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06:35<fa>i have some question guys
06:35<fa>anyone here?
06:35<grawity>when will those questions be asked?
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06:37<fa>Ffs i got disconnected
06:37<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
06:37<linbot>fa: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
06:39<fa>If i order a 2gb standard plan, what control methods will be provided? SSH? RDP? VNC??
06:39<dwfreed>you'd have full ssh access
06:39<fa>Ok thanks freedie
06:39<dwfreed>LISH and GLISH are available for out-of-band access; LISH being like a serial console, and GLISH being a graphical console
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08:32<linbot>New news from community: Pagemap size in proc/[pid]/task folder is 35GB <>
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09:32<linbot>New news from community: Nanonode too small for FreeBSD Buildworld? <>
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11:11<AlexMax>Any APIv4 guys in here?
11:13<dwfreed>do you have questions about how the api works, or feedback?
11:13<AlexMax>The former. I'm getting some 400 errors when trying to pass query parameters to the instance list endpoint.
11:14<AlexMax>Something like GET /v4/linode/instances?page=1&page_size=2 HTTP/1.1
11:15<dwfreed>page_size must be between 25 and 100
11:15<AlexMax>...damn, not sure why I overlooked that
11:16<AlexMax>and of course the error message is in the JSON response
11:17<AlexMax>if I had actually hydrated that field of the response
11:17<AlexMax>I had assumed that I didn't know how to use the REST client and wasn't passing query parameters correctly
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11:28<relidy>!point dwfreed
11:28<linbot>relidy: Point given to dwfreed. (62) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 15)
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12:20<Cromulent>I'm curious really but does Linode have any plans for offering GPU instances at all?
12:20<Cromulent>that would be pretty sweet
12:21<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - Dallas <>
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14:28<AlexMax>Question. It takes about a minute 30 seconds to go from a server create to a server that I can ssh into
14:28<AlexMax>Would switching to a lightweight linux distro improve that timing? Or is it just going to be that fast no matter what?
14:29<LouWestin>give or take, a minute boot up sounds about right
14:29<AlexMax>In this sample, it seems like it takes 20 seconds to deploy from distribution and 10 seconds to be done with "system boot"
14:29<dwfreed>eh, that's plenty fast enough
14:30<technoid_>i don't reboot enough for that to make a difference
14:30<LouWestin>It's not like you're going to be turning the server on and off all the time
14:31<AlexMax>Well, we have a provisioning process that takes a while, was trying to see if I could shave off a few seconds
14:31<AlexMax>We use images when able
15:02<DrJ>why would you need it to be faster than 30 seconds?
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15:03<DrJ>you might shave off a second by turning off network helper, if enabled
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18:19<WoodWork>Wheres Yaakov these days?
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18:22<@mcintosh>WoodWork: he comes and goes
18:23<WoodWork>I remember both you and millisa too!
18:24<linbot>New news from community: My website won't load when Fail2Ban is turned on. How do I fix it? <>
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18:39<Woet>rip Zimsky
18:39<Woet>never 4get
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18:49<WoodWork>Woet: still competing with Peng?
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19:23<@mcintosh>Zimsky's been AWOL since july... didn't realize
19:24<@mcintosh>but, Peng_ is all one really needs ;p
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19:35<Woet>i prefer Peng or Peng__
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20:11<LouWestin>I completely moved away from go daddy today. Relieved.
20:13<Unit193>What service do you use?
20:14<LouWestin>I had two domains with them. Before that they were with inmotion hosting
20:18<dwfreed>LouWestin: I think Unit193 wants to know what you're using now
20:20<LouWestin>Oh, Porkbun.
20:21<LouWestin>Peng_’s recommendation
20:21<LouWestin>Transferring went much fast this time.
20:23<Unit193>Someone transferred me his domain from GoDaddy, didn't actually hit any issue.
20:25<LouWestin>The transfer from inmotion just took about 3 hours for the first one and a day for the second one.
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22:23<LouWestin>I started out on inmotion WAY back when I was first doing web stuff and didn’t know anything about web servers. Eventually I went to web faction after I wanted to get out of CPanel.
22:24<LouWestin>Webfaction was meh... so I found Linode somehow by searching for vps a few years back.
22:25<LouWestin>Got my site up and running using the guides and just continued to learn
22:26<LouWestin>I kept my domain names at Inmotion for a few years until finally i couldn’t update anything myself since their site was broken.
22:27<donspaulding>Hey there, I'm having intermittent connectivity issues between one of my Linodes and a server I have running in Google Cloud. Does this mtr strike anyone as odd?
22:27<LouWestin>Hop 10 is having 100 percent loss.
22:30<Peng_>In and of itself, it's quite weird, but I have little idea how Google's network normally behaves.
22:31<LouWestin>Can you connect to the google server?
22:35<donspaulding>If I curl against a URL known to return a 401-response, I get a response about 50% of the time.
22:36<LouWestin>Any issues with the linode? Trying to determine which end is having issues.
22:38<donspaulding>No other issues with the Linode. I rebooted it just because it had been a while and I was being lazy. Reboot didn't help. Then I took the time to do a "Pending Upgrade" which I knew would move it to a new host. Moving to a new host didn't help.
22:38<Peng_>What happens the other 50% of the time?
22:38<LouWestin>Maybe the upgrade caused some compatibility issue?
22:39<LouWestin>I’m leaning towards an issue on googles end.
22:41<donspaulding>That curl attempts to hit the Google server with a --max-time of 1 second, then whether it succeeds or fails, it sleeps for 1 second. So every blank line is a failure of the server to respond in 1 second, the error lines are the expected response, and they come back basically immediately.
22:42<donspaulding>Back to the mtr though, is there anywhere in the world that is 200ms away from a Google peering location?
22:42<donspaulding>Let alone Dallas, TX?
22:44<LouWestin>When i pinged I got 30-40’ish return rate
22:45<Abi12>North Korea.
22:45<donspaulding>LouWestin: Yeah, I see about 15 to the server itself, but there's that google hop at the edge which returns in about 200-300ms
22:46<donspaulding>Abi12: You think? I bet they hit a server in HK in less than 200.
22:47<donspaulding>Either way, it's not a good sign that the only good comparison for my latency to Google is on par with North Korea.
22:48<Abi12>I'm joking, but that latency isn't just based off the distance. There could be a slow router along the path, who knows \o/.
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22:49<donspaulding>It's possible that it's on the Google side. Here's another tidbit, I have two internet connections at my office, one from a local fiber provider, one from Comcast. If I curl via the fiber connection, I get consistent results back, every time. If I curl via the comcast connection, I see the same issue as I do on my Linode.
22:49<LouWestin>I hit a spot that went to up to 100. But it seems normal/intermittent
22:50<donspaulding>Abi12: Yeah, I got the joke. ;-) 200ms made me wonder if my packets were being routed across the country before exiting right back where they started.
22:50<donspaulding>The fiber provider at my office is IPv4 only, but I can't see the significance of that when pinging a v4 address.
22:53<LouWestin>I don’t think the ipv4 would matter. With Comcast I could see latency spikes due to something else.
22:54<LouWestin>I’d expect the fiber to work without issue
22:56<Abi12>If you're in a large office building, and many tenants share the same provider - that could cause some latency.
22:57<Abi12>but I don't think it'll be anything like +100ms :p
22:57<LouWestin>Not unless someone is really hogging the bandwidth
22:58<Abi12>and I'm not sure it applies to fiber. This was on broadband.
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23:05<donspaulding>Not a large office building. Business class Comcast connection is the problematic one. No other latency spikes going on.
23:06<LouWestin>Can you connect from home?
23:06<donspaulding>It seems like the packets are dropped somewhere upstream from me. I mean, when it works, it works immediately.
23:06<donspaulding>LouWestin: good question, I'll check.
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23:07<LouWestin>It sounds like (this might be obvious) some issue with the net provider, somewhere like Abi12 said.
23:08<donspaulding>LouWestin: Hmm, interesting. I've ssh'ed into a server at my home, and my home is using the same fiber provider which works from the office, but from home, it doesn't work.
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23:45<Peng_>Is it just me or did Dallas's networking blip for 25 seconds
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23:47<LouWestin>I wasn’t watching so I have no idea
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23:57<rsdehart>!point mcintosh
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