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01:49<nate>If they were that important shoulda done what shutterstock did, anally watermark them and sue google to stop letting people directly link (how they won that I'll never understand)
01:51<FluffyFoxeh>I thought that was Getty
01:51<FluffyFoxeh>Or are they the same
02:11<drussell[m]>Getty sued.
02:12<drussell[m]>Getty also sued Microsoft so
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02:36<tprime>Hello! Is it a bad idea to go about setting up striped zfs on block storage volumes? (desired effects are iops and storage for SQL databse)
02:37<dwfreed>there are worse ideas
02:37<dwfreed>but I can't promise it'll improve performance
02:37<erik>tprime: Local storage will probably be faster than block storage
02:38<tprime>I did some fio tests. Doesn't look like I've achieved anything worthwhile.
02:38<erik>tprime: How much data do you need to store in your database and what are your IOPS requirements?
02:39<tprime>Half a TB at this time, and it's growing at a slow pace.
02:39<erik>tprime: In addition you will most likely have lower latency on the local storage. I have not done any extensive testing on Linodes block storage yet
02:39<erik>tprime: And how much power do you need for your database?
02:40<tprime>The db is high on upserts (read-before-write – so zfs suffers a bit too)
02:40<grawity>how do you measure a database's "power"
02:40<nate>Was it getty? Mighta been getty, thought it was shutterstock. Though shutterstock definitely does the overboard watermarking at least :P
02:40<tprime>He probably means IOPS, I'm not too certain about the numbers I would need.
02:40<erik>grawity: Well, I was thinking how much CPU power he means
02:41<erik>tprime: I was thinking CPU wise. If you for example can do fine with 4 cores, 8G ram it might make sense to have some data on block storage to save cost
02:41<tprime>I was considering 6c machine.
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02:41<erik>tprime: You could consider a "hybrid" approach. Have your datafiles on block storage and any logs on local storage
02:41<tprime>Sadly since this data isn't timeseries, I wouldn't be able to create a separate table space for less-frequently-accessed data to be offloaded to block storage
02:42<erik>troy: I assume you will run MySQL?
02:42<erik>tprime: Ok, well same strategy could work there
02:43<tprime>fio --filename=/blockstore/testfile --direct=0 --rw=randrw --refill_buffers --norandommap --randrepeat=0 --ioengine=libaio --bs=8k --rwmixread=70 --iodepth=16 --numjobs=16 --runtime=60 --group_reporting --name=8k7030test --size=1G
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02:43<tprime> read : io=774848KB, bw=12906KB/s, iops=1613, runt= 60040msec
02:43<tprime>write: io=328856KB, bw=5477.3KB/s, iops=684, runt= 60040msec
02:44<tprime>The same test on the attached ssd:
02:44<tprime>read : io=5733.4MB, bw=97798KB/s, iops=12224, runt= 60031msec
02:44<tprime>write: io=2454.9MB, bw=41874KB/s, iops=5234, runt= 60031msec
02:45<tprime>(using 6 x block storage volumes in striped zfs – essentially the fastest it could get with zfs)
02:45<tprime>(without caching)
02:45<erik>tprime: Yes, local storage is quicker as expected
02:46<tprime>Old man shouts at the cloud
02:48<erik>tprime: If you really need the performance and you want to keep costs down I would suggest you experiment a bit with mixing local and block storage for your database
02:48<erik>tprime: It might be that the load is so low that you are trying to optimise something that actually isn't a problem
02:49<tprime>I could perhaps setup a replication secondary and see if it can stay caught up
02:49<tprime>My current setup is golden but I'd like to move from this dedicated server to linode.
02:49<tprime>And save some $$.
02:49<erik>tprime: So, look at where your current bottle neck is. If you do not find any bottle neck on the disk io side then you probably are good to go on your io strategy
02:50<tprime>logs on the local, data on the block storage, right?
