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00:44<linbot>New news from community: Difference between PHP <>
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07:50<nyancat>Peng_: just for the record
07:50<nyancat>I’m using the Newark DC and using whatever repo was installed to my sources
07:51<nyancat>It doesn’t actually take that long (10 minutes) but it does take significantly longer than it should
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09:18<LouWestin>nyancat: is that every time?
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10:08<AlexMax>Got a question. It appears that when looking at my longview, the "resolution" of my longview is shoddy in certain timescales
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10:09<AlexMax>One of my servers is only getting longview data every couple of minutes, instead of every minute as in my other servers
10:10<AlexMax>Unevenly - it'll be 4 minutes, than a minute, then five minutes, etc.
10:10<AlexMax>The server doesn't appear to be under any stress
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11:21<@scrane>AlexMax Do you see anything in Longview logs on the Linode itself?
11:25<AlexMax>Actually yeah
11:26<AlexMax>> 10/12 18:27:21 INFO Longview[3454] - 502 Bad Gateway
11:26<AlexMax>I do see some of those, but not a log entry for EVERY time I see lack of resolution
11:29<AlexMax>like, I'm getting lack of resolution right now, but the last error is from the 12th
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13:57<S_t>Do u support additional IPv4?
13:57<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
13:58<S_t>Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month. Sounds good. What about max IP's ?
14:00<Peng_>There's a limit, but it's pretty high.
14:00<Peng_>What do you need them for?
14:01<S_t>Where I can read about US hardware?
14:01<Peng_>What do you mean?
14:02<S_t>model of CPU
14:02<S_t> use Intel Skylake for packages starting from $10
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14:39<LouWestin>I know he left, but is that processor better than what Linode is running?
14:43<LouWestin>The link doesn’t really say anything but it’s better than broadwell.
14:44<relidy>"Better" is rather relative.
14:45<LouWestin>Right, right.
14:45<Peng_>Who knows? You could get whatever the slowest model Skylake is and then overload it.
14:45<LouWestin>I mean the numbers comparing one to another doesn’t really anything to me.
14:46<Peng_>"Who knows?" People who use Linode and Vultr a lot probably. :P
14:47<LouWestin>20% better doesn’t really tell me anything. 20% of a dollar is .20 cents. 🙄
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14:48<LouWestin>I’ll stay put here.
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14:50<nate>There's also the situation where for what anyone knows, vultr's running desktop variant skylake's instead of xeons :P
14:51<LouWestin>That’s exactly what came to my mind! LOL
14:55<LouWestin>They also mention a 17 ping rate... K...they’d have to have a DC in Chicago for me to possibly get that.
14:56<Peng_>They do actually
14:58<LouWestin>Ok. I didn’t see a list.
14:58<Peng_>Welcome to #linode where Peng_ advertises Vultr
15:01<LouWestin>Ok let me ask you this... Is their control panel better than Linode’s?
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15:03<Peng_>Omg it's so much --
15:03<Peng_>I don't know
15:05<Peng_>I've never used Vultr
15:07<DrJ>got to love how some people try to mask their spam by asking a question
15:08<LouWestin>For example, If had compare InMotion’s control panel to Linode. It’s like comparing an old Big wheel to a corvette. But the price isn’t much different.
15:08<Peng_>DrJ: You think that was it? Whoa
15:08<LouWestin>Linode is the corvette.
15:10<LouWestin>I’m just asking because a few tire kickers come in here and say so n’ so host is offering VPS for free, what is linode offering!? And then they leave 10 seconds later.
15:11<LouWestin>Maybe they’re competitors from the marketing department.
15:12<DrJ>I think that's exactly what it is in cases like that
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15:15<Peng_>Under the circumstances I'm uncomfortable saying anything complimentary, but surely the host at issue this time is big enough they don't have to be so sleazy
15:17<LouWestin>Agreed. And honestly I really don’t care since we’re talking about a $1-2 difference a month or the same price and MAYBE a small performance boost.
