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02:13<erj>Has linode migration always been this slow? 115MB/s eta about 30 mins
02:18<erj>I mean resizing hardware/changing the plan
02:19<grawity>changing the plan has always required a host migration for Xen/KVM, yes
02:20<grawity>given that 'migration' involves transferring the whole disk image between VM hosts, ~100-200MB/s depending on load sounds about right
02:36<dwfreed>note that the Linode Manager very conservatively estimates a downtime of 2 minutes per gigabyte of disk image, which would be 8.5 MB/s
02:37<dwfreed>so it's going 13.5 times faster than that
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03:57<erj>Is it the disk space used or the total disk space (including free blocks) that gets copied during migration?
03:59<erj>Took about 20-25mins to migration 160GB disk from 32G to 8G plan
03:59<erj>"Took: 25 minutes, 41 seconds"
04:00<erj>49% free space from the 100% allocated.
05:30<dwfreed>the migration process has no idea what is free and what is used
05:30<dwfreed>so the entire block device is copied
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05:39<erj>thank you
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07:57<Mitya>Hey again! I can not see how much alinode charged from account. Not in new, also in old interface. Am I missing something? I see only $5 in "user / Account and Billing / Payments", but the node was running all the night and i have no idea about my remained balance....
08:03<dwfreed>there's an "uninvoiced balance" field on the account tab in the old manager
08:04<dwfreed>this is not subtracted from your balance until an invoice is actually generated, which happens either at the end of the month, or whenever that amount reaches a certain number, whichever happens first
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08:22<Mitya>@dwfreed > or whenever that amount reaches a certain number. -- Balance? Or what? Hard to manage 20 linodes with that system...
08:25<dwfreed>starting out, when that number hits $50, it'll trigger an invoice
08:25<dwfreed>the amount changes with account age, and can also be adjusted manually by staff with a ticket
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08:33<shxjee>Hi ,I need help
08:33<shxjee>I I can ssh from linode linode2855647 .
08:33<shxjee>But I can't ssh from internet
08:34<shxjee>even after "systemctl stop firewalld"
08:34<shxjee>ping is ok
08:35<shxjee>this is a new open node.
08:35<LouWestin>Are you using putty? Is the IP address correct?
08:36<shxjee>IP is right.
08:37<shxjee>or from my home centos
08:37<shxjee>can't connect the server
08:38<LouWestin>Maybe you home system is blocking outbound connections.
08:39<shxjee> I can ssh login linode2855647
08:39<shxjee>but I can not ssh login new open node linode10935613
08:39<shxjee>I can ping the linode10935613
08:39<LouWestin>Is that a different vm?
08:40<shxjee>yes ,two vm
08:41<shxjee>different IDC location
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08:43<shxjee>I can ssh login into linode10935613 ( from linode linode2855647
08:44<shxjee>I can not ssh login into linode10935613 ( from internet
08:44<shxjee>thank you for your help!
08:45<dwfreed>would not surprise me if your country was blocking it
08:46<shxjee>I can ping the new open linode10935613 from here.
08:46<dwfreed>yes, it's not uncommon for the block to only apply to SSH
08:48<shxjee>the same problem happened before
08:49<shxjee>after I submit a ticket from your site . then the problem was fixed.
08:49<shxjee>I need to destroy the node ,and open new one ?
08:50<DrJ>shxjee: unlikely unless you set it yourself, but have your checked /etc/hosts.allow and deny
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08:50<LouWestin>He’s gone
08:50<dwfreed>nothing uses hosts.allow or hosts.deny anymore
08:50<dwfreed>tcpwrappers is dead
08:51<DrJ>I still use it
08:51<LouWestin>Usually for a noob such as myself I don’t run into really any firewall issues. At least having 22 blocked.
08:52<DrJ>I just recently fired up the latest debian distro linode offers and the first thing I did was add allow/deny rules
08:52<DrJ>and it worked
08:53<LouWestin>He was using Centos I presume and even then I don’t have issues with 22
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08:56<LouWestin>I know Debian doesn’t set any firewall rules by default. Centos does though.
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11:55<DrJ>why is it that if I issue shutdown -r now it doesn't reboot
11:56<DrJ>always causes lassie to boot it back up
11:56<relidy>Because Lassie doesn't know you were rebooting.
11:57<LouWestin>I usually do sudo reboot.
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12:01<DrJ>yea, but it actually stays down for 5-10 seconds
12:01<DrJ>before lassie steps in
12:02<DrJ>it shouldn't ever really go down
12:02<DrJ>"down" being in "powered off" state
12:04<LouWestin>Or is it sudo restart?
