i get to the vhost part
12:56<LouWestin>Your website is displaying the Apache page
12:56<LouWestin>Which means it’s set to the default vhost file
12:58<montigny34>the vhost is found in the config
12:59<montigny34>[Wed Oct 10 12:55:23.543980 2018] [autoindex:error] [pid 4455] [client] AH01276: Cannot serve directory /var/www/html/app/: No matching DirectoryIndex (index.html,index.php) found, and server-generated directory index forbidden by Options directive
12:59<montigny34>is the error im getting
13:00<montigny34>now it just serves a blank page
13:01<LouWestin>Create or check your other vhost file.
13:01<LouWestin>Not the default one. And the default conf file should be disabled if it isn’t.
13:02<montigny34>okay so, it displays hrtml
13:02<montigny34>but php doesnt get ececuted
13:03<millisa>look in your access and error logs for that vhost.
13:03<montigny34>the logs dont show anything
13:04<millisa>then look in the right logs . they should at least show the hit
13:04<grawity>oh dear, suphp
13:05<montigny34>httpd error logs show nothing
13:05<montigny34>my vhost error log shows nothing
13:07<montigny34> <FilesMatch ".+\.ph(p[345]?|t|tml)$"> SetHandler None </FilesMatch>
13:07<montigny34>was the issue, causing php not to work
13:09<montigny34>its not showing CGI/FastCGI
13:09<montigny34>any ideas whyt?
13:09<millisa>because of what you just did?
13:09<LouWestin>I’m seeing your PHP test page
13:10<montigny34>i followed this tut
13:10<montigny34>besides the code i pasted that was cusing the php not to work, i didnt remove or do anything differently
13:10<montigny34>besides that chunk being removed ***
13:11<millisa>that chunk is what stops php from running outside suphp
13:11<montigny34>this <FilesMatch ".+\.ph(p[345]?|t|tml)$"> SetHandler None </FilesMatch> ??
13:11<grawity>hmm does it? I thought suphp has its own SetHandler that overrides the regular one anyway
13:12<grawity>although if you don't want regular PHP, might as well remove mod_php
13:12<montigny34>because thats the chunk i removed
13:12<grawity>that being said, if you end up having no luck with this, try mod_ruid2 instead
13:12<montigny34>i just need a way to not have apache serve scripts
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13:43<priyank>My website automatic showing database connection error
13:43<millisa>how come?
13:43<priyank>can anyone help me
13:43<priyank>i dont know
13:43<priyank>it was working fine
13:43<priyank>2 day before
13:43<millisa>what do your logs say?
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13:44<millisa>is your database service running?
13:44<priyank>how to check
13:45<millisa>ssh in to your server and look?
13:46<millisa>look in the process list, or use netstat or ss to see what's listening, use whatever your distribution suggests for checking if a service is running
13:46<millisa>any of those
13:47<priyank>actually i am new, i logged in on website linode
13:48<priyank>and it says server is running
13:48<grawity>that pretty much just means "the computer is on"
13:48<priyank>but no option to check for database service
13:49<LouWestin>I’m assume Wordpress?
13:49<grawity>because that's what Linode sells you – just the computer, not any stuff that runs inside
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13:49<grawity>(unless you pay them truckloads for Professional Services)
13:50<priyank>its wordpress
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14:08<LouWestin>Well montigny34 got his site pointed to the right directory at least.
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17:10<AlexMax>how is atlanta doing?
17:10<AlexMax>considering yall are getting grazed by a hurricane and everything
17:11<AlexMax>or are you?
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17:13<@mcintosh>atlanta seems fine
17:17<AlexMax>well, are you expected to lose power or no?
17:18<AlexMax>actually that's a terrible question
17:18<millisa>trying to jinx things
17:18<DrJ>I bet the datacenter will be fine
17:18<DrJ>those things are built to withstand stuff like this
17:18<DrJ>and of course, they have backup power
17:18<AlexMax>Well, better safe than sorry
17:19<DrJ>I just moved my last linode out of atlanta last week though :)
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17:20<DrJ>only because of the lack of block storage though
17:21<LouWestin>I like living on the edge. It’s more fun. ;-)
17:22<Peng_>DrJ: Atlanta went down during Hurricane Irma.
17:22<Peng_>But it survived Hurricane Florence
17:22<DrJ>it did?
17:22<DrJ>isn't atlanta pretty far enough inland though to not take the brunt of the storm
17:23<Peng_>DrJ: Yup. One of those weird-ass one-in-a-million power equipment failures. I couldn't even get mad.