02:50<erik>troy: Maybe, you would have to test to see what works best for you
02:50<tprime>Might also have to turn off sync write
02:50<erik>oh tprime
02:50<tprime>(sorry troy)
02:50<erik>tprime: Might be benefit of having indexes on local storage
02:51<tprime>Ooh. Didn't think of that
02:51<erik>tprime: Probably best to benchmark your database somehow instead of doing it with fio
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02:52<tprime>postgresql's logical replication is essentially insert/update/delete relayed to the subscriber databases. So if it can stay afloat, it can work as a primary/master as well.
02:53<tprime>Thanks erik
02:53<erik>tprime: But before you spend a lot of time on this just see if you actually have a problem
02:54<tprime>You mean just put everything under block storage first?
02:54<erik>tprime: Sometimes spending time optimising something that is not broken is a waste of time. Time that could be better spent on optimising other parts of the application
02:54<erik>tprime: You probably have the database running somewhere at the moment?
02:54<erik>tprime: Check what kind of load it has
02:55<erik>tprime: Based on those numbers make a estimation if 100% block storage seems like it could work
02:55<erik>tprime: If yes, try it out
02:55<tprime>How do I determine the "kind" of load it has ^^
02:56<tprime>UPSERTs (95% UPDATEs / 5% INSERTs)
02:56<erik>tprime: Well, you could check the current database server. What specs does it have? What kind of storage system?
02:56<tprime>This warrants some random read/write iops.
02:56<erik>tprime: how many io's per second are the disks on that server doing at the moment
02:57<erik>tprime: iostat -x 1 will probably give you some data
02:57<erik>tprime: You might have some surveillance on your current db server with some graphs of different things?
02:57<erik>I would begin there, looking at what it seems to need at the moment and then figuring out how that will fit on Linode
02:57<tprime>Not for disk stats/io
02:57<tprime>I've got glances but that doesn't draw graphs
02:58<erik>tprime: Ok, well you probably know when your database is most active
02:58<erik>tprime: Try to have a peek at that time with for example iostat
02:58<erik>it should give you a decent picture
02:59<tprime>Thanks. Do you know of a utility that would draw a graph based on output from iostat | grep 'whatever'?
03:00<tprime>Possibly with lightweight data persistence. Don't need full blown Grafana etc
03:00<tprime>Anyway, thanks Erik. I have to run for an errand.
03:01<tprime>I'll try to get back with findings.
03:01<tprime>Good byeeeee
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03:13<wayzee>Do you provide fully managed service and is it configured and optimized for wordpress based sites / applications.
03:17<grawity>no, and no
03:17<grawity>although Linode Professional Services probably comes close to fully managed?
03:17<grawity>I'm not entirely sure about it
03:18<wayzee>what about wordpress optimization
03:18<wayzee>cpanel included
03:21<Abi12>wayzee: nothing is included/configured beforehand. You're essentially buying a server which you can install a distro if your choice on, then you can install wordpress/cpanel and optimize it as you see fit.
03:32<wayzee>ok thanks
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03:34<Abi12>The ops should change the topic to `Please read the website before asking questions.. maybe you'll find what you're looking for`.
04:00<dwfreed>nobody reads the topic either
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04:13<Abi12>dwfreed: I do :(
04:14<Abi12>It's pretty on weechat.
06:13<LouWestin>About the person with stolen images report. I didn’t want to get into the whole copyright discussion.
06:14<LouWestin>Any of those stock image companies , like Getty, are more than happy to send a “fine letter” asking for money due to copyright infringement
06:16<LouWestin>But in actuality, they have to have those images copyright registered to sue anyway.
06:17<dwfreed>there is no copyright registry
06:18<dwfreed>well, there is, apparently, but it's not a requirement to sue
06:19<LouWestin>If the image stealer is in another country like China. Heh good luck with that.
