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00:02<montigny34>when creating a virtual host for suPHP on centos7, is it *:80> or *> ?
00:04<LouWestin>Should be <VirtualHost *:80>
00:05<montigny34>that's what i thought
00:05<montigny34> doesn't display any php now, only html
00:05<LouWestin>And 443 for ssl
00:06<LouWestin>I see it’s just an html test page
00:08<montigny34>this is my virtual host /etc/httpd/conf.d/
00:11<LouWestin>When you add your PHP pages then you’ll know if it working or not. Apache is working so that’s a good sign.
00:11<montigny34>the page that says hello has php though
00:13<montigny34> this is the tutorial i followed
00:14<LouWestin>Hmm... I think you need to check your php installation. I shouldn't be seeing the php syntax
00:15<montigny34>shouldn't or should?
00:15<LouWestin>this is what I see when I view source
00:16<LouWestin>on Firefox
00:16<montigny34>it's commented
00:19<montigny34>any thoughts
00:20<LouWestin>That's what i'm seeing in the view source, which I shouldn't see the php tags
00:22<LouWestin>wait, is that page end with .php
00:22<LouWestin>or does it have a .php extension
00:23<LouWestin>just ruling that out
00:23<montigny34>Please make sure you have not only setup the file extensions using the AddType directive but also have registered the MIME type with mod_suphp using the suPHP_AddHandler directive.
00:24<montigny34>i think my vhost is the issue
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00:25<LouWestin>The link mentions that it's no longer being maintained
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00:26<LouWestin>but there's an alternative and a fork available
00:27<LouWestin>version 0.7.2 was last updated on may 20, 2013
00:27<montigny34>is this docu relevant at all
00:29<LouWestin>I presume you ran systemctl restart httpd
00:30<montigny34>[Sat Oct 13 00:17:37 2018] [warn] UID of script "/var/www/picante/public_html/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php" is smaller than min_uid
00:30<montigny34>i got one log to appear somehow tonight?
00:30<montigny34>is suphp.log
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00:33<LouWestin>I'm not really sure. I'm guessing the other boys are asleep now
00:34<LouWestin>which they might know better
00:36<montigny34>ill wait until tomorrow no biggie :) thanks anyway mate
00:36<LouWestin>Ok, you're welcome
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06:16<Sajid>hi everyone, Hope all doing good
06:17<Sajid>I would like to setup smtp on VPS with email sending limit 1000/hour anyone can suggest ?
06:18<dwfreed>you should probably hire a sysadmin to do this for you
06:18<dwfreed>because mail is easy to get wrong
06:21<Sajid>need to hire freelancer for this job
06:21<Sajid>I was asking which vps package will be ok for me ?
06:22<Sajid>Nanode 1GB is ok ? with this vps can I send 1000 emails per hour ?
06:23<LouWestin>We need more details, like how many users, etc.
06:23<LouWestin>If you’re sending that many emails then you’re probably going to get flagged as a spammer
06:26<Sajid>have more than 50000 subscribers in start email sending limit will be 40 emails per hour and we will increase this limit daily, We will not send 1000 email/hour from day first this will take a month or may be more
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06:36<Vihar>What Happen to my Billing If I shut Down Linode
06:37<LouWestin>Vihar: you still get charged.
06:37<Vihar>okay Thank you :)
06:38<LouWestin>You’re welcome.
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06:46<linbot>New news from community: Any plan to match Digital Ocean load balancer pricing? <>
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07:59<Abdul>anybody tell me linux SSH firewall flush command
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09:16<LouWestin>Abdul left, but to answer his question. It’s iptables actually and it erases your firewall rules.
09:27<rsdehart>...or DOES it?
09:27<rsdehart>(ok, ok, it does)
09:28<LouWestin>You didn’t erase your rules DID YOU!?
09:28<rsdehart>not today
09:28*rsdehart coughs
09:28<rsdehart>may have had a brain fart once and typed -F instead of -L long ago
09:29<LouWestin>😂 ooops...
09:30<LouWestin>Just don’t run rm * -rf
09:30<rsdehart>well, that's legitimate
09:30<rsdehart>provided I don't do that particular one from /
09:31<LouWestin>I’ve learned that when I start making typos it’s time for either more coffee or bed. Lol
09:31<LouWestin>I left out the slash for fear of dwfreed’s wrath.