12:04<relidy>It's possible that KVM (or some other component in the stack) is actually interpreting "reboot" as "shutdown/start"
12:05<LouWestin>I have no idea, but I’m sure one of the @op’s knows.
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12:11<@mcintosh>indeed, reboot == shutdown as far as the host is concerned
12:35<dwfreed>The hosts are specifically set to terminate the VM when it tries to reboot; this is so that config profile changes can take effect and helpers can do their thing
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12:39<relidy>!point dwfreed
12:39<linbot>relidy: Point given to dwfreed. (63)
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12:42<DrJ>ah, makes sense
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12:44<jonl>hey guys, question, trying to add this IRC channel to LimeChat on MacOS, but the Linode channel isn't listed on the server Any ideas? I thought that's where it resides.
12:45<millisa>Server -> Add Channel -> type in #linode ?
12:45<tragicdog>tried that. it puts me in a channel by myself. ie creates the channel from scratch
12:45<millisa> /join #linode ?
12:46<tragicdog>nope, do I have the server correct?
12:47<@mcintosh>that is correct
12:47<millisa>are you clicking on the channel in the box in the lower right?
12:47<millisa>(i'm using limechat, can send a screenshot of what i've got in a moment)
12:49<tragicdog>I have Linode listed, but when I join it I'm the only one listed in the members panel, and I don't see what I'm typing in the web interface. (different nicknames)
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12:49<millisa>since i don't have 'join on connect', i did have to right click the '#linode' in the bottom right and tell it to 'join'
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12:52<tragicdog>I think I've got it.
12:52<tragicdog>yep 😀
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12:57<tragicdo_>now for the question that lead me down trying to get the channel in my app. for the Linode-CLI, is that installed on the linode or on the local machine. Sorry it seems like a dumb quesiton, but I don't know
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12:58<millisa>This? it could go on either.
12:59<tragicdog>yep that. :) thanks
12:59<millisa>with the obvious caveat that if you do something to take your linode down in the cli, and it's the linode you are using the cli from . .well, you get the idea
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13:32<u0_a770>how can i change my nickname
13:32<relidy> /nick
13:33<u0_a770>i did but doesn't work ?
13:33<LouWestin>And you can register your new nick with /nickserv
13:33<relidy>Did you specify a new nick with the command?
13:33<relidy>If so, what's the error message?
13:34<LouWestin> /nick somenickname
13:34<u0_a770>I never ever set a nickname and there is no error i tried both
13:35<u0_a770>it just doesn't do anything
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13:35<LouWestin2>New nick name?
13:35<relidy>(The output message was probably in a different tab/window)
13:35<test>i tried /nick with a different name
13:36<test>Which is test , and it worked
13:36<LouWestin2>that works
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13:36<test>do I need at least 4 letters or something like that?
13:36<relidy>You just have to find something that isn't taken.
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13:42<Yui2>this is my first time using this
13:43<millisa>generally, we talk about linodes and all things linodish
13:43<Yui2>sorry if I cause you trouble
13:43<LouWestin>Linode or IRC?
13:44<Yui2>I am sorry I just found this channel as an example on the internet and entered here without many knowledge about Linode
13:45<Yui2>I didn't know how to list all channels or something
13:47<relidy>Yui2: It's perfectly okay. Everyone starts somewhere.
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13:48<Clu>Need to see if I can have the Newly Account Created email resent?
13:49<Yui2>Thank you relidy
13:49<Yui2>is there like a newbie channel or something so I can stop disturbing this channel ?
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14:04<FerCordovaM>i Wanna know if you have Zimbra Support
14:04<millisa>You can install whatever you are capable of on a linode.
14:05<millisa>Some zimbra docs here
14:06<FerCordovaM>also a OpenLDAP??
14:06<millisa>If you are able to set it up, sure. They are just linux vms.
14:08<FerCordovaM>and about the hardware setup for support 2500 email accounts? Witch do you suggest?
14:09<millisa>I suggest not doing it for most people. Email isn't fun to run.
14:09<millisa>But if you were deadset on doing it yourself; you'd have to base it on how much resources you expected it to use. Disk might be the thing that matters.
14:10<millisa>Fortunately, linodes are easy to resize.
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15:14<LouWestin>2500 mailboxes seems like a lot to manage.
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17:27<@marques>^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^
17:28<@marques>If you use Terraform and you use Linode.. Now you can use them together!