06:20<dwfreed>plantiff can still acquire an injunction against the defendent, which would require Linode to shut down the server or otherwise restrict access to it
06:21<dwfreed>even if they're not on US soil
06:22<LouWestin>But if they’re stock images that got stolen then it might not be stolen. Ok. I figured Linode would look into it and let him know what could be done.
06:26<dwfreed>Linode's role in a DMCA violation is very clearly spelled out by the law; <purported owner> sends Linode DMCA takedown notice, identifying the content that needs to be removed; Linode forwards this on to the customer, who then has a window of time to remove the content before Linode has to intervene to restrict access; customer may provide Linode with a counterclaim which is then forwarded on to the
06:26<dwfreed>purported owner, but the content must still be inaccessible for a period of time during which the purported owner can decide if they want to sue; if they don't sue, then the content can be restored
06:26<dwfreed>first window is like 24 to 48 hours; second one is like 2 weeks or something
06:27<dwfreed>Linode is required to follow this procedure by law, otherwise they can be considered a "coconspirator" of sorts, and become equally liable in a copyright infringement lawsuit
06:28<LouWestin>Oh that’s right! I forget about the Take down rule.
06:29<LouWestin>I moved away from the design field for the most part so I don’t keep up really
06:31<LouWestin>That happened with the Minecraft Bukket project.
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08:01<RandomGuy224>Hi, can anyone answer my questions?
08:01<RandomGuy224>I'd like to know if I'll get full root access over SSH.
08:02<RandomGuy224>I'm interested on the linode 2gb plan
08:04<dwfreed>you do
08:05<LouWestin>Although you should disable the root account once you’re setup.
08:06<RandomGuy224>Nice. What distro comes pre installed?
08:07<DrJ>there probably isn't any need to run ntp on my linode is there? I'm assuming by default they sync with the linode host time which I'm assuming linode has ntp on.
08:07<DrJ>I like to assume
08:08<LouWestin>RandomGuy224: There’s a list that you can choose from
08:09<RandomGuy224>Nice. Thank you Lou! :)
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08:09<LouWestin>DrJ: I’m not sure. I’ve stuck to the standard gmt time since it’s easier to know when linode is doing maintenance
08:11<LouWestin>With that said, I haven’t messed with ntp since I first started Linode way back.
08:11<dwfreed>DrJ: no, you need to run ntpd
08:12<dwfreed>DrJ: it does not sync as far as I know
08:13<DrJ>I've always run it before but I migrated to a new server over the weekend and figured no need to install/run it if it always gets the correct time from the host, so just thought I'd ask
08:15<DrJ>question 2: If I remove a user from "Users and Permissions" in the lnode manager, will they get an email informing them I removed them?
08:19<@mcintosh>if you email them saying "hey i removed u"
08:19<@mcintosh>then they would
08:20<dwfreed>mcintosh: hey i removed u
08:20<DrJ>I'd rather them not get an email
08:20<Turkeylegjones>Hey, You're out of here.
08:21*mcintosh is removed
08:21<DrJ>the server they had access to I'm about to delete. Didn't want them getting an email informing them of the delete, or have them asking me why I removed them. Honestly, the only reason I set them up in the first place was in case I was to die or something. But I recently decided I am not going to die, so I see no point.
08:22<dwfreed>you can do that? you can just decide "I'm not going to die" and live forever?
08:22<Turkeylegjones>When you're about to die
08:22<Turkeylegjones>and be awesome instead
08:22<DrJ>exactly Turkeylegjones
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08:49<LouWestin>I need to look at ntpd then so I can stay in sync.
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09:46<DrJ>any chance I could get someone to take a look at ticket 11017041? Not a huge deal, but I have time right now and kinda want to start configuring them.
10:02<@mcintosh>DrJ: g2g
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10:18<AndroUser>What kind of traffic would be going through over 80/tcp?
10:18<AndroUser>Basically any website or web service, right?