15:17<LouWestin>I’m not twisting your arm for an answer. lol
15:19<LouWestin>Or the hosting is $2 cheaper elsewhere, but their backups run $10 a month.
15:21<LouWestin>I used to get a couple clients whom would say something like I can get a wix site for x amount a month instead of paying you for custom design.
15:21<LouWestin>And I’d say, would you like me to help sign you up?
15:22<Peng_>One day you're going to get replaced by a computer. D;
15:26<LouWestin>Hey I got replaced YEARS ago by designers who probably got ripped off and my client’s family members. LOL!!!
15:26<LouWestin>My son, cousin, etc. knows how to do that stuff!
15:27<DrJ>I wouldn't put it past a company being too big to still be involved in sleasy marketing efforts
15:27<LouWestin>Me? Ok.
15:27<DrJ>one word: comodo
15:27<LouWestin>DrJ: Oh yeah... I’d place bets on that too.
15:28<DrJ>the company that tries to trick you into thinking you need to renew your domain with them via cold calls
15:28<DrJ>eh, cert, not domain
15:28<DrJ>it got worse when I first switched to lets encrypt with them
15:29<DrJ>due to the 90 day expire time I started getting calls non stop from them
15:31<LouWestin>When I first got a SSL I think I went with Comodo’s off brand. SSL’s or something.
15:33<DrJ>LouWestin, they crawled the interwebs building a database of when certs expire and if you did not use private registration on your domain they would then cold call you when it was around 60 days out
15:33<LouWestin>I didn’t have any issues, but I didn’t end up renewing either.
15:33<DrJ>they would try to trick you into thinking your current cert was with them and get you to renew over the phone
15:35<DrJ>when I switched to lets encrypt my domains were almost always 60ish days to the expire date
15:35<DrJ>so they were calling every day basically
15:35<LouWestin>Wow! They didn’t call me. But I think you couldn’t have a private registration either.
15:35<DrJ>I actually had to explain to one of the callers once what LE was and that it was free
15:35<DrJ>he told me anyone offering certs for free would severaly compromise the security of my web site or so BS along that line
15:36<LouWestin>It was SSL’s. Maybe they’re under name cheap. Not sure now.
15:37<DrJ>they did eventually stop. I think they figured out what LE was and knew people using that wouldn't fall for it
15:37<LouWestin>I’m using LE now.
15:37<LouWestin>Oh wait... you know that already
15:37<DrJ>yea, I did
15:38<LouWestin>And then Porkbun offers free private registration so there ya go.
15:38<DrJ>point being though, large companies are not always above low life marketing efforts such as misleading cold calls or even spamming an IRC channel
15:39<DrJ>my domains are with namecheap, they now offer free private ever since the GRDP thing went into effect
15:40<LouWestin>Godaddy kept sending me emails about getting a domain registered in my legal name. 🙄
15:41<LouWestin>I took Peng_ ‘s advice on Pork bun
15:41<DrJ>haven't heard of them
15:42<LouWestin>The nice thing is, the money I spent at Godaddy didn’t go to waste when I switched. They added an extra year.
15:42<Peng_>It was only half my advice
15:43<LouWestin>I apologize, I forget what the other half was.
15:44<LouWestin>Oh wait. Read that wrong
15:44<LouWestin>I know there was another person.
15:44<LouWestin>I apologize that I’ve forgotten who that was too.
15:44<Peng_><millisa> I have a very pro-ham agenda
15:44<ArchNoob>Hello everyone!
15:45<LouWestin>K. I took a couple programming classes and quit. That’s proof it was a good choice.
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15:47<ArchNoob>I have a question. Can I use one linode as a mail server and another one for database and web servers? Is that normal? With multiple domains that use both Linodes for their specific purpose?
15:48<frailtyy>Yeah. Service separation is better than having a ton of stuff on one clunky configuration.
15:49<DrJ>yea ArchNoob, that's actually the best way to do it
15:49<DrJ>might cost more, but if that's not an issue then g2g
15:50<LouWestin>The control panel makes it easy to keep track of multiple VMs too.