17:23<DrJ>surprised I don't recall that
17:23<DrJ>the most important server I have has been in atlanta since 2010
17:24<Peng_>At this point it's hard to remember individual Atlanta problems ;)
17:24<DrJ>yea, they have had their share
17:24<Peng_>I live in Florida, so Irma was generally memorable :D
17:25<DrJ>Indiana here, tornados are the only weather threat we ever have to worry about
17:25<DrJ>well, you know, besides being 80 degrees one day and snowing the next
17:25<LouWestin>Illinois here
17:25<DrJ>which btw, is no exageration
17:26<Peng_>In Florida it's just 90 degrees one day and 90 degrees the next day and
17:26<LouWestin>No it’s not lol
17:26<LouWestin>It’s crazy weather
17:27<DrJ>it actually happened one day in 2017
17:27<DrJ>we hit 80 on one day and were shoveling snow the next
17:27-!-Dreamer3 [] has quit [Quit: ZNC 1.7.1 -]
17:27-!-Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
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17:28<DrJ>I'm glad I don't have to worry about hurricanes though
17:29<DrJ>and I can't even recall the last time my city had a tornado thouchdown
17:29<DrJ>those always seem to hit in mostly the same areas
17:30-!-Redentor [] has joined #linode
17:30-!-Redentor is "Armando" on #debian-es #debian-mx #debian-next #linode
17:32<LouWestin>There was a tornado down south of IL a couple years ago that just obliterated a small town
17:32-!-Dreamer3_ [] has joined #linode
17:32-!-Dreamer3_ is "Josh Goebel" on #linode
17:33<AlexMax>Can't really escape nature no matter what you do almost
17:33<AlexMax>east coast, you get wrecked by hurricanes
17:33<AlexMax>west coast you could get wrecked by an earthquake
17:33-!-Dreamer3 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:33<AlexMax>middle of the country, obliterated by a tornado
17:33<Peng_>I think tornadoes are scarier than hurricanes 'cause you get less warning
17:34-!-Hexodo [] has joined #linode
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17:34<Unit193>It all depends on what you're used to, I'm used to the former so don't mind them (but Ohio, so don't really get them often either. Had plenty of warnings, watches, and one a couple miles away but never seen one.)
17:36<DrJ>we get multiple tornado warnngs every year and tons of watches
17:36<DrJ>I too have never seen one, or been within miles of a confirmed one
17:37<DrJ>as for warning, they sound the sirens in my city and since all you really have to do is get to the basement (if you have one) you don't need much warning
17:37<DrJ>as for advanced warning that is
17:38<Unit193>Unless you're in a car on the way home, which is an hour away...
17:38<@mcintosh>solution: ban cars
17:39<Unit193>Solution: Ban McTavish! :>
17:42<@mcintosh>you weren't supposed to reveal my... secret name
17:44<Unit193>Oh no! Sorry. ;3
17:47-!-sarhny [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
17:47-!-sarhny is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
17:48<sarhny>help me
17:48<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
17:48<@mcintosh>what do you need help with?
17:48<drussell[m]>Too much going on here. Regret looking. LOL
17:48<sarhny>My site is turned off I do not know the reason
17:49<drussell[m]>sarhny: Define "turned off"
17:49<millisa>When you login to the linode manager, do you have any tickets?
17:49-!-Hexodo [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:50<millisa>what's that?
17:52<sarhny>Error 522 Ray ID: 467c4b5fbd7fac15 • 2018-10-10 21:49:31 UTC Connection timed out
17:53<millisa>This is a community channel; most of us are customers. We won't know specifics about your account or tickets
17:53<millisa>that sounds like a cloudflare error.
17:53<sarhny>Is there direct support?
17:53<Peng_>Because the connection to the origin timed out
17:54<sarhny>yes cloudflare
17:54<millisa>They have support through tickets, email, phone. But if it's not their problem, they won't be able to do much. have you tried ssh'ing into the linode server?
17:54<drussell[m]>sarhny: or open a ticket in your Linode Manager.
17:55<drussell[m]>millisa: Sounds like either the web server is down, or the Linode is powered off, based on that error msg.
17:55<millisa>might be, who knows
17:55<drussell[m]>sarhny: In your Linode Manager, are your Linodes powered on?
17:55<drussell[m]>If yes, SSH in and check the status of your web server.
17:55<drussell[m]>If not, send a ticket to Linode.
18:04-!-sarhny [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
18:34-!-xyphoid [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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18:34<arooni>is there a way to test latency of a ssh connection? i.e. to find out if its a problem with my local internet connection a problem with my connection to linode?