10:19<LouWestin>Yeah unless it’s running some weird configuration. It wouldn’t be https:
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10:44<DrJ>okay, so I screwed up trying to install longview
10:45<DrJ>specifically, I accidentally clicked past the prompt to create a mysql user
10:45<DrJ>so I then removed longview with apt
10:45<DrJ>now I reinstalled and got the prompt to create mysql user again, which I did
10:47<DrJ>now I get this:
10:48<DrJ>I tried removing the /etc/linode directory after removing longview, but that didn't help either
10:56<DrJ>appearetly apt-get remove linode-longview just doesn't fully remove it
10:57<dwfreed>in your apt-get install linode-longview
10:57<dwfreed>dpkg does not remove config files
10:57<DrJ>not installing it with apt though
10:57<DrJ>linode asks me to run a curl command
10:58<dwfreed>the curl command just does apt-get
10:58<dwfreed>after adding a sources.list entry to point at the repo
10:58<dwfreed>if you haven't removed the sources.list entry, then you can just run apt-get yourself
11:01<DrJ>okay, that's odd
11:02<DrJ>the pass in the MySQL.conf file is totally not the pass it asked me to change it to
11:03<DrJ>okay, corrected that and no more mysql errors
11:04<DrJ>but.... update-rc.d: error: unable to read /etc/init.d/longview
11:04<DrJ>which btw I removed that file manually a bit ago in an attempt to fix all this
11:07<dwfreed>did it get recreated when you reinstalled it?
11:08<dwfreed>oh, might need to be -oDpkg::Options::="--force-confmiss" (extra set of double colons before the equals sign)
11:08<DrJ>k, trying
11:09<DrJ>think that worked
11:09<DrJ>now that I installed it this way, how do I tell it the ID or whatnot that linode needs
11:10<dwfreed>vim /etc/linode/longview.key
11:10<dwfreed>put key in
11:10<DrJ>yea, you mean nano
11:11<dwfreed>real sysadmins use real text editors, ie vim
11:13<DrJ>okay, I think I got it
11:14<DrJ>guess I have to wait a bit to see
11:20<DrJ>hmm, logs says its rejecting my api key
11:21<DrJ>is the key not the part after curl -s
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11:24<DrJ>400 Bad Request API key: .... is made up, rejecting payload!
11:25<@mcintosh>it is not
11:26<@mcintosh>go to$INSTANCENAME
11:26<@mcintosh>they look similar though... easy mix-up
11:30<DrJ>and I'm up
11:53<LouWestin>Vim ftw
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16:16<DrJ>can we set reverse DNS on individual IPv6 addresses in a /64 block?
16:16<DrJ>looks like it will only allow me to do so on the main IPv4/6 addy
16:16<dwfreed>you can
16:16<dwfreed>it still needs to be forward-confirmed
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16:16<DrJ>yea figured as much on that, but where do you do it?
16:17<dwfreed>same as where you do all the others
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17:06<DrJ>okay, I see now
17:07<DrJ>really wish linode didn't have that 15 minute dns update delay
17:09<LouWestin>If we set the TTL to say, 5 minutes,
17:09<LouWestin>Does it really speed up the resolving?
17:10<DrJ>does not speed up the linode publishing of the record, no
17:10<DrJ>does help clients see the new change though once linode applies if you had it 5 minutes prior to the change
17:11<LouWestin>K. Whenever I’ve switched DNS over to a new server it’s usually been no sooner than 12 hours.
17:11<DrJ>for example, last week I knew I would be switching servers/IPs soon, so I knocked them down to 5 minutes
17:11<LouWestin>Just wondering.
17:11<DrJ>I think we are talking about two different things LouWestin
17:12<DrJ>I'm talking about the, up to, 15 minute delay of linode applying any changes you make
17:12<DrJ>you are talking about the actual TTL on the records
17:12<millisa>using linode dns with slave zones off your own dns server gets around the publish delay doesn't it?