15:50<ArchNoob>Thats nice!
15:50<LouWestin>You could create categories like databases, web, mail.
15:50<ArchNoob>I've been thinking of implementing such a setup.
15:51<LouWestin>What’s nice is the hourly pay rate.
15:51<LouWestin>You could fire up a test server and only pay for say 1 hour.
15:52<ArchNoob>LouWestin: Nice nice..
15:52<LouWestin>I do it a lot. lol
15:52<ArchNoob>Is there an article for such configurations?
15:53<LouWestin>There’s guides for web servers. I haven’t played with mail or anything big with DBs.
15:54<LouWestin>So I don’t have experience with mail servers.
15:54<ArchNoob>Ooh, but I will surely like to share my findings then.
15:55<LouWestin>The chat census says mail servers are complicated and better left to third party services.
15:55<ArchNoob>Been thinking about it for a while. Things look really weird all in one place.
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15:56<LouWestin>There’s probably a linode guide on mail, but I’ve never dived into mail.
15:56<ArchNoob>LouWestin: Yep, but I have been working with them for a while since my last question here about postfixadmin & dovecot blah blah..
15:56<ArchNoob>and I'm alright so far so no problems.. :-)
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15:57<LouWestin>I run Wordpress and Minecraft. Others here are FAR more advanced.
15:58<ArchNoob>I've... I've never played minecraft. :-(
16:05<LouWestin>Setting up a server is actually easier than a web server.
16:07<ArchNoob>am stuck at configuring DNS records for multiple Linodes.
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16:19<ArchNoob>It was asked here (4 years ago) with no answer:
16:19<LouWestin>Ah... enter in your domain names with their IP address.
16:20<LouWestin>Looking now
16:22<ArchNoob>I just came across this,
16:23<LouWestin>It mentions the DNS part.
16:30<LouWestin>And then you can add A records if need be.
16:33<ArchNoob>I already have A records in place for multiple websites.
16:33<ArchNoob>but they only point to one Linode and was looking for a solution to change the DNS records to point to more than one server
16:34<ArchNoob>I've found a few solutions, but it's really late here. :-)
16:34<ArchNoob>Goodnight all and thanks everyone!
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17:11<csnxs>!lick mcintosh
17:11<linbot>csnxs: Point given to mcintosh. (73)
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17:33<frailtyy>I never really liked that form of thanks.
17:34<frailtyy>Super weird.
17:36<frailtyy>not normal
17:38<LouWestin>It’s only normal for dogs, cats, and weirdos. lol
17:38<csnxs>it's ok, mcintosh is used to it
17:59<frailtyy>he never let me lick him
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18:05<mklinodee>Who do I report a possible security issue to if i can't use email on the terminal that I am on? Is this channel suitable?
18:06<Peng_>This is a public channel.
18:06<mklinodee>are any of the @s with Linode Corporate, pertains to Lish and expired sessisons...
18:07<Peng_>Yes, they are.
18:09<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
18:11<@mcintosh>mklinodee: if you have information related to a security issue, please reach out to
18:12<frailtyy>What he said
18:12<frailtyy>or just send it to me
18:12*Peng_ throws food at frailtyy
18:12<mklinodee>thanks @mcintosh
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19:07<linbot>New news from community: Mounting a Linode image <>
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20:35<shawnz>hello, I use linode before. it is very fast. but I am not familar on linux system. to setup https and email server is hard for me. so I quit account. I am sorry.
20:37<shawnz>I wonder to know does your compay with install service and how much for install https and email server.
20:39<shawnz>in the last time I use linode cloud server because I could not install email server. so I could not have the same domain email address to active me SSL.
20:39<shawnz>that is the reason I quit the account.
20:41<shawnz>so I want to know do you have the service to install https for customer?
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20:59<Abi12>errr.. ok.
21:28<linbot>New news from community: Can I spin up a Windows Server linode? <>
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23:18<Woet>i am sorry
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