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00:34<zifnab>yay more backup failures
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01:39<MrPPS>backup failures are always treacherous
01:40<LouWestin>auto backups?
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01:42<MrPPS>any kind of backup really
01:43<LouWestin>Oh yeah! I've seen once or twice one of the auto backups failed, but that's fortunately not too often.
01:43<MrPPS>yeah I'm not sure specifically what zif is referring to, but I was just meaning in general :)
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02:15<zifnab>haha, about a month or so of random failures
02:15<zifnab>they're looking :O
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02:21<noobtolinode>anyone here?
02:21<grawity>worst question you could ask on an IRC support channel
02:22<noobtolinode>Anyone want to help a noob out? I set up my linode, but how do I add the LAMP stack after setting up?
02:22<grawity>you install Apache2 (the 'A')
02:23<grawity>then you install MariaDB (the 'M')
02:23<grawity>then you install PHP (the 'P')
02:23<grawity>the Linode library has articles on installing each of those
02:23<LouWestin>You can follow thorugh the guides they have
02:23<noobtolinode>i'm in the new panel
02:23<noobtolinode>they have a one click install thing
02:23<noobtolinode>but it makes me buy a new plan wiht it
02:24<grawity>the one-click install things are written for provisioning into a clean server
02:24<noobtolinode>yes, i want to do that?
02:24<noobtolinode>should i just cancel the one i set up
02:24<grawity>then delete this server if it's still "empty" and create a new one, I'd say
02:25<noobtolinode>yeah it's empty
02:25<noobtolinode>will i get refunded?
02:25<grawity>you get charged by the hour anyway, don't you
02:25<LouWestin>No you don't get refunded
02:25<grawity>it's still the same amount of time of owning 1 server in total
02:25<grawity>whether it's the same server or whether it's recreated over and over
02:26<noobtolinode>ohh, so if i delete one, and recreate, the monthly plan should allow for it
02:26<noobtolinode>that seems the easiest
02:26<grawity>the "plan" isn't an account-wide monthly subscription
02:27<grawity>you pay a monthly total for the specific servers you have
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02:32<LouWestin>If you create a new sever, then you pay for it hourly until you delete it.
02:33<LouWestin>zifnab: A month of failures? Something is going on there.
02:34<zifnab>eh shit happens
02:35<zifnab>it's ancient, probably some weird ext flag they haven't set in years or something
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03:29<linbot>New news from community: How do I install a specific version of Ubuntu? <>
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07:15<aaaa>help help
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07:18<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
07:20<aaaa>i have taken your hosting
07:20<aaaa>and i am not able to change the time zone into it
07:21<aaaa>wraeth are we connected
07:22<wraeth>aaaa: Generally, look for instructions on how to set the timezone for the distro you've deployed to your linode. If you have trouble, ask here with details like the error message and someone may be able to help you (just be patient :) ).
07:22<aaaa>i tried timedatectl to update the timezone
07:23<aaaa>the error it shows that the command not found
07:23<wraeth>What distro did you use?
07:23<aaaa>but this service is already installed on the server\
07:24<aaaa>distro ??
07:25<wraeth>What flavour of Linux - Fedora? Arch? Debian?
07:25<aaaa>centos 6.10
07:26<wraeth>aaaa: Maybe will help you. If not, hang around and someone else will be along to help (I'm just about to go). Good luck. :)
07:30<aaaa>thanks man
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09:46<H4CK3R>sepi dah
09:46<H4CK3R>pada kmna?
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10:47<dubidub>I'm looking for a lightweight single sign-on solution for webapps to run on the smallest linode. Any suggestions?
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12:20<montigny34>suPHP_AddHandler application/x-httpd-php ---- does this go in my virtual host using suphp OR inside /etc/suphp.conf
12:23<montigny34>im having isssues with suphp where any php code is rendered as commented out instead of being read as php
12:25<DrJ>have you considered not using suphp
12:25<montigny34>any recommendations>?
12:26<DrJ>suphp is not even maintained anymore
12:27<montigny34>this will allow me to to run specific vhosst as specific users other than apache?
12:27<DrJ>and it's much MUCH faster than suphp
12:27<montigny34>is it easy to setup
12:27<montigny34>i tried suexec and it failed as well
12:27<DrJ>don't use suexec
12:28<DrJ>read the link I posted
12:28<DrJ>very top of the page: This means that we can now run secure, fast, and dependable PHP code using only the stock apache httpd and releases; no more messing around with suphp or suexec - or, indeed, mod_php.
12:28<montigny34>is there a tutorial you can send me on how to setup
12:29<DrJ>what distro are you running
12:29<montigny34>centos 7
12:30<DrJ>what is the apache version
12:31<DrJ>you should be good to go then
12:31<montigny34>what do u mean
12:32<montigny34>funny i had just opened that one from google before u sent it :P
12:33<DrJ>the people who own the domain should just redirect it to the wiki page for php-fpm
12:34<DrJ> <--at least they do tell you to not use it and look into php-fpm right at the top
12:36<montigny34>vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf -- do i replace everything i currently have
12:36<montigny34>it doesn't specify
12:42<montigny34> Configuration error: More than one MPM loaded.