17:12<DrJ>not sure millisa
17:13<millisa>The Peng Of Authority has spoken
17:13<DrJ>I kind of prefer linode to be the master because I like their easy to use interface
17:13<DrJ>but it has that 15 minute drawback
17:13<Peng_>There can still be an additional caching delay in Cloudflare
17:14<DrJ>and I despise running my own dns server
17:15<LouWestin>DrJ: ok I might confusing it something else.
17:15<DrJ>LouWestin, say if I made a change right now at 15 past the hour. That change would not be seen by anyone until at least the bottom of the hour
17:16<DrJ>usually takes a few minutes past that... so more like 35 past the hour
17:16<LouWestin>Ok so like 30’ish minutes?
17:16<DrJ>15-30 minutes
17:17<DrJ>I think what you were talking about earlier is the actual TTL before clients refresh the records
17:18<LouWestin>I switched over my two domains to two new servers. That took the 12 hour resolve
17:18<DrJ>the name servers or just the A/AAAA records/
17:18<LouWestin>Just linode NS to a new IP.
17:19<DrJ>ah, then you must have a 12ish hour TTL
17:19<DrJ>like I said earlier, like for me last week I knew I'd be making a change within a day or so... so I knocked them down to 5 minutes during that time
17:19<LouWestin>I have to look at the linode DNS screen when I get home.
17:19<DrJ>so when I did make the change the clients would see it rather quickly
17:20<DrJ>then I bumped it back up
17:20<LouWestin>For me it wasn’t an urgent switch over.
17:22<DrJ>mine was
17:23<DrJ>but anyway, good to know on the slave thing. But I still think I'd prefer to keep the linode manager for my dns
17:23<DrJ>so I guess I'll have to continue living with it
17:23<LouWestin>I don’t know if there would be much advantage to switching anyway.
17:24<DrJ>not really
17:25<DrJ>for me it's just I just want things to work right away :)
17:25<LouWestin>Cloud flares ddos... eh...
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17:45<LouWestin>“$15 (2cpu/2gb/60gb) nodes.” ??? Why not just for the 4GB 2core for $20...
17:46<Peng_>$5 :D
17:46<LouWestin>From linbot’s post
17:46<Peng_>A competitor offers exactly that
17:46<LouWestin>That request seems odd imo
17:47<Peng_>I'd maybe buy it
17:47<LouWestin>What’s five more a month?
17:47<LouWestin>A super large DD coffee costs almost that
17:49<LouWestin>I don’t know that’s my logic fwiw
17:56<LouWestin>Linode’s $20 package would be good for a Minecraft server. That proposed package? Not really
17:58<LouWestin>Just as an example
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18:25*nate ran a small minecraft server on one of the old 512 $20 linodes ages back
18:26<nate>Though I also used OpenJDK which was vastly more performant at running it too
18:26-!-d1b [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:37<LouWestin>I run under the $10 plan right now.
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18:45<@mcintosh>I run... these streets
18:45<LouWestin>It’s good to be king
18:50<@mcintosh>you come at the king... you best not miss
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22:18<warewolf>oh, balls.
22:18<warewolf>my linode is so very old it's /dev/sda is an ext2 filesystem, and I can't grub2-install into it.
22:19<warewolf>I have no clue how to proceed to try to "grub boot" my own self rather than using a linode kernel
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22:26<warewolf>oh right, I have a free upgrade too. Now is as good a time as any to test a reboot!
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22:53<warewolf>whelp that didn't work.
22:56<warewolf>durp, sorry
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23:12<Toba>erry, or erry other, day, I'm linodin'
23:15<wraeth>warewolf: "Linode provides the GRUB bootloader, so your system only needs to provide a grub.cfg file." ->
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23:17<warewolf>yeah I just figured out that linode's grub2 wants the config in /boot/grub/grub.cfg, not fedora's preferred location of /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
23:17<warewolf>so one quick ln -s later, and I'm running the distro kernel and I can do moar bettar awezum iptables stuff, like tarpitting.
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