17:29<frailtyy>This is cool. Great stuff marques
17:29<@marques>This provider was spawned from the btobolaski repo (which subsequently became the LinodeContent) repo. It went through a number of iterations and what has been released today is significantly more useful.
17:30<@marques>linode_instance, ..domain, nodebalancers, volumes, stackscripts, images are supported
17:30<frailtyy>This is killer.
17:31<frailtyy>APIv4 documentation has gotten a ton better since I last looked as well (fwiw its been awhile)
17:31<millisa>christmas came 8 weeks early
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17:32<@marques>there is a pretty full featured example here: (brings up a nodebalancer with 3 linodes running nginx against a block storage mount as the web root, sets up domain names for the bare nodes, nodebalancers, and ipv6 .. creates them from a stackscript..
17:33<@marques>Also .. If you use Linode, and you use Kubernetes, and you use Terraform.. you may like:
17:33<@marques>This is a community powered terraform config repo that brings up a K8s cluster on CoreOS, using this terraform provider.
17:34<@marques>It's a work in progress, but functional enough to play with.
17:35<@marques>If you end up using this terraform provider for something you can share publicly (github), let me know!
17:35<millisa>i had played with the 0.1.0 btobolaski plugin back in april and was excited
17:35<@marques>Thanks frailtyy and millisa!
17:35<millisa>!point marques
17:35<linbot>millisa: Point given to marques. (1)
17:36<@marques>The plugin was always a bear to install.. and Terraform releases would cause it to stop working. I tried to keep it on life support independently and in my free time, but I've been able to work on it official for the past few months
17:38<@marques>lol .. 4.5 years -- my first point!
17:39<relidy>!point marques
17:39<linbot>relidy: Point given to marques. (2)
17:39<@marques>racking them up now, look out mcintosh
17:42<@marques>OH.. If you really like it .. Smash that * Github Star * button
17:42<frailtyy>u got it
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18:01<linbot>New news from community: API ddns ipv6 <>
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18:34<Redentor>Can you change your username in panel ?
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18:36<millisa>Account -> Users and Permissions
18:36<millisa>click 'edit' next to the account
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18:42<Redentor>millisa, ;)
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21:11<Takyoji>Is there any reason as to why a person can't add an SRV record for a subdomain (whether it be on the old or new control panel). e.g. an SRV record for like
21:14<Takyoji>If I try appending the subdomain part for the "Service" field in the UI (such as: "_xmpp-client.sub"), it complains of "You have entered an invalid Service name." and adds "._tcp" to the end of the "Service" field, changing the value to "_xmpp-client.sub._tcp"
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21:16<Peng_>fwiw, you can create a zone, copy over the appropriate records, add the delegation to the parent zone, and add the SRV record to it.
21:17<millisa> something's missing from yours?
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21:19<Takyoji>oh, derp, I confused myself with the UI, from realizing it was out of order
21:19<Peng_>It does work?
21:20<Takyoji>No, just that the result of "" wouldn't make sense anyway
21:25<Takyoji>Now I think I have it set up correctly, by just having a master zone of the subdomain in the DNS manager
21:26<@marques>Takyoji: a work-around is to create a sub-domain for and create the SRV records against that domain
21:27<Takyoji>marques: Just did that, as recommended earlier, and it's all set up correctly now.
21:38<LouWestin>Is there a ping command here for domain names?
21:38<Peng_>A what?
21:39<LouWestin>I remember seeing a ping command here in chat. Maybe I'm mistaken.
21:39<LouWestin>that's it
21:39<linbot>Peng_: 2600:3c00::22, 2600:3c00::32, 2600:3c00::12,,,
21:39<Peng_>That doesn't ping anything. It does DNS queries
21:39<Peng_>That... pings things
21:39<linbot>millisa: [mtr-atlanta] 4.|-- 2600:3c00:2222:18::2 0.0% 3 19.2 19.3 19.2 19.5 0.0 -- 5.|-- 2600:3c00::22 0.0% 3 19.4 19.4 19.2 19.6 0.0 -- see for full mtr
21:40<linbot>LouWestin: Host not found.
21:40<LouWestin>Yep... no SSL installation for you!
21:40<linbot>Peng_: All nameservers failed to answer the query IN A: Server ::1 UDP port 53 answered SERVFAIL
21:40<Peng_>!dns6 ds
21:40<linbot>Peng_: 59107 8 1 f111c0c856664f61f2d162e43159e77f85146d75
21:41<LouWestin>Keep trying to explain to this guy/girl that the server is DOWN.