18:34<arooni>and anyway to deal with laggy connections? mosh? something else?
18:39<LouWestin>I’d first do an internet speed test like
18:39<Peng_>I had a brief power outage. \o/
18:40<LouWestin>UPS ftw
18:40-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:41<Peng_>I'm about as far from the hurricane as you can be and still get a mild breeze from it.
18:41<Peng_>Best of luck to Atlanta's shambolic infrastructure, which is almost directly in its path. :P
18:42<LouWestin>Summer time and storms knock out our power for a min to a few hours.
18:43<LouWestin>arooni: Did you see my post?
18:43<LouWestin>At least once a year
18:44<Abi12>Atlanta isn't getting hit that badly Peng_.
18:44<Peng_>You don't have to get hid badly to have an outage.
18:47<Peng_>Where I used to live had very reliable power. I think. Here it flickers more often, but an outage longer than a second is still unusual.
18:48<LouWestin>It’s not bad with us, just the occasional outage
18:49<Abi12>I guess it depends on location, is/isn't construction happening around, building wiring.
18:50<LouWestin>I have a strong UPS for my desktop plus others for the daughter’s computer and networking equipment
18:50<Abi12>oops. I need to buy a UPS for my personal stuff.
18:50<LouWestin>So we can run for an hour or so
18:50<LouWestin>APC Abi12
18:50<Peng_>In <old place>, my old UPS caused more outages than it prevented. :D
18:51<LouWestin>I had one fry out, got a warranty replacement
18:51<LouWestin>The newer one I’m surprised is still holding up
18:51<Abi12>I can't decide. I'm a big fan of the BE600M1's look, but you can't replace the battery in it. The older APC models are preety reliable ( BE550G for example ), plus their batteries are swappable.
18:52<Abi12>heh. One of our client is still using this huge white Smart UPS 2200 XL.
18:52<arooni>LouWestin: ah now i did; thanks for the ping
18:52<Abi12>It's the size of a small server tower.
18:53<LouWestin>I have two smaller ones that you could replace the battery. But it’s home based stuff.
18:53<LouWestin>arooni: ok good. I figure check your net first to rule that out or in. Then work from there.
18:54<arooni>never heard of that site; it looks better than the that i usauly run
18:54-!-sdfwsdf [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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18:54<Abi12>speedtest-cli works well arooni
18:55<Abi12>If you don't have a DE installed.
18:55<LouWestin>Yeah you run more tests through the day, etc. helped when troubleshooting the cable slowing down years ago.
18:56<Abi12>LouWestin: what models do you have?
18:56<millisa>sdfwsdf: did you login to the linode manager or ssh in to your server to see what is up?
18:57<sdfwsdf>All work
18:59<LouWestin>Abi12: XS 1500... OLD lol and the other two are...smaller ones
18:59<arooni>Abi12: thats nifty will run that in the future
19:02-!-sdfwsdf [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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19:48-!-Stemman [] has joined #linode
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19:50<Stemman>I'm getting good upload speed to our linode server from Los Angeles, but my Colleague in EU is uploading at 10kb/s. Any reason why? Their upload speed is fine to our google drive, so I don't believe it's an issue with their internet.
19:51<Stemman>Thanks, i'll get back to you with that diagnostic info or get him on this IRC
20:03-!-brians___ is "brian" on #debian #qemu
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20:04<Peng_>Where's the Linode located?
20:07<Stemman>It was in Dallas, I believe we tried moving it. He also has no trouble uploading to our server in our office in Los Angeles, so I don't believe its a distance issue. I know his ping is about 150ms to Linode
20:09-!-brians_ [~brian@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:11<Stemman>Excuse the wall of text, this is what he sent me
20:12<Stemman>as I try and figure out how IRC copy/paste is best done...
20:13<Stemman>17.-- 0.0% 10 154.6 154.9 153.7 156.0 0.3
20:14<Stemman>for the last hop anyway, don't wanna blast text
20:22-!-internat [] has joined #linode
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20:32<Abi12>Stemman: did you have him do the speedtest?
20:50-!-Edgeman [] has joined #linode
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22:32<LouWestin>Peng_: One domain transferred to porkbun, one to go. :-)
22:32-!-tomchen[m] [~tomchenma@2001:470:1af1:101::528] has joined #linode
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23:11<LouWestin>Has anyone used porkbun's email hosting?
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23:46<Guest245>How can we complaint one store that stolen our pictures? Please reply me ASAP.
23:46<LouWestin>are they a Linode customer?
23:47<LouWestin>Send an email to
23:48<Guest245>okay thank you
23:48<LouWestin>You're welcome
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