12:42<montigny34>im getting this error when trying to restart httpd now
12:43<DrJ>you probably have the LoadModule command twice in your config for mpm
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12:43<DrJ>so just comment it out in /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d/00-mpm.conf
12:44<montigny34>LoadModule mpm_prefork_module modules/
12:44<montigny34>can i only have one line enabled
12:44<montigny34>i have 2 atm
12:44<DrJ>put a # before that line
12:44<DrJ>and then it should start
12:45<montigny34>i did that
12:45<montigny34>now it gives me Oct 16 12:45:19 startable httpd[7826]: AH00558: httpd: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using fe80::f03c:91ff:fe3e:8889. Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message
12:45<DrJ>that is not related to what you are doing now
12:46<DrJ>but to fix, do exactly what it says
12:47<montigny34>is this where i put my serverName for my server's IP
12:48<montigny34>-- /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf
12:48<DrJ>I wouldn't put it there
12:49<montigny34>how do i pinpoint whats causing the error
12:49<montigny34>i didnt change anything except what the tutorial told me to do
12:50<DrJ>you've always had that warning message
12:50<DrJ>but anyway, in centos I think the main conf file is /etc/httpd/httpd.conf
12:50<DrJ>it should go there
12:51<montigny34>[Tue Oct 16 12:50:31.767356 2018] [mpm_itk:crit] [pid 8352:tid 139863530858624] mpm-itk cannot use threaded MPMs; please use prefork.
12:51<montigny34>ok checked httpd logs
12:52<DrJ>I believe you should just disable that
12:53<montigny34>[root@web01 ~]# vim /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d/00-mpm.conf # LoadModule mpm_prefork_module modules/ LoadModule mpm_worker_module modules/
12:53<montigny34>the tutorial tells me to enable the worker one
12:53<montigny34>and disable prefork
12:53<montigny34>which causes that issue
12:55<montigny34>did i miss a step?
12:55<DrJ>I think you have mpm-itk enabled somewhere else
12:56<DrJ>mpm-itk is no mpm-worker
12:56<montigny34>what do u mean
12:56<DrJ>I mean disable mpm-itk
12:57<DrJ>find where it is in your config and comment it out
12:58<DrJ>it might be /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d/00-mpm-itk.conf based on google search
12:59<montigny34>ok hat seems to enable me to restart httpd without issue
12:59<DrJ>like I said it would
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13:06<DrJ>you're welcome
13:08<@mcintosh>!point DrJ
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13:55<aip>Hi team
13:57<aip>The Debian 9 distribution comes with GRUB 2 (4.9.0-8-amd64) kernel selected by default. Is there a reason why "Latest 64-bit" isn't set as default?
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13:58<relidy>So that your distro can manage the kernel version.
14:00<aip>There shouldn't be a disadvantage in switching from "GRUB 2" to "Latest 64-bit" kernel for my Debian stretch linodes. Would there be?
14:03<relidy>Is there something you're after that isn't in the Debian supplied kernel?
14:08<aip>I got a couple of linodes with EPYC cpus. I vaguely remember reading on the forums about newer kernels optimized for better performance on epycs with > 4G memory. Does my [un-researched] observation hold any truth?
14:08<aip>Either way, what should I be looking out for when switching from GRUB2 to Latest 64-bit kernel?
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14:46<marshmn>Vampires. Always look out for the vampires.
14:56<DrJ>marshmn: very good advice.
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15:41<linbot>New news from community: Over RAM memory <>
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15:43<SCopey> this a techinical support or sale support?
15:46<SCopey>well...what about a messenger plugin on linode site heh? heres the suggestion
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16:19<AlexMax>Does longivew show steal% if there's a non-trivial amount of it?
16:37<AlexMax>or does it roll steal% into one of the other numbers?
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17:34<LouWestin>Try leave instead
17:34<LouWestin> /leave
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17:35*LouWestin waves goodbye to asilverman
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18:53<Iceolatorsba>someone can hekp me?
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19:12<LouWestin>Strange day today it seems.
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22:02<dwfreed>RIP YouTube 2018-10-17
22:04<koenig>Now how am I going to get rickrolled?!
22:05<dzho>guess you'll have to vimeo like a caveperson
22:05<dzho>or peertube or something
22:06<dzho>in these trying times, I offer this resource
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22:07<dwfreed>DrJ: Youtube is down basically globally
22:08<DrJ>oh, wow
22:08<DrJ>luckily I have a basement full of end of the world supplies
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22:12<DrJ>oh thank god
22:12<DrJ> is still up
22:13<DrJ>the internet will live on
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22:21<LouWestin>My daughter was wondering why youtube wasn't working. I'm like it's not our internet connection or your phone
22:38<nate>oddly amazon is seeming pretty slow for me too though, wonder if it's just coincidence
22:39<dwfreed>it's back
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23:29<Abi12>LouWestin: my sister asked me the same thing. 'is our internet down?'
23:30<Peng_>nate: "YouTube is down, let's go shopping"?
23:30<LouWestin>She even deleted the app on her phone and reinstalled it. 😂
23:31<LouWestin>I was like oh... you broke YouTube!!
23:32<Abi12>'can you ping it?' ;)
23:33<LouWestin>Comcast in the Chicago area was down for almost 8 hours.
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