21:41<Peng_>The authoritative servers don't have DNSSEC records
21:42<LouWestin>He's like BUT, but, but...
21:42<Peng_>In his defense, the registrar/DNS operator's control panel might be lying to him
21:43<LouWestin>the domain is under namecheap.
21:44<LouWestin>at least that's what the records say. Ah, maybe he has to check with them?
21:44<millisa>they're at DO anyways
21:46<LouWestin>Ah.. K. Well, it's not something that I want to dig into. I got asked to take care of an SSL renew/install.
21:46<Peng_>LouWestin: Yes. He might be able to fix it in their control panel.
21:46<millisa>dns is something you would . .dig . .into
21:47<LouWestin>Someone else can grab the shovel. lol
21:47<LouWestin>Random internet request from a crowd sourcing site.
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21:56<linbot>Woet: Host not found.
21:56<Woet>weird, works here
21:56<Woet>Wouters-MacBook-Pro:~ woet$ dig +short
21:57<Woet>guess my resolver doesn't care about dnssec
21:57<linbot>LouWestin: Host not found.
21:57<Peng_>Woet: :(
21:58<LouWestin>That's ok. I just told him to contact his host and domain host.
21:59<Woet>their server isn't down
21:59<Woet>neither is their domain for people without DNSSEC on their recursors
21:59<LouWestin>Ok, then it's like others said, it must be a DNS issue
21:59<Woet>just tell them to fix their DNSSEC
22:01<Woet>it's signed in the com zone but doesnt have any DNSKEY records
22:01-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:01<LouWestin>That's interesting though that you could see more.
22:02<Woet>Peng_ already told you
22:02<Woet>they enabled DNSSEC without the right DNS records
22:03<LouWestin>sorry, i'm exhausted. long day.
22:03<Peng_> also
22:04<Woet>you also don't seem familiar with DNSSEC
22:04<Woet>which is fine
22:04<LouWestin>Woet: No, not really.
22:04<Woet>but you could just refer them to someone that does (if its your job to fix it)
22:04<Woet>if not, just telling them to fix their DNSSEC at Namecheap would be enough
22:05<Woet>or you could temporarily switch to resolvers without DNSSEC so you can do their SSL installation
22:05<Woet>but I'm not sure if there are many of those left (fortunately)
22:05<LouWestin>I just got a request to install an SSL cert for their site through a crowd source site. So right now I didn't request for any access to anything.
22:06<Peng_>when you're using Namecheap's DNS servers, they don't let you modify the DS records.
22:06<Woet>yea, I'm not sure why it's broken
22:06<Woet>usually if NS matches the registrar it's pretty hard to break
22:06<Woet>i was expecting them to use external NS
22:06<Peng_>Namecheap is quite good at breaking DNSSEC on their own
22:07<LouWestin>I'm glad though that I asked to view his site first before I agreed to do the work.
22:07<LouWestin>that's when I said...ah... you have a problem. lol
22:10<LouWestin>I just told him to check with them.
22:11<Peng_>That's probably the best route, yeah.
22:11<Peng_>It might be difficult or impossible for him to fix it.
22:11<Peng_>If I were him I'd transfer the domain though. :D
22:12<LouWestin>Belive me it's not something that I want to dig into myself especially not knowing anything that's setup
22:13<LouWestin>I transferred mine last week.
22:13<Peng_>I'll use Namecheap for insecure zones, but not for secure zones.
22:13<LouWestin>If it was a local client, then I'd look into it more at least.
22:14<LouWestin>I switched to Porkbun.
22:14<Peng_>When using Namecheap's DNS service, they just expose a DNSSEC on/off button. If it's on, turning it off might fix things by removing the DS record. If it's off already, well.
22:14<millisa>A very hamwise choice.
22:15<LouWestin>You two had reccomended it :-)
22:15<Peng_>I don't think Porkbun's hosted DNS service does DNSSEC, though. They have perfectly good DS record management, but he'd have to use third-party DNS if he wants DNSSEC.
22:16<LouWestin>no they don't do that DNSSEC
22:16<Peng_>(Gandi LiveDNS!)
22:17<LouWestin>WHo know's if he even needs DNSSEC
22:18<Peng_>Probably not
22:18<LouWestin>He mentioned that he didn't set up the server either so who knows what's what.
22:21<LouWestin>or if there's even regular backups going on.
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23:59<Henson>i want to know is linode support docker?
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