09:32<dwfreed>I just happened to wake up my computer just before you hilighted me
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09:33<LouWestin>It was perfect timing.
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10:17<linbot>New news from community: How to open a Web Browser on GLISH <>
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10:18<dwfreed>I installed GLISH on my server
10:19<LouWestin>He mentions not being able to open a web browser. I have idea, haven’t used it.
10:20<dwfreed>I mean, he says he installed something that isn't something you install on a Linode
10:20<dwfreed>maybe he means he installed a DE?
10:21<LouWestin>Off the top of my head. I was thinking that he meant the GUI for Linode. That I haven’t tried.
10:22<LouWestin>But as far as lish/glish... Ok I see what you’re saying now.
10:24<LouWestin>I have no clue.
10:24<LouWestin>What he means.
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11:32<olegious>is this a good place to ask troubleshooting questions?
11:33<olegious>I'm going through the "Host a website" tutorial: I've gone through all the steps before the DNS config section, but whenever I try to access my IP: I get the generic ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error. I've double checked all the configurations and the steps in the guide, everything seems correct. How would you go about troubleshooting this? Obviously the
11:34<olegious>the guide is for ubuntu 18.04 i'm on 16.04- would that make a difference?
11:35<LouWestin>How long has it been since the domain name was set to the IP address?
11:35<olegious>i havent set the domain to the IP
11:35<Abi12>He's trying to access the site by the ip.
11:36<Abi12>olegious: check if your apache service is running
11:36<Abi12>`ps -A | grep apache`
11:36<olegious>checking now
11:36<Abi12>also do `netstat -autn -p` to see if there's a service running on port 80.
11:36<dwfreed>there appears to be a firewall in place dropping the connection
11:36<dwfreed>because I don't get a SYN-ACK or RST response at all
11:38<olegious>`ps -A | grep apache` returns:
11:38<olegious>13214 ? 00:00:09 apache2 23785 ? 00:00:00 apache2 23786 ? 00:00:00 apache2 23787 ? 00:00:00 apache2 23788 ? 00:00:00 apache2 23789 ? 00:00:00 apache2 23790 ? 00:00:00 apache2 23791 ? 00:00:00 apache2 23792 ? 00:00:00 apache2 23793 ? 00:00:00 apache2 23794 ? 00:00:00 apache2 23795 ? 00:00:00 apache2 23796 ? 00:00:00 apache2 23797 ? 00
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11:39<olegious>i did install a firewall as part of the "securing your linode" guide:
11:39<grawity>then you have to tell that firewall to allow HTTP(S) connections inbound
11:40<olegious>thanks grawity, ill go lookup how to do that
11:40<LouWestin>Are you using ufw?
11:41<olegious>yes, ufw
11:41<LouWestin>Oh that’s easy then
11:41<LouWestin>Sudo ufw Allow 443
11:41<LouWestin>I think that’s it
11:42<dwfreed>and 80
11:42<olegious>that fixed it!
11:42<olegious>thank you
11:43<LouWestin>And allow 22
11:44<olegious>now to go back and figure out how i missed those parts in the guide ;)
11:44<LouWestin>You develop a routine the more you do it.
11:45<LouWestin>I switched servers and was wondering why the site wasn’t showing up. Oh... durrr... I didn’t enable it yet
11:47<LouWestin>I ended up making a simple checklist with a few notes.
11:52<olegious>a checklist is a great idea, i'm going to do that once i get this site up and running
11:52<LouWestin>And whenever you need to post logs, use pastebin
11:53<LouWestin>I usually run the update and upgrade first, create sudo user, reboot, etc.
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12:52<Steve^>I'm running Docker on my Linode, can any recommend a simple & cheap way to get my images onto it?
12:53<Steve^>I don't really want to pay for Docker hub or anything
12:53<grawity>are they special, or just stuff you can copy as files?
12:54<Steve^>Not sure what you mean
12:54<Steve^>I could SCP the project and build it on my linode
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13:15<Steve^>docker save and docker load seem to be the solution
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14:14<Steve^>I see why people don't do this.. takes ages to transfer the full images
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15:30<finsternis>ah, hai initrd.img
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15:41<finsternis>(sorry, wrong